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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Second City's Twin Academic Neonazis
by Steven Plaut

In recent months DePaul University has become something of an
international laughingstock. While retaining neonazi Norman Finkelstein on
its faculty, a person with no scholarly credentials at all and someone who
has been accused by the Anti-Defamation League of being a Holocaust
Denier, DePaul also fired Prof. Thomas Klocek because he dared to defend
Israel to some fanatic campus jihadnik students. Among those who have
denounced DePaul's neonazi has been Alan Dershowitz.

Many people are comparing DePaul's employment of Finkelstein to the
employment of another neonazi and Holocaust Denier in the Chicago area,
Arthur Butz, an Associate Professor at Northwestern University, and some
wonder aloud what is wrong with having such people on the faculty if
academic freedom is to mean anything. (We, for our part, wonder whether
there may be something in the Lake Michigan water that produces these
crackpots in the Second City!)

But closer examination of the twin Chicago "academic nazis" reveals
important differences.

Arthur R. Butz is an open nazi and Holocaust Denier who crayoned a "book"
insisting that the World War II Holocaust of Jews by Germany was a grand
"hoax". Butz even touts his nazi ravings on the Northwestern University
official web site. (Interestingly, Butz and Noam Chomsky are among the
main advocates on behalf of French Holocaust Denier Robert Faurisson .)
But there the similarities with Finkelstein end.

First of all, Butz teaches in Northwestern's electric and computer
engineering department, where he teaches technical courses and does not
engage in political advocacy in his classes. Indeed, he is prohibited
altogether from spouting his nazi views on Northwestern's campus.

Butz evidently does have some serious academic credentials in his field of
expertise. So the lunacies he advocates in the privacy of his
swastika-bedecked bedroom are his own business, believes Northwestern. We
have trouble understanding why being an open nazi does not signal to the
Northwestern University brass that Butz is deranged and so should not be
on the podium at all, but we are the first to concede that academia is
crawling with other lunatics. Finkelstein, in contrast, is not teaching a
technical subject and does not have any serious scholarly credentials in
anything, yet is permitted to use the DePaul podium to conduct his little
Nuremberg Rallies.

In addition, Northwestern evidently did not know about Butz's psychotic
nazi agenda when it hired him, but DePaul knew exactly what it was getting
when it hired Finkelstein. Finkelstein had earlier been fired from two
adjunct jobs in New York due to his lack of any scholarly credentials, his
charlatan pseudo-research, his Jew-bashing bigotry and his vicious ad
hominem attacks against writer Elie Wiesel and other Holocaust survivors.

Finkelstein teaches in DePaul's political science department, where he is
allowed to offer a departmental course that is completely one-sided
anti-Israel indoctrination and anti-Jewish advocacy. Finkelstein's course
syllabus consists 100% of anti-Israel propagandists and anti-Semites, some
of them Marxists. Not a single pro-Israel voice of dissent is permitted to
be aired. Where are the rights of DePaul students to hear all sides of an
issue? Why are they not being defended against Finkelstein's podium

Northwestern - by the way - has been trying to dump Butz for years, by
buying out his contract (he has tenure), but Butz has refused. Butz is an
enormous embarrassment! But DePaul's chiefs, led by DePaul's President,
Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M., Ed.D., are downright PROUD of their
neonazi, insisting that he is a serious scholar (even though no serious
scholars consider him one). The people other than Brer Holtschneider who
take Finklestein as a serious researcher usually run Holocaust
"Revisionism" web sites and worship David Irving.

DePaul would not hire a faculty member in the name of free speech who was
claiming that it was actually Jesus Christ who had Pontius Pilate
crucified and not the other way around, so what then is a racist flake
like Finkelstein doing teaching political science there? If you would like
to ask DePaul Prez Holtschneider yourself, his email address is

The Chicago Jewish Star has been commenting at length on the Klocek affair
and on DePaul's toady defense of Finklelstein's presence on its faculty.
As the Star notes: "When the university first hired Mr. Finkelstein in
2001, his reputation as an out-of-control, unbalanced analyst who mixes
vile and vitriolic attacks on his critics with a gleeful exhibitionism was
firmly established. With so many credible, intelligent, informed scholars
of Middle Eastern studies available from which to select, why in the world
did DePaul decide to bring this man on its staff?"

2. On the Fallaci Fatwa:

3. New York Slimes and its Marxism:

Monday, May 30, 2005

1. In France you can sue the "New Journalists" for Racism! Why not in the
US and in Israel?

The French, of all people, have developed a tool for dealing with leftist
moonbat journalism and politicalized distortion in the media. They sue the
blaggards for racism! Never mind that the damages awarded may be nothing.

That is what has just happened to two leftist "journalists" who write
biased bigotry for Le Monde. A Versailles court of appeals ruled on an
article that ran June 4, 2002, called "Israel-Palestine: The Cancer," was
anti-Semitism and prohibited under France's laws against racism and racist

The court ordered the directors, Edgar Morin and Jean-Marie Colombani, as
well as the two authors, to pay a symbolic one Euro in damages to a
human-rights alliance, and ordered Le Monde to publish a condemnation of
the article.

Two particular passages were cited for their racist character. The first
reads, "One has trouble imagining that a nation of refugees, descendants
of the people who have suffered the longest period of persecution in the
history of humanity, who have suffered the worst possible scorn and
humiliation, would be capable of transforming themselves, in two
generations, into a dominating people, sure of themselves, and, with the
exception of an admirable minority, into a scornful people finding
satisfaction in humiliating others." The second incriminating citation
reads, "The Jews, once subject to an unmerciful rule, now impose their
unmerciful rule on the Palestinians."

SO here is my idea. I say sauce for the Foie Gras is sauce for the
moonbat! Let's ship off Alexander Cockburn to France and there sue his
derriere off!

2. Repost:
The Israeli Left Was Just Naive, Now It's Treasonous
Written by Steven Plaut
Saturday, November 01, 2003

In a recent opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post, Sarah Honig, one
of the paper.s better columnists, raised the question of whether Israel.s
left should be regarded as stupid or crazy. She raised the question in
response to the latest gambit by Yossi Beilin, the Mother Hen of the Oslo
debacle, and his friends--the so-called ''Geneva Understandings,'' which
should be better termed the Geneva Misunderstandings. Honig.s question
deserves to be taken seriously. The most correct answer to
her question is that while many leftists are indeed crazy or stupid or
both, increasingly Israel.s Left is composed simply of people who are

This third possibility should be taken very seriously. The growth
in the weight of the evil amongst the stupid and the crazy in Israel.s
left has a simple explanation. While the Israeli left at the time when
the first Oslo Accords were perpetrated consisted mainly of the and
the foolish, these people have in large part disappeared by now from its
ranks. In most cases, they simply became less foolish and over
time, and consequently abandoned the left. They were mugged by reality
and succumbed to the years of daily empirical demonstrations that the
left.s understanding of the conflict in 1993 was simply wrong,
demonstrably wrong, disastrously wrong.

These were the people whose earlier beliefs had remained open to a
certain amount of testing and proving in the pudding, whose minds had not
been hermetically locked closed. When the pudding proved how wrong they
had been, they had second thoughts. They awoke and sniffed the coffee the
rest of us had long been sipping. They removed their primrose blinders
from their eyes Among the manifestations of these having second thoughts
were the near-complete implosion of the leftist Meretz party, which lost
half its Knesset representation, and the landslide defeat of Amram Mitzna
and the Labor Party left in the last Israeli election.

As the abandoned the left in droves, a process of adverse
selection occurred. Those who remained in the Israeli left despite the
past decade of Oslo experiences are today by and large people who are
evil. They constitute the satanic left. Some used to be foolish leftists
who evolved into evil leftists. They remain in the left because they are
motivated by hostility to Israel, animosity towards Jews, by self-hatred.
That a political movement like the Israeli left could be taken over by
those motivated by dislike of their own country and hatred of their own
people should not come as too much of a surprise. After all, the American
campus left is also today little more than a movement of anti-Americanism.
It will support any Third World butcher it thinks is sufficiently hostile
to the United States and the West. It supports everything imaginable that
can harm the United States.

In 1993, most Israeli leftists sincerely believed that if Israel
would recognize and legitimize the PLO, if it would just make goodwill
gestures towards the Palestinians and release them from Israel
''occupation,'' if it offered the Palestinians their own state alongside
of Israel, if it allowed Arafat and the leadership of the PLO to relocate
from Tunis to the West Bank, and if it showed itself somewhat flexible in
terms of the status of Jerusalem, then the Palestinians would respond to
the generosity with generosity. The left genuinely expected that
demonstrations of Israeli goodwill would trigger outpourings of
Palestinian goodwill and moderation, that good sportsmanship would be
rewarded with niceness. A decade of goodwill measures later, we now have
ample proof.

Of course the left was totally wrong. Israeli niceness did not
produce Palestinian niceness but rather Palestinian nazification. Israeli
goodwill gestures triggered Palestinian fanaticism. Israeli offers to
compromise produced Palestinian digging in of heals and insistence that
only Israel.s destruction through some ''right of return'' was an
acceptable solution. When Israel turned over the bulk of the West Bank
and Gaza to the PLO, along with perhaps 95 % of the Palestinian
population, those areas were not used by the PLO for nation building and
economic development. Instead, they were used for nothing except
perpetrating endless terrorist attacks, rocket attacks, and mass murders
against Jews.

It became evident very quickly that Palestinian terrorism was not
being caused by Israeli ''occupation'' but rather was skyrocketing as a
direct consequence of the REMOVAL of Israeli occupation. Each and every
Israeli concession and offer to compromise was met with escalating
Palestinian savagery and barbarism, along with blood-curdling screams and
demonization of Jews. It became obvious that the terror bonfire was not
being fanned by any construction of Israeli ''settlements'' but rather by
Israeli offers of appeasement that included proposals to REMOVE those

We are now more than a decade after the infamous White House
handshake between Yitzhak Rabin and Yassir Arafat. Frankly, intelligent
people should have seen in 1993 that Oslo was not a peace process at all
but rather a process of appeasement and defeatism that would end up NOT
with a suppression of Palestinian terror but rather with its takeoff to
new dimensions without precedent. But in fairness, honest people with
good intentions could well have believed in 1993 that Oslo was the path to
follow. They were motivated by wishful thinking, by a complete
misunderstanding of the Middle East conflict, and by exhaustion.

Fast forwarding to 2004: Every single day since the Oslo Accords
were implemented has served as new empirical proof that those Accords were
founded on a totally incorrect concept of what the Middle East conflict
was about. The Middle East conflict was not about any need for
Palestinian ''self-determination'' but rather about the total refusal by
the Arab world to acquiesce in any form of Jewish self-determination. The
problem was not Israeli unwillingness for territorial compromise but Arab
rejection of any territorial compromise at all as a form of solution, if
it were to allow a rump Jewish state to continue to exist. Oslo proved
that the Arabs would not be satisfied with some form of Palestinian
statehood restricted to the West Bank and Gaza, but rather would demand
all of Israel as well, perhaps in the name of the right of
''self-determination'' for the Arabs of Nazareth and the Negev and Jaffa.

If the years of daily proofs were insufficient, surely the events
at Camp David II should have been more than enough to convince even the
most diehard idealist and obstinate naif on the Israeli left of the errors
of its ways. At Camp David, Ehud Barak offered the Palestinians
EVERYTHING: virtually all of the West Bank and Gaza purged of their Jewish
settlers, all of East Jerusalem including the Western Wall, swaths of
pre-1967 Israel, financial tribute, and admission of tens of thousands of
Palestinian ''refugees'' into the areas that Israel would retain as
partial implementation of the Palestinian ''right of return.''

The PLO response to this suicidal offer by the leader of Israel.s
Left at the time was complete rejection and the launching of what has now
become universally misnamed the ''Al-Aqsa Intifada,'' which should in fact
more properly be dubbed the Oslo Pogroms. The carnage is now about 900
murdered Israelis, just since October 2000, and counting. The left.s
response to the pogroms was characteristically revisionism, to deny that
Barak had actually made any generous offer at Camp David at all.

It is said that remarriage is the victory of hope over experience
(as well as common sense). Israel.s leftist politicians continued to
court the ugly Palestinian bride who had divorced them over and over and
over. To believe after Camp David II that offers of generosity by Israel
could ever defuse Palestinian barbarism was simply to divorce oneself from
reality and take refuge in fantasy.

While the ranks of the left in Israel dwindled, it retained much of
its powers, including its near-totalitarian hegemony over Israel.s media
and universities. But who exactly are these people still in the left?
First of all, they are people who insist that Israel continue to pursue
the failed Oslo ''strategy'' as if the past ten years of failure never
took place. Beilin.s Geneva Misunderstandings are perhaps the best

Going somewhat beyond even what Barak had offered at Camp David,
they are once again based on endless Israeli concessions, appeasements,
and capitulations to Arab demands with absolutely no quid pro quo. They
are the child of the same ''concept'' that has been discredited daily ever
since 1993. The only thing the Beilin "accord" offers Israel is a promise
of yet another empty rhetorical commitment by the PLO to suppressing the
terror, which is the same old used Buick the PLO has been reselling to
Israel without ever delivering, over and over for the past decade. The
PLO was unwilling to countenance even the duplicitous language in the
Beliin Capitulations that made it appear that it might someday maybe agree
to some compromise over the Palestinian ''Right of Return,'' which is the
Palestinian demand for unlimited immigration into Israel even AFTER some
Palestinian state is established. The Gargoyle of Ramallah rejected
Beilin.s Munich offer because of this.

Second, the Op-Eds and the official canon being preached by
Israel.s Left today is increasingly one of treason. Increasing numbers of
the remnants who are still denizens of the left openly propose that
Israel.s existence be terminated. A growing number of Israeli Leftists
are promoting the so-called ''One State Solution'' or the ''Bi-National
Solution,'' which should more properly be called the Rwanda Solution. This
is essentially a No-State Solution. According to it, Israel would cease to
exist as a Jewish state. It would be entirely enfolded into a Palestinian
state stretching from the Mediterranean to the Jordan with the Arabs the
majority and the Jews a minority, tolerated at best like the other
non-Arab or non-Moslem minorities in the Arab world.

Israeli leftists are increasingly recruiting themselves to serve
the very worst anti-Semites of the planet. There are today Israeli
leftist professors promoting the views of Holocaust Deniers. Scores of
Israeli professors endorse the boycotts being organized by overseas
anti-Semites directed against Israel, including even boycotts of the
Israeli institutions that pay them their salaries. Israeli leftists are
regulars on Islamist fundamentalist web sites and are the universal
legitimizers of the very worst haters of Jews throughout the world. There
exists today a true axis of evil, which links Jewish leftism with

Third, Israel.s left has always been fundamentally anti-democratic,
opposing the right of free expression for non-leftists, demanding that
non-leftists be prosecuted as ''inciters.'' The left has long insisted
that Yitzhak Rabin was in fact murdered because non-leftists and Oslo
opponents were permitted to exercise their right to free speech. But
lately the left.s anti-democratic inclinations have taken a turn towards
extremism and outright subversion. The left has long been of the opinion
that Leftists should not be expected to obey the law nor submit to the
will of the majority because their motives are so nice and pure. Leftists
(and Arab fascists) should be able to call openly for violence with

Leftists should be excused from serving in the army or obeying laws
or paying taxes if the policies being implemented by the government or the
army are not those advocated by the most extremist leftist 5% of the
electorate. The left has for years been trying to foment mutiny and
"resistance" among Israeli soldiers. It has organized groups who refuse
to report to duty as long as Israel ''occupies'' any portion of the West
Bank and Gaza. These are people who explicitly refuse to submit
themselves to the will of the majority of their fellow citizens. These are
not people willing to promote their ideas through persuasion and argument,
but rather through subversion and defiance of the rule of law. They seek
to impose their minority views on the country through force. Their latest
gambit is to organize mutiny among Israeli pilots in the air force, who
will refuse to shoot at terrorist mass murderers until Israel ends its
''occupation'' on those leftist terms opposed by the bulk of the

Polls are showing that Israelis oppose the Beilin-proposed
capitulations by at least two to one, and Israeli Jews oppose them by
about five to one. In 1993 most Israeli leftists supported the left
because they believed its ideas would benefit Israel and the Jewish
people. Today most leftists support those same ideas because they know
they will harm Israel and Jews.

In 1993 most Israeli leftists believed in leftist ideas because
they thought ''Palestine'' would pursue peace. Today those remaining on
the left support Palestinian statehood because they know ''Palestine''
will pursue war. In 1993 most leftists believed in leftist ideas because
they thought sraeli concessions would lead to Arab moderation. Today.s
leftists know that these concessions are seen as signs of weakness that
catalyze and energize Arab violence and that is why they demand more of
them. n 1993 most leftists believed in Israeli restraint because they
thought it would stimulate Palestinian goodwill.

Today.s leftists demand endless restraint because they do not want
Israel to fight terror at all. They want terror to triumph. In 1993 most
leftists believed in leftist ideas because they thought Israel would
emerge stronger if Oslo were implemented. Today.s leftists advocate the
very same ''process'' . witness the Beilin-proposed Capitulations .
because they desire to see Israel weakened and dismembered.

The left of 1993 was by and large a left that could be awakened
from its delusions by Palestinian atrocities, endless violations of PLO
commitments, Arab betrayal, and the increasingly nazified rhetoric of both
Palestinians and Israeli Arabs. The left of 2004 does not need awakening
because it has no delusions that Oslo and its ''Road Map'' will produce
peace. It supports the Road Map precisely because it knows it will not
lead to peace but to a new all-out Arab assault on Israel. The Leftists
and their overseas apologists will do anything in their power to underm
ine the will of the electorate in Israel and the will of the Jews to
survive. They will undermine any government the Israeli voters select.
They have no scruples when it comes to collaboration with the worst
anti-Semites of the planet.

The leftists of 2004 have no delusions that an independent
''Palestine'' will live at peace alongside Israel. They demand a solution
precisely because they know it will NOT live at peace with Israel.

Friday, May 27, 2005

1. Dershowitz Exposes Cockburn Sleaze
Alan Dershowitz has gone on the offensive against far-Leftist anti-Semites
and neonazis who have been attacking him and lying about his book
defending Israel, including flasely claiming that he plagiarized
materials. In partiular, Dershowitz attacks Stalinist moonbat Noam
Chomsky, the Khmer Rouge's favorite American professor, neonazi
pseudo-historian Norman Finkelstein, whose presence on the DePaul
University faculty casts serious doubts on whether anyone should regard
DePaul as an academic institution at all, and Alexander Cockburn,
columnist at "The Nation" and owner of the fanatically anti-American,
pro-terror, and anti-Jewish Counterpunch web magazine. Cockburn hates
America passionately, but not enough to leave it and return to his native
rainy British Isles.

In his article Dershowitz reveals that Cockburn was fired from the Village
Voice for hiding a $10,000 "grant" he received from an anti-Israel
organization. He cites "Village Voice Suspends Alexander Cockburn Over
$10,000 Grant," Wall Street Journal, January 18,1984, p. 12. Dershowitz
also notes how Cockburn granted credence to "reports" by neonazis that
Israel was behind 9/11 and Jews were involved in anthrax attacks, citing
Franklin Foer, "Relativity Theory; Alexander Cockburn.s Dubious Theories,"
New Republic, April 22, 2002, p. 12. Dershowitz also cites Columnist Jon
Margolis, who - after exposing several false charges made by Cockburn -
asserted that "Cockburn has been abusing reality for decades" and that "as
an accuser, Joe McCarthy was more responsible."

Dershowitz just came out with a dramatic denunciation of Finkelstein's new
anti-Semitic pseudo-book, a publication that raises even more questions
about academic standards at DePaul. Finkelstein had earlier been fired
from adjunct jobs at Hunter College and NYU.


The Italian city of Bergamo is going to put author Oriana Fallaci on
trial.for defaming Islam. (Hat tip: SoCalJustice.)

(AGI) - L.Aquila, Italy, May 24 - In Oriana Fallaci.s book .The Force of
Reason. there are expressions that are .unequivocally offensive to Islam
and Muslims,. said the Bergamo preliminary investigative judge, Armando
Grasso, who accepting the Adel Smith.s opposition to filing away the trial
proposed by the prosecutor, ordered the prosecution to formulate the
charge .according to article 406 of article 403 of the criminal code,. for
defamation of Islam. The well known author, therefore, will be put on
trial. Adel Smith, president of the Italian Muslim Union, sued the writer
on April 8, 2004, after .also in other writings Oriana Fallaci had
propagated hate against Islam and Muslims, distorting real historical
facts and inventing others, lying, offending, and defaming Muslims around
the world. For the rest, ever since .Anger and Pride. the writer has
injured Islam and Muslims, writing expressions such as .f*cking sons of
Allah.,. said Smith. The Bergamo Prosecution is taking on the trial, since
the book was published in the city, and now has ten days to come up with a
charge. The preliminary hearing judge will set the trial date. Matteo
Nicoli of Verona will represent Adel Smith.

Adel Smith is a well-known Italian Muslim activist who (among other
specious lawsuits) tried to have all crucifixes removed from Italian
schools. Tuesday, May 24, 2005

3. Neturei Karta Pagans still bashing Jews:

4. Now that the British academic pogromchiki have been defeated,
the boycott of Haigfa University and Bar-Ilan University have
ended. The British anti-Semites had demanded that Haifa University
be boycotted because it fired Ilan Pappe, except that Haifa U did
not fire him, despite the fact that he deserved to be fired for
fabricating "research". Pappe was not even sanctioned, but was
the leading voice urging the pogromchiks to boycott his own

Well, now perhaps someone should raise the question of whether the world
should not be boycotting Haifa University for NOT firing Pappe?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Alan Dershowitz Denounces DePaul Neonazi Finkelstein

DePaul University has been in the news recently because on the one hand it
employs crackpot pseudo-historian and neonazi Holocaust Denier Norman
Finkelstein, a man who could not get any academic job at any other
institution, yet at the same time it fired Prof. Thomas Klocek because he
defended Israel to some campus student radicals. Finkelstein is retained
by DePaul, supposedly in the name of academic free speech, in spite of his
not having any scholarly credentials that any real academic would take
seriously, while Klocek was fired by the same DePaul for making
politically incorrect comments.

Now Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz has issued yet another devastating
denunciation of Finkelstein, evidently in response to the new anti-Semitic
new book that Finkelstein has crayoned. (In the past Dershowitz has
creamed Finkelstein in debates.) The book is coming out next month, called
"Beyond Chutzpah : On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of
History." The title is a backhanded slap at Alan Dershowitz's "Chutzpah."
Finkelstein's theme is that just because some hates Jews and wants to see
all Jews killed is no reason to accuse that person of being an
anti-Semite. Finkelstein is a regular Jew-basher for neonazi Holocaust
Denier web sites on the lunatic Right (including and Holocaust
"Revisionism" web sites) as well as on fanatically anti-Semitic web sites
from the Left like Counterpunch.

Dershowitz wrote the following about Finkelstein:

'Finkelstein has said that he .can.t imagine why Israel.s apologists would
be offended by a comparison with the Gestapo. and asserted that Israel.s
human rights record is .interchangeable with Iraq.s. when it was ruled by
Saddam Hussein. He has said that most alleged Holocaust survivors -
including Elie Wiesel.have fabricated their past, are .bogus,. and that
those seeking reparations are .cheats. and .greedy.. Because of my support
of Israel, he has compared me to .Adolf Eichman [sic],. and accused me of
expressing .Nazi moral judgments.. When challenged to defend his frequent
comparison between Jews and Nazis, he has responded, .Nazis never like to
hear being Nazis.. He is a popular speaker among German neo-Nazis;
one, Ingrid Rimland, whose husband, the notorious Ernst Zundel, wrote The
Hitler We Loved And Why, even referred to him admiringly as the .Jewish
David Irving. (.J.discher David Irving.) - a reference to the British
Holocaust denier and Hitler admirer. The comparison is apt because
Finkelstein has reportedly praised the Holocaust-denying Irving as .a good
historian!. and as having .made an indispensable. contribution to our
knowledge of World War II..'

Commentary Magazine's Gabriel Schoenfeld has labeled Finkelstein's views
as .crackpot ideas, some of them mirrored almost verbatim in the
propaganda put out by neo-Nazis around the world.. His books do not sell
in America, but they are best-sellers among the growing number of
neo-Nazis in Germany. Finkelstein has been endorsed by anti-Semites of all
stripes, including Israeli Jewish anti-Semites like Neve Gordon from Ben
Gurion University, who compared Finkelstein ethically to the Prophets of
the Bible.

Finkelstein's retention at DePaul shows that DePaul has junked all
attempts at pretending to maintain academic standards. We leave it to the
reader to decide what Neve Gordon's retention by Ben Gurion University

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

1. Lying about Middle Eastern Land

One of the few things unchallengeable about the Middle East conflict is
that it has virtually nothing to do with land. Arab countries already
control 6,145,389 square miles of land. That is almost twice the land area
of the United States, which is 3,537,438 square miles, and about the same
as the land area of Russia. Israel, even when including all of the
"occupied territories" retained from the 1967 SIx Day War, controls less
than 10,000 square miles.

The West Bank and the Gaza Strip comprise about 2300 square miles (a bit
less when deducting Jerusalem and its suburbs from the account), which is
about half the size of the Everglades. The Moonbats-against-Israel lobby
wants us to believe that with 6,145,389 square miles, the Arabs want war
and genocide, but with 6,145,389 plus 2300 more, then they will want
peace. If Israel only trades .land for peace. with the land-deprived
Arabs, and never mind that its abandonment of the West Bank would leave an
Israel ten miles wide and waiting for the Arab armies to annihilate, then
all will be well.

The "anti-Zionists" want the world to believe that the entire Middle East
war is due to the fact that those evil selfish Jews are unwilling to share
their 10,000 square miles with the poor land-starved Arabs. But in
reality, the obvious true cause of the Middle East war is the fact that
the Arab world is unwilling to allow the Jews to control even a sixth of
one percent of the territory of the Middle East. The Arabs, controlling
more land than any other ethnic group on the planet besides the Russians,
are simply unwilling to share even the tiniest sliver of the Middle East
with the Jews.

If the "anti-Zionists", for their part, get what they want, then there
will be no Jews left alive in Israel.

2. Aharon Barak's pupil?

Massachusetts Chief Justice opposes Free Speech
In Massachusetts (where else?) there is many-a-moonbat liberal munching
beans who is opposed to free speech for non-liberals. Many of them teach
at Harvard and Brandeis. But none are as openly in favor of suppressing
the rights of conservatives to dissent from liberal dogma as is the chief
justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Court herself.

Justice Margaret H. Marshall who has been widely criticized as a judicial
activist since writing the court's 2003 decision allowing same-sex
marriage. She expressed her opposition to free speech for non-liberals
when she spoke before a crowd of 7,000 at Brandeis University's 54th
commencement this week. Among those who evidently need to be denied
freedom of dissent regarding judicial activism (which is a euphemism for
judicial tyranny), in her learned opinion, are Governor Mitt Romney, who
accused her and her comrades on the state Supreme Judicial Court of
''judicial overreaching" in the Wall Street Journal last year, and
President George W. Bush, who has lashed out at ''activist judges" --
those who use their decisions to push a social agenda. Marshall dismisses
such criticism as ''gratuitous attacks on judges undermine that trust."
Marshall insisted that rhetoric about judges destroying the country and
the suggestion that court decisions should conform to public opinion are
threatening the judicial system.

Among other comments, she said:

''I worry when people of influence use vague, loaded terms like 'judicial
activism' to skew public debate or to intimidate judges," Marshall said.
''I worry when judicial independence is seen as a problem to be solved and
not a value to be cherished."

Marshall's exploitation of her invitation to Brandeis to bash critics of
loose-cannon judges was probably part of her attempts to defend herself
from groups like Article 8 Alliance, a Waltham group founded to remove
Marshall and the other three justices who ruled for same-sex marriage from
the bench. Its spokesman said, "''Activist judges' is a specific term that
refers to judges who rule outside the rule of law. It has to do with
whether they use objective, legal, constitutional means to base their

Marshall is native of South Africa who fought apartheid before coming to
the United States. Now she no doubt endorses American apartheid, also
known as affirmative action.

3. The anti-Semitic Moonbats are feeling the heat:

4. Bedtime for Bashar:

5. On the passing of a fine human being and a real mensch:

6. The Academic Pogromchiks:

7. The Evolution in Teaching Math....

Teaching Math In 1950
A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is
4/5 of the price. What is his profit?

Teaching Math In 1960
A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is
4/5 of the price, or $80. What is his profit?

Teaching Math In 1970
A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is
$80. Did he make a profit?

Teaching Math In 1980
A logger sells a truckload of lumber for $100. His cost of production is
$80 and his profit is $20. Your assignment: Underline the number 20.

Teaching Math In 1990
A logger cuts down a beautiful forest because he is selfish and
inconsiderate and cares nothing for the habitat of animals or the
preservation of our woodlands. He does this so he can make a profit of
$20. What do you think of this way of making a living? Topic for class
participation after answering the question: How did the birds and
squirrels feel as the logger cut down their homes? (There are no wrong

Teaching Math In 2005
Un hachero vende una carretada de madera para $100. El costo de la
producci.n es $80 ....

8. Suppressing non-leftist students on campus:

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Guess who REALLY Killed Tom Hurndall!

Alongside Rachel Corrie, who commited suicide on behalf of Palestinian
terrorism when she tried to stop an Israeli bulldozer from demolishing a
terrorist smuggling tunnel, the other martyr of the pro-Jihad
"International Solidarity Movement" terror organization has been one Tom

Hurndall, like all the other ISM hoodlums and useful idiots of the
Islamofascist terrorists, was in Israel to engage in violence, to assist
terrorists, and to serve as a human shield for Palestinian murderers. The
ISM openly endorses Palestinian terrorism against Jewish civilians, which
the ISM calls "armed struggle".

Hurndall became a victim of the armed struggle of Israeli troops shooting
back at Palestinian terrorists, who had just opened fire upon them while
Hurndall was in the vicinity. Hurndall was hit by a shot fired by an
Israeli Bedouin patriotic soldier from a low-income family, a soldier who
was defending himself and his comrades against Palestinian gunfire.

The Bedouin soldier has been persecuted by the ISM thugs and their lobby,
and is on trial now in Israel for manslaughter. A court ruling is expected
soon. He should never have been charged at all.

Now it turns out that the real killer of Tom Hurndall was not the Bedouin
soldier at all but rather .... (drumroll) .... the British socialized
medical system! In the trial of the Bedouin soldier being harassed by the
Israeli military court at the behest of the ISM, the defense has presented
evidence that the real reason Hurndall died was because of died because of
malpractice by his British doctors when he was taken back to Britain.
Hurndall actually died of pneumonia, not the gunfire wound.

Defense lawyer Yariv Ronen said that the soldier should be acquitted of a
manslaughter charge because Turndall "did not die from the wound but
because the doctors, together with the family, made a very clear decision
to end his life." Ronen said the doctors denied Hurndall antibiotic
treatment and gave him an overdose of morphine.

A second Israeli Bedouin soldier has already been sentenced to prison in
the Hurndall affair.

We think the ISM racists should stop abusing and tormenting patriotic
Israeli Bedouins! And of course stop supporting randam mass murder of
(For clean copy and links)

1. The Saudis Shred Bibles!

So no sooner does it turn out that the Newsweek "expose" on Koran pages
being flushed was a New Journalism lie and fabrication than the lib'ruh
media are back with a new "human rights abomination". This time it is
Saddam Hussein photographed in his panties.

I am not sure whether the publication of those photos violates Saddam's
human rights or ours. Be that as it may, I am kind of hoping that the
Ba'athists on the Uruknet web site will retaliate by publishing similar
pictures of Al Gore and John Kerry in their briefs. I would add Ted
Kennedy and Bill Clinton to the wish list, but I am not sure anyone has
polaroids of them with their undies pulled UP!

Meanwhile, the REAL news story that the lib'ruh media are avoiding is the
fact that Suadi Arabia routinely confiscates Bibles from visiting
non-Moslems and then shreds them!

CNSNews reports that Bibles found in the possession of visitors to Saudi
Arabia are routinely confiscated by customs officials, and in some cases
copies allegedly have been put through a paper shredder. Reports from the
Islamic world of the abuse of Bibles and other items important to
Christians emerge from time to time, but generally have little impact - in
contrast to the wave of Muslim anger sparked by a Newsweek report, since
retracted, of Koran desecration by the U.S. military. "Some Christians
have reported that upon entering Saudi Arabia they have had their personal
Bibles taken from them and placed into a paper shredder," the U.S.-based
International Christian Concern said in its 2001 report. This was
confirmed in the 2003 report on Saudi Arabia by the U.S. Commission on
International Religious Freedom, an independent watchdog set up under the
1998 International Religious Freedom Act.

Danny Nalliah, a Sri Lankan-born evangelical pastor now based in
Australia, spent two years in Saudi Arabia during the 1990s, where he was
involved with the underground church. "It's a very well-known fact that if
you have a Bible at customs when you enter the airport, and if they find
the Bible, that the Bible is taken and put in the shredder," he said in an
interview this week reported on CNSNews. "If you have more than one Bible
you will be taken into custody, and if you have a quantity of Bibles you
will be given 70 lashes for sure - you could even be executed."

Abuse of Christians and their symbols was not restricted to the
destruction of Bibles, he added. He described what happened when a nun was
stopped in Saudi Arabia's airport: "They opened her bag, went through her
prayer book, put the prayer book through the shredder ... took the
crucifix off her neck and smashed it, tormented her for many minutes."

2. Newest Recruit to the Jews for the Destruction of Israel:

3. The Oslo Syndrome:

4. A new idea to resolve the war:

5. Hookers in Black:

6. What Holocaust?
(re-printed from The Jewish Post - NYC, St. Louis Jewish Light ...)
By Dr. Jerome S. Kaufman

For about a minute and a half, Frontline/PBS had me fooled.
I had sat down at the TV with my two boxes of Kleenex to watch on Public
Broadcasting System (PBS), a documentary called, Memory of the Camps. I
was sure it would be about the concentration camps and Hitler's Final
Solution to exterminate all the Jews of Europe. Immediately seen on the
screen was that Frontline had the TV special produced. But, how could
Frontline and PBS be involved in a TV special that I expected to be
sympathetic to the extermination of over 6 million Jews? Invariably they
had taken every pro-Palestinian Arab position possible in their TV
productions and on PBS radio stations.
What is Frontline? Their literature states that " 'Frontline' is the
registered trademark of WGBH Educational Foundation." WGBH is a Public
Broadcasting Station (PBS) in Boston, MA. Frontline is thus an
organization that is an integral part of PBS nationwide. Frontline
formulates ideas, usually of political interest, which are then
submitted to different TV production companies that are commissioned to
create an apparent TV documentary that subtly propagandizes the public
to Frontline's and ipso facto, PBS's agenda. Of course, the operative
words are "apparent" and "documentary" - especially since the term
"documentary" long ago lost its original definition. These are not the
objective newsreels the public might expect from the former terminology.
They are most frequently political ploys as demonstrated so expertly by
the "documentaries" of Michael Moore.
There were no Jews in the TV film about concentration camps!
Why then was Frontline involved in this production that I imagined had
to be sympathetic to the Jews? After a few minutes, the answer became
crystal clear. Frontline had created real magic. There were no Jews in
the TV film about concentration camps! All credit, if one could possibly
call it credit, for 6 million Jews dying, had been eliminated from the
production! PBS had created a generic with no Jews - just the "peoples
of Europe", the "German people" when they meant the German Jews, and not
one Jewish star shown - which had been routinely sewn on the uniform of
Jewish prisoners - was seem in the entire film. The gut rending actual
pictures of the piled up corpses and barbed wire and starvation and
filth could not be denied. It was the script that was so cleverly used
to promote the Frontline agenda.
It began with the introduction "for decades the film had been stored in
the Imperial War Museum in London. The documentary was unfinished with
missing sound tracks. But the directors, including Alfred Hitchcock had
developed a script to go with the pictures." (How convenient!) Frontline
then makes the totally disingenuous statement that it "presents the film
unedited, as close as possible to what the producers intended over a
half-century ago." Never mind the dubbed in sound track that was missing
from the original and how do they know what the producers intended over
a half-century ago?
Then the magnificent voice of Trevor Howard begins the narration. The
allied troops enter the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in the Spring
of 1945 and are horrified. In the narration the prisoners are identified
simply as "they" or "the people" and referred to as no particular ethnic
group. At the end of the segment Trevor Howard states, "We shall never
know who they (the victims) were or from what homes they were torn.
Whether they were Catholics, Lutherans or Jews, we only know they were
born, they suffered and died in agony in Belsen Camp.
No mention of the fact was made that Bergen-Belsen became a collection
camp for thousands of Jewish prisoners evacuated from camps closer to
the front as Allied forces advanced into Germany in late 1944 and early
1945. With the arrival of prisoners evacuated from the east, there were
over 60,000 by April 15, 1945 - by far, the major portion Jews.
Later in the narration Howard states, "On the 28th of February, 1933, a
Presidential Emergency Decree suspended the basic civil rights of the
German people - no mention of the fact that almost immediately
afterward, April 1933, the Jews were singled out and dismissed from the
public service, the universities and other professions and their lives
made absolute hell from that point forward. In fact, the only reference
to Jews in the one hour narration was a statement by Herr Schoker, the
camp commandment of Dachau, who said, "I want at least 600 Jewish deaths
reported in the camp office every day."
At one point the narration speaks of the liberation of Buchenwald, April
13, 1945 with 20,000 inmates remaining. The narration lists them:
"African Negroes, Albanian, Austrians, Belgians, Brazilians, Canadians,
Chinese, Croats, Czechs. Danes, French, Germans, British, Greeks, Dutch,
Italians, Yugoslavs, Latvians, Letts, Norwegians, Mexicans, Poles,
Rumanians, Spaniards, Swiss, Americans and Russians." Really! How
convenient. No Jews identified as such and just how many of these
prisoners actually represented the individual nations listed. What
percentage of those in the camp? What an outrageous, disingenuously
constructed lie!
My initial bewilderment was therefore solved. Frontline and PBS had not
produced a "documentary" sympathetic to the Jews or Israel. They had
produced a deliberate generic whose obvious goal was to re-enforce the
gross lie of Holocaust denial which claims not that many Jews were
killed at all. The Holocaust must have been just a grand plan to
establish the State of Israel and steal "Arab Land" - another gross lie
that has been well-promoted in many other Frontline/PBS productions.
Jerome S. Kaufman
Posted by Jerome S. Kaufman at 08:36 PM

7. Will she be offered tenure at Ben Gurion University?
Professor disputes Holocaust

By GEORGE A. CHIDI, Rocky Mount Telegram

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The phone call inquiring about Professor Jane Christensen's views on the
Holocaust was brief.

Asked directly about her view of the Holocaust ? Do you bellieve that the
historic accounts of the Holocaust are true? ? Christensenn's response was
cryptic and evasive.

"Do you mean the Holocaust in Fallujah?" she said.


The question referred to the conventionally held definition of the
Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed by Nazis, many in
concentration camps. The question was redirected ? Do you beliieve Germany
killed 6 million Jews in concentration camps in World War II?

"I believe that Germany killed many people in concentration camps in World
War II, and that some of them were Jews," she replied.

Charges of anti-Semitism have been among the accusations leveled at
Christensen in recent weeks as bloggers and pundits picked up on her
faculty Web site and course syllabus at N.C. Wesleyan College last month.

She also has come under fire because the syllabus of one of her political
science classes questions the truth of the U.S. government's accounts of
the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Her Web page, Megalinks in Political Science, has been retooled since the
first columns appeared. Links remain to articles such as "Joint
U.S.-Israeli plan to bomb Iran" by Michel Chossudovsky and "Mossad ? The
Israeli Connection To 9/11" by Christopher Bollyn.

Most of the site consists of links to other writers for other

A link titled "Mossad Planning Another Attack in U.S." links to an April
11 article by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs ? a
Washington think-tank on U.S.-Israeli military relations ? acttually
titled "Al Qaeda Preparing for Another Attack in U.S., WMD Use Probable."

In a letter to the editor published in the Telegram on May 1, Dr. Ian
Newbould said Wesleyan would ask a team of respect political scientists to
evaluate the academic appropriateness and integrity of Christensen's
approach to teaching. The letter said Christensen suggested the approach
would be helpful.

Little of Christensen's own writing appears on the school's Web site.
Similarly, Christensen said she hoped little of this conversation would be

Finally, the question was rephrased again ? Do you believe that the
Germans and their allies engaged in a systematic program to kill Jews
during World War II?

"If there was a systematic program to kill Jews, it was done in
collaboration with the Zionists," Christensen answered.

7. Open Calls for the Destruction on Israel in London:
(almost as bad as Israeli university campuses!)

8. Must read:

9. Shulamit Aloni now writes in anti-Semitic magazine:

Thursday, May 19, 2005

1. Postmodernist poppycock:

2. The DePaul Saga continues:
Vagina Monologues ok at DePaul, Supporting Israel is Grounds for
David French, the President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in
Education, has sent a letter of righteous outrage to the heads of DePaul
University, protesting the University's abuse of academic freedom in the
Thomas Klocek case.

DePaul University, a Catholic institution in Chicago, recently fired a
popular faculty member, Dr. Thomas Klocek, because he dared to tell the
truth and express unpopular opinions (unpopular at DePaul at least) in
favor of Israel while speaking to student anti-Israel activists on campus
(not in class). Klocek was fired without a formal hearin, for expressing
his opinion. According to the DePaulia student newspaper and other
sources, during a sidewalk debate Klocek cited a Chicago Sun-Times article
that quoted the general manager of the Al-Arabiya television network as
saying, .It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it
is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists
are Muslims.. This was unacceptable behavior, claimed the DePaul chiefs.

"DePaul has unquestionably violated Professor Klocek's due process rights,
and the university did so because his statements were allegedly
offensive," commented French.

The dismissal of Klocek came against the growing outrage over the
employment of Holocaust Denier Norman Finkelstein as assistant professor
of political science by the same institution. DePaul's heads defend
employing a crackpot with no serious academic credentials like Finkelstein
in the name of "academic freedom" while firing Klocek for expressing his
opinions outside of class.

Now we learn that the President of DePaul makes a point that he defended
the academic freedom for a campus production of "The Vagina Monologues,"
while allowing Klocek.s career at DePaul to end because of a 15 minute
disagreement with students outside the classroom.

Here is what the President of DePaul Dennis H. Holtschneider wrote,
.Recently, I have found myself as president standing up for this academic
freedom when the university withstood a nationally organized campaign
against a production of 'The Vagina Monologues' on campus..

Vagina Monologues and Holocaust Denial are kosher at DePaul, but
expressing support of Israel is not.

3. What Moderate?

4. "Rabbi Moonbeam" endorsing the Boycotts of Israel:
Divestment and boycotts of Israel are a moral necessity to bring peace
By Mazin Qumsiyeh
Published in Tikkun Magazine, May 2005

5. The Story of Religious Desecration that Newsweek and the NY TImes have
NOT Covered!
Well, the Moonbats - from Juan Cole to the NY Times - are all wringing
their hands in regret over the supposed insensitivity of US troops in the
now-debunked Newsweek "story" about flushing pages from the Quran down
places they should not be placed. The pseudo-journalists are having so
much fun denouncing imaginary insensitivity to Islam that they have not
found the time to comment on THIS matter, which is a REAL STORY and not a
Newsweek fabrication:

A sermon broadcast last Friday on PA (Palestinian Authority) television
called for the subjugation of all Christian countries under Islam and the
extermination of every Jew.

The Moslem cleric, Ibrahim Mudayris, an appointee of the PLO, told
Palestinians, .The day will come and we shall rule America, Britain, we
shall rule the entire world, except the Jews.. According to Mudayris, the
only fate awaiting Jews is death by extermination, unlike the Christian
countries, which will only be subjugated.

In the sermon, which was translated by Itmar Marcus and Barbara Cook of
Palestinian Media Watch, Ibrahim Mudayris reiterated many of the
often-repeated PA justifications for the anticipated genocide

Among other things he said:

1. The Jews have inherently evil character traits that Muhammad warned
Muslims about in the Koran.
2. The Jews have been the source of conflict throughout all of history:
.The Jews are a virus similar to AIDS, from which the entire world is
3. The persecution of Jews throughout history is presented as natural
responses of self-defense by numerous countries against the evil of the
Jews. Britain, France, Portugal, Czarist Russia, Nazi Germany, all
persecuted and/or expelled Jews . as acts of self-defense and revenge.
4. God has predetermined that the Jewish problem will be solved with the
extermination of the Jews.
5. God has predetermined that the Christian -Islam interactions will end
with today's Christian countries under Islam.

UCLA's Anti-Israel Moonbat
By Steven Plaut | May 19, 2005

Back in February of 2003, Edward Said came to Los Angeles from the
Columbia Madrassa and addressed an audience at UCLA in a speech hailed by
the usual California Islamic pro-terror lobbyists. After the speech, a
leftist rabbi from the Hillel at UCLA addressed Arab students at UCLA and
suggested to them that they pursue peace by recognizing Israel.s right to
exist. Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller claimed that Said.s figures in his
speech were wrong and then told Arab students they must recognize the
state of Israel and Jewish people before he could talk to them.

Enter Yael Korin, a UCLA researcher and co-founder of Women in Black - Los
Angeles. Korin attacked the left-leaning rabbi for not being sufficiently
anti-Israel. She retorted that the Palestinians have already recognized
the state of Israel. "It's the Israelis and Jewish people who haven't
recognized the Palestinian people yet." Eavesdroppers no doubt responded
with a collective "Huh?" Korin then told her friends in the Islamofascist
web magazine "Muslim WakeUp!" that Seidler-Feller admonished her in
Hebrew, stating she should be ashamed of herself and asking which
Palestinians have recognized Jews and the state of Israel. She was unable
to answer him.

Who exactly is this Yael Korin? Korin may be the most visible of the
ex-Israeli far-leftists comprising a small Bash-Israel Lobby in the Los
Angeles area, ex-Israelis working for the destruction of Israel. There has
arisen a bizarre Diaspora of fanatically anti-Israel ex-Israelis, spread
about the globe, and including such people as Avi Shlaim in Britain,
Gabriel Piterberg also at UCLA, Zalman Amit in Canada, Yigal Arens, a Los
Angeles extremist and son of Israel.s one-time Defense Minister, Gilad
Atzmon, an ex-Israeli anti-Semite in Britain who has justified burning
down synagogues. These people seek to see their native homeland destroyed
and replaced by a "secular" state with an Arab majority (one hitch: the
only visible Arab majority wants an Islamic state "from the Jordan to the

Yael Korin is a co-founder of the Los Angeles branch of "Women in Black",
an anti-Jewish and pro-terror propaganda organization. LA.s Women in Black
routinely co-sponsor events with such outfits as the Council on
American-Islamic Relations, Muslim Public Affairs Committee, and "If
Americans Knew". It also promotes the beatification of Rachel Corrie, who
martyred herself by stepping in front of a bulldozer to protect
Palestinian terrorists. The Women in Black groups are among the initiators
of efforts to "divest" from and boycott Israel. Korin herself sums up the
LA-Women in Black position in these words: "Most of us do not believe that
keeping (alive) a Jewish state is in agreement with this position, and
that the Jewish state is an outcome of the Zionist project. So our events
reflect these ideas as well."

Korin is a pathologist at the medical school of UCLA, which is all more
than a bit ironic because she evidently seeks to perform an autopsy on the
corpse of Israel. She sees Arab terrorism as "nonviolent resistance to the
violence of occupation," and has participated in panels devoted to that
theme. Always the same: Jews are violent, Palestinians are victims.

She is one of the people who can be counted on to endorse the Palestinian
"right of return," that is the right of anyone of five million Arabs
pretending to be Palestinian refugees to immigrate to Israel and overwhelm
its Jewish population demographically. You know - the same "right of
refugees to return" to countries they left that has never been applied to
any other group of refugees, like the twelve million Germans expelled from
present day Poland after the Second World War.

She is a groupie of and collaborator with British "journalist" and
pro-terrorism film maker John Pilger. She attends all the Bash-Israel
events religiously, often dressed as an Arab.

She has been labeled "Ms. PLO" Korin by some web sites. She wants the
American public to pressure the American government to stop military aid
to Israel because of "the flagrant injustice of Israel's disproportionate
use of massive military might-including high velocity bullets, helicopter
gun ships and anti-tank missiles-against a Palestinian civilian population
armed mostly with stones." She also says, "We refute the view that the
Palestinian Authority is responsible for initiating the current conflict."
The PLO is just a group of Quakers engaged in quilting. At an MLK Day
protest against Israel, Sistuh Korin declared: "This week, Israeli
soldiers continue to kill adults and children in Nablus and deny
Palestinian residents food and medical care. This week, Israeli bulldozers
continue to destroy homes, fields and olive groves to build the apartheid
wall that is stealing lands and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of
Palestinians." That same week, in fact, Palestinian terrorists murdered
Israeli Jews.

We did an intensive web search and we could not find a single instance of
Korin speaking out against the mass murder of Jews by Palestinian
terrorists nor in favor of the right of Jews to defend their lives against
Islamofascist terror and genocide. Korin denounced Israel for
assassinating Hamas-leader Sheikh Yassin, responsible for more than three
hundred murders of Jewish civilians, many children. She considers the very
existence of her native country to be a catastrophe (Naqba), one clearly
in need of being erased. She has been active in fomenting and organizing
mutiny and insurrection among leftists serving in the Israeli army. She
denounces Israel as an "apartheid" country, whereas in reality it is the
only country in the Middle East that is NOT an apartheid country, and she
urges that Israel be boycotted. She insists that "Zionism is the REAL
Enemy of the Jews." She has also been active in the pro-Saddam
demonstrations organized by ANSWER, and is beloved by some communist party

Korin is a radical feminist, except when it comes to pro-Israel feminists.
She has been one of the shrillest people denouncing pro-Israel feminist
Phyllis Chesler and recently demanded that leftist media outfits, like
Pacifica Radio and Feminist Magazine prevent Chesler from expressing her
views. Among Chesler.s grievous sins that upset Korin is the fact that
Chesler publishes articles in Frontpage Magazine, and so clearly does not
deserve freedom of speech.

The Los Angeles Jewish Journal cites Korin as saying, ""We know that the
occupation is the source of violence." Living on occupied Mexican and
Indian land in California, Korin insists the Jews had no right to migrate
to Israel because there were "indigenous people" already there:
"Indigenous" Arabs, most of whom themselves migrated to the same region
after 1880 when the Jews started bringing capital into "Palestine".

In reality, the war of aggression by the Arab states against Israel in
1967 and the continuing anti-Jewish violence by the Arabs, encouraged by
Korin, are the source of the Israeli presence in the West Bank and Gaza
and not the other way around.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

1. A seemingly trivial incident sheds enormous light on the corruption of
the Israeli Left, its bully tactics, and the manner in which it imposes
Oslo on the country.

The incident involves the "Peres Center", a "Think Tank" (using the
word thinking very loosely) set up to spread the "ideas" (term used very
loosely) of Shimon Peres. It is directed by Ron Pundak, one of the two
pseudo-academic far-leftist moonbats who originally "negotiated" with the
PLO illegally at the behest of Yossi Beilin in order to construct the
original Oslo "Accord".

This week, the Brazilian soccer superstar Ronaldo was due to appear
in Israel, in a Peres Center initiative, before crowds of Jewish and Arab
children soccer fans

As part of th epromotion, Ronaldo was to give an exclusive interview
to Channel Two TV. But the Peres people insisted that the interview be
conducted with a large ad banner next to Ronaldo promoting the Tapuzino
soft drink. Tapuzina is colored sugar water, what we used to call in
summer camp back in the Olde Country "Bug Juice". Anyway, Channel Two was
unwilling to give Tapuzina free publicity. Peres Center people then said,
"No Bug Juice Ad, then No Ronaldo!"

The Peresites then tried to sell the same exclusive right to interview
Ronaldo with the Banner to Channel 10 and they also turned it down.

So what was going on? Well, it seems the Peres Center people were due
to get a huge "contribution" from Tapuzina in exchange for having their
banner bedeck the Brazilian soccer player in the TV intreview. When the
Peres people extorted the TV stations, it was so they could pocket the
bounty Tapuzina would pony up and use the money to impose more of Peres'
"ideas" about making peace on the hapless country.

"Six O'Clock With" presenter Sheli Yehimowitz (a Far Leftist
'Post-Zionist') said yesterday that the
Peres Center, influenced by donations, acted "like a huckster of the
lowest sort. This is a case of avarice and the blurring of boundaries
between ideology and money."

The Peres Center spokesman confirmed that Tapuzina had sponsored the
event and added: "This activity, intended to allow Israeli and Palestinian
children to meet one another via soccer instead of rifle sights, costs a
lot of money and is funded by donations and sponsorships."

2. The Counterpunch Crowd and their Genocidal Bedfellows
by Steven Plaut

Al-Ahram is the largest of the government-controlled dailies in Egypt and
has a long history of running medieval anti-Semitic blood libels and
primitive "Der Sturmer" style attacks against Jews. So naturally, it is
arguably the medium of choice read by Counterpunch columnists, or at least
the ones who are not fluent enough to read German leaflets from the 1930s.
A few days back the wonderful Aaron Klein ran a column in World News Daily
on the abominable genocidal bigotry in Egypt's leading daily.

For example, an April 18 article in Egypt's government sponsored Al-Akhbar
daily lamented "the bogus historical rights of Jews in Palestine,"
claiming the foundation of the state of Israel was based on "fabrications
and lies that have their source in the Old Testament and in the Talmud
[including] the lies of Israel and world Jewry about the number of Jews
exterminated by Nazi Germany," according to a translation provided by
Israel's Center for Special Studies. Al-Ahram has also run pieces praising
the anti-Semitic czarist forgery "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", always
popular among nazis and Holocaust Deniers and Saudi princes hosted at the
White House.

Aaron Klein is also one of the few columnists around to make the point we
suggested needed making, in the "Toiletgate" media debacle, concerning the
anger of Moslems at imaginary desecration of the Koran but the
indifference of the Moslem world to desecration by Moslems of holy objects
and buildings of other religions.

Now it turns out that there are oodles of columnists at al-Ahram who are
shared and featured on Counterpunch, the anti-Semitic, pro-terror,
anti-American web magazine run by Alexander Cockburn, who despises America
but just not enough to give up his perqs and go back to his rainy native

Al-Ahram co-runs some of the same columns that appear in Counterpunch.
When pro-terror "professor" Shahid Alam of Northeastern University wrote
an article calling for an academic boycott of Israeli academic
institutions, it appeared in both Counterpunch and al-Ahram. Edward Said
used to publish the same column in both al-Ahram and Counterpunch.
Mega-moonbat Lawrence Davidson has also done the al-Ahram-Counterpunch
two-step. Ditto for Omar Barghouti and Steve Niva (a faculty member at
Evergreen State College whence Rachel Corrie was dispatched to her death).
You would be hard pressed to find a Counterpunch article by neofascist
anti-Semite Paul de Rooij that does NOT cite al-Ahram!

In a few cases, columns written by Israeli far-Left anti-Semites, like
Ilan Pappe and Neve Gordon, have appeared in BOTH al-Ahram and
Counterpunch. Al-Ahram has praised Cockburn himself, especially for his
anti-Jew pieces. It also likes Cockburn's moonbat brothers, Patrick and
Andrew, almost as venomous as Alex. Many of the Counterpunch regulars cite
al-Ahram favorably and often.

"The filthy lies published in Egypt's media just expose Egypt, which
received billions in American aid, for what it is . a supporter of
terrorism and a distributor of vicious, dangerous anti-Israel propaganda,"
Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, told
WorldNetDaily. The same words apply to Counterpunch and the Cockburns.

(See this web site for links:

3. Bias at the Beeb:

4. Junk Science Books:

5. Keystone Cops:

6. Self-hating asslibs at the NYTImes:

7. It is SO MUCH fun to hate the French!


"Innocent" Mistake at Newsweek?
The Wall Street Journal, among others, is challenging the Newsweek whine
that its "Toiletgate" debacle was an "innocent mistake," and so Newsweek
should not be blamed for the seventeen or so people murdered by its bogus
story. In Andrew McCarthy's words, "The false report, according to the New
York Times, instigated 'the most virulent, widespread anti-American
protests' in the Muslim world since...well, since the last virulent,
widespread anti-American protests in the Muslim world." As John Podhoretz
notes, "the Boston Globe, the New York Times, Nightline and others are
trying to make the world believe that even though the Newsweek story on
the Koran was spurious, its substance was true. Here we are back again in
Memogate territory. It's 'fake but accurate -- which is the last refuge of
the media scoundrel."

The Wall St Journal writes:

"If printing such an explosive allegation based on the memory of what a
single, anonymous source claims he read is standard Newsweek procedure --
no documents were even produced -- its readers must wonder about the rest
of its content too. The more consequential question here, it seems to us,
is why Newsweek was so ready to believe the story was true. The allegation
after all repudiated explicit U.S. and Army policy to treat Muslim
detainees with religious respect, including time to pray, honoring dietary
preferences and access to the Koran. Yet the magazine readily printed a
story suggesting that what our enemies claim about Guantanamo is
essentially true. Why?"

In other words, Newsweek is a captive of the anti-military and
anti-American mindset of the lib'ruhs, a vintage member of the Dan Rather
School of New Journalism. The neonazi spokesman for the Uruknet web site
of Israeli Ba'athists urged that Newsweek stick by its story even if it is

Even Kenneth Woodward, a contributing editor at Newsweek, takes his
colleagues to task for their foolishness and unprofessionalism. Middle
East Studies pseudo-scholar Juan Cole hurried to scream his outrage over
the anti-Islam behavior of the US in the bogus story, and has been trying
to keep the story alive, in spite of the retraction by Newsweek,
deconstructing the retraction so as to leave open the possibility that the
original "story" was really true:

"Isikoff's source, in other words, stands by his report of the incident,
but is merely tracing it to other paperwork. What difference does that
make? Although Pentagon spokesman Lawrence DiRita angrily denounced the
source as no longer credible, in the real world you can't just get rid of
a witness because the person made a minor mistake with regard to a text
citation. It is like saying that we can't be sure someone has really read
the Gospels because he said he read about Caiaphas in the Gospel of Mark
rather than in the Gospel of John. Newsweek has, in other words, confirmed
that the source did read a US government account of the desecration of the
Koran. Nor is this the first such indication of this sort of incident."
THAT has got to be the most mind-numbing comment of all on the Toiletgate

Meanwhile, several people are wondering why the Toilet Incident, if it had
really been true, should not have been as entitled to funding by the
National Endowment of the Arts as are those many descrations of Christian
religious objects funded by the American taxpayer.

9. Wahhabis at Rutgers:

10. "Hate Crimes" and CAIR:

11. PETA abusing school children:

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

1. Moonbats to Boycott Harley-Davidson for its Sales to Israel?
by Steven Plaut

In recent days one of the main "causes" of the encephelophobic Left has
been the Caterpiller Company. It seems the company sells bulldozers to
Israel, mainly for civilian uses, but occasionally having military uses.
Bulldozers and earth movers are used to build Israeli military posts and
fortifications and they are used to destroy houses hiding smuggling
tunnels into Gaza from Egypt so that the tunnels can be dynamited. These
are tunnels through which the Palestinian terrorists smuggle missles,
explosives and bombs, which have taken a toll of many hundreds of Israel
lives. These were the tunnels Rachel Corrie was protecting when she
decided to commit suicide on behalf of terrorism by challenging an Israeli
bulldozer to a game of "chicken" and winning.

Since the Corrie suicide, her family and moonboosters have been trying to
organize a campaign against the hapless Caterpiller Company and an
international boycott of the company. Leftist leprecauns in Ireland
declared Limerick City a "Caterpiller-Free Zone." CAT told the moonbats to
go bite a bulldozer!

But now there is a really important NEW piece of breaking news. It seems
that Harley Davidson is also selling motorcycles, or for those of you in
Los Angeles - "hogs", to the embattled democratic state of Israel. To be
used by the military. Really!

The Israeli Ddefense Forces' Military Police have purchased 60 new
Harley-Davidson motorcycles using American aid money. The legendary
motorcycles will gradually replace older models over the next two years.
Military Police Head Brigadier General Miki Barel said his unit plans to
replace all its motorcycles with new Harley-Davidson Sportsters. "We are
indeed talking about a prestigious bike, but in practice it did not cost
that much, because it was partly paid for with money from the U.S. This is
no doubt a step up from the motorcycles we have in the corps today."

You realize what this means?

The Bash-Israel "anarchists" and whackos will now have to organize a
worldwide boycott of Harley-Davidson! They can stand outside all
convocations of motorcycle gangs - from Sturgis, South Dakato to Altamont,
California - and tell the tattooed muscular gents about how communism and
vegan food are the true path to a just world!

We look forward to the Hell's Angels reliving Altamont upon the heads of
the International Solidarity Movement pro-terrorists!

2. Last night I was chatting about the counting of the Omer (counting
of days between Passover and Shavuot) with my wife
and mentioned that the custom is that someone not sure of the count asks
someone else "What day in the Omer was it YESTERDAY?" The reason is that
if one asks what day it is TODAY, then the answer is already the count. I
then asked my wife what we are having for dinner tonight. She answered by
telling me what we ate last night.

3. Academic Cavemen
By David Burge
IowaHawk Blog | May 17, 2005

Cambridge, MA - Two years ago [in March], Alan Lowenstein, associate
professor of philosophy at Harvard University, came to a fateful
conclusion. "I suddenly realized that the oppression of western technology
extended to my own life," he explained. "That's when I got rid of my
computer, threw away my Brooks Brothers suits, changed my name to Grok and
moved into a cave."

A passionate critic of Euro-American "linear thought," Grok is one of a
growing number of college professors around the nation who have relocated
to caves, mud huts and makeshift sweat lodges to demonstrate their disdain
for western culture and technology. For Grok, 44, the move to a cave was a
natural step in his intellectual progression.

"My dissertation at Columbia synthesized the seminal works of Jacques
Lacan, Derrida, and Michel Foucault," says Grok, referring to the
influential French deconstructionist philosophers. "I was able to prove,
conclusively, that conclusiveness is not conclusive."

The 1988 dissertation, entitled "Beyond the (Dis)Integration of
Post-Modern Post-Toasties Pair 'o Dimes and Paradigms: Look at How Clever
I Am," created a stir in academic circles and landed Lowenstein a
prestigious teaching position at Harvard. From there, he honed his
cutting-edge research.

"I began to deconstruct everything I could get my hands on," says Grok.
"The Old Testament, Shakespeare, Dick and Jane, a 1967 J.C. Whitney
catalog, the Boston phone book, you name it. I showed how everything is a
lie, that everything could be deconstructed. Well, except Deconstruction,

When he earned tenure in 1991, Grok decided to broaden his philosophical
research. "I realized that deconstructing literature was overly limiting.
It was clear that other fields of inquiry could benefit from

It was then that Grok published a series of influential articles in which
he deconstructed the sciences. "I initially showed that the so-called
'scientific method,' so treasured by the self-appointed high priests of
science, was nothing but a bizarre ritual of the industrialist
phallocracy," said Grok. "From there, it was a short intellectual leap to
disprove the reality of the periodic tables, gravity and algebra."

The Awakening

Despite being elected chairman of the Philosophy Department in 1995, Grok
felt an intellectual void. "I needed some way to explain why literature
and science were so bad, so putrid, so incredibly vile," said Grok.
"That's when it dawned on me. They were the products of western culture."

The shocking realization lead Grok to a new stream of research that
unveiled the oppressive nature of western civilization. He immersed
himself in the writings of third world revolutionaries Franz Fanon,
Rigoberta Menchu and Ted Rall. With CUNY professor Leonard Jeffries, he
documented NASA's theft of earth-orbiting satellites from the K!ung
bushmen of sub-Saharan Africa.

"This stream of research completely obliterated the thin propaganda veneer
of western cultural hegemony," says Grok, proudly. "Plus, I got a fat
merit raise out of it."

Strangely ill at ease, Grok was about to have an epiphany. "It was at the
Modern Language Association meeting in Chicago in '97," he explains. "I
was chairing a session on the link between Malibu Barbie dolls and the
Guatemalan counterinsurgency movement. Then it occurred to me... here we
were, complaining about western science and culture, using animated Power
Point slide presentations. At the Four Seasons, no less. It was just a tad

The scene caused Grok to re-examine his own life. "I suddenly realized
then that I, too, was a victim of white male Eurocentric western culture.
My brainwashing was so complete, so insidious, it took forty-two years to
discover it," he says.

"I think it all goes back to that Stingray bike I got in fifth grade,"
adds Grok, who grew up in affluent suburban Winnetka, Illinois. "Like
other victims, I became fixated on material things. There was actually
time, before graduate school, when I considered getting a job."

After the conference, Grok vowed to eliminate the trappings of western
culture in his own life. First to go were his personal computer, his BMW
sedan, his fashionable Back Bay apartment, and his expensive wardrobe.
They were replaced by a typewriter, a bicycle, a phone-free studio
apartment and secondhand clothes.

To his chagrin, Grok eventually realized that the even the low-tech
alternative technologies were also contaminated by western culture. "The
wheels on the bicycle, for example," notes Grok. "Only western
civilization would be as arrogant to speak of 'perfect' circles."

Grok says that each of his attempts to replace western technology brought
more frustration. "Last year, when I was lying over a heating grate in my
cardboard box, I realized I was merely a pawn of western industrialists.
Like the developing world, I had been seduced and entrapped by their
addictive steam and cardboard technology."

A Simple Plan

Over the last year, Grok continued to cleanse his personal life of western
culture and technology. While he is "not quite there yet," he said he is
finally happy in his 8' by 4' by 4' dirt cave along the banks of the
Charles River.

"Finally, I have broken the cycle of oppression," he says, violently
hacking up a thick clot of blood-streaked mucus. He refuses my offer to
contact medical assistance. Noting that "western medicine is merely a
front for the hegemonic pharmaceutical industry," Grok applies another
leech to his chest.

"Like the indigenous peoples, I have everything I need here," says Grok.
"Especially stray dogs."

Like the prairie bison to the Lakota Sioux, stray dogs are an important
source of hides, meat and milk for Grok. A committed animal rights
activist, he does not skin or eat the dogs until they have died of natural

Grok says his simplified, non-western lifestyle has made him a more
spiritual man.

"Each day, I pray to the dog god for more stray dogs," he says. He has
even sculpted a totem of the dog god, made entirely of dried dog
excrement. He considered cave paintings of the dog god, but rejected the
idea as "too European."

Paradigm Shift

Grok's dramatic commitment to western technology-free living has inspired
others in the academic community. One convert is Eegah, chairperson of the
department of gender studies at the University of Michigan, who now lives
in a creek bed outside Ann Arbor.

"There is something very liberating, very empowering about abandoning
phallocentric culture," says Eegah, who was until recently known as
Katherine Robinson. "Cave dwelling authenticates our visceral experience,
releasing us from the bond of western patriarchal oppression."

As an example, Eegah notes that she is no longer dependent on money. "I
have adopted the traditional barter system of non-western, matriarchal
societies. I get all the furs and meat I need by having sex with hobos."

Eegah says that non-western living has other advantages. "I have been
liberated from western standards of female beauty. I no longer shave my
armpits, bathe, or see the dentist," said Eegah, noting that she has lost
"fewer than a tooth per year" since going non-Western in 1996.

Duke University english professor Mognuk, formerly known as Phillip
Turner, tries to bring his own commitment to non-western thought directly
into the classroom - or in his case, classcave. Instead of using the
department Xerox machine to print syllabi and exams, Mognuk painstakingly
copies each, by hand, onto tree bark using frog blood for ink. The process
is made more difficult by the lack of daylight before spring semester.

"The Xerox machine is an avatar of the sterility and conformity of
European-based civilization," explains Mognuk, stroking his mud-encrusted
beard. "And it is full of evil spirits."

Kristin Hawley, Duke sophomore and a student in Mognuk's popular class,
E2605 - Fire Bad, says the unconventional course has opened her eyes to
the evils of western hegemony. "Before this course, I had always assumed
that Fire Good," say Hawley. "It wasn't really my fault, I was simply
parroting the western culture propaganda. You know, 'Fire Good, Fire

"Because of Professor Mognuk, I now know that Fire Bad - Fire Very Bad,"
adds Hawley. "I finally feel my parents are getting something out of that
$35,000 tuition."

More Research Needed

Back in his Cambridge cave, Grok is stirred from his sleep by the blaring
horns of taxis on Massachusetts Avenue. It is a bitterly cold January
morning, and he insulates himself by slathering his skin with a thick slab
of dog lard and wrapping himself in extra dogskins. Struggling to clear
the snow blocking the cave entrance, Grok emerges, squinting against the
bright sunlight as it reflects off the snow and the Boston skyscrapers.

"That is exactly what I'm fighting against," says Grok. "The blight and
despoilage and glare of western culture." He will spend the next hour
foraging for a breakfast of nuts and tree bark in the shadows of Boston's
skyline, with little success.

Hungry and discouraged, Grok attempts to mug a passing jogger by jumping
on his back. However, at 5'6", 123 pounds and weakened by spasmodic
coughing, he poses little threat. In sympathy, the jogger offers Grok a
granola bar, which he hungrily accepts.

"I know it's processed food," says Grok apologetically. "But I used force
to take it from my prey. My research shows that predatory scavenging is an
authentic non-western method of wealth redistribution."

Clearing the snow from his makeshift twig sundial, Grok notes the time.
"Damn," he exclaims. "I'm late for my lecture." He painfully hobbles
toward campus wearing Wonderbread wrappers on his feet -- one of his few
remaining concessions to western technology.

While it has been tough at times, Grok says he has no regrets. "Western
culture is a cancer, and I'm committed to wiping it out. Plus, the whole
cave-dwelling thing should help with my promotion case and journal

Meanwhile, Grok says he plans one more fling with western technology.

"I have to take a plane to Paris next week," he notes sheepishly. "To pick
up my French Lgion d'honneur."

Monday, May 16, 2005

Benny Morris's Reign of Error, Revisited
The Post-Zionist Critique
by Efraim Karsh
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2005

2. Israel at 57:

3. The Lying Dr. Pappe:

4. Chicken Lou:

5. Who's Left in Israel? Edited by Dan Leon. Brighton: Sussex Academic
2004. 189 pp. $49.50 ($24.95, paper).
(reviewed in Middle East Quarterly, spring 2005)

Leon, former editor of New Outlook, has collected articles by Israel.s
most vociferous and venomous far-leftists to show that, despite the
enormous discrediting of leftist ideas over the past fifteen years,
.peace. is still possible if Israel adopts an uncompromising anti-Zionist,
Marxist agenda. The happy result of that would be (depending on the
writer) either a two-state solution or a one-state solution. (The latter
means Israel is eradicated and replaced by a single Arab-majority state.)
All the authors agree that Israel's electoral Left is too moderate, too
cowardly, and insufficiently anti-Zionist.

Uri Avnery, the father of Israeli anti-Zionism, the man who obediently
marketed every slogan coming out of the PLO, is, amazingly, in this volume
among the less extremist writers; he actually proposes a solution that
will leave Israel in existence alongside Palestine in a two-state
solution. This is rejected by other writers, such as Ghanem, a
political scientist at the University of Haifa, who wants a single
"non-denominational" state, stripped of all Jewish symbols and identity
with no ties at all to Jewish national ambitions. This is the "state for
all its citizens," that has become the mantra of Israel.s far Left.

Tamar Gozansky, an unreformed Stalinist, who sat until recently in
Israel.s parliament as representative of the predominantly Arab Hadash
party, offers boilerplate Marxism with knee-jerk denunciations of "state
capitalism," privatization, and "concentration of capital". Shulamit
Aloni, who once ran Meretz and was Israel.s minister of education for a
while, complains that the schools do not spend enough time bashing
religion and promoting the Left's notion of human rights.

Lev Grinberg, in the news recently for publishing an article denouncing
Israel for conducting .symbolic genocide. against Palestinians when it
assassinated Sheikh Yassin of Hamas,[1] has an article that denounces what
he calls the "Ashkenazi Left". Despite Israel.s having pursued the Left.s
failed policies since the early 1990s, Grinberg is livid that most of the
Left rejects his extremism. Menahem Klein, from Bar Ilan University,
recently made a speech declaring Israel.s very creation a catastrophic
mistake;[2] here he insists on the transfer of all of East Jerusalem to
the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Ilan Pappe, best known for his role in the infamous Tantura affair,[3] is
even more explicit than Grinberg in denouncing the non-fanatic Israeli
Left for its failure to reject Zionism altogether. Pappe dedicated his
last book to his sons, whom he wished will grow up in .Palestine..or in a
Middle East from which Israel has been eradicated. Pappe's proposal is
that Israel allow unrestricted immigration for any Arab claiming to be a

Henriette Dahan-Kalev, a "gender sociologist" from Ben Gurion University,
denounces Israel for supposedly suppressing the Mizrahi (Oriental Jewish)
"narrative". That most Oriental Jews vote against the Left might have
something to do with her hostility. Amira Hass, arguably the most
extremist anti-Israel columnist in the Israeli media, dismisses all
Palestinian-Israeli diplomacy as a conspiracy to advance Israeli
.colonialism.. Arella Shadmi, a radical feminist, denounces the Ashkenazi
militarist, bourgeois, patriarchal conspiracy. Alon Tal, an adjunct at
several Israeli universities, declares Israel must foreswear economic
growth to pursue fashionable environmentalism; no more immigrants -
they'll crowd the lizards!

Despite it all, Who's Left in Israel? has value as a guide to the mindset
of Israel's hard Left today and perhaps the harder Left tomorrow.

Steven Plaut
University of Haifa

[1] La Libre Belgique (Brussels), Mar. 29, 2004.


[3] Solomon Socrates, .Israel's Academic Extremists,. Middle East
Quarterly, Fall 2001, pp. 10-13.