Steven Plaut

Friday, April 29, 2005

The Psycho-Cults of the Left

by Steven Plaut

Deep in the heart of the fever swamps at the most extremist fringes of the American political Left is a group of small pseudo-religious cults, some associated with a party once named the ?International Workers Party,? and then the ?New Alliance Party.? This ?party? operates under quite a number of names and fronts, but - regardless - it is little more than a Jonestown-style cult, which combines pseudo-psychological babble and leftist extremism with cult brainwashing and mind-control techniques. Among its fronts and disguises are The Tendency, the Organization, All Stars Project, Inc., Castillo Cultural Center, East Side Center, Institute for Short-Term Social Therapy, Committee for a Unified Independent Party (CUIP), Performance of a Lifetime, Otto Rene Cultural Awards, Performing the World, Rainbow Lobby, Ross & Green, Centers for Change, "If ... Then,? and others. These groups the focus of large swaths of the book on political cults by Dennis Tourish and Tim Wohlforth,
On the
Edge: Political Cults Right and Left. A remarkably thorough web site now operates to expose the activities of these cult groups:

The ?Newmanites?, as they are called, and their cult are the creation of one Fred Newman although ?Dr.? Lenora Fulani may be its best-known national media figure. Fulani ran for President of the United States in 1988 as a member of the Newmanite New Alliance Party. When Fulani ran for New York Governor in 1990 and for President in 1992, she was endorsed by Louis Farrakhan, although she never managed to break that tough glass barrier of 1/5 of 1% of the popular vote. Since then the Newmanites tried to take over the Pat Buchanan Reform Party campaign through infiltration, and later tried the same with Ralph Nader.

Fred Newman had been a Korean War veteran and later was actually awarded a PhD in the philosophy of science from Stanford University. He has had no formal training in any branch of psychology. Newman claims to be a follower of the Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky, who invented a theory that Newman then claimed to incorporate into ?Social Therapy? as a way of understanding the current political system as restrictive of positive social advances. In 1993 Newman and Lois Holzman co-authored Lev Vygotsky: Revolutionary Scientist. (It should be noted that even serious mainstream psychologists can sometimes become politically correct flakes.) For decades Newman has promoted a crackpot ?theory? of psychological therapy that might best be termed ?Mental Health through Building a Communist Gulag inside your Head.?

Newman had turned Maoist in the mid-1960s. In 1968 he and several followers formed "IF....THEN", a political collective in New York City. They lived in a commune in Manhattan's yuppie Upper West Side. Newman's group combined the radical politics of the sixties with New Age psychobabble and the pseudo-therapy ?techniques? of the seventies. The result was a Moonies/Jim Jones style of cult, missing only the laced KoolAid.

In the early 1970s, Newman's group was closely allied to and subsidiary to Lyndon LaRouche?s fringe political movement, which itself has always strongly resembled a pseudo-religious cult in many ways. LaRouche, using the pseudonym Lyn Marcus, had led the ?Labor Caucus? of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) until SDS voted to expel LaRouche and his followers in 1969. A "United Front," was then formed, consisting of LaRouche's ?National Caucus of Labor Committees? (NCLC), Newman's ?Center for Change,? and a third group led by Eugenio Perente-Ramos, which later merged with the Communist Party-USA. Much of Newman?s group activities have always closely resembled the cult brainwashing and neofascist anti-Semitism of LaRouche.

Having been born nominally Jewish, Newman is nevertheless a leftist anti-Semite of the sort best represented by Norman Finkelstein or Noam Chomsky. Richard Cohen published an opinion piece in the Washington Post titled "Bonding with Bigotry", in which he wrote: ?He (Newman) and Fulani both maintain that since Newman is Jewish he cannot also be an anti-Semite. If so, he does a pretty good imitation of one. For instance, in the newspaper published by a political party Newman once founded, he is quoted as saying, 'The Jew, the dirty Jew, once the ultimate victim of capitalism's soul, fascism, would become a victimizer on behalf of capitalism.'" Newman has also refereed to Jews as "the storm troopers of decadent capitalism." Even a leftist Jewish organization that calls itself the ?New Jewish Agenda? expelled 20 of its own members when it was discovered that they had infiltrated the ?Agenda? as moles on behalf of the Newmanites. Among them was one Gabrielle Kurlander, forme
rly an
aide to Fulani.

While still allied with Newman, LaRouche strayed from simple political lunacy into pseudo-psychology and published several articles and books about his ?therapy theories.? LaRouche?s bizarre theories about sexual impotency are thought to have been taken directly from Newman. For unknown reasons, Newman and LaRouche parted ways, with LaRouche moving deep into the neonazi Right and Holocaust Denial, while Newman moved even further to the Left.

After parting with LaRouche, Newman set up the ?International Workers Party.? He briefly sought unification with various small Trotskyist groups as well as Marlene Dixon's ?Democratic Workers Party.? Newman?s pseudo-psychology and his dangerous political lunacy were exposed as far back as 1977 by a team of investigative reporters led by Dennis King, who also published a full length book about Lyndon Larouche, Newman?s mentor. King described the near-deification and worship of Newman by his cult members and the Jim-Jones-style cult of personality that Newman imposed upon his followers.

King also described how Newman and his people would empty the pockets and bank accounts of cult members. King summed up the psychological ?theory? of Newman and his people as an attempt to invent an analogy between the "political state" and the "state of mind.? Newman views the "state of mind" as a Marxian invention of ?class? and so the job of the therapist is to lead a ?class struggle? against the capitalist mind. Accordingly, all of us are mentally ill because of our "bourgeois egos." The job of the therapist is to lead the patient into over­throwing this bourgeois ego and setting a "dictatorship of the proletarian ego," in short ? an inner Gulag. The overthrow of the bourgeois ego (which means the patient's sense of self) is regarded as a "ruthless stripping away of the persona," a "violent" and "insurrectional" act. Only under world communism will this no longer be necessary. Newman a bit bizarrely promotes communism at the same time that he claims that he has

Newman and his people do not like being described as a cult and in 1993 tried suing Janet Reno and the FBI for so describing them. They lost. Newman and his group have filed several other harassment suits against newspapers and people who criticize them, and always lose.

The Village Voice in 1982 did an early expose of Newman and his ?New Alliance Party? cult, including its shadowy finances:

?Because the institute is organized as a partnership of its staff, with Newman as a ?consultant,? there is no public filing or annual report of its finances. With about 800 patients, at least half of whom are NAP members and many of whom pay around $40 an hour for group sessions, the institute's annual cash flow may be above $500,000 a year. A substantial part of that sum finds its way into NAP and its satellites, but there is no way of knowing how much. Beyond the matter of money is an ethical problem: at what point does the patient's need for the therapist's approval make him or her vulnerable to abuse by subtle political urgings? ?While the institute staff has acquired a number of certified social workers over the past several years, its approach is still dominated by Newman. His response to the ?cult? accusation is that such charges are really a form of ?red-baiting.? ?It's degrading of people to suppose that they mindlessly follow NAP? after ?doing therapy? at the
institute, says Newman, adding that ?transference, influence, and dependency grow in all human relationships.?

?Perhaps the problem lies with Newman's definition of ?cult,? for he refuses to call the (LaRouche) NCLC a cult, although it has all the mind-control trappings and exploitative practices of the Unification Church and other cults. ?I think it's obscurantist to call them a cult,? explained Newman, ?because it denies what is most pernicious about them. See, I don't think what's most pernicious is that you have a bunch of people following LaRouche. I think what's most pernicious is what they're following him in, and what they're doing.? He disparages the stories of cultism by ex-NCLC members, saying that such charges are ?a way of not admitting their political error.? Though Newman says he protested ?abusive, quasi-therapeutic stuff? in NCLC, he seems to believe that if the political ends are just, even cult-like practice are justifiable in pursuit of those ends.?

Sometime back in the late l970s Newman had the good fortune of running into Lenora Fulani, a black woman who had been raised in Pennsylvania and was studying psychology at the City University of New York. She dropped her black lesbian Gestalt therapist and joined the Newman ?social therapy? clinic full time. In 1979 Newman and Fulani together formed the New Alliance Party (NAP). Fulani ran as the NAP candidate for lieutenant governor of New York in 1982. Starting in 1999, Fulani and Newman threw their support behind Pat Buchanan's primary campaign, Fulani announced that she would serve as co-chair of it, and Newmanites infiltrated the Buchanan movement in large numbers. When asked on CNN about Buchanan's views on gay rights and abortion, she said that she could overlook them because Buchanan "can play a role as a unifier, bring everybody together.? This past year, Newman directed his followers to endorse Ralph Nader, and Nader was severely attacked for his association w
ith the
Newmanites by the Jewish community.

In 1995, Newman ran a full page advertisement in the Village Voice entitled "Never Again! A New Pledge for the Jewish Community," saluting the Million Man March. It featured a photo of Newman, Farrakhan, and Fulani, and was signed "Dr. Fred Newman, Convenor, Jews for Farrakhan." Newman may be the only ?Jew for Farrakhan? on the planet. Newman?s people also linked up with the ?Reverend Al? Sharpton, rented office space to Sharpton, and put him on their payroll as a $12,000 a year consultant.[1]

Some ex-members of the cult who have resigned, escaped or been deprogrammed have come forth to expose Newman, Fulani and their practices. One such member writes, ?Newman and his ?therapist/activists? (cadre) also aided and abetted in my indoctrination into his underground ?revolutionary? Marxist-Leninist organization (the International Workers Party). In addition to the emotional (and political and professional) damage caused by Newman's reckless and dangerous therapeutic treatment, I also endured five years of unpaid, slave labor; was forced to make secret (and public) biweekly financial contributions; and was pressured to participate in secretive (and illegal) money-laundering schemes.?

Molly Hardy, head of Molly Hardy Productions, related to me in private correspondence some of her personal experiences with the cult:

?I am a writer living in Los Angeles who was hired last year by St. John's Well Child and Family Center to go into the schools and create plays with children based on health issues. after working there for a short time I was told about the All Stars, a supposed ?talent show? program in New York that Jim Mangia, the Executive Director of St. John's helped to create. I was flown up to Oakland where Joyce Dattner (another original cult member) has the West Coast Center for Social Therapy and where they do the All Stars, along with getting kids to panhandle on the streets to raise money for the program (you have to wonder what that million dollars is used for in NY since not only did they not financially support Joyce or Jim's attempts to do the All Stars here...they charged St. John's $10,000 a year just for the privilege of using their name!).

?When I returned to California I relayed my concerns and disagreement with the program to Jim Mangia, who finally admitted to me that this wasn't really a talent show at all, but a ?communist mental health program.? He told me that they used to ride the subways in New York, handing out leaflets touting their Marxist point of view and their goal was to 'over throw the government of the United States'. After 10 years they realized that wasn't going to happen, so they decided to become communists and to get their ideology into communities, poor communities, through these 'social programs'. After voicing my disagreement to Jim, our HR manager at the company, the psychologist at St. John's and the Chief Operations Officer, I was terminated.?

New York Attorney General Elliott Spitzer ordered his Charities Bureau to investigate "All Stars" for irregularities and possible violations of its tax-exempt status. Newman lives in pricey property within Greenwich Village and he is often chauffeur-driven around New York. He also likes to summer in the Hamptons.

Marina Ortiz is an ex-Newmanite who abandoned the cult. She has testified about its nature, including being harassed when she first entered it by being called an "upwardly-mobile, wanna-be white, insane Spic". She writes:

?When I finally left the cult in July of 1990--after finally becoming disgusted with the totalitarian internal structure which, in my opinion, basically relies on slave labor for profit in the name of justice and empowerment--I had to literally rebuild my life. I had damaged my relationship to my children and the rest of my family. I was thousands of dollars in debt. And my self-esteem and judgment had been severely impaired.?

Dennis L. Serrette, another ex-member, writes, ?Members are kept busy from sun-up, way past sun-down. Members no longer have time to call family, to visit, even to attend funerals, holidays, or other special events. When members do visit their families, more often than not another IWP member accompanies them. (Generally, members have alienated themselves from all their other friends and all their close relationships are with fellow IWPers.) Members generally share apartments, living communally, and often invite new recruits to move in with them. Members and potential members were often encouraged to quit their pre-IWP job, unless their job position could be exploited.?

Loren Redwood, who fell in love with a Newmanite, told her story in a letter to a gay newspaper in San Francisco (Coming Up! (San Francisco), January 1989.):

?My experience with NAP was a nightmare. I am a white, working class lesbian and met NAP in Indiana where I was living at the time. NAP was in Indiana petitioning to put Fulani's name on the ballot there. I was so excited and so moved to find that a black woman was running for president that I immediately began working for the campaign. I also fell in love with a woman working on the campaign. When it came time for NAP to leave Indiana, she asked me to go with them, and I did. I was given 48 hours to prepare. I quit my job, left my home, my friends, put my belongings in storage, found a home for my pet, and gave the use of my car to NAP in exchange for their taking over the payments.

?As a working class lesbian, I thought I had finally found a political movement which included me. What I found instead was an oppressive, disempowering, misogynistic machine. All my decisions were made for me by someone else. I was told where to go, and who to go with. I worked seven days a week-sixteen to twenty hours a day (I had two days off in two and a half months). There was an incredible urgency which overrode any personal needs or considerations, an urgency that meant complete self-sacrifice. I felt totally powerless over my life, forced into a very submissive role where all control of my life belonged to someone else. I had given up everything for the campaign, my job, my home and my support system, I felt desperate.?

?Dr." Lenora B. Fulani is Newman?s most visible cult follower. For reasons we cannot explain she is a high-profile political ally of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg of New York City. Fulani is also a groupie of the Rev Al and of Louis "Calypso Lou" Farrakhan and routinely turns out North-Korean-sounding sycophantic pieces about these two dear leaders. Fulani was one of the people marching famously with Rev Al and supporting his position in the infamous Tawana Brawley hoax. It appears that Fulani's "doctorate" is from Newman's New York Institute for Social Therapy.

She and her guru Newman have both been repeatedly denounced as anti-Semites by the Anti-Defamation League, due in part to their producing a Jew-bashing play that told a distorted version of the Crown Heights violence in 1991. As early as 1983 the ADL was protesting the open anti-Semitism of Newman and Fulani. A later ADL research report described NAP as ?(p)art Marxist sect, part therapy cult? and the report includes a section headed ?More Hostility Toward Israel and Jews.? Not coincidentally, the report is included in the FBI?s files on the New Alliance Party. In another ADL report entitled ?Still a Scapegoat: Israel and Zionism in the Mind of the Radical Left,? Newman, the chief strategist of the New Alliance Party, is described as a ?self-hating Jew.? Fulani and Newman both love to rant about the "Zionist lobby" and are obsessed with imaginary Jewish cabals.

Recently Fulani started a new controvery when she was asked and refused to disavow comments attributed to her in the late 1980's saying that Jews "had to sell their souls to acquire Israel" and had to "function as mass murderers of people of color" to keep it. Asked about the comments on NY1 News Fulani, today a high-profile official with the Independence Party, said, "What is anti-Semitic about it? It's raising issues that I think need to be explored." Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Dr. Fulani's remarks undercut arguments that she has matured since her earlier, more incendiary days. She was praising Yassir Arafat's terrorism long before Arafat started pretending to be participating in any "peace process."

When Mayor Bloomberg was recently asked at his regular press briefing recently whether her stand was anti-Semitic, he initially said he could not hear the question. Then he said, "I don't know what she's referring to so you'll have to ask her." Aides later said the mayor had not been briefed on Dr. Fulani's remarks before the encounter with the press. This is the same woman who charged - just three months after the events - that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were "the result of how America has positioned itself in the world." Bloomberg had donated a large sum to a group run by Fulani back in 2002.

The New York Post summed it up best:

"It's time for New York's political establishment - led by Mayor Bloomberg - to sever all ties to the anti-Semitic hatemonger Lenora Fulani. "

Fred Newman today considers himself a sort of playwright. He is ?artistic director? of the Castillo Theater, an "interactive growth theater" in New York, and the ?director of training? at the East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy. He operates the West Coast Center for Social Therapy in San Francisco and similar centers in Los Angeles, Chicago, and other cities.

Here is how the FBI today describes Newman?s cult on the FBI web page: ?The New Alliance Party was founded in 1979, by Dr. Frederick Newman and is an outgrowth from the International Workers Party. They are considered Armed and Dangerous as they possess weapons. They are carried under the Domestic Security/Terrorism classification.?

There are today serious questions about whether the Left in its entirety should be seen as a political movement or as a pagan cult, whether Marxism today should be regarded more as a philosophy or as a personality disorder. Fred Newman, Lyndon LaRouche and their pathetic flocks of cult followers illustrate better than most what is wrong, nay ? psychotic, about the political left.


[1] "Never Again!" Village Voice (New York): November 5, 1995, p. 5 and B. Shapiro, "Dr. Fulani's Snake-Oil Show," Nation, May 4, 1992, p. 586.

1. The "Plan of Stages" of the British Moonbats

British academic moonbats this past week decided to declare "academic
boycotts" against two Israeli universities, one in which I happen to be
employed. In Israel the "boycott" by the Lunabrits is being referred to as
the "Plan of Stages." [The "Plan of Stages was always the PLO's official
doctrine of destroying Israel piece by piece, until all the Jews would be
in the sea and a new Islamofascist state would replace it on all its

The "boycotters" are motivated by hatred for Israel and Jews, not any
desire for peace. They are the pseudo-academic equivalents to pogromchiki.
They are like those people who want to destroy "Israeli apartheid" while
ignoring the fact that Israel is the only state in the middle east that is
NOT an apartheid country. Prof Mina Telcher, a leading mathematician, was
denied the opportunity to put the Israelis' side of the story before the
vote. A bit of AUT pre-boycott boycotting.

British Jews and non-Jews outraged at the "boycotters" are organizing a
"Boycott the Boycotters" campaign. The London Times denounced the
Association of University Teachers in no uncertain terms: "Their actions
are an echo of the Nazi ban on Jewish academics, and the general
discrimination so common three generations ago." Columnist Joseph Farah
condemned the AUT as anti-Semites. Adam Logan, a non-Jewish lecturer in
pure mathematics at the University of Liverpool, says he will resign from
the University of Liverpool if they attempt to enforce the boycott.

Not since 1930s Germany have Jews been the targets of an official boycott
in a civilized country. Only recently leaders of Britain's 10,000 Jewish
students complained of the presence of the "The Protocols of the Elders of
Zion" book being distributed on many campuses throughout Britain. Where
are the boycotts of Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, China and countless
other countries who are truly limiting academic freedom?

But no doubt the most incredible aspect of the affair is the unambiguous
condemnation of the boycotters of Israeli universities by .... (drumroll)
.... a pro-terror Palestinian university!

Yes, Al-Quds University in Israeli-liberated eastern Jerusalem has come
out AGAINST the British academic boycott of Israel. "We are informed by
the principle that we should seek to win Israelis over to our side, not to
win against them," said the university spokesman, which is headed by Dr.
Sari Nusseibeh. Never mind that Nusseibeh is himself an anti-Israel
pro-terrorist extremist and his university is a bastion for suicide
bombers in training. "Therefore... we believe it is in our interest to
build bridges, not walls; to reach out to the Israeli academic
institutions, not to impose another restriction or dialogue-block on

Of course the REAL reason the Palestinian university opposes the British
boycott of Israeli universities is that they realize what the British
moonbats do not - that Israeli universities are bastions of the
pro-Palestinian Israeli Left, where non-leftists are routinely subject to
harassments. That does not interest the Brits though. Israeli leftist
academics are as much Untermenschen in their enlightened minds as are all
other Joos.

Israel's Foreign Ministry over the weekend accused the British Association
of University Teachers of hypocrisy - saying Israel is the only Mideast
country with complete academic freedom - and urged British academics to
distance themselves from the boycott. The Brits are now preparing
McCarthyist blacklists of Israeli academics who fail to endorse
Palestinian terror. All Israeli leftist moonbats who support the
anti-Jewish Palestinian terror will be exempt from the boycott.

Meanwhile, one of Britain's foremost scholars from Oxford University, Dr
Emanuele Ottolenghi, from The Middle East Centre at St Antony's College,
has issued his own condemnation of the AUT boycotters:

"Regarding the AUT recent decision to boycott Haifa University and Bar
Ilan University in Israel, I am shocked to learn that, in addition to a
call for boycott, the AUT is ready to offer a waiver to scholars on
condition that they publicly state their willingness to conform to the
political orthodoxy espoused by the academics who sponsored your motion.
Oaths of political loyalty do not belong in academia. They belong to
illiberal minds and repressive regimes. Based on this, the AUT's
definition of academic freedom is the freedom to agree with its views

"Given the circumstances, I wish to express in no uncertain terms my
unconditional and undivided solidarity with both universities and their
faculties. I know many people, both at Haifa University and at Bar Ilan
University, of different political persuasion and from different walks of
life. The diversity of those faculties reflects the authentic spirit of
academia. The AUT invitation to boycott them betrays that spirit because
it advocates a uniformity of views, under pain of boycott. In solidarity
with my colleagues and as a symbolic gesture to defend the spirit of a
free academia, I wish to be added to the boycott blacklist. Please include
me. I hope that other colleagues of all political persuasions will join

Caroline Glick writes in the Jerusalem Post:

"THIS DECISION (by the AUT) is an act of pure anti-Semitism. Israel is
being singled out from all the countries in the world. There is no call to
boycott Palestinian universities, which celebrate terrorist massacres,
indoctrinate students to jihad and are used as recruiting grounds for
terrorist organizations. There is no call to boycott Saudi Arabian
universities, where gender apartheid and religious persecution are the
explicit and rigidly followed norms. And of course, no one would think of
boycotting Chinese universities for China's occupation of Tibet. Only the
Jewish state and its research universities are unacceptable. "


Unlearned "Rabbi" Rages at Ratzinger
By Ilana Mercer | April 29, 2005

Liberals can always be trusted to see God in Mumia Abu-Jamal and the devil
in the Pope. As if on cue, they launched a rash of appalling attacks to
mark the beginning of Benedict XVI.s pontificate. Rabbi Michael Lerner,
the editor of TIKKUN, a befuddled, New-Age magazine, emphasizing
interfaith activities, wasn.t persuaded by good manners, or by the Holy
Father.s brilliant mind and beatific smile.the whole holy package, withhold his insufferably sanctimonious sermon.

Lerner, in whom delusions of grandeur and an atrocious lack of decorum
combine, claims to speak (boy, is he windy!) for the entire universe,
which is apparently agreed that, .The New Pope [is] a Disaster for the
World and for the Jews.. But then, the world's 1.1 billion Roman Catholics
are not the only people Lerner lectures. A regular busybody, the Rabbi is
always poised to remind Israelis, whenever their civilians are blown to
smithereens by suicide bombers, to take the blame and turn the other

That Sub-Saharan Africa .is home to more than 60 percent of all people
living with HIV. is by and large the Catholic Church.s fault, as Lerner
sees it. No matter that an enormous AIDS-education effort has been
underway for some time in these regions. Or that there isn.t a village
that has not been missionized by AIDS educators. It is the church.s
opposition to providing .birth control information to the poor of the
world,. that has ensured .AIDS would spread and kill millions in Africa,.
or so Lerner alleges. According to his logic, Church doctrine is killing
Africans, for whom salvation will come when the Church joins Planned
Parenthood.s African chapters in hanging condoms on every baobab.

Presumably Lerner knows that the main source of HIV transmission in Africa
is rampant, promiscuous, heterosexual sex. One doesn.t have to be a
South-African AIDS counselor, as I once was, to know that much. What moves
people to fornicate into the afterlife? The inability to refuse sex, for
one. Sexual violence is endemic in Africa, and I don.t mean campus .date
rape.. In South Africa, for example, a woman.toddlers and babies raped every few minutes. Cultural factors also determine
infection rates. African patriarchs don.t like prophylactics; African
women risk battery, and worse, should they insist on their, .Like,
reproductive freedoms. (uttered in staccato, tart tones, indigenous to
North America).

There.s also the entirely uncontroversial concept of time preference
rates.the degree to which different people discount the future in favor of
immediate gratification. Less delicately put: When do most Africans want
sex? They want it now! A death-defying desire, indeed.

Here.s a simple enough proposition for Lerner and other liberals to
contemplate: The Church also enjoins against sex outside marriage. If the
Church.s dos-and-don.ts carry so much weight in Africa, how come this
injunction is generally ignored? Isn.t it rather foolish, then, to imagine
that Africans aren.t using protection in deference to Church doctrine? Or
that if the Church sanctioned sheaths, Africans would put them on? In all
likelihood, the Church.s consecration of condoms will have the same
overall effect on African infection rates as its condemnation of sex
outside marriage.

Lerner.s Fritjof-Capra inspired Judaism helps explain why he is furious
with the Pope for .suggesting that secularism is now repressing religion..
Jewish .representatives. have long insisted that America must evolve into
a secular and religiously neutral society, a stance that rests on dubious
legal precedents set by a hyperactive Supreme Court. Last I looked it was
the secular Left.and Jewish leaders.that was determined not to rest until
the last nativity scene was removed from the public square.

The "Rabbi" is also lathered up at Cardinal Ratzinger for not discarding a
filament of the Christian faith, the belief that the path to God is
predicated on accepting Christ. .This is a slippery slope toward
anti-Semitism, and a return to the chauvinistic and triumphalist views
that led the Church, when it had the power to do so, to develop its
infamous crusades and inquisitions. ... This new Pope does not represent
what is most beautiful and sacred in the teachings of Jesus," he added.

What bad form and chutzpah it is for a Jew to lambaste this immensely
learned churchman about doctrinal issues, in general, and the centrality
of Christ to Christianity, in particular. (Lerner.s energies would be
better spent protesting the faith of Jihad, honor killings,
clitoridectomy, and forced marriage.) I certainly don.t hear Catholics
telling orthodox Jews to ditch their maddening dietary laws, because these
make people of other faiths feel inferior. As for Catholics reviving The
Rack; shouldn.t Lerner be warning his Network of Progressive Spiritual
Activists about more pressing perils?

Still, Lerner.s campaign for .kumbaya Catholicism. is not all
worthless.its gift is Cardinal Josef Ratzinger.s coruscating appraisal of
Buddhism, rivaled only by Ayn Rand.s. Contra Lerner, Rand was a staunch
defender of Western civilization, not unlike the Holy Father. And like
him, she was uncongenial to Buddhism .and its equivalents.. If
.manufacturers of railroad engines suddenly went irrational and began to
manufacture covered wagons, men would step into the industrial vacuum and
start manufacturing railroad engines. But. when we are offered Zen
Buddhism . as the latest word in human thought..nobody volunteers to step
into the intellectual vacuum to carry on the work of man.s mind.

Pope Benedict XVI.s goes one better, calling .Buddhism an autoerotic
spirituality that offers transcendence without imposing concrete religious
obligations . offers false hope, in that it guarantees purification based
on a morally cruel concept of reincarnation resembling a continuous circle
of hell.. .At the time,. laments Lerner, .Cardinal Ratzinger predicted
that Buddhism would replace Marxism as the Catholic Church.s main enemy..

Not quite: there are some hopeful signs Pope Benedict XVI is closer than
Lerner to realizing that the dangers (to Europeans and Americans) don.t
come from the practitioners of The Pancha Shila.

Ilana Mercer is the author of Broad Sides: One Woman.s Clash With A
Corrupt Culture. Mercer has written for,, The
American Spectator, the Colorado Gazette, the Orange County Register, The
American Conservative, and Insight On the News. Her work has appeared in
The Financial Post, The Ottawa Citizen, The Calgary Herald, The Report
Newsmagazine, and London.s Jewish Chronicle, among other publications. For
more about her work, visit

3. Crusading aginst Jews:

Thursday, April 28, 2005

1. Some universities that the British Moonbats are NOT Boycotting

Britain's leftist moonbats just decided to "boycott" two Israeli
universities because the British leftists want all the Jews thrown into
the sea. Alan M. Dershowitz has just denounced these people as British
McCarthyists opposed to peace. In Dershowitz's words:

"By targeting Israeli Jews, Britain's "Professors Against Peace" . that's
what they really should be called . have displayed bigotry against Jews,
done violence to academic freedom and anti-discrimination laws, and are
fast closing a window of opportunity for reconciliation in the Middle

Never mind that Israeli universities are themselves dominated by leftists
and are arguably the most-left-wing arenas in the country. This does not
interest the British boycotters, who want the Israeli leftists thrown into
the sea and blown up by Palestinian bombers just as much as they want all
other Israelis dealt with this way. Like a certain German house painter in
the 1930s, these British bigots make no fine distinctions among different
types of Joos.

British Jews and non-Jews are increasingly denouncing the "boycotters" for
what they are - anti-Semites, and some are calling for international
boycotts of the bigoted boycotters themselves. Jewish lecturers have been
resigning from the British Association of University Teachers - Britian's
organization of academic terrorism against Jews - in droves.

Remind you a little of Berlin in the 30s?

The "boycott" is part of a world campaign to delegitimize and demonize
Israel and endorse the terrorism and aggression against Israel by the
Islamofascist world. The boycotters want Israel not only to end its
"occupation" of the West Bank but of all of Israel. Had these moonbats
been alive in 1937 they would without any doubt have been organizing
boycotts of Czechoslovak universities as acts of solidarity with Nazi
Germany in order to protest the "occupation" of the Sudeten lands by the
Czechs and the "mistreatment" of ethnic Germans by Czechoslovakia, while
never having a world to say about German plans to destroy Czechoslovakia
or human right sabuses inside Germany.

The British moonbats did NOT propose that their own British universities
be boycotted by the world due to the British occupation of Scotland,
Wales, the Channel Islands, and North Ireland. They did NOT propose
boycotts of the "universities" operating in Arab fascist countries,
generally under the direct control of the state.

Among those universities that the British anti-Semites did NOT propose be
boycotted are those run by the PLO in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
These "universities" however are little more than training centers for
terrorists and bomb makers. Most of the suicide bombers have been students
at PLO run "universities. The new "moderate" head of the PLO has done
nothing to stop the activities of student terrorist organizations and
everything to encourage them.

(For clean copy and links see

2. Murdering Dumbo and Simba:

3. Leftist Sephardic anti-Semites:
Post-Zionism and the Sephardi Question
by Meyrav Wurmser
Middle East Quarterly
Spring 2005

4. British profs against peace:

5. Psychobabblers for Peace

6. Moslems against Terrorism:

7. Two Haifa local weeklies reported this past Friday that a dissident
lecturer at the University of Haifa is being threatend and harassed for
participating in a panel AGAINST the Sharon disengagement plan for the
Gaza Strip. The lecturer, Dr. guy Enosh, teaches social work. He is not
tenured and has been delicately "warned" repeatedly that expressing
support for the movement opposing Sharon's "disengagement plan" could
jeopardize his position in the university. Some people at the same
university that has never acted to fire Ilan Pappe are not comfortable
with non-leftist faculty members being on the payroll.

(For the record, I have experienced such "warnings" myself at the
University of Haifa for many years.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

1. The Rachelite Moonbats:

2. A. B. Yehoshus reveals his hatred for Jews:,7340,L-3076078,00.html

3. Academic pogromchiki:

4. Silencing Academic Dissidents:

5. Defend the Christians!

6. Missouri Peace Terrorist Apprehended by Victim of Peace Terror

The Columbia Daily Tribune of Columbia, Missouri, reports that the local
peace moonbats are getting more violent than ever. The latest victim of
peace hooliganism is poor Rita Preckshot, a 49-year-old who stands about
5-foot-2 and has hearing aids in both ears. Seems that poor little Rita
likes to support the US troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, an act of
aggression that local leftists do not think is covered by the First
Amendment. For the past fours years she has done so by quietly holding
pro-GI signs on a street corner in the Missouri afternoons. She originally
started her solo troop-support effort to counteract the peace protesters
who stand a couple of blocks away.

But the peace hooligans were not willing to let her have her say. Here is
how she tells things:

"Two of the guys from the corner walked down with a big sign that read
.End the occupation.. At some point, the other guy starts coming toward
me. He started taunting me and reached out and pushed on my shoulder. Each
time he pushed, it got a little harder. When I saw his hand come at me
again, I grabbed it. I felt fearful."

As Preckshot pushed the man.s hand away, he slugged her in the face. The
man, Paul Allaire has been charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault
for his alleged attack on Preckshot. Preckshot is a former cop.

What does confound her, however, is why her weekly adversaries weren.t
more helpful when police came to the scene. None of the moonbats came to
her assistance and none volunteered to help the police apprehend the peace
terrorist Allaire. In facty, all the local peace moonbats are rushing to
show their support for Allaire's violence.

In the end Preckshot had to track down the terrorist on her own. The
Tribune reports: A few days after the conflict, Preckshot and her husband,
Geoff, were at the local military recruiting office on Broadway when the
peaceniks marched by. The Preckshots saw Allaire, holding the same "End
the occupation" sign. Geoff snapped pictures of the alleged scofflaw while
Allaire flipped his middle finger in his general direction. Preckshot
called the cops, and they tracked Allaire down.

Apparently, he didn.t go quietly. He now also faces a charge of resisting
arrest. The terrorist's trial is scheduled for trial May 13.

7. Pappe is not alone! Lecturer at Ben Gurion University endorses
boycotts of other Israeli universities:

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

1. Ynet, April 25. 2005

'Don't ruin academic freedom'

Haifa University Rector Aaron Ben-Ze'ev responds to British university
By Moran Zelikovich

HAIFA - The imposition of boycotts contradicts the essence of academic
freedom and genuine scientific inquiry, Haifa University Rector Aaron
Ben-Ze'ev says in response to an academic boycott imposed by British
academicians on two Israeli universities.

"I call on lecturers in Britain and across the world to first read the
facts and not lend a hand to the ruining of academic freedom because of
political interests or radical political views," he told Ynet.
Academic Decision

Brits ban Israeli universities / By Ynetnews and news agencies

British academicians claim Haifa University censors criticism of Israel.s
policies in territories, Bar-Ilan boycotted because it 'runs courses in
colleges in the occupied West Bank;' Israeli official: .Last time Jews
boycotted in universities was in 1930.s Germany

"Academic freedom is too important to be used as a pawn in political
struggles," he said.

Since he found out about the boycott Friday afternoon, Ben-Ze'ev has been
engaged in intense efforts in a bid to elicit British academicians to
change their stance.

As it stands now, the British ban on Haifa and Bar Ilan universities would
end research cooperation and prevent Israeli lecturers from going to
Britain. Meanwhile, graduates of the two universities may be blocked from
receiving British grants or doing their post-doctoral work in England.

The affair began after a Haifa University student's Master's thesis
accused Jewish fighters of massacring Arab residents in 1948. The student
later admitted he made up some of the facts, after the fighters filed a
libel lawsuit against him.

The university also launched an inquiry into the matter, but a radical
left-wing professor later charged the committee's findings were false. The
professor, Ilan Pappe, claims the university took disciplinary action
against him, a charge the university denies.

Meanwhile, Pappe wrote his colleagues abroad and told them about the
affair. Later he also published an article in a British newspaper calling
for a boycott against the university.

Still, Ben-Ze'ev finds it difficult to understand the British decision to
boycott his university.

"I'm amazed to see how a body of intellectual lecturers, who are supposed
to check the facts, failed to do so and didn't let us present our
position," he said. "The decision itself is odd and highly distorted, as
it's based on lies."

Regarding Pappe's future at the university, Ben-Ze'ev said a lecturer who
calls for a boycott against his own university should take the initiative
and resign.

"We maintain academic freedom and won't adopt disciplinary action against
him," he said. "But from a moral standpoint, if it's so bad for him here
and he thinks Haifa University is so terrible, why wouldn't he leave for
another university?"

2. Financing the Campus Terrorists:

3. Libruhs:

4. Those OTHER Rachels:

5. More from the Columbia Madrassah:

6. The PC Hijacking of Passover:

7. The Axis of Evil in Florida:

8. Nice piece on Passover:

9. Revenge of the 60's:

The OTHER Nazi at the University of Colorado
The University of Colorado has morphed into a parody of an academic
institution and has become everyone's favorite butt for mockery in recent
months, thanks to Ward Churchill. But it turns out that Churchill is not
the first fascist moonbat to hold an academic position at CU.

One Ben Kriegh, who died recently, was on the mathematics faculty at CU
from 1952 to 1991, and he is still listed with pride by the University as
a professor emeritus on its web site.

Kriegh was a leading "light" in the Holocaust Revisionism movement,
neonazis denying that the German Nazis ever killed very many Jews
intentionally and defending Nazi Germany as the "real victim." The Boulder
Daily Camera reports this week that Kriegh claimed Adolf Hitler was
unjustly maligned by historians, that England and France "provoked" World
War II, and that "world Jewry went on a holy war" against Nazi Germany. He
named one of his sons after Nazi general Erwin Rommel. He claimed the
Bolshevik revolution was fomented by "Jewish bankers", and never mind the
persecution of Jews themselves by the Bolsehviks. In 1982, Ben Kriegh
unsuccessfully ran for state treasurer in the Republican primary. The
University of Colorado never renounced its ties with Kriegh nor apologized
for employing such a quack.

Here is a math lesson the university never learned: a straight line is the
shortest distance between Ben Kriegh and Ward Churchill.

Friday, April 22, 2005

1. BBC Biased Bimbo

The BBC has never been shy about its biases. It is anti-Blair and
anti-American and tried to sabotage the invasion of Iraq. Blog-space is
sites devoted to fighting the bias of the BBC, perhaps the best of which
is BBCWATCH. It was the BBC's bias that may have been the cause behind the
famous suicide of a government expert on Iraqi weapons, and a British
court soundly criticized BBC for its reporting. David Kelly had killed
himself after being identified falsely as the anonymous source of BBC's
report accusing the government of exaggerating claims about Iraqi weapons
of mass destruction to bolster support for war. Harvard Professor Peter
Hall has denounced the bias of the BBC while defending its right to
independent reporting. John Reid, the chairman of the British Labor party,
claims the BBC acted as the "friend of Baghdad" when Saddam was still in
charge. During the war, the BBC was swamped with letters of outrage
against its anti-American bias. The Weekly Standard denounced the BBC as
cowardly and biased. Even more outrageous is the fact that the BBC is
financed by the British taxpayer, in a television tax that proves that
many British politicians just never learned anything from the American
revolt against taxation without representation. (The British taxpayers do
not vote for who runs the BBC nor what it will air.) Josh Chafetz writes:

THE WAR IN IRAQ has left in its wake a string of embarrassments for the
BBC that have many questioning its privileged status. Throughout the war,
the BBC was consistently--and correctly--accused of antiwar bias. These
accusations began almost as soon as the fighting did, when the BBC
described the death of two Royal Air Force crew members, after their jet
was accidentally downed by a U.S. Patriot missile, as the "worst possible
news for the armed forces." On March 26 (less than a week into the
fighting), Paul Adams, the BBC's own defense correspondent in Qatar, fired
off a memo to his bosses: "I was gobsmacked to hear, in a set of headlines
today, that the coalition was suffering 'significant casualties.' This is
simply NOT TRUE." He went on to ask, "Who dreamed up the line that the
coalition are achieving 'small victories at a very high price?' The truth
is exactly the opposite. The gains are huge and costs still relatively
low. This is real warfare, however one-sided, and losses are to be
expected." Outside critics were even blunter: They revived the nickname
"Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation," a coinage from the first Gulf War,
when BBC broadcasts from the Iraqi capital were censored by Saddam's
government without viewers' being notified.

But of all the BBC's biases, none is so naked as its hatred of Israel.
Every terrorist murdering Jews is an "activist" or a "militant" according
to the BBC, unlike the IRA people who tried to bomb BBC headquarters in
London, who of course were "terrorists". The BBC routinely counts the
Palestinian suicide bombers in the body count of the "victims" of
terrorist atrocities, letting everyone know it thinks Israel is evil and
ultimately responsible for Middle East violence. It is quite candid about
its belief that Israel needs to grant complete independence to the
Palestinians in ways that the BBC never thinks should be applied to
Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or the Channel Islands.

This past week arguably the most biased reporter of all at the BBC is to
receive the "Member of the British EMpire" award. (Member of the British
Empire? Talk about illicit occupations!!)

She is BBC reporter Orla Guerin, who has come under sharp attack for what
some perceive as an anti-Israeli bias in her coverage, will receive an MBE
honor from the British government for "outstanding service to

Israeli Minister Natan Sharansky, who last year wrote a formal letter of
complaint to the BBC over Guerin's coverage, said it is a pity that a lack
of anti-Semitism was not a criterion for the award. Sharansky protested
that Guerin, in her report, portrayed the event as "Israel's cynical
manipulation of a Palestinian youngster for propaganda purposes." He said
this "reveals a deep-seated bias against Israel. Only a total
identification with the goals and methods of the Palestinian terror groups
would drive a reporter to paint Israel in such an unflattering light
instead of placing the focus on the bomber and the organization that
recruited him." Another Israeli official, who responded to the news by
saying he was "shocked," said Guerin is among the most anti-Israeli
journalists reporting from Israel today.

The UK's own Evening Standard, which interviewed Guerin in 2003, wrote
that she "questioned Israel's claim to be a democracy, compared its press
freedom with Zimbabwe's and accused its officials of paranoia."

This is not the first award to naked anti-Israel biased bimbo reporters in
the UK. In 2003 granting the United Kingdom's Political Cartoon Society
awarded Dave Brown of the Independent its "cartoon of the year" award for
a cartoon he drew depicting a naked Ariel Sharon biting off the bloodied
head of a Palestinian child.

2, British Anti-Semitism:

3, Financing the Campus Left:

4. How the Greens are Ruining the Environment:

5. Oh those Brits:

6. Hanoi J and J:

7. PC Nonsense at Stanford:

8. Nice Nicing the Hamas:

9. The 11th plague --- of Fourth Sons:

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Jerusalem Post, April 21, 2005

Global Anti-Semitism Goes Local?

By Michael Freund

The global rise in anti-Semitism over the past several years has left few
parts of the world unscathed. From Western Europe to the Arab countries,
Jews have become the targets of renewed vitriol and fury, leading various
Jewish organizations to intensify their efforts to monitor and track this
growing and worrisome trend.

But for all the attention being paid to international outbursts of
anti-Semitism, there is one place in the world where this phenomenon has
largely gone overlooked: right here in the State of Israel, under our very
own (Jewish) noses.

That's correct . there is anti-Semitism here in Israel, too, and plenty of
it. If you find this hard to believe, then just take a look at some of
what appears in the local press and decide for yourself.

Take, for example, an article that ran this past Sunday in Haaretz. Zvi
Barel, one of the paper's correspondents, wrote a piece entitled "To find
shades of the old Harlem, or a Jewish Sadr City, look to Hebron." His main
point: to compare the Jews living in Hebron's Avraham Avinu neighborhood
with Iraqi Shi'ites in Baghdad who carry out terrorist attacks against US
troops in the area.

Barel is, of course, entitled to his opinion about the Jews of Hebron, but
to compare them to followers of renegade Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is
simply twisted and hate-filled demagoguery.

Don't find it sick or offensive? Well, then, how about this from Amira
Hass, writing in Haaretz on March 21: "Israel has turned the liquidation
of Europe's Jews into an asset. Our murdered relatives are being enlisted
to enable Israel to continue not giving a damn about international
decisions against the occupation."

The last time I checked, accusing Israel of exploiting the Holocaust for
political gain is considered to be blatant anti-Semitism. Indeed, just
last month, the Anti-Defamation League released a report on anti-Semitism
in the Arab press, noting with dismay that "many newspaper articles
accused Jews of using the Holocaust to justify the persecution of others."

Yet, that is precisely what Hass herself was doing. And if you don't
believe me, just check out the headline of her article: "Using the
Holocaust to ward off criticism."

The anti-Jewish tirades in Israel's media don't end there. In a pre-Pessah
article in Yediot Aharonot recently, one writer mused, "That which the
Egyptians did to us, along with many other nations throughout our long
history, we are now doing to the Palestinians."

That's right . the Jews are cast as Pharaoh and his evil taskmasters,
playing the role of villains who enslave others.

And how about this pearl from Ma'ariv last October: "There is one
principal difference between the ayatollahs in Iran and rabbis in Israel.
There, religious rulings are compulsory; here they are merely a
recommendation. But as the need and the response to such recommendations
increases, so too the differences grow blurred."

The writer, one Moshe Gorali, was criticizing various rabbis for their
opposition to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Gaza withdrawal plan.
Apparently, he saw nothing wrong with comparing Israel's sages to the
fanatical rulers in Teheran, the very same ayatollahs who seek Israel's

It would be easy to dismiss the rantings of such people as little more
than angry rhetoric, the journalistic equivalent of those who spray
offensive graffiti on the sides of buildings.

But to do so understates just how dangerous such hatred can be. If
Israel's own newspapers are filled with anti-Semitic rhetoric, then how
can we expect anything better from our neighbors? And the fact that the
people who write such horrible things in the Israeli media also happen to
be Jewish should in no way excuse the gravity of what they do. An article
should be judged to be anti-Semitic on the basis of what it says, and not
because of the religious beliefs of the person who wrote it.

It is therefore time for Jewish groups worldwide to consider adding a new
section to their reports on global anti-Semitism, and to start monitoring
some of the odious and hateful language that appears in Israel's own

As news consumers, it is our responsibility to raise our voices in protest
whenever anti-Jewish rhetoric rears its head. We should flood Israeli
newspapers that print anti-Semitic venom with phone calls, letters to the
editor and protests, just as we would any other newspaper around the

Simply because the Israeli media operate in a Jewish country does not
place them above criticism, or excuse their decision to publish what no
one else would dare to say.

In the age of the Internet, when every newspaper has a potentially global
audience, there is no telling just how far anti-Jewish sentiments can
reach. The hatred may start at home, but it won't necessarily end there.

And that is why, now more than ever, we must do our utmost to bring about
an end to the self-loathing and self-hate that is so rampant among us.

2. More on Indian anti-Semites (writer is an Indian):

3. Nice piece:

4. More on the Klocek affair:

5. What is Marxism in 2005?
There was a time when Marxism was considered to be a political ideology,
maybe even a philosophy. Marxism insists that its entire analysis and
philosophy rest upon the correctness of its economic analysis. That is
because in Marxism, economics is determinate. Capital, property, and
economic production determine everything else in life - from taste in art
to clothing fashions. So Marxism is at most as correct as is Marxist
economic analysis.

A Marxist himself would have to agree that Marxism can only be as correct
as the underlying Marxist analysis of economic processes is accurate. The
problem is that Marxist economics is completely incorrect. Marxists do not
understand basic economics and there is not a single hypothesis of Marxism
that contradicts standard neoclassical economics that can be shown
empirically to be correct.

Marxist "analysis" rests entirely upon the Marxist "labor theory of value"
which was completely disproven and debunked more than 150 years ago.
Marxism is mentioned in passing in courses on the development of economic
thought, kind of how history-of-chemistry profs mention the alchemists.
Political scientists, sociologists, and "critical theorist" quacks in
literature and humanities departments still teach "Marxist thought" but
that is because they could not pass freshman economics.

Marxism is conservatively thought to have produced 100 million deaths in
the twentieth century. George Will put things concisely this week when he
said that today there are more Marxists on the Harvard faculty than in all
of Eastern Europe.

So what exactly is Marxism today, if not a school of analysis? It is a
cult religion, with its own prayers, holidays, mantras, and ceremonies.
And it is often a symptom of mental defect and very low intelligence.
"Marxist Thinking" today is simply an oxymoron.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

1. The Canadian Ward Churchill
by steven plaut

Meet the Canadian Ward Churchill.

Among the leaders of the Indian tribes in Canada there is a small minority
that believes that the best way to advance the interests of their people
is to promote neonazi racialism and moonbatish anti-Semitism.

Take one David Ahenakew, a former head of the Assembly of First Nations
who earned an Order of Canada medal in 1978. He likes to call himself
"Dr." because the University of Regina once gave him an honorary PhD. In
December of 2002, Ahenakew gave a speech in which he praised Hitler and
referred to Jews as a "disease" during a conference of the Federation of
Saskatchewan Indian Nations. Ahenakew told a Saskatoon Star Phoenix
reporter that Jews had started World War II and controlled Germany before
Hitler came along. "That's why he fried six million of those guys,"
Ahenakew said. We are amazed that he has not yet been recruited as a
regular Counterpunch columnist by Alexander Cockburn.

Ahenakew was then indicted under Canada's laws against hate speech and has
been convicted. He awaits sentencing in a few weeks. He has been denounced
by many Candian Indian leaders, including Chief Alphonse Bird, who said
Ahenakew's comments "are intolerable." "Mr. Ahenakew has been removed from
our Senate and does not act on behalf of the FSIN," Bird added. "Once
again... I reiterate that the FSIN does not condone or support the
comments made by Mr. Ahenakew."

But - like Churchill - Ahenakew has a small group of Indian cheerleaders,
including on Anishinabe Chief Terrance Nelson from Roseau River, who also
likes to rant about "Jewish control of the media."

Alan Yusim, Winnipeg director of B'nai Brith Canada, who works with "First
Nations" chiefs, and even organized a tour of Israel for them to go see
the country for themselves, thinks the Ahenakew followers are an
insignificant lunatic fringe.

2. Joseph Farah on the Klocek Affair:

3. Getting Oriented at College:

4. Campus McCarthyism in Illinois:

5. So Ariel Sharon has now decided to postpone implementation of his
version of the Mitzna plan for unilateral capitulation to terrorism in the
Gaza Strip -until AFTER Tisha B'Av, the ninth day of Av in the religious
calendar (on which both Temples were destroyed and many other catastrophes
took place). Sharon does not want his own catastrophe to be associated
with the date.

Here is a thought. Why doesn't Sharon just announce that he will
postpone the "disengagement" until after the first Tisha B'Av that comes
along AFTER the PLO actually complies with some of its obligations under
the Oslo Accords?

Meanwhile, Sharon insists on matriculating at the University of Duh:

6. Israel's First Amendment continues to strike terror in dissident

Monday, April 18, 2005

1. Happy Anniversary, Noam Chomsky!

"How many of those who say they are unreservedly in support of the Khmer
revolution would consent to endure one hundredth part of the present
sufferings of the Cambodian people?"
- Fran.ois Ponchaud, 1977

The Associated Press has a story today about the aftermath of the Khmer
Rouge takeover of Cambodia, whose 30 year anniversary is this week. It
describes how ordinary Cambodians suffered, and it focuses on the plight
of one representative Campbodian, Nai Oeurn:

"Thirty years later, after the 'killing fields' and the death of one-sixth
of the Cambodian population, his dream has come to this: collecting cow
dung for a living, earning 90 cents for a 3-foot-high pile that takes five
days to collect."

We have a practical suggestion for Nai Oeurn and people like him. Why not
file a suit against MIT professor Noam Chomsky?

Why Chomsky? Because throughout the years of the Cambodia's "killing
fields", throughout the communist genocide committed against Cambodia's
people, Noam Chomsky was the unofficial apologist and academic spokesman
for the Khmer Rouge regime.

Chomsky insisted throughout the genocide that anything uncivil going on in
Cambodia was all the fault of American imperialism. Throughout the
massacres, Chomsky repeated communist propaganda and simply insisted over
and over again that no massacres were taking place and that the countless
news stories of such massacres were American disinformation. These
statements of the Noam have been carefully cataloged by James Liberty
here. Other collections of Chomsky citations can be found here and here
and here.

Chomsky is the leading "academic" spokesman of anti-Americanism, hatred of
Israel, endorsement of terrorism against the US and Israel, and defense of
Holocaust Deniers. Chomsky thinks Bin Laden was just trying to pass on to
us a message of truth that we needed to hear:

"They are telling us just what they think. The United States wants to
silence the one free television channel in the Arab world because it's
broadcasting a whole range of things from Powell over to Osama bin Laden.
So the US is now joining the repressive regimes of the Arab world that try
to shut it up. But if you listen to it, if you listen to what bin Laden
says, it's worth it.

Chomsky is for the Khmer Rouge what David Irving is for the Jewish victims
of World War II.

So happy anniversary, Noam Chomsky. Have a nice full meal at the expense
of the victims of the Khmer Rouge starved to death in countless numbers!

Come to think of it, Chomsky long ago joined Nai Oeurn in collecting dung
for HIS living as well, -- at the Masschussetts Institute of Technology to
(For links, see

2. Full length piece on Klocek affair:

3. Chamishism takes over North Carolina Wesleylan:

Sunday, April 17, 2005

1. What with all the tension over Passover cleaning and the coming
expulsion of the "settlers" from Gaza by the Sharon wing of the Labor
Party, I just had to stop and share this with you. I just cannot stop
laughing. Barry Chamish is being sued by Avigdor Eskin! Really!

Yes, Eskin is filing suit against Chamish for 17,000 NIS. Why such a
pittance? Well, maybe Eskin is doing so in small claims court to save
legal fees or maybe he figures that is all Chamish's net worth amounts to.
It is just so hard to make a living these days uncovering UFO plots and
other global conspiracies.

Eskin is a fanatic far-Right Israeli Kahanist who has been in trouble on
and off with the Israeli law for years. He is the perfect "inciter" the
Left is always trying to discover in the anti-Oslo Right.

Now Barry Chamish, you recall, is the UFO-chasing Neonazi-web-site-posting
conspiracist who invents new "theories" of global conspiracies whenever he
switches on X Files. One would be hard pressed to find any deaths of any
humans on the planet that Chamish does not wish to attribute to the grand
UFO-CFR cabal (CFR is the Council on Foreign Relations, a foreign policy
debating club in the US that neonazis and similar fruitcakes claim
controls the world).

In the latest Chamish expose, it seems that singer Ofra Hazan was murdered
by Shimon Peres (yes, the same Shimon Peres who downed JFK Jr's plane
according to Chamish) because Peres was having an affair with her. How
did Peres do her in? Well, Peres sent a secret agent of the Shin Bet
first to marry poor Ofra, then to murder her by intentionally infecting
her with AIDS, after which Peres had the agent knocked off as well.
Think I am exaggerating what Chamish writes? Take a look at

So why is Avigdor Eskin threatening to sue the UFOlogist of choice? Well,
take a look at
Seems Eskin is mad cause Chamish is describing Eskin as a Shin Bet agent,
joining just about everyone else whose name Chamish can spell on the
Chamish lists of such agents.

Chamish appeals for people to send him money to fight off Eskin, although
I think you are much better off sending your money to those Nigerian
princesses asking for it. In Chamish's words:
"Eskin is a millionaire, I, putting it mildly, am not."

Oh, my poor bladder!

2. It is not often when we feel the urge to praise and celebrate the
synagogue movement, but this sure is one of them:

3. Historicide - the Oslo destruction of the Temple Mount:

4. This will make your day:

Not all US Jews are asslibs:

Too much cut throat competition in San Fran:
Libs now worry about too many pot centers in S.F.
The S.F. liberals just couldn't wait to to get medical marijuana centers
opened to show the poor confused conservatives that this was a good and
just cause. Well, it seems that things are getting out of hand. At last
count there were 37 such centers operating in the city, and more opening
every day. Matier & Ross of the S.F. Chronicle put it this way:

In San Francisco, the legalized dope business is booming all over town.
The San Francisco boom has its roots in state voters' 1996 passage of
Proposition 215, legalizing marijuana use for medical reasons. With that,
a whole new cottage industry was born, even though weed, medicinal or
otherwise, is still illegal under federal law. Today there are 126 clubs
and support groups throughout the state, serving an estimated 100, 000
medical marijuana users. And with no legal source for marijuana, some
clubs are charging the street rate, which is anywhere from $300 to $500 an
ounce. It's become an entrepreneur's dream.
Everybody with a smidgeon of sense knew that this whole thing would turn
into the esablishment of any number of outlets from which pot would be
available to all who want it. So, this rapid development of such clubs is
no real surprise. Nor, is the fact that the medical requirement is being
widely ignored.

What is hard to understand is why the liberals are worried about the
spread of such clubs. The mayor announces that he and the Supes are going
to impose a moratorium on new clubs. Now libs, you have to help me
understand your thought process. If pot is harmless and should be
available to all who want it, why are the number of these clubs springing
up worrying you. I would think you would endorse the development much as
you do gay marriage. It is a good thing and liberals should continue to
ignore the federal law that says marijuana is illegal. It's a bad law and
libs should not have to obey any law they think is bad. As usual libs, I
can't follow your "logic," or is it "illogic."

Posted by Jim Sparkman, April 14, 2005, 11:09 AM (Pacific)

1. Foolani

"Dr." Lenora B. Fulani is an Afrofascist moonbat who - for reasons we
cannot explain - is a high-profile political ally of Mayor Michael R.
Bloomberg of New York City. Fulani is a groupie of the Rev Al and of Louis
"Calypso Lou" Farrakhan and routinely turns out North-Korean-sounding
sycophant pieces about these two dear leaders. Fuulani was one of the
people marching famously with Rev Al and supporting his position in the
infamous Tawana Brawley hoax.

Fulani is very closely connected with a mega-moonbat mentor Fred Newman,
who claims to be a psychotherapist, and was closely associated with Lyndon
LaRouche. [Newman's "social therapy" group sessions link emotional
problems to social problems and seek to "deprogram" clients and then
direct them to work for Marxist-influenced political agendas.] Fulani's
"doctorate" is from Newman's New York Institute for Social Therapy.

Fulani ran for President in 1988 as a member of the New Alliance Party,
which Newman founded. When Fulani ran for New York Governor in 1990 and
for President in 1992, she was endorsed by Farrakhan, but never managed to
break that tough glass barrier of 1/5 of 1% of the popular vote. She and
her guru Newman have both been repeatedly denounced as anti-Semites by the
Anti-Defamation League, due in part to their producing a Jew-bashing play
that told a distorted version of the Crown Heights violence in 1991. The
Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai B'rith published a .research report.
called .The New Alliance Party: A Study in Deception.. It begins by
describing NAP as .(p)art Marxist sect, part therapy cult .. and includes
a section headed .More Hostility Toward Israel and Jews.. Not
coincidentally, it is included in the FBI.s files on the New Alliance
Party. NAP received its first official mention in an ADL report in 1987.
Titled .Still a Scapegoat: Israel and Zionism in the Mind of the Radical
Left,. the report described Comrade Newman, the chief strategist of the
New Alliance Party, as a .self-hating Jew.. Fulani and Newman both love to
rant about the "Zionist lobby" and are obsessed with imaginary Jewish

A few days ago, Fulani started a new controvery when was asked and refused
to disavow comments attributed to her in the late 1980's saying that Jews
"had to sell their souls to acquire Israel" and had to "function as mass
murderers of people of color" to keep it. Asked about the comments on NY1
News on Wednesday night, Fulani, tday a high-profile official with the
Independence Party, said, "What is anti-Semitic about it? It's raising
issues that I think need to be explored." Abraham H. Foxman, national
director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Dr. Fulani's remarks undercut
arguments that she has matured since her earlier, more incendiary days.
She was praising Yassir Arafat's terrorism long before Arafat started
pretending to be participating in any "peace process."

When Mayor Bloomberg was asked at his regular press briefing yesterday
morning whether her stand was anti-Semitic, he initially said he could not
hear the question. Then he said, "I don't know what she's referring to so
you'll have to ask her." Aides later said the mayor had not been briefed
on Dr. Fulani's remarks before the encounter with the press. This is the
same woman who charged - just three months after the events - that the
9/11 terrorist attacks were "the result of how America has positioned
itself in the world."

The NY Post pretty much summed things up the best:

"It's time for New York's political establishment - led by Mayor Bloomberg
- to sever all ties to the anti-Semitic hatemonger Lenora Fulani. "

2. Disengage Jewish Settlements from Florida

This is the time of year when many young Jewish families engage in an exodus from New York to settle in the sunny, warm state of Florida. These Jewish families occupy residences in a number of hotels and apartment buildings. The large influx of Jewish families to Florida puts a tremendous strain on the infrastructure and causes friction with the native residents. It is time to consider putting an end to the Jewish occupation of Florida and removing some of the temporary settlements along the coastline.

Miami Beach has long been a haven for Jewish retirees from New York. The Jewish population in Miami-Dade County has made significant contributions to the growth, development and economy of the region. However, in the last 30 years, there have been some ominous developments in the Jewish demographics of Florida. It appears that many young Jewish families have moved northward and established settlements in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. There are now hundreds of thousands of Jews living in these counties in many different settlements. These settlements with young, Jewish families are the major obstacle to the peace and stability of the region. They will promote friction and conflict with the Muslim communities. They are posing a threat to the gentle tranquility that the State of Florida is known for and they should all be dismantled. The Jews there should be compensated and relocated to Miami-Dade County.

Demographic studies have shown that there is an increase of young Muslims moving into various Florida counties. These young Muslims are coming to Florida to study air navigation, nuclear energy, and chemical engineering. It is a common observation that when Jews live among Muslims, they tend to incite violence from the Muslim community. The presence of Jews provokes Muslims into committing a variety of violent activities. For example, the increase in the number of small synagogues encourages young Muslims to throw incendiary devices at the synagogues. This necessitates a response from the police and fire departments that make a lot of noise and block traffic. It would reduce the efficiency of the emergency response teams. The residents of Florida should not be subjected to this annoyance and then be asked to pay for additional police protection for the synagogues. This would be an unfair burden on the peaceful people of Florida.

Another example is the incitement caused by young Jewish men who walk around the streets with little black caps, and fringes sticking out of their shirts. When Muslim men observe these Jewish men, they may act on their desire to attack a Jewish infidel and consequently stab or shoot the Jew. When the Jewish victim is taken to the hospital, he may require a blood transfusion which would put a strain on the available blood supply, which is usually in short supply. Of course it is recognized that if the Jewish victim dies quickly before he gets to the hospital, then this would not be a problem.

Even young Jewish women may present and obstacle to peace and tranquility. While most young women in Florida wear minimal clothing in the hot climate, some Jewish women have been observed wearing long sleeves, long skirts, and wigs. This makes them more susceptible to heat stroke. The additional calls to 911 would put an unneeded strain on the emergency services divisions.

There is sufficient historical justification for dismantling the Jewish settlements in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. First, there is no evidence that there were any Jews with Ponce de Leon when he explored Florida in 1513. There were only a handful of Jews in Florida when it became a state in 1845. Careful study of the Jewish Torah and Talmud reveals no mention at all of the State of Florida. Archeological digs in Florida have not revealed any evidence of the presence of ancient Jewish tribes. Consequently, the Jews living in Florida have no historical, cultural, or religious connection to the State, so they have no right to be there.

Governor Bush of Florida should call an emergency meeting of the State Legislature to discuss the disengagement of Jewish settlements from Broward and Palm Beach Counties. He should issue a statement supporting the dismantling of all settlements that are occupying space in these counties. At the same time, he should reaffirm the rights of Jews to live in Miami-Dade County where they have been welcome for many years. As a symbolic gesture of goodwill, an Office of Jewish Relations should be opened in Miami. This office would work together with the Disengagement Agency. Young Jewish families who are displaced from Palm Beach to Miami, would be granted compensation of $80,000 per family to help defray the costs of moving. Until their permanent homes are ready, the displaced Jews can live in little canvas huts with bamboo roofs. Their vacated homes can then be offered at reduced prices to young Muslims who are coming to Florida from refugee camps in Gaza, Jordan, Le
and Syria. They will be in desperate need of descent, affordable housing. This plan should provide an adequate solution to the problem of Jewish settlements, which are presenting an obstacle to peace in the region. If it doesn?t, the Legislature should convene again to discuss a Final Solution to the problem of Jewish occupation and settlement in Florida.
(by Cinammon STilwell)

3. Sacks is himself an Oslo Lefty:
"The leaflets at a conference referred to the Elders of the Protocol of
Zion, a 19th century forgery that claimed there was a plan for Jewish
global domination and was subsequently used in anti-Jewish propaganda.
Other instances throughout the year relate largely to an ongoing row at
the School of Oriental and African Studies, part of the University of
London, where there have been continuing clashes between the Jewish
society and the union, The Guardian reported."

Enjoy this quote:
Jewish groups point out that last December the university played host to a
conference entitled 'Resisting Israeli Apartheid', while Gilad Atzmon, a
pro-Palestine advocate, gave a talk to students this month, arguing: 'I'm
not going to say whether it is right or not to burn down a synagogue, I
can see that it is a rational act.'

5. The British lefties trying to organize a boycott of Israeli university
have a new tool to show the world their devotion to peace and brotherhood,
not to mention progressive socialist enlightenment. They are distributing
the old czarist forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," a standard
text in Nazi Germany and ever popular among Counterpunch columnists, Saudi
oil sheikhs, and followers of Fred Newman (see item below). The
"Protocols" is supposed to be about a Jewish cabal to control the world.

Who says? Well, the pro-Palestinian Guardian newspaper in the UK for one.
And Luciana Berger, a former NUS National Executive Committee member and
co-convener of the NUS Anti-Racism/ Anti-Fascism Campaign, for two.

In the Guardiam Berger asks:

"A leaflet was readily available on the GUPS stalls at the conference
(General Union of Palestinian Students and the Socialist Workers Party)
for two days. The text was the typical anti-semitic work; the Protocols of
the Elders of Zion. Once again, complaints were met with unacceptable
delays and silence. Many people claim that being anti-Israel/Zionist
isn't being anti-semitic. But why does hatred of Israel lead them to turn
a blind eye to the Protocols on a GUPS pamphlet?"
A typical leader in the boycott movement in the UK is cited here:

Gilad Atzmon, an ex-Israeli pro-Palestine advocate, gave a talk to
students this
month, arguing: 'I'm not going to say whether it is right or not to burn
down a synagogue, I can see that it is a rational act.'

Friday, April 15, 2005

1. The Other Rachels

A few days ago we commented on the trend among the Moonbatocracy to create
pseudo-art celebrating Rachel Corrie, the clueless campus radical who
commmitted suicide while trying to prevent Israeli bulldozers from
destroying a smuggling tunnel used by the Palestinians in Gaza to smuggle
in explosives, weapons, and missiles.

Well, last night, the play "My Name is Rachel Corrie" premiered in London
at the prestigious Royal Court Theatre. No mention in the play of Corrie
burning US flags or defending suicide bombing.

Well, we thought we would mention some other Rachels who have NOT been
similarly commemorated in the London posh theaters yet (with thanks to Tom
Gross). Here are the names of some plays that have not yet been produced
in London:

1. My Name is Rachel Levy (Israeli girl age 17, blown up in a grocery
2. My Name is Rachel Thaler (Israeli girl aged 16, blown up in a pizzeria)
3. My Name is Rachel Levi (Israeli girl aged 19, murdered while waiting
for the bus)
4. My Name is Rachel Gavish (killed with her husband and son while at
5. My Name is Rachel Charhi (blown up while sitting in a cafe)
6. My Name is Rachel Shabo (murdered with her three sons aged 5, 13 and 6
while sitting at home)

It would be interesting knowing how many of THESE Rachels were murdered
with explosives smuggled in through the same tunnels that Rachel Corrie
and her ISM pro-terrorist friends were "defending"!

2. I know I am sure going:

3. That's a relief:

4. Faygoloch in Jerusalem:

5. Good web site:

6. Dining with the Hamas:

7. British pseudo-academic racists

8. Speaking of plagiarism:

9. No Palestinian Child Left Behind
Israel Defense Forces soldiers searching for a wanted terrorist in West
Bank house discovered that his little sister had hidden his gun in her

Troops searching a West Bank house for the wanted Hamas gunman found his
sister hiding his gun in her underpants, the army said, adding that it
would consider renewing strip-searches among Palestinian women when
searching and screening for potential terrorists.

An army spokesman said the incident raises serious questions about the
need to search Palestinian women, mainly at checkpoints. .Until now we
have gone easy on women,. a spokesman said. .Perhaps we need to reconsider
that policy..

Meanwhile an armed 15-year-old Palestinian was arrested near Nablus after
being discovered wearing five pipe bombs strapped to his body. The boy
aroused suspicions by wearing a heavy jacket on a hot day.

10.Palestinian Authority Buys Fleet of Designer Cars
In what amounts to a stinging slap in the face to the beleaguered
Palestinian people, the Palestinian Authority [PA] has rewarded itself by
purchasing a fleet of high-end Audi automobiles.

Eighty-six PA legislators will each recieve a $45,000 Audi A4 and each of
the PA's 24 ministers will receive a $76,000 Audi A6.

Palestinian columnist Yahya Rabah took issue with the decision to purchase
the vehicles. Said Yahya:

"First, I would like to point out that there are no ministers, legislators
and leaders in the world without cars," Rabah said. "But everything is
relative. The PA is hardly able to pay the civil servants or cover running
expenses, members of the security forces are struggling to get a 20
percent rise in their wages, and we still haven't solved the problem of

The malfeasant spirit of Yasir Arafat continues haunting the PA he ran as
a one-man bank.

In most spheres of human activity, reward is proportional to performance.
Given the continued abysmal performance of the PA in addressing the needs
of most Palestinians and in working towards peace with Israel, a more
appropriate mode of transportation for all PA officials would consist of a
fleet of these.
Posted by Rocco DiPippo

11. Harvard Divests Even Though It Is Not Part of the Jihad Against
Incredible as it seems, a major Ivy League university has now made a
"divestment" decision even though it does NOT involve demonizing Israel
and encouraging Arab aggression, jihad and terrorism against Jews and

Harvard University has decided to divest from an oil company even though
its only "sin" is that it collaborated with the genocidal Sudanese regime.
Since when is that a cause for passion at Harvard, we wonder?

Be that as it may, Harvard University has decided to divest its holdings
from PetroChina, an oil company with ties to the Sudanese government,
according to an April 4th statement from the Harvard Corporation Committee
on Shareholder Responsibility. The statement said the group usually makes
decisions based on finances, but human rights violations in Sudan called
for "extraordinary actions."

The Sudanese government has been engaging in what many consider genocide
in the western region of Darfur in an effort toward .forced Arabization,.
or .forced Islamization,. according to University of Wisconsin
anthropology professor Sharon Hutchinson.

The Harvard decision comes after campaigns at several universities seeking
to boycott and "divest" from Israel for sometimes daring to defend itself,
and a new call from a New York city councilman for divestment from
Columbia University, the Madrassah on the Upper West Side.