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Friday, August 22, 2014

1.  To be consistent here is how the NY Times, CNN, the Washington Post, MSNBC and the LA Times should report the death by beheading of the US journalist James Foley:

James Foley was a journalist and investigator into the poverty and underlying grievances behind Middle East terrorism. Foley appears to have died in mysterious circumstances, at the same time that a large number of ISIS activists were killed by American military intervention. The total number of victims of violence over the past week was 340. ISIS is a group of misunderstood militants that is motivated by frustration that its grievances are not being addressed and its reasonable demands met. ISIS emerged because of the inequalities in the world, the underprivileged situation of so many Muslims in the Middle East. Clearly all ISIS wants is its fair share of the pie, but selfish Westerners have refused to conduct good faith negotiations with the leaders of ISIS. Since these leaders had no other choice, they captured Foley and he then became a victim of the cycle of violence begun by the United States. Foley's death was clearly a protest against occupation of Iraqi and Afghan territory by the United States and against European colonial oppression. There is some confusion as to whether ISIS was in fact behind the death of Foley. Informed sources on the ground in Iraq and Syria say that Israeli Jewish settlers really killed Foley. In any case, it is clear that this sort of violence can only end when the American government conducts good faith negotiations with ISIS and meets its reasonable demands.

2.  Well, I guess it is only fair. Just like the American media like to pontificate and opine about the Middle East without having the slightest idea of what they are talking about, now the Israeli media are doing the same thing about the Ferguson violence. 
For decades the main point that has needed understanding regarding the Middle East is that Arab violence is NOT a result of legitimate grievances but of illegitimate ambitions and criminality. Yet this week every single Israeli journalist is chiming in unison that the Ferguson violence must have been caused by legitimate grievances by black Americans. It was not. Like in the Middle East it is a reflection of illegitimate ambitions and criminality. But Israel's clueless journalists are as incapable of questioning the "party line" about Ferguson as US liberal journalists are about EITHER Ferguson or the Middle East.

The liberal media in the US are trying to create equivalence between the hoodlums rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, and the "Palestinian" intifada. Both are "occupied" and "oppressed" populations, the media bleat. 

Well, for once I actually agree that there is a sort of moral equivalence. Both groups are violent criminals and hoodlums pretending to have "grievances." Neither group is "occupied " but merely pretending to be to excuse its criminality, racism and violence. Both sets of violence are a direct result of hoodlums being pandered by the liberal media and the excuses made for their violence by the Left.

4.  Joke going around Israel. Hamas last night announced that at 6 AM it would fire rockets at Ben Gurion airport. But none were fired this morning. It turns out they were using charter rockets and everyone knows that charters always arrive 17 hours late.

5.  With the beheading of a pro-terror American journalist, we re-post:

Friday, August 15, 2014




1.    98% of Israeli Jews are strongly behind the operations in Gaza and most of the dissidence in Israel comes from people who think that Netanyahu wimped out and did not go far enough to finish the job.   Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, managed to maintain its anti-Israel pro-Hamas line throughout recent weeks.  To remind you, Haaretz has a 6% market share among the quarter of Israelis who actually read newspapers and I suspect that 2/3 of Haaretz subscribers get it for the business supplement Marker, not for the daily doses of treason.


    In any case, the anti-democratic Left in Israel, lead by Haaretz, are all whining because the Israeli on the street has no patience to listen to their treason these days.  In fact, when the communists and their friends hold pro-Hamas rallies, "right-wingers" come out and harass them and call them names and counter-demonstrate, clearly acts of anti-democratic fascism! Mister and Mrs. Israeli do not believe that Israel bombed in Gaza to be mean and because Jews are racist and that the Gaza invasion was "disproportionate," unless you mean by that too mild.


   A good example of the desperation of the Israeli radical Left is in today's Haaretz editorial.  It concerns a decision to rein in the radical anti-Israel foreign-funded NGO B'Tselem, which pretends to be a human rights watchdog, although one that has never defended any human rights for Jews.  After getting smacked down in a recent Supreme Court ruling, the Israeli government just ruled that national service youths may not do their service as interns with B'Tselem.  National service is for religious women, some Arabs, and some others, as an alternative to (and sometimes supplement to) military service, and usually involves things like working in hospitals or with low-income families in Israel's periphery zones.  (One of my sons did so BEFORE his regular army service.)  The Left wants these people to be able to do political agitprop as national service in B'Tselem and similar outfits and indeed this was permitted until now.  But only for far-leftist anti-Israel groups.   No one could do national service, for example, with the Temple Mount lobby.  But the government just nixed this.  Haaretz is livid.  McCarthyism, it bellows:

Israel's witch hunt against leftist organizations is McCarthyism in action

B'Tselem does not act against the state or its army, on the contrary: It tries to maintain its moral image, therefore fulfilling an important mission.

| Aug. 15, 2014 | 2:04 AM

The witch hunt against leftist and civil-rights organizations in Israel is picking up speed just as Operation Protective Edge winds down. This week the director of the National Service Administration, Sar-Shalom Jerbi, informed the director of B'Tselem, Haggai Elad, that he was disqualifying B'Tselem as a receiving organization for civilian national service volunteers. Gili Cohen reported yesterday on the Haaretz website that in explaining his decision, Jerbi said the organization, whose full name is B'Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, acts against the state and the Israel Defense Forces.

"I feel obligated to exercise my authority and discontinue state assistance to an organization that acts against the state and its soldiers, who sacrifice their lives with supreme heroism in order to ensure the welfare and security of all Israeli citizens," Jerbi wrote in his letter to B'Tselem……

Jerbi's decision is scandalous, and Pensioner Affairs Minister Uri Orbach (Habayit Hayehudi), who oversees the National Service Administration, would do well do reject it. B'Tselem is a badge of honor for the State of Israel, and the national service volunteers who work for it are contributing far more to Israel than the volunteers of Efrat, the anti-abortion association, for example, whose service Jerbi has not disqualified.


On B'Tselem court case:

Last year a Knesset bill to require that anti-Israel NGOs like B'Tselem disclose their sources of financing failed to pass because Netanyahu wimped out on it and on us.


2.  One of the more amusing developments is Nasrallah, the Islamofascist terrorist head of the Hezb'Allah, whining about the growing power of ISIS. Hezb'Allah is a Shi'ite Islamofascist terrorist group that is chummy with the Assads. ISIS is a Sunni Islamofascist terrorist group that enjoys beheading Shi'ites before breakfast.  Nasrallah wants the world to wake up to the ISIS threat.  I look forward to ISIS catching up with  Nasrallah and turning him into Purina.



3.  Dersh on pro-Hamas anti-Semites:



4.  The Israeli Mongrel Left has a new "cause." Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, claims a wedding was supposed to take place between an Arab man and a Jewish woman, but the couple received a lot of insulting mail and phone calls and in the end they supposedly had to hire guards for the wedding because "rightwingers" plan to hold a protest at it. Other Mongrel Left web sites also picked up the story, including 972mag, an anti-Israel picayune web site financed by foreign anti-Semites. I do not know if the Haaretz story has any connection to facts, real people and real events. Haaretz stories about Jewish intolerance rarely do. 

But there is one thing worth emphasizing.

While Haaretz soils its nappies in disgust at the supposed intolerance of Jews regarding the supposedly planned wedding, there is one little point Haaretz overlooks. Even Haaretz was unable to find a single case of a Jewish man marrying an Arab bride.  Want to know why not?  Cause any such prospective brides were murdered long ago in honor killings by their family.  SO just who exactly are the intolerant ones in this story?



5.  The fable of the sage of Gaza:



6.  A Plautian spoof not written by Plaut:



7.   So the Brits are threatening to cut off arms to Israel because some Gazan civilians were hurt when Israel shot back.  Now imagine that its allies had threatened Britain during the blitz to withhold arms shipments from the UK unless Britain could guarantee that no German civilians would be hurt when Britain bombed Germany in retaliation!



8.  Mariachi Nagila:

Monday, August 11, 2014

1.  Academic Standards at Hebrew University on Display: Hebrew University Sociologist Promotes S&M

Eva Illouz is an ultra-leftist sociologist from the Hebrew University and currently serves as president of Bezalel College. You may recall herimplementing a thought control enforcement mechanism while there: . Here is Ben Dror Yemini commenting on her: 

Well, now her latest pathbreaking scientific work appears here: Explaining 'Fifty Shades': How Bondage Solves the Problem of Modern Love - SPIEGEL ONLINE where she celebrates Sadomasochism and "Bondage".

Here is an excerpt: 

Have you ever had sadomasochistic fantasies? If you are like me, not only have you never had any, but you even view sadomasochism as an exotic and very distant land. Assuming that most people are boringly similar to me, then it is a puzzle how "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- a romance novel in which BDSM (short for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, Sadism & Masochism) is the central plot motif -- became a phenomenal global success....
Moreover, I would argue that the sadomasochist relationship in general is a highly plausible solution to the complicated and uncertain labors of love for a number of reasons.
By definition, a BDSM relationship contains both pain and pleasure and thus neutralizes the ambivalence of relationships that alternate between pain and pleasure.
One of the greatest difficulties of modern relationships is relinquishing one's autonomy to another because, in doing that, our sense of dignity is always at stake. The BDSM contract does the logically and psychologically impossible: It makes one willingly give up one's will and autonomy to another. In that sense, it solves the problem of relinquishing one's autonomy.
The equality that has been promoted by 40 years of feminism demands ongoing, ceaseless negotiation. The BDSM contract stops the endless bargaining by setting up and freezing caricatured and exaggerated roles and positions. In fact, BDSM makes inequality acceptable because it is consensual, contractual and pleasurable.
Finally, sadomasochism can take place only between two people who fully trust each other. The dominant partner stops hurting the submissive partner as soon as he or she says the code word. In that sense, BDSM is the very performance of the scarcest commodity: trust.
Against this context, it is our ordinary heterosexual relationships that have become queer indeed: complicated and elusive and impossible to predict and control. They demand an enormous sophistication in our capacity to play many roles, endlessly negotiate boundaries and make sense of our own and the other's ambivalence. If conventional relationships have become queer, then the romance between Grey and Steele suggests that BDSM actually holds the promise of erasing that queerness by giving us access to erotic ecstasy without the anxiety of ambivalence and uncertainty.

2.   Here's an idea. You know how all the leftist Hitlerjugend and their friends have been complaining that Hamas rockets fired from Gaza into Israel just "do not count"? After all, they chirp, these rockets are harmless, hardly kill anyone, are little more than symbolic protests against "occupation." That is why Israel is the aggressor when it shoots back. 
So once Israel finishes re-taking the Gaza Strip, annihilating the Hamas and Jihadis, and once it captures all the remaining "harmless" Hamas rockets there, I say we take all these harmless Hamas rockets and fire them at Ramallah, Jenin, and Tul Karem. If anyone complains, we will just quote all those leftists who insist that these are innocent toy rockets that really do not do any harm!!

3.  The number of Gazans killed by Israel is far lower than the number of rockets fired into Israel by the savages. This is clearly disproportionate.

4.  Anyone know if the rumor is true that the department of politics at Ben Gurion University plans to merge with ISIS?

5.  As far as we know, the ISIS barbarians in Iraq have not murdered any American citizens. Yet here we have the US air force bombing the bejeebers out of ISIS. So where are all the street urchins and campus Hitlerjugend? Wjy no screams about the Americans perpetrating genocide? Where are all the editorials in the liberal media demanding a proportionate air strike? Where are the numbers pogromchiki who argue that if the US kills more ISIS terrorists than the number of Americans killed by ISIS, then the US is a fascist colonialist aggressor and war criminal?

6.  The Far Left, including Meretz and the Commies, was planning to hold a pro-Hamas rally Saturday night in Tel Aviv. The police cancelled their permit. Not because they are traitors but because Tel Aviv was on alert for Hamas rockets incoming. The Left urged its people to show up anyway. The ultra-left anti-Israel pro-jihad web site 972mag, funded by foreign anti-Semites, claims 500 people showed up. Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, claims 200 showed up. Since Haaretz always adds a zero (and sometimes two zeros) to the numbers of leftist protesters in its reports, I guess we can assume that 20 showed up. All, no doubt, members of the communist party.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Australian Muslim Leader: Also Kill Left-Wing Anti-War Jews

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On August 5, 2014 

If you want honesty from Muslim settlers in the West, you really can only get it from Hizb-ut-Tahrir. They will actually tell you what they're thinking.

The media won't.

Here's how the Australian media covered a Hizb-ut-Tahrir pro-Hamas rally.

A group of about 100 protesters have rallied outside the Egyptian consulate in Sydney to call for the defence of Gaza and the destruction of Israel. The group including men, women and children gathered on Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills, on Saturday afternoon, waving placards calling for Muslims to support Gaza.

How touching. Here's the real genocidal reality.

Now here's actual video from that event courtesy of Memri.

"This nation has been and will continue to be a nation of Jihad until Judgement Day."

"There is no god but Allah… and Jihad is a duty decreed by Allah"

"Palestine cannot contain the Muslims and the Jews."

"The Jews should not be in Palestine and they will not remain there."

"Any Jew living in Palestine is an illegitimate occupier. He is a target of Jihad…. this holds true for all the Jews in Palestine."

"It makes no difference whether a Jew is pro-peace or pro-war, whether right-wing or left-wing… and serves as a target for the Jihad of the Islamic nation."

"Allah Akbar."

"Khaybbar, Khaybar, oh Jews, the Army of Mohammed will return."

"Oh Jews, nobody will give you peace– not the Arab rulers, not the world's rulers, not the UN Security Council, not the Palestinian Authority."

"The Jews will not thrive and will not live in safety because they are the slayers of the prophets… whenever the Jews thrive, corruption abounds… corruption in everything that is associated with the Jews."

"Who will set the world free from the Israelites… that mission will be accomplished by none other than you Muslims."

"The ember of Jihad against the Jews will continue to burn. The struggle and the Jihad will continue until the worlds of Allah come true: "Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews."

That hateful Hadith is also contained in the Hamas charter.

Finally a sanitized version of this call for genocide is delivered in English by a fellow who demands that Jews return to the lands they immigrated from, but has no intention of doing the same.

And no it's not Zionism, it's the same old Anti-Semitism that Jews endured for over a thousand years under the oppressive colonial rule of Islamic Supremacism.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014





1.   Well, Bibi Netanyahu decided to help Jews appreciate the mourning of the Ninth of Av by ordering the IDF to withdraw from Gaza even as the savages were firing rockets into Israel and as the Hamas leadership remains untouched in its Fuhrersbunker.


But I do have one piece of good news to report.  A.B. is about to be skinned alive by the Feminizts.


As you know, A.B. Yehoshua is the clueless dean of the Israeli Literary Left, a fellow who has never heard of a Hamas demand he does not wish to endorse.   Well, it seems A.B. has suddenly managed to turn a large portion of his toady sycophants into raging Bushido feminizts.   A.B. gave an interview over the past weekend in which he endorsed motherhood and denounced the decision by career women not to have children.   A woman who decides she does not want children suffers from a handicap, says A.B.  Her decision is egotistic, anti-nature, a form of digging in to her (career) role.


Faster than you could burn a bra, the radical feminizts went after poor A.B.  He has upset them before in his literary work (see ).  Now he is denounced at length for his daring to challenge the correct political line by a feminizt opiner in Haaretz.  When Haaretz is being used to skewer Yehoshua (am I allowed to use that word or is it too male chauvinistic?), then can the Messiah be far off?



2.    The Axis of Evil - the American Left and the Jihad:



3.  How come all the good leaders are in Canada? No fair!



4.   So help us out here. When the Hamas savages shoot thousands of rockets at Israel, just how many Palestinians is Israel allowed to kill to stop the rockets? And if Israel exceeds that number, your solution is for Israel to turn the other cheek and sit about passively as the rockets continue? And if there does not exist a single weapons system in the world that can be used against an enemy with absolute certainty that no civilians get hurt from its use, then do I understand your solution as demanding that Israel relinquish all use of force and arms to stop Hamas rockets? In other words, other than simply sitting back and doing nothing while the Hamas shoots thousands of rockets at Jewish children, what exactly is it that you are proposing that Israel do? (And do not say capitulate, because if you do, we have a drone with your name on it!).



5.  The quasi-communist "rabbi" Henry Siegman is denouncing Israel for the "slaughter of the innocents." The anti-Semites and jihadis have lapped up his words. Anyone know if the rumor is true that Henry is changing his last name to Siegheilman?

Sunday, August 03, 2014

SO let us get this straight. After losing almost a hundred Israeli lives, after 3000 or so rockets have been fired at Israeli civilians, Bibi thinks that the time is ripe to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, to order the IDF to withdraw unilaterally from the Gaza Strip and stand by in readiness at the border. So the savages can rebuild their attack tunnels and import some new Iranian rockets. We have that clear now?