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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

1. Some of Kerry's Best Friends are friendly to Jews:

Put ISM on trial

JUDY LASH BALINT Jun. 29, 2004


A 20-year-old IDF private in handcuffs is led into a military court on a
base near Ashkelon. Some 80 supporters are there to greet him, waving
Israeli flags and carrying signs reading: "Save Our Soldiers" "Free the
Soldier," "Prosecute the ISM" and "No Human Shields in War Zones."

The soldier, son of a poor Beduin family from the north of Israel, is
accused of manslaughter in the death last year of British International
Solidarity Movement member Tom Hurndall.

Hurndall, product of a British public school education, was shot in Rafah
in April 2003. He was making his way to an area where the IDF was
operating to uncover tunnels used to convey arms and ammunition from

IDF officials say that an initial investigation, based on soldiers'
accounts, indicated a Palestinian fired on a watchtower and that soldiers
returned fire, hitting someone believed to be the gunman.

Hurndall deliberately put himself in the area of known military
operations, and took a bullet intended for a terrorist. His supporters say
Hurndall was simply attempting to shield Palestinian children. But the IDF
noted that ISM activities were "illegal, irresponsible, and dangerous" and
led to Hurndall's "tragic death."

Hurndall must have been aware of the risks inherent in his activity in
Rafah. In one diary entry he wrote: "A few hundred meters away there are
army snipers, and each one of us can appear in a sniper's telescopic
sight. It is possible to say with certainty that they are watching us, and
my life is in the hands of an Israeli marksman or settler. I know that I
will probably never know what hit me, but that is part of my role to be
as exposed as possible."

We'll never know why Hurndall viewed his exposure as a crucial factor in
bringing about peace in the Middle East, but this upper-middle-class lad
from north London, before arriving in Israel, first tried his hand at
being a human shield in Iraq.

Hurndall had joined a group of international volunteers who wanted to put
themselves in front of Iraqi schools and hospitals; but when they arrived
it soon became apparent that sites would be selected by Iraqi government
officials. After two weeks of heated discussion, the shields were given a
list of seven sites and an ultimatum to "start shielding or start
leaving." Hurndall left, passed through Jordan, where he heard about the
activities of the ISM, and entered Israel on a tourist visa.

It's worth noting that a number of ISMers seem to be the well-educated
offspring of well-to-do parents. Hurndall attended Winchester College, one
of England's most venerable and prestigious boarding schools. Tuition at
the 600-year-old school is around $30,000 per year.

Tom's father, Anthony Hurndall, is a well-known London property lawyer.
Mother Jocelyn, who says she is proud of her son, is head of a learning
support unit.

Fellow ISM volunteer Radhika Sainath is a US citizen who has been arrested
three times for violating Israeli law during repeated entries into the
country between 2002-3. She is the daughter of two California physicians
and plans on attending graduate school at Columbia University.

In Hurndall's case the resources and prominence of his family enabled them
to hire a high-profile British attorney to realize their efforts to
prosecute an Israeli soldier for the death of their son. They chose Imran
Khan, a controversial high-powered lawyer who tried to prevent then chief
of staff Shaul Mofaz entering Britain for an official visit in 2002
because of "war crimes."

Khan and the Hurndalls ran an effective public campaign that led to
British pressure on Israel to finger an Israeli soldier for the
unfortunate death of young Tom.

The young Beduin soldier his name has not been released arrested in
January 2004 after Hurndall's demise in a London hospital was serving his
country and tried to do his part to smash terrorism. Now he too is paying
the price of the ISM's unconscionable efforts to encourage their
volunteers to violate closed military zones.

The accused has spent the last six months in jail. His family is so
poverty-stricken that they have been able to afford the bus fare to visit
him only once during his incarceration. So far his legal representation
has been court-assigned, although Nitsana Darshan-Leitner of the Shurat
HaDin Law Center has undertaken a campaign to assist the family.

In court the other day, the accused, a stocky, dark young man dressed in a
plain military green uniform, sat silently as his defense attorney
addressed the court. His eyes didn't engage anyone in the room neither
the witness nor the dozens who had come to support him seemed to be of

The three judges in the small, wood-paneled courtroom listened intently as
a military interrogator answered questions about the interrogation and
confession extracted from the accused.

How could the court take this written, six-page confession seriously,
asked the attorney, when the defendant neither reads nor writes Hebrew?
Why did interrogators have the defendant sign the confession at night, at
the end of more than nine hours of interrogation, when he was tired and
hungry, after he had allegedly stated: "Give me a cup of coffee and a
cigarette, and I'll sign anything."?

"The soldier is being scapegoated by the prosecution to appease the
British Foreign Office," charged Darshan-Leitner.

Worse than that, noted Shimon, one of the supporters who had bussed down
from Jerusalem. "It's the wrong entity on trial here. It's the ISM who
should be sitting there accused, not this soldier, who was doing his best
to defend us from terrorist evil."

The writer is author of Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times.



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3. Campus Fascists:

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

If there were any longer any doubt as to the inability of the "Security
Wall" to protect Israeli children from Palestinian terror and fascism,
yesterday removed it. After some 300 attacks on Israel by the PLO using
Kassam rockets, none of which previously killed anyone, yesterday's attack
murdered a four year old toddler in the Negev town of Sderot and the
child's grandfather.

Such is the reward for Israel having exercised "restraint" and turning the
other cheek after each of the previous 300 rocket attacks. Thus goeth
the ridiculous leftist canon holding that the PLO will reach some sort of
emotional catharsis by firing rockets at Israel for a while and then
cooling down to make peace. SO much for the view that Israel can just
build a wall and then forget about them, without utilizing military
control of the ground on the other side of the fence.

I have argued for years that Israel should massively
retaliate for each and every ATTEMPTED murder by the PLO as if the murder
actually "succeeded". My government thinks that would be insensitive and
offend the politically correct folks.

So what is my government offering instead? More talk about the RRH
doctrine. RRH stands for "realy really hard". After each atrocity, my
government threatens that if the attacks do not stop, Israel will respond
"really really hard". Apparently my government wants to defeat the
terrorists by making them laugh themselves to death.

SO how is the government responding to yesterday's double murder? By
threatening a RRH retaliation soon. Get ready for a new attack on an
empty PLO building at night.

1. Refugee Yuppies:

2. Taking Orders from Yassir:
(open web page to see accompanying photos)

Taking Orders From Arafat
By Steven Plaut | June 29, 2004

In recent days, the pro-terror far-leftists and self-proclaimed
"anarchists" from the ISM, or International Solidarity Movement, have been
making both increased trouble and headlines here in Israel. They have
repeatedly attacked Israeli police and soldiers, using violence, as part
of their campaign to show their support for the violent Palestinian
terrorists. They attempt to vandalize and sabotage Israel's security
fence, to show their opposition to all attempts by Israel to protect its
children from mass murderers and suicide bombers.

Israelis have long been at a loss to explain the reluctance of their
government to send these Western pro-terror "peace activists" packing or
to imprison them. In the past, some pro-terror "activists" have gone so
far as to hide wanted terrorists in their offices and to hide arms used by

This week, in an uncharacteristic decision but hopefully one showing a new
direction, the Tel Aviv District Court ordered American leftist activist
Ken O'Keefe deported for trying to enter the Gaza Strip illegally.

O'Keefe was caught trying to cross the separation fence into the Gaza
Strip near the settlement of Dugit after arriving in Israel three weeks
ago, and after having signed a statement pledging not to enter the Gaza
Strip. District Court Judge Sarah Gadot determined, based on intelligence
reports, that O'Keefe was a security risk and had violated military orders
by infiltrating an area controlled by the army, after he had been warned
against it and stated his intention to retry. The judge also determined
that O'Keefe had ignored a sign in English indicating the location of the
border. O'Keefe claimed that the border was not a recognized
international frontier and the sign was misleading. In other words, he
was of the rather common opinion that leftists should be exempt from
obeying the law.

O'Keefe claims he had organized hundreds of Americans and citizens of
other Western countries to act as "human shields" in Iraq. O'Keefe said
he had come to Israel at the beginning of the 2003 Iraq war to advance
"peace" (or at least the leftist interpretation of the term) between
Israelis and Palestinians. His attorney, Yael Barda from the Far-Left
anti-Zionist organization Gush Shalom, claimed that although her client
was eccentric, he was not a security risk.

But the true face of these "caring peace lovers", in the Middle East to
support the terrorists, was unmasked this week in a different development.
According to a news story in the Israeli leftist daily Haaretz this week,
it was revealed that the "international solidarity protesters" and the
rest of the Far-Leftist demonstrators, in town trying to sabotage Israel's
security fence, are taking their orders and directions directly from
Yassir Arafat. They met with Arafat this week in his terrorist
headquarters in Ramallah to hear his orders and instructions for them
regarding how they should run their "peace" protests against Israel's
security fence. Arafat ordered them to escalate the violence of their
demonstrations, especially at two locations, near Jerusalem and near the
Jewish town of Ariel, and to escalate the level of the protests just
before the "World Court" in the Hague is to meet to discuss Israel's
fence. In sum, the terrorist Arafat is dictating tactics and timing to
the Western peace poseurs and solidarity-meisters for the Islamic

On the other hand, this week witnessed one of the most successful
anti-terror actions by Israel to date, and it was one that will have a
greater impact on the terror and on the pro-terror leftists than the
construction of the security wall itself. Israel carried out a sort of
Godfather-movie set of hits on the number-one leaders of all three major
terrorist organizations in Nablus. Not only were the three terrorist dons
all killed in a single day, but so were seven other terrorists with them;
several were also in leadership positions.

The peace-loving and caring Left of course will be outraged and will
escalate its violent protests against Israeli self-defense. After all,
how dare Israel assassinate the Palestinian terrorists instead of
capitulating to them?

Protesters scuffle with an Israeli soldier during a demonstration against
the construction of the Israeli security barrier, near the West Bank
village of Iskaka, June 17, 2004. Part wall and part fence, the barrier,
if completed, will run for 640km (397 miles) through the West Bank. Israel
hopes the barrier will prevent suicide bombings. REUTERS/Ammar Awad.

Arab protester punches soldier during a demonstration against the
construction of the Israeli security barrier.

"Peace protester" kicks soldier's knee during a protest against the
construction of the Israeli security barrier.

Arab "peace protester" kicks soldier who refuses to use his gun.

Arab protesters attack soldiers while European ISM members push attackers

Arab peace protestors attack soldiers trying to protect civilians.

Foreign ISM activist arrested by Israeli police during a protest in the
West Bank village Iskaka against the construction of Israel's separation

3. Dan Pipes is a great Jewish natural resource:

4. Chomsky News:

5. What happens when the US implements Peresism:

Sunday, June 27, 2004

1. According to a news story in Haaretz today, interestingly NOT in
the English web site run by the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew,
it is revealed that the "solidarity international protesters" an dth erest
of the Far-Leftist demonstrators trying to sabotage Israel's security
fence to make it easier for the PLO to murder Jewish children, are taking
their orders and directions directly from Yassir Arafat. Yes, they met
with Arafat yesterday to hear his orders regarding how they should run
their "peace" protests against Israel's security fence. Arafat is
dictating tactics and timing. Yesterday he told them to escalate the
sabotage and violence of their protests.

What this means is that the "ISM" International Solidarity Movement
to which arch-bimbo Rachel Corrie belonged before becoming pancaked, (its
name should really be "I Support Murderers") is nothing more than an
appendage of the PLO, and the same is true of the Israeli local
home-grown "peace groups" attacking the wall.

Meanwhile, yesterday saw one of the most successful anti-terror actions
by Israel to date, and it was one that will have a greater impact on the
terror and on the pro-terror leftists than the construction of the wall

Yesterday Israel carried out a sort of St. Valentine's Day hit on the
number one leaders of all three major terrorist organizations in Nablus.
Not only were the three terrorist dons all killed in a single day, but so
were seven other terrorists with them, several of these also being
terrorist leaders

The peace-loving and Caring Left of course
will be outraged and will escalate its violent protests against Israeli
self-defense. After all, how
DARE Israel assassinate the mass murdering Palestinian nazis instead of
capitulating to them?

2. Haaretz Sanitizes His Ugliness: Jun. 26, 2004

A squeaky clean Arafat emerges from a Ha'Aretz rehab


"It requires an incredible amount of self-delusion, or hutzpa, to try
today to sell the Israeli public the story that Arafat remains the
partner for peace. The intellectual arrogance of messianic doves and
their condescending attitude toward the rest of us assumes we all are
limitlessly gullible."

Ha'aretz [Israel's radical Left daily newspaper] has adopted an
uncharacteristic dose of "religiosity" by becoming the vehicle for a
pathetic attempt by the Israeli radical Left to politically resurrect
Yasser Arafat.
The newspaper claims that Arafat was not the instigator of the
2000 intifada but has consistently searched for a two-state solution in
his quest for peaceful coexistence. Haaretz also published an interview
with the Palestinian leader which refrained from posing difficult
questions. Arafat was allowed to portray himself as a man of peace.
Israeli messianic doves have repeatedly saved Arafat from oblivion.
Yossi Beilin and the crowd around him saved Arafat in 1993 at a time
when the PLO was weak due to its strategic blunder of supporting Saddam
Hussein in the 1991 Gulf War. The group, isolated in Tunis, was on the
verge of bankruptcy.
But Beilin et al persuaded Yitzhak Rabin - against his better judgment
to enter into a deal with the PLO, which brought Arafat to the White
House, allowed the PLO to regain its dwindling international status,
gave it a territorial foothold in the territories.
These same doves never stopped advocating - as if out of religious
conviction - increasingly larger Israeli concessions and a policy of
turning a blind eye to the Palestinian violations of the Oslo
agreements. The failure of Arafat to honor his pledge to Rabin and
desist from terrorist activities was invariably explained away.
The PLO chief's repeated calls for jihad were belittled as
rhetoric. Early Israeli casualties resulting from Palestinian terrorism
were seen as "sacrifices for peace."
But peace did not come. It took the majority of Israelis more than a
decade and over 1,000 dead to realize the murderous nature of the
Palestinian national movement. The swing in public opinion to a more
realistic assessment of the conflict is the reason for the recent
attempt by the radical Left to rewrite history.
The late-1990s evaluation by Israeli intelligence of Arafat's
on final status issues does not in fact matter very much. There was no
dispute within the Israeli intelligence community that Arafat had no
intention of keeping his promise to stop employing violence. Israeli
intelligence supplied information months in advance about Palestinian
preparations for armed conflict. Intelligence specialists thought
hostilities could be anticipated around September 2000.
In this respect Israeli intelligence functioned well and provided the
IDF with a strategic warning. The army consequently trained for the
expected low-intensity conflict and took several measures to contain
Palestinian violence.
Any attempt to rehabilitate Arafat's credibility runs against his
of behavior after September 2000. His speeches unequivocally laud the
suicide-bombers and armed struggle; he was personally involved in
funding terrorist cells; he consistently rejected numerous attempts to
implement a cease-fire; and he has continuously opposed any reform in
the security sector that might have reduced the violence.

In Arafat's recent interview with Haaretz he continued to demand the
"right of return" and refused to accept any historical Jewish claim
the holiest place to Jews - the Temple Mount.
It requires an incredible amount of self-delusion, or hutzpa, to try
today to sell the Israeli public the story that Arafat remains the
partner for peace.
The intellectual arrogance of messianic doves and their condescending
attitude toward the rest of us assumes we all are limitlessly gullible.
Another reason for the timing of the campaign to revive Arafat is
Sharon's success in marginalizing him. The common wisdom in Washington
and other important capitals - including Arab ones - is that Arafat is
an obstacle to peace, and ways need to be devised to neutralize his
negative influence. Radical doves understand that only Israel can
provide a "kosher certificate" to Arafat that might grant him
persona-grata status in the international arena.
Similarly to the early 1990s, it is Israeli leftists obsessed with the
Palestinian issue who are trying to bail Arafat out from a difficult
predicament. It is clear that Arafat's war, a colossal miscalculation
that brought the Palestinians in the territories a great deal of
suffering, has ended in failure.
There is no Palestinian state in sight. Much of the infrastructure for
such a state has been destroyed in the "armed struggle," leaving
Palestinian society fragmented and run by thugs and local warlords. In
addition, the international community increasingly views the
Palestinians as unable to govern themselves.
In contrast, Israeli society has shown greater resilience than expected
in the protracted conflict. The IDF has successfully overcome
international constraints on its freedom of military action against
targets in Palestinian-ruled territories, thus denying the enemy safe
Only the Israeli radical Left is misguided enough to try to resuscitate
Arafat. While it definitely deserves him, it is the rest of us who will
pay dearly if this foolish exercise is even marginally successful.
The writer is a professor of political studies at Bar-Ilan University
and director of its Begin-Sadat (BESA) Center for Strategic Studies.

3. Harassing Bay Area Jews:
and see also

4. Leftist Brownshirts:
The Brownshirts of Our Time

Phyllis Chesler

On Saturday evening, November 8, 2003, the eve of Kristallnacht, I
addressed a womans networking conference of mainly African-American and
Hispanic-American womanists and feminists at Barnard College. The
conference was described as a grassroots, multi-cultural,
multi-generational, and multi-disciplinary organization for women in the
arts. Indeed, the women seemed to range in age from 20 to 65 and were
dressed in corporate business suits, ever-colorful African/ethnic attire,
and youthful jeans. The conference was closed to men but one of the
organizers made a split-second decision to allow my adult son in and
seated him by himself at the very back of the room on a chair set apart.

In retrospect, I realized that I should have known what was coming. A few
days before the conference, I had the following conversation with one of
the organizers. She asked me what my most recent book was, and I told her
it was The New Anti-Semitism. I explained that Jew-hatred was a form of
racism only it was not being treated as such by anti-racist politically
correct people. The organizer did not say: I dont agree with you, or This
wont play well to our constituency. She only said: We need you to explain
the ways in which women sabotage each other and remain divided. We need
you to talk about your book Womans Inhumanity to Woman. Your speech will
precede our big Unity panel.

When I arrived, performers were rapping and singing and dancing, and the
energy was fabulous. I whispered to my son, Perhaps I have become too
obsessed with The Jewish Cause, with Israel. Maybe I need to remember that
I am also connected to more than one issue. I had been asked to talk about
what women can do, psychologically and ethically, in order to enact
sisterhood and to work in productive, even radical ways. As I spoke, the
women in the audience sighed, cheered, applauded, nodded in agreement,
laughed, groaned. It was a half hour of good vibes.

And then my first questioner blew it all to hell. All it took was The
Question, and it only required one questioner. I could not see who was
speaking. A disembodied voice demanded to know where I stood on the
question of the women of Palestine. Her tone was forceful, hostile,
relentless, and prepared. I could have said: The organizers have
specifically asked me not to address such questions. I could also have
said: I am concerned with the women of Palestine, but I am also concerned
with the women of Rwanda, Bosnia, Guatemala, who have all been gang-raped
by soldiers who used rape as a weapon of war; I am concerned with the
poverty and homelessness of women right here in America; I am concerned
with the women of Israel who are being blown up in buses, at cafes, in
their own bedrooms. I did not say this. Instead, I took a deep breath and
said that I did not respect people who hijacked airplanes, or hijacked
conferences, or who, at this very moment, were trying to hijack this
lecture. She grew even more hostile and demanding. Tell this audience what
you said on WBAI. I heard you on that program. Clearly, she wanted to
unmask me before this audience as a Jew-lover and an Israel-defender.

I took the question head-on. If youre really asking about apartheid, let
me talk about it. Contrary to myth and propaganda, Israel is not an
apartheid state. The largest practitioner of apartheid in the world is
Islam, which practices both gender and religious apartheid. In terms of
gender apartheid, Palestinian women and all women who live under Islam
are oppressed by honor killings, in which girls and women who are raped
are then killed by family members for the sake of restoring the family
honor; by forced veiling, segregation, stonings to death for alleged
adultery, seclusion/sequestration, female geni-tal mutilation, polygamy,
outright slavery, and sexual slavery. I continued, Islam also specializes
in religious apar-theid as well. All non-Muslims have historically been
viewed and treated as sub-humans who must either convert to Islam or be
mercilessly taxed, beaten, jailed, murdered, or exiled. The latest
Al-Qaeda attack in Saudi Arabia was primarily directed against Lebanese
Christians and Americans.

I further continued, Today, the entire Middle East is judenrein there are
no Jews left in 22 Arab countries. And, the Arab leadership has backed the
PLO strategy in which the 23rd state remains under constant and perilous
siege. Historically, in general, but specifically since 1948-1956, Arab
Jews were forced to flee Arab Islamic lands. Jews cannot become citizens
of Jordan, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, for example, and yet no one accuses
those nations of apartheid.

I told the truth. Clearly, they had not heard it before. The audience
gasped collectively. Then, people went a little crazy. Someone muttered
darkly, coarsely, in a near-growl: What about the checkpoints? What about
the fence? I asked the audience if they thought that being detained at a
checkpoint was really the same as having your clitoris sliced off, the
same as being stoned to death for alleged adultery. The only response I
got was from the first questioner who demanded that I denounce Ariel
Sharon but not Yasir Arafat as a murderer. I absolutely refused to do

As I left the podium, a young African-American woman stopped me to say
that Id hurt her by how I had disrespected a brown woman. What brown
woman? I asked. Your first questioner was a brown woman, she said, and so
are Palestinian women. I said: Jewish women, especially in Israel, also
come in many colors, including brown and black. She stopped me. But youre
a white Jew. As if this was proof of a crime.

The three young African-American women who had invited me were very
supportive of me. They hugged me and thanked me for coming and looked
rather embarrassed about what had happened. Whats important is this not
one of them tried to stop what was happening, not one stood up and said:
Something good has just turned ugly, and we must not permit this to
happen. Thus, the good people did nothing to disperse the hostility or to
address the issues. Perhaps they were simply unprepared on the issues.
Perhaps they agreed with the view that Israel is an apartheid state and
that anyone who would dare defend it was supposed to be treated as a
traitor and an enemy. Perhaps they simply lacked the courage to stand up
to the fundamentalists in their midst.

I couldnt help reflecting on my lifes work against racism. For example, in
1963, I joined The Northern Student Movement and tutored Harlem students.
In the late 1960s, I was involved with both the Young Lords and the Black
Panthers. I marched outside the Womens House of Detention when they jailed
Angela Davis. I was involved in the Inez Garcia case and have written
extensively about the cases of both Joanne Little and Yvonne Wanrow, two
women of color who, like Garcia, had killed (white) men in self-defense.
In the mid-70s, I interviewed Jews from India, Iran, Afghanistan, and
North Africa, and Jews who had fled Arab lands about cultural or ethnic
racism in Israel. By the early 1970s, I also began organizing against
Jew-hatred on the left and among feminists in America. For nearly 30
years, I taught working-class people and students of color at a public
university. I admired and loved them and was sometimes able to help them
in ways that changed their views and their lives.

Heres whats sad. Clearly, my speech touched hearts and minds; there was
room for common ground and for civilized discourse. But not once was the
word Palestine uttered not when Palestine is seen as a symbol for every
downtrodden group of color who are resisting the racist-imperialist
American and Zionist empires. Once the Palestine litmus test of political
respectability was raised, everyone responded on cue, as if programmed and
brainwashed. It immediately became a white versus brown thing, an
oppressed versus an oppressor thing.

These are the Brownshirts of our time. The fact that they are women of
color, womanists/feminists, is all the more chilling and tragic. And
unbelievable. And to me practically unbearable. Afterwards, my son, ever
wise, said, Well, mom, you have your answer. The Jew-haters will never
allow you into their wider, wonderful world. You cant go back.[

About the author
Phyllis Chesler, a prominent feminist intellectual, is the author of 12
books. Her most recent book, The New Anti-Semitism: The Current Crisis and
What We Must Do About It, is reviewed in this issue of Midstream on p. 40.
The above pieces first appeared online in on
November 19, 2003 and December 4, 2003, and are reprinted by permission.

5. Prof. Ben Ami's Jihad:

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7. Meanwhile, back in the University of Duh:
Two Polls: Palestinians Support Fighting Israel Until It Is Destroyed
by Amira Hass
June 24, 2004

Two Palestinian public opinion polls published in the beginning of the
week confirm that most Palestinians support fighting Israel until it is

According to a Jerusalem Media and Communication Centre (JMCC) poll, 63.6%
either strongly or partially oppose ceasing all types of "militant
activity" inside Israel.

JMCC also found that 45.5% believe that the final aim of the intifada is
to "free all Palestinian land" (including Israel).

A poll by the Bir Zeit University's Development Studies Program found that
54% doubt the possibility of Israeli-Palestinian coexistence in the
framework of a peace agreement, and 61% support continuing the "armed
struggle" following an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

The strong support for "militant activity," disregarding the facts on the
ground, reveals a political weakness camouflaged by hopeless "military"

Friday, June 25, 2004

1. The Problem with Jewish Liberals:

Army Told Not to Use Israeli Bullets in Iraq

Jun 24, 5:56 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Israeli-made bullets bought by the U.S. Army to
plug a shortfall should be used for training only, not to fight Muslim
guerrillas in Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. lawmakers told Army generals on
Since the Army has other stockpiled ammunition, "by no means, under any
circumstances should a round (from Israel) be utilized," said Rep. Neil
Abercrombie of Hawaii, the top Democrat on a House of Representatives
Armed Services subcommittee with jurisdiction over land forces.

The Army contracted with Israel Military Industries Ltd. in December for
$70 million in small-caliber ammunition.

The Israeli firm was one of only two worldwide that could meet U.S.
technical specifications and delivery needs, said Brig. Gen. Paul oblem with ,
the Army's program executive officer for ammunition. The other was East
Alton, Illinois-based Winchester Ammunition, which also received a $70
million contract.

Although the Army should not have to worry about "political correctness,"
Abercrombie was making a valid point about the propaganda pitfalls of
using Israeli rounds in the U.S.-declared war on terror, said Rep. Curt
Weldon, the Pennsylvania Republican who chairs the subcommittee on
tactical air and land forces.

"There's a sensitivity that I think all of us recognize," Weldon told the
Army witnesses, including Maj. Gen. Buford Blount, who led the U.S. Third
Infantry Division that captured Baghdad in April 2003.

als, now the Army's assistant deputy chief of staff, said the Army had
sufficient small caliber ammunition -- 5.56mm, 7.62mm and .50 caliber --
to conduct current operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

But taken together with training needs, the United States had strained its
production facilities, he testified.

"To fight a major combat operation in another theater will require the
Army to impose restrictions on training expenditures and to focus current
inventory and new production on combat operations," Blount said.

As a result, he said the Army hoped to stretch U.S. supplies to supplement
the capacity of the government-owned Lake City plant in Independence,
Missouri, that currently makes more than 90 percent of U.S. small caliber

The Lake City factory, operated by Alliant Techsystems Inc., has nearly
quadrupled its production in the past four years. This year, it will
produce more than 1.2 billion rounds, Karen Davies, president of the ATK
arm that runs it, told the panel. Lake City provided more than 2 billion
rounds a year during World War II and Vietnam, she said.

The Army's needs will grow to about 1.5 billion to 1.7 billion rounds a
year in coming years, Blount said.

"In the near-term, balancing training requirements with current
operational needs is a manageable risk-mitigation strategy," he said.

The Army does not want to repeat its history of building capacity during
wartime "only to dismantle it in peacetime," Blount added.

3. Israeli Academics In Favor of Suppressing Israeli Sovereignty:

4. Competing to see who can be the most anti-Israel:

5. Ben Shapiro's latest:

6. Campus Atrocities:

7. Pity the poor terrorists:

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

When challenged about their opening Felix Dzerzinsky College at Tel Aviv
University (Felix Dzerzinsky founded the KGB under Lenin), the campus
commissars will no doubt spout the usual "academic freddom" cliches,
although nothing in academic freedom means free unpaid use of taxpayer
financed campus facilities is an automatic entitlement for anyone off the

But there is a more important point I should have mentioned.

A few years back we posted a story about a senior lecturer at the
business school at Tel Aviv University, associated with the
Chabad-Lubavitch movement, who petitioned the university
authorities on behalf of a group of religious women students to be allowed
to us empty classrooms in off-hours to study Talmud and the weekly Torah
portions. The university turned them down flat. THAT would have been
inappropriate use of campus facilities, unlike setting up a Stalinist
Indoctrination College on campus, run by the communist party apparatchiks.

Also, you may recall that when Tel Aviv University decided to accept a
large donation from a Swiss industrialist to build a synagogue building on
campus, some leftist faculty and students held angry protests aginst the
decision, maintaining that a synagogue would pollute the largely
secularist campus. I guess Judaism pollutes Tel Aviv University, but not

1. It is conservatively estimated that communism directly caused about
100 million deaths in the twentieth century. These of course include the
millions starved to death by communist forced collectivization of
agriculture, by the intentional famines in the Ukraine and in China, and
by the massive shortages and upheavals and repressions, not to mention the
Gulags and mass murders. In China, massive cannibalism was produced by
communist food shortages, where families swapped children so parents would
not be forced to eat their own children.

A disproportionate number of those killed by communism were Jews. Jews
were always subjected to special venom and animosity by communists, and
the fact that some of the communist leaders and "thinkers" were Jews or
ex-Jews does not change anything, in fact it probably explains the
anti-Semitism that has always characterized both communism and some forms
of anti-communism.

Communists today lead the movement for a Second Holocaust of Jews. They
seek the annihilation of Israel and its population. The communist
countries have always been allied with Arab fascism and aggression and
today support Islamist terror.

All of which might have been regarded by most people as more than a
sufficient reason why a College of Communist Indoctrination should not
operate within the auspices of Tel Aviv University.

But they would be wrong.

Today is the inauguration ceremony of the opening of the College of
Communist Indoctrination at Tel Aviv University. Really. The official
name of the "college" is the "Socioeconomic College", and it operates on
the Tel Aviv University campus, although evidently not with direct funding
by the Israeli taxpayer, at least not yet. The comrades will, however, be
using the university facilities paid for by Israeli taxpayers.

The initiator of the College of Communist Indoctrination is Madame Gulag,
Tamar Gozansky, who was until recently the Stalinist Rent-a-Jew sitting in
the Knesset as representative for the Hadash Stalinist Party in the
Israeli parliament. Hadash is an Old-Left anti-Israel Arab-national
communist party, one that never quite got around to renouncing Stalinism.
Mademe Gulag has been unemployed, as are most people under communism, ever
since her own party got tired of her hogging one of its parliament seats.
So she and her fellow commissar, a lawyer named Aviv Wasserman, came up
with the idea. They decided they were sick and tired of the "capitalist
hegemony in Israeli academia" (in their words see Haaretz July 23, 04),
and you can see right away how someone who had spent the last few decades
in some other galaxy might not be aware of the Far-Leftist hegemony that
actually operates in Israeli academia.

Students in this new re-education Gulag center to open at Tel Aviv
University will be indoctrinated in the "theories" of Marxism that were
totally debunked more than 160 years ago. They will learn the communist
party's principles and its correct thinking about class struggle and other
"social issues". The "college" will be administered by a newspaper
journalist named Efraim Davidi. Its "degree" will not be recognized at
first as a bona fide academic degree, although it might be enough to get
you a job in a Cuban torture facility.

The "faculty" at the "college" will consist of the usual Israeli
Far-Leftist tenured radicals, including a Marxist economist from
Ben-Gurion University, the extremist "Post Zionist" Moshe Zuckerman from
Tel Aviv University, the Stalinist Dov Hanin who was supposed to replace
Madame Gulag as the Hadash Party Rent-a-Jew but the party decided to do
without further Jewish reps, some Arab non-academics whose academic
credentials are that they are anti-Israel, and others. They do not get
paid, I guess as there way of showing what happens to employees under
communist regimes.

If you think that Israeli taxpayer money should not be spent on
providing infrastructure for Stalinist indoctrination, please write to
Minister Limor Livnat at
Minister Limor Livnat
Ministry of Education Minister's Office
Kiryat Ben Gurion
Fax 972-2-6753726

If you want to tell the heads of Tel Aviv University what you think of
this new "college" on their campus, contact:

President of Tel Aviv U:
Prof. Itamar Rabinovich

His fax and email are
FAX 03-6422379

Here is a list of other university officers (you will need to look up
their addresses if you want to contact):

You may want to let any donors to TAU know about what is going on!

2. It has been a while since we told you about the Haifa Municipal
Museum. Under Comrade-Mayor Amram Mitzna's junta, the Museum took off in
a far-Left direction. It had an exhibit in which a work of "art" was a
portrait showing a yeshiva student being hanged from a gallows. Had the
portrait been of, say, a leftist politician being hanged, the artist in
question would be rotting in jail for incitement to murder as we speak.
Other manifestations of the Mapplethorpianism of Israeli art were also on

But Mitzna is off warming a back bench in the Knesset. We got Mitzna out
of City Hall but did not get Mitznaism out of the Haifa Municipal Museum.

You may recall how a few months back a fanatic ex-Israeli anti-Semitic
leftist living in Sweden produced a work of "art" showing the woman mass
murder who blew up the Haifa Maxim restaurant as a pure Snow White?
Celebrating her act of barbarism, which murdered 23 people, including many
children and three generations of two families? The Israeli Ambassador
vandalized the "art" to the horrors of the artsy-phartsy crowd.

Well, now the Haifa Municipal Museum ran its own analogue to Snow White
the Pure Murderer of Jewish Children. A Bimbo "artist" named Deganit
Brest produced a work of "art" centered around a fine handsome smiling
face of the peace partner suicide bomber who murdered all the children a
few years back waiting to enter the Tel Aviv Dolphinarium for a dance
party. Twenty one people were murdered, most high school kids, many
recent immigrants from the ex-Soviet Workers Paradise that Tel Aviv
University is now trying to recreate.

The Museum saw nothing at all wrong with the "art" celebrating the nazi
murderer of children. The public however was nonplussed and now the
Museum is thinking of taking down the atrocity. Brest is outraged of
course, as are the usual Far Leftists. Maybe a new portrait of The
Suffering of My Hero Adolf Hitler, or maybe Eichmann the Misunderstood,
will replace it.

If you would like to tell the Haifa Muni reps what you think of this, go
to (you will see Hebrew
fonts or gibberish, but hit the first two "envelope icons" to set up a
page to contact them, and then hit send.

Also, try

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

1. As you robably know, the viciously anti-Semitic "International
Solidarity Movement", the pro-terror "anarchists" in their designer jeans
and Nikes, is planning a "summer of pro-terror action" in the
PLO-occupied Jewish lands of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The ISM,
which really should stand for "I Support Murderers", is the extremist
group of Rachel Corrie, who found herself flattened when protecting
terrorist smuggling tunnels into Gaza from Egypt, through which the
explosives are smuggled that blow up Jewish children - that is, protecting
the houses hiding the tunnels from an army bulldozer whose driver could not
see her. ISM openly endorses PLO terror and "armed struggle" against
Jewish children.

Here is a slice from the ISM call for action in support of the terrorists:

Join the Palestinian struggle for freedom and human rights
Freedom Summer Palestine
June 25 - August 19, 2004

We need you to help make this campaign a success!
Please join. For more information, see:

Given the ISM determination to ship in loads of preppy cheerleaders
for terror, I was inspired to compose some new poetry about teh ISM campaign.
So here is:

Bulldozer Bill the Soldier
(the song of the International Solidarity Movement Maiden)

To the tune of Barnacle Bill the Sailor (clean version)

Who's defending terror gore?
Who's defending terror gore?
Who's defending terror gore?
It's the numbskull maiden!

Out of the way, you twit I say,
Said Bulldozer Bill the Soldier,
Out of the way, you twit I say,
Said Bulldozer Bill the Soldier.

I won't let you crush this house,
I won't let you crush this house,
I won't let you crush this house,
Said the dingbat maiden.

Beneath yonder house,
Run terrorist louse
Said Bulldozer Bill the Soldier,
The tunnel there runs
For bombers and guns,
Said Bulldozer Bill the Soldier.

I shall shield them with my bod,
I shall shield them with my bod,
I shall shield them with my bod,
Said the preppy maiden.

Solidarity, balls, they are murderers alls,
Said Bulldozer Bill the Soldier,
Solidarity, balls, they are murderers alls,
Said Bulldozer Bill the Soldier.

We will serve to help them kill,
We will serve to help them kill,
We will serve to help them kill,
Said the commie maiden.

While I get no real kicks, you to pancake mix,
Said Bulldozer Bill the Soldier,
While I get no real kicks, you'll be pancake mix,
Said Bulldozer Bill the Soldier.

2. In case you missed this first round:

3. Excellent Backgrounder:

4. Defend the Rights of Israeli Gazelle Eaters!

What, No Whale Meat?
by Nissan Ratzlav-Katz
June 16, 2004

The inability of an Israeli to obtain a ham sandwich whenever he likes,
wherever he likes, is seen by Israel's Supreme Court as an unreasonable
violation of free trade and freedom of (from) religion. And now, Knesset
member Igal Yasinov, of the ultra-secularist Shinui party, intends to turn
to the Supreme Court once again, seeking a ruling permitting the sale of
pork in the Knesset cafeteria.

The Israeli High Court of Justice this week declared the national law
limiting the sale of pork products, forbidden according to Jewish
tradition, to be a matter for local municipalities to regulate, or not, as
they see fit. As long as whoever wants to obtain pork in a given "mixed"
religious-secular municipality (as most are) can do so without too much

Judicial interference with the status quo regarding the ban on pig
products was couched in terms reflecting the court's view that it was
performing a balancing act. The offense assumedly felt by religious Jews
when they see pig meat sold in their hometowns was juxtaposed with a
citizen's presumed right to buy a pork chop.

On the other hand, the inability of an Israeli to obtain a nice whale
steak, or gazelle burger, anywhere in Israel was never challenged as a
violation of anyone's rights by devout secularists or by free market

When Israel ratified the Convention on the International Trade In
Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, which strictly prohibited
trade in whale meat, among other endangered animals, there was no hue and
cry. When animals such as the leopard, gazelle, ibex and vulture were
declared protected species, there were no indignant petitions filed with
the High Court of Justice.

Yet, who says possible extinction is a reason to ban the sale of whale
meat? Who says preserving a life form is a value greater in importance
than free trade and freedom of conscience? No one even asked those
questions. There is a generally widespread conviction that contributing to
the extinction of a species is negative, and that conviction found
expression in Israeli law.

Similarly, the Jewish people - in the Jewish State - have declared,
through the democratic mechanism of legislation, that the sale of pig meat
also runs counter to widespread convictions.

Or, to view it from the flip side: If it is deemed unacceptable to have a
blanket ban on one food product because of a certain value system, then it
has to be unacceptable to ban a different food product because of another
value system, as well. Yet, is it conceivable that the High Court would
issue a ruling allowing the sale of the meat of endangered species "only"
in those towns where such sale is not offensive to the neighbors? And in
the event that the neighbors are against whaling, the Court would then
have to rule, as it did in the case of pork, that whale meat could only be
banned from the municipality if there was a way to obtain the product a
reasonable distance away.

On the other hand, why only pork? Is selling shrimps any better? From the
position of Jewish religious law, of course not. Shrimps - and whales, for
that matter - are just as unkosher as ham. Yet that is precisely the point
- the Knesset law banning pork is not a "religious" law, in the sense that
it is an application of Judaic law; rather, it is a law generally
reflecting the cultural values and convictions of the majority of Jews in

The ban on pork - just like the ban on whale - is a cultural norm, and not
an issue of "freedoms" and such abstract principles. The people, through
the Knesset, expressed their will to put their cultural norms into law;
hence, the court's latest decision is amputated from the people's will to
preserve Jewish culture.

In yet another seriously flawed decision, the High Court has shown itself
removed from the Jewish consensus, by ruling in favor of Israel's
inconsistent, hypocritical, anti-religious and, ultimately, anti-culture

5. Right of Return Nonsense:

6. The plagiarer, liar, and anti-Semite described in the following
article, defending the right of Palestinians to call Jews apes and pigs,
Michael Dahan, is currently employed teaching political science at
Ben-Gurion University:

7. Arming the enemy:

8. Palestinian "Take your Daughter to Work" Day:

9. Israel's Intifada Victory

By Charles Krauthammer
The Washington Post
June 18, 2004

While no one was looking, something historic happened in the Middle East.
The Palestinian intifada is over, and the Palestinians have lost.

For Israel, the victory is bitter. The past four years of terrorism have
killed almost 1,000 Israelis and maimed thousands of others. But Israel
has won strategically. The intent of the intifada was to demoralize
Israel, destroy its economy, bring it to its knees, and thus force it to
withdraw and surrender to Palestinian demands, just as Israel withdrew in
defeat from southern Lebanon in May 2000.

That did not happen. Israel's economy was certainly wounded, but it is
growing again. Tourism had dwindled to almost nothing at the height of the
intifada, but tourists are returning. And the Israelis were never
demoralized. They kept living their lives, the young people in particular
returning to cafes and discos and buses just hours after a horrific
bombing. Israelis turned out to be a lot tougher and braver than the
Palestinians had imagined.

The end of the intifada does not mean the end of terrorism. There was
terrorism before the intifada and there will be terrorism to come. What
has happened, however, is an end to systematic, regular, debilitating,
unstoppable terror -- terror as a reliable weapon. At the height of the
intifada, there were nine suicide attacks in Israel killing 85 Israelis in
just one month (March 2002). In the past three months there have been

The overall level of violence has been reduced by more than 70 percent.
How did Israel do it? By ignoring its critics and launching a two-pronged
campaign of self-defense.

First, Israel targeted terrorist leaders -- attacks so hypocritically
denounced by Westerners who, at the same time, cheer the hunt for, and
demand the head of, Osama bin Laden. The top echelon of Hamas and other
terrorist groups has been either arrested, killed or driven underground.
The others are now so afraid of Israeli precision and intelligence -- the
last Hamas operative to be killed by missile was riding a motorcycle --
that they are forced to devote much of their time and energy to
self-protection and concealment.

Second, the fence. Only about a quarter of the separation fence has been
built, but its effect is unmistakable. The northern part is already
complete, and attacks in northern Israel have dwindled to almost nothing.

This success does not just save innocent lives; it changes the strategic
equation of the whole conflict.

Yasser Arafat started the intifada in September 2000, just weeks after he
had rejected, at Camp David, Israel's offer of withdrawal, settlement
evacuation, sharing of Jerusalem and establishment of a Palestinian state.
Arafat wanted all that, of course, but without having to make peace and
recognize a Jewish state. Hence the terror campaign -- to force Israel to
give it all up unilaterally.

Arafat failed, spectacularly. The violence did not bring Israel to its
knees. Instead, it created chaos, lawlessness and economic disaster in the
Palestinian areas. The Palestinians know the ruin that Arafat has brought,
and they are beginning to protest it. He promised them blood and victory;
he delivered on the blood.

Even more important, they have lost their place at the table. Israel is
now defining a new equilibrium that will reign for years to come -- the
separation fence is unilaterally drawing the line that separates Israelis
and Palestinians. The Palestinians were offered the chance to negotiate
that frontier at Camp David and chose war instead. Now they are paying the

It stands to reason. It is the height of absurdity to launch a terrorist
war against Israel, then demand the right to determine the nature and
route of the barrier built to prevent that very terrorism.

These new strategic realities are not just creating a new equilibrium,
they are creating the first hope for peace since Arafat officially tore up
the Oslo accords four years ago. Once Israel has withdrawn from Gaza and
has completed the fence, terrorism as a strategic option will be
effectively dead. The only way for the Palestinians to achieve statehood
and dignity, and to determine the contours of their own state, will be to
negotiate a final peace based on genuine coexistence with a Jewish state.

It could be a year, five years or a generation until the Palestinians come
to that realization. The pity is that so many, Arab and Israeli, will have
had to die before then.

* Find this article at:

1. For those who insist I am being too cynical when I say that Sharon
has a deal with the Leftist Ascendancy to free him and his son from
prosecution in exchange for his implementing the political agenda of the
Left, consider the following facts.

Sharon was just "freed" by the Attorney General he himself appointed. But
who is this Attorney General? He is not only a leftist, he is Yossi
Beilin's personal poodle:

Hannah Kim Haaretz: Mazuz "Beilin's man"
"The close ties between (Yossi) Beilin and (Attorney General Menachem)
Mazuz began when Beilin was serving as justice minister between 1999 and
2001. Relations between the two were so close, that Beilin tried at the
time to accelerate then attorney general Elyakim Rubinstein's elevation to
the Supreme Court, in order to appoint Mazuz attorney general. "That's
correct," confirms Beilin. "Unlike (Justice Minister Yosef) Tommy Lapid,
for whom Meni Mazuz was only a secondary candidate for the position, for me
Meni was the candidate."

Beilin had help from Mazuz in, among other things, the debate on the
question of torturing suspects by the Shin Bet security service. In
effect, Mazuz, along with his aide Yehoshua Schoffman, was considered
"Beilin's man" at the Justice Ministry.

"As justice minister I had many arguments with some of the prosecutors,
who evinced very conservative positions in the matter of Shin Bet torture
of suspects. Meni, however, agreed with my opinion against the system of
`shaking' and tortures. It is a blessing for the state that a person like
him is the attorney general," says Beilin."

2. Anna Lindh was the anti-Semitic woman member of the Swedish
parliament gunned down by a Swedish activist a while back. (Haaretz has
taken to calling all terrorists and mass murderers "activist" these
days. For example, in today's Haaretz headline, Hizbollah "activists" are
reported going to Iraq to murder Americans and maybe behead them. Yes,
Haaretz calls them "activists".) The "Anna Lindh" award has been awarded
to the extremist anti-Israel "journalist" from Haaretz, Amira Hass, on
record as favoring a single state with an Arab majority from Mediterranean
to Jordan River, replacing a liquidated Israel.
Hebrew English

Last update - 04:37 20/06/2004
Haaretz journalist Hass awarded Anna Lindh award
By Anat Balint, Haaretz Correspondent

Haaretz journalist Amira Hass on Friday was awarded the Anna Lindh award,
created in memory of the slain Swedish foreign minister. Hass was the first
recipient of the award.

The $33,000 prize will be awarded annually by the Anna Lindh Memorial Fund
to an individual, organization, or project that operates in Lindh's spirit.
Lindh was stabbed to death in Stockholm in September.

Hass, who lives in Ramallah (but does not speak Arabic SP), was cited for
her "courageous reporting" from the West Bank and Gaza, which "contributes
to a better understanding of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation."

To read Hass' acceptance speech denouncing Israel, see
Notethat this item was posted by a groupie of Hass, Dror Feiler. This
Feiler is the bloke who made a work of "art" in a Swedish museum
celebrating the woman suicide bomber who murdered 23 people in a Haifa
restaurant, many of them children, and including three generations of two
families, and he compared her to a pure Snow White. The local Israeli
Ambassador had vandalized the "art" to the horror of the pro-genocide
Caring Left.

1. The Ninth of Av and the Gaza Debacle

The Ninth Day of the month of Av in the Jewish religious calendar, or
"Tisha B'Av", is the day of serial tragedy in Jewish history.

It is the day on which the First Temple, the Temple of Solomon in
Jerusalem, was destroyed by the Babylonians. It was the day on which the
Romans decided to destroy the Second Temple. It was the date on which
Betar, the last fortress to hold out against the Romans during the Bar
Kochba revolt in the year 135, fell, sealing the fate of the Jewish
people. The expulsion of the Jews from England in 1290 is said to have
taken place on the day. In 1390 the Jews were expelled from most of
France on the Ninth of Av. In 1492, King Ferdinand of Spain issued the
expulsion decree, setting Tisha B'Av as the final date by which not a
single Jew would be allowed to walk on Spanish soil. World War I which
began the downward slide to the Holocaust began on Tisha B'av.

Religious tradition has it that the Ninth Day of Av was destined to
become the date for Jewish suffering and tragedies because of the sin of
the "Scouts". Moses had sent out a team of scouts to explore the Promised
Land, but they came back with nonsensical tales of giants and declaring
that it was a horrible place, one not fit for Israelites to live, one they
could never conquer. Their sin for "defaming the land", and NOT the sin of
the Golden Calf (as is often mistakenly presumed), was the reason why the
entire generation of those liberated from Pharaoh were condemned to die in
the desert, while only their children would be allowed to enter the
Promised Land. Jewish tradition has it that all episodes of Jewish
suffering and tragedy originate in the demonstration of indifference,
insolence, and mockery for the right and the claim by Jews to their own

Ariel Sharon has struck his deal with the Israeli Leftist
Ascendancy. In exchange for his implementing the Mitzna Plan for Gaza,
the same plan Israeli voters rejected by a landslide, both in the last
general election and also in the Likud party referendum, Sharon and his
family will not be charged for election finance improprieties and for
accepting payoffs. Under the Sharon version of the Mitzna plan, the Gaza
Strip will be ethnically cleansed of Jews, as a reward for Palestinian
barbarism. The "settlers" will be marched out at bayonet point, and the
level of terror and violence coming out of the Gaza Strip will increase by
several magnitudes, no doubt to the astonishment of the Likud leadership.

Under the Sharon version of the Mitzna Plan, there is a timetable for
all Jews to be expelled from Gaza. The date from which no Jews will be
permitted to enter the Gaza Strip for any reason has been set at August 14,

August 14, 2005 is the Ninth Day of Av.

2. Was the Liberation of France from Germany a Mistake?
Former French PM: Creation of Israel by Balfour Declaration a Historic

Former French PM: Creation of Israel by Balfour Declaration a Historic
[IMRA: EUOBSERVER reported on 17 June that Rocard is in the running to
serve as president of the European Parliament for two and a half years in
deal between the socialist group (PES) and the European People Party's
(EPP) ]

GAZA, June 19, 2004 (IPC + Asharq Al-Awsat)-- [Official wesbite of the PA]
The former French Prime Minister and current member of the European
Parliament, Michel Rocard, blasted Israel as an "abnormal case in the
world", describing its creation by the 1917-Balfour Declaration as a
"historic mistake".

Rocard, who is also a well-known member of the French Socialist Party, was
delivering a lecture at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on June 16, in which
said that the Balfour promise England gave to the Jews to create a
homeland for them in Palestine was a "mistake".

He also described the Israeli state as a "unique and abnormal condition
because it was created with a promise, and that millions of Jews gathered
from all around the world, creating an entity that continues to pose a
threat to its neighbors until today."

Rocard also drew attention to the fact that Israel was also historically
created on a racist basis, depending on armed conflict to set its borders.
Rocard referred to the colonization of the Arab world, of which his
was involved in, as the main reason behind the current state of violence
conflict in the Middle East.

However, Rocard warned that delaying a peace agreement between the Arab
states and Israel would "greatly increase violence in the region,"
out that the long-demanded reforms in the Arab states stemmed from the
inside, not imposed by outside forces.

"Peace must spring from a religious base . all reforms can be made
through the teachings of our divine religions. To pray to God is accepted,
but violence is not," concluded Rocard.

3. Kerry - Second to Many:

4. Mazal Tov to the JWR:

5. Sisengagement Disenguity:

6. Dual First Amendement:

7. Does this man we can silence the Reform's "Religious" Action Center?

8. Terror Chic in California:

9. The Un-Esther:

1. Just when you think Shimon Peres could not possibly come up with
anything stupider than his "ideas" about peace, here comes today's banner

Peres blasts Netanyahu's `greedy capitalism'

Now actually that is not what he said. That is the way Haaretz cleaned it
up. What Shimon Peres really said is that Netanyahu is trying to create
"Piggy Capitalism" in Israel. Really.

You see, Netanyahu sometimes talks about competitive markets, busting
state-protected or state-erected monopolies, and the need for a market
economy. But Peres is an economic Luddite and one of those great
believers in the failed 18th century notions regarding "socialism". In
other words, Peres, and the rest of the Israeli Left, are at least as
dangerous and stupid when they speak about social and economic issues
as when they state their "ideas" about "peace".

Now you may recall how one of the Laborite lefties a few back referred
to non-Leftists as "rabble", and afterwards bumper stickers appeared
decalaring "I am Proud Rabble"? Well, I am a proud piggy capitalist.
Peres and his friends would like to restore the rigid socialist planning
that produced Third World deprivation in Israel in the 1950s, shortages,
and black markets, and kept Israel underdeveloped until the middle 1980s
and afterward, when the high tech revolution broke the socialist control
by the politicians over much of the economy. Peres' role models
are still the One-Meal-a-Day socialist paradises of Cuba and North Korea.

Meanwhile - I would like to start a new campaign whose slogan is
"Better to Eat Meals under Piggy Capitalism than to starve under Peacie

Peacie Socialism of course is the surefire recipe for the destruction
of Israel and for a Second Holocaust.

And to celebrate my new campaign, here is our marching song. It is to
the tune of "Piggies" by the Beatles, with a few minor adjustments:

The Little Peacies

Have you seen the little peacies
Crawling in the dirt?
And for all the little peacies,
Life is getting worse;
Cause all the little Jews,
Have food to eat of

Have you seen the bigger peacies
In their yuppie dives?
You will find the bigger peacies
STill preaching socialist lies
So all us little Jews
Won't have food to eat of

In their styes with Euro backing,
They don't care
About the terror all around.
In their eyes there's something lacking.
What they need's a damn good whacking.

Everywhere there's lots of peacies
Living yuppie lives.
You can see them out for dinner
With their piggy wives.
Clutching forks and knives to
Fry our bacon.

2. ISM Terrorist Lived with Suicide Bomber!!
San Francisco Examiner [SEE LAST PARAGRAPH]

Israel deports S.F. activist
Woman engaged in 'liberation struggle.'

By J.K. Dineen | Staff Writer
Published on Friday, June 18, 2004

A Mission District political activist who had traveled to Israel to
enroll in a Bethlehem-based Arabic school was deported from Israel
after the government there learned of her involvement in several pro-
Palestinian organizations.

On Thursday, after several days of trying to appeal her deportation,
Brooke Atherton, 26, was put on an Alitalia flight from the Israeli
Ben-Gurion Airport.

A native of Austin, Texas and a graduate of Stanford University,
Atherton made no apologies about her sympathy for what she
called "the Palestinian liberation struggle."

Atherton was active in the International Solidarity Movement, a pro-
Palestinian activist group, several members of which have been
killed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip while acting as "human
shields" in trying to protect Palestinians from Israeli troops.

Omer Caspi, a deputy consul for Israel's San Francisco consulate,
said he did not know the facts of the case.

"We're not going to prevent someone from entering [Israel] based on
membership with [those] groups," said consulate spokesman Jered

In 2002, Atherton had lived for several months with a Palestinian
family, the son of which became a suicide bomber after his best
friend was killed by Israeli snipers. The Israeli government
ultimately bulldozed the home she had stayed in, Peter Atherton said.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

1 Among the manifestations of Israel's dual justice system (one for
the Left and one for the not) is the fact that there is one separate set of
rules governing free speech for leftists and another for everyone else.
It is Israel's version of the First Amendment. Leftists may openly
endorse violence, anti-Semitism, and anti-Jewish terror. They may call for
Israel to be liquidated. They may denounce Israel in anti-Semitic
journals all over the globe as a nazi terrorist country. They may call
for wholesale violation of the law and may break the law itself. Arab
politicians may do all those things also. That is all protected speech.
But any statement of even lightly questionable taste or dubious
sensitivity by non-leftists is a felony, illegal under Israel's selective
laws against "racism" and "incitement".

Which brings us to football hooliganism. Israel has its share of
soccer (football) hooliganism, although it is considerably less ugly than
that of the British and some other Eurohoods. Israeli football yahoos do
not use violence, they only shout irritating cusses. Some of the worst
cussing is at matches between Arab and Jewish soccer teams. There a quite
a few top-rank Arab teams and one (from Sakhnin) just won the Israeli
national championship. Anyways, at Arab-Jewish playoffs, those cheering
on the Arab teams often scream anti-Semitic cheers, like "Death to the
Jews", or "Long Live bin Laden", and occasionally wave PLO or Hamas flags.
The Jewish rowdies yell things back, including "Death to the Arabs".
They all no doubt think this is harmless and playful. I personally would
take all football hooligans of all races and creeds and turn firehoses on
them, and then sentence them to 100 hours of nonstop listening to
sociology lectures.

Anyway, tasteless the chanting at soccer games is, without a doubt.
But criminal?

Well, it IS criminal, but only for the Jewish rowdies, not for the
Arabs. Jerusalem Magistrate Haim Liran yesterday convicted a Jewish
yahoo, one Yosef Cohen age 33 going on 12, for yelling "Death to Arabs" at
a soccer game, this as a violation of Israel's law against "racism".
Sentencing not yet announced. No Arabs have been indicted. No Arabs
have ever been indicted in Israel for anti-Semitism under Israel's
"anti-racism" law, ever. For anything.

When else are Israel's dual justices upset by "racism"? Well, the
prosecution can barely restrain itself over the arch-criminal and
terrorist David Ha-Ivri. What was Ha-Ivri's dastardly crime? Ha-Irvi
printed up and sold Tee shirts on which it was printed "Where there are no
Arabs, there is no terrorism." Really.

Now one can argue whether such a statement really constitutes "racism"
at all or merely a testable empirical assertion. The prosecutors claim
it implies Arabs should be expelled from Israel or PLO-occupied Jewish
lands, but that looks to me a whole lot like prosecutorial
deconstructionism. Whether or not the Tee shirt showed good or poor taste
is in the eye of the beholder. Meanwhile poor David Ha-Ivri is under
indictment and waiting to see whether he will be sentenced to hard labor
on a chain gang in the bayou for his dastardly deed.

More on the Tee Shirt Prosecution at
Stay tuned.

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5. Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. This is elementary common sense.
If you hamper the war effort of one side, you automatically help out
that of the other.
(George Orwell, Partisan Review, 1942)

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Haaretz, the main Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, all this
week has been promoting it phony media hot air balloon about how
supposedly intelligence officers manipulated Sharon and his people into
thinking that Arafat and his stormtroopers were not interested in peace.
According to the New Journalism prevalent at Haaretz these days, 1400
murdered Israelis are not a sign of anything, anti-Semitic nazi propaganda
roadcast daily by the PLO does not tell you anything. Haaretz insists,
galaxies of evidence notwithstanding, that Arafat is still as devoted to
peace as Peres and Rabin convinced themselves he was back in 1993, and the
only reason things have gone haywire is that a senior intelligence officer
dared to state the truth. And how does Haaretz know? Because two other
senior intelligence officers from the Left gave interviews to al-Ard, er
I mean to Haaretz, and they said so.

Today the Haaretz Spin Doctors for Palestinian Liberation have a
follow up "scoop". They interview yet another Lefty, this time one Mati
Steinberg. Steinberg is a purported "expert" on Palestinians, at least
that is what Haaretz columnist Danny Rubenstein thinks. Rubenstein also
considers himself an expert on Palestinians. I do not know anyone else
who agrees. Steinberg might once have served as consultant for the
intelligence service head during the mind-numbingly stupid administration
of Haj Amin Ehud Barak, the gent who once said that if he had been born a
Palestinian he would have become a terrorist. The fact that Steinberg
could have been such a consultant may go far in explaining the singular
inability of the intelligence services to tell summer from winter and day
from night in those days (and these today). The fact of the matter is
that the intelligence services found out about the PLO what every Israeli
barber and gardener knew, only years after the former knew.

Haaretz scratches up Steinberg as someone giving artillery support to
the Haaretz fable that "inaccurate" intelligence assessments by officers
dissenting from the holy canon of Far Leftist evaluation of Arafat were
the ones responsible for the inability to strike a deal with Arafat.

The whole interview is at
He is also a source for the previous pseudo-scoop at Haaretz

If Steinberg is such an expert, how come a web search did not turn up
a single reference to anything he ever published about anything?

The "Palestinian Refugees" ALREADY Got their "Right of Return"

By Steven Plaut

Try to imagine what the world would be like if Israel had granted the "Palestinian refugees" who fled from Israel in 1948-49 the right to return to Israel. Not to the West Bank. Not to the Gaza Strip. But to Israel within its pre-1967 borders.

Imagine a situation in which Israel agreed to allow tens of thousands of Arabs who fled from the battle zones of the Israeli War of Independence the possibility of returning to Israel, in many cases to the very homes they had abandoned during the fighting. Imagine how the same world, currently obsessed upon achieving a "right of return" for "Palestinian refugees" were forced to acknowledge that Israel had already granted the possibility for tens of thousands of these refugees to return to Israel, in many cases decades ago. What would the world then have left to bash Israel about? What would the anti-Semites have left to scream about, or the crowd claiming to be "anti-Zionists but not anti-Semites", who only enjoy seeing "Zionist" children mass murdered, or the self-hating leftist Jewish anti-Semites?

Well, hold on to your streimel. Cause I have a whopper of a
revelation to make to you. Israel DID grant the "Palestinian refugees" the right to return to Israel!

Let us back up a bit. In 1947-48, the UN proposed partitioning "Palestine" into a Jewish and an Arab state of approximately equal sizes. The Jews accepted the plan, and the Arabs rejected it. When the British Mandate over "Palestine" was ended under the UN decision, the Arab states attacked the newborn state of Israel, tried to annihilate it and its population, and at the same time gobbled up most of the territory that the UN had allotted to become a Palestinian Arab state. The territory that became Israel had NEVER been a Palestinian Arab state, ever. Most of the Arabs in "Palestine" had migrated in from neighboring Arab countries after the 19th century start of the Zionist Jewish immigration, taking advantage of the influx of capital, the availability of jobs and of services, like hospitals. In other words, the Arabs of "Palestine" in 1948, exactly like the Jews, were by and large people from families who had been in the country for three generations or less.

During the fighting in the 1948-49 war, thousands of Arabs living in the territory that became Israel fled. The main reason they fled was that they understandably wanted to put some distance between their families and the battle zones. At the same time, they were ordered by the Arab political leadership to leave the territory of Israel. Why take my word on this? Listen to Arab sources:

"The Arab States encouraged the Palestine Arabs to leave their homes temporarily in order to be out of the way of the Arab invasion armies."
- Falastin (Jordanian newspaper), February 19, 1949

"The Arab governments told us: Get out so that we can get in. So we got out, but they did not get in."
- from the Jordan daily Ad Difaa, September 6, 1954

""The Arab armies entered Palestine to protect the Palestinians from the Zionist tyranny but, instead, THEY ABANDONED THEM, FORCED THEM TO EMIGRATE AND TO LEAVE THEIR HOMELAND" (emphasis added), Abu Mazen, erstwhile "Prime Minister" of the Palestinian Authority, in "What We Have Learned and What We Should Do", published in Falastin el Thawra, the official journal of the PLO, of Beirut, in March 1976.

(there are scores of other Arab sources confirming this)

So how many Arabs fled? The number has become enormously distorted over time by the Bash-Israel lobby and by Arab propagandists and their apologists, who usually claim between 500,000 and a million. A more realistic estimate is between 300,000 and 450,000, based in part on Arab and UNRWA sources themselves ( ). Most of these refugees ended up in some of the twenty-two sovereign Arab states, including those Arab countries from which they had migrated into "Palestine" in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the first place. In other words, the "refugees" went back to their earlier homelands in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. It was a sort of "right of return." At the same time, the Arab states carried out a near-total ethnic cleansing of around a million Jews, who had been living there since Biblical days and in many cases before these states had Arab populations ( ). The Je
ws from
Arab countries left behind far more property than did the Palestinian Arab refugees ( ). Most of these Jewish refugees were resettled in Israel

In the years immediately after World War II, there were more than 50 million refugees: Poles, Germans, Indians, Pakistanis, Hungarians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. etc. They were all long ago resettled and forgotten, all except for the "Palestinian refugees". How come?

Because for decades, the Arab aggressor states found it convenient to utilize the "refugees" as a political and military weapon against Israel, not only of propaganda and spin, but of terrorism ( ). "Palestinians" inside Arab states were trained as terrorists and sent out to murder. At the same time, there was enormous incentive for the Arab locals in the countries into which the refugees had entered to pretend also to be "Palestinian refugees" ( ). After all, the UN and other agencies were handing out free food and perqs to anyone pretending to be a refugee from "Palestine". (For further information and documentation, see )

Unlike all those many millions of other people considered refugees in the late 1940s, the "Palestinians" were the only ones for whom the "right of return" to their previous homes was considered an entitlement. The reason was not a selective affection for Palestinians, but a selective hostility towards Israel and Jews. Those demanding the wholesale "return" to Israel of Palestinian "refugees", including the countless thousands of non-Palestinians pretending to be Palestinian refugees, had one goal in mind, the eradication of Israel.

Israel would have been insane to allow itself to be inundated with real and make-pretend Palestinian "refugees", this in a tiny sliver of land the size of Maryland, at the same time that the 22 Arab states have territory-galore stretching from the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Central Asia! The Palestinian Arabs and their sponsors had tried to annihilate Israel and failed. Just like the infant United States, which refused to allow any of the tens of thousands of Tory Loyalists expelled by the patriots to "return" to the United States after the War of Independence, Israel was entirely in its rights to refuse to allow the "return" of masses of "Palestinians", whose migration was being demanded by those seeking to liquidate Israel via a demographic flooding.

There is just one little caveat though.

Israel DID let the Palestinian refugees return!! Tens of thousands of them were quietly allowed to return to Israel, in many cases to their original homes, once the fighting in 1949 subsided. Many continue to be admitted today within the framework of "family reunification" agreements.

From 1948 until 2001, Israel allowed about 184,000 "Palestinian refugees" or their families to "return" to Israel proper (Jerusalem Post, January 2, 2001; see also Ha'aretz 28 December 2000). These are in addition to about 57,000 Palestinians from Jordan illegally in Israel, towards whom the authorities are turning a blind eye (Ha'aretz, 4 April 2001 ). Not the West Bank, not Gaza, but Israel inside its pre-1967 "Green Line" borders! In the Camp David II meetings in 2000, Israeli leftist Prime Minister Ehud Barak rather insanely offered to allow another 150,000 "refugees" to enter Israel as part of a peace accord. The PLO's response was to launch pogroms and four years of atrocities, because the number was finite. (See also )

The demand for a "right of return" by Palestinians to Israel is no doubt the most absurd political demand floating anywhere around the planet. There is already an Arab state in two thirds of Mandatory Palestine, named Jordan, and most of its population is Palestinian Arab. The Oslo Accords and Israel's Camp David II offer would have created a second Arab state in Palestine, in the West Bank and Gaza, as part of a comprehensive peace settlement. Any "Palestinian" from anywhere could have moved to "Palestine" or to Jordan, within the framework of such a peace, the same way any Jew who wishes to may immigrate to Israel, or any Armenian may immigrate to Armenia, and Greeks from the Greek Diaspora are automatically welcomed in Greece.

The PLO and the Islamofascist states backing it demand that in ADDITION to establishing a second Arab state in Palestine within the framework of any peace settlement, Israel itself must ALSO be converted into a third Arab Palestinian state, via unlimited massive immigration of people claiming to be Palestinians. Benjamin Franklin, who opposed granting even a dime in compensation to the Tory refugees expelled from the United States during the War of Independence, would be splitting his sides laughing.

But the most Orwellistic absurdity of all is that Israel long ago
DID grant the right to "return" to Israel itself to tens of thousands of "Palestinian refugees". Did this earn Israel the world's gratitude for its uniquely generous gesture? Did the world denounce the Arab fascist states who ignored this generosity and continued to seek Israel's destruction militarily and the genocide of its population? Do today's bleeding hearts and recreational compassion posturers, pretending to feel uncontrollable pain and caring for Palestinian refugees, even know about the limited "right of return" granted by Israel over the past decades?

Hindus have never been returned to Pakistan, Moslems from Pakistan have not been returned to India, ethnic Germans were not returned to their pre-war homes in Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia or Romania, Japanese have not been returned to Manchuria, Greeks have not been returned to Anatolia, Jews have not been compensated for the billions they left behind when ethnic cleansing of Jews in Moslem countries took place, and Tory Loyalists were never returned to New England. But tens of thousands of "Palestinian refugees" were granted by Israel what none of these others received.

It is time to say enough is enough. The only remaining reasonable
plan regarding those still claiming to be "Palestinian refugees" is simply - Foggedaboutit.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

1. Israel has a long tradition of having a dual judicial system. There
is one system that is a set of rules for courts, police and prosecution
and that operates for leftists, and another for everyone else. That, for
example, is the reason why Bibi Netanyahu and his wife were investigated
aggressively and persecuted on suspicion of taking some ashtrays and
trinkets from the Prime Minister's residence in Jerusalem when Netanyahu
had to crate things away in a hurry after losing the election. The
sleaze of Ehud Barak's campaign finance would be an embarrassment even in
a Third World country, but the prosecutors just never got around to
investigating any of that. And then there is the deafening silence by the
prosecution regarding the even worse set of slime that characterized Amram
Mitzna's ties with his building contractor friends. When it comes to
Mitzna sleaze, not a creature has ever been moving in the prosecutorial
house, not even a mouse.

But, as I said, the reason is very simple. It's the dual justice
system, again. That is why a Jewish fellow who made a T-shirt with a
slogan the Left thought was insensitive got prosecuted, but the worst
Leftists, openly endorsing destruction of Israel and supporting terrorist
atrocities, or Arab nationalists making little effort to hide their
support for genocide, just never seem to get investigated or prosecuted.
Actually they get tenured and promoted. Free speech absolutism holds for
leftist incitement and anti-Semitism, but denunciation of the Left is a
form of libel.

Now all of this is well known, but the sudden decision by the
Attorney General NOT to prosecute Ariel Sharon for his own election
finance sleaze just does not seem to fit into the pattern of the dual
justice system. It comes just hours after the same dual system passed a
court ruling that Israelis must not vote in favor of local municipal laws
outlawing sale of pork. The same court never ruled that it is a free
constitutional right to import KOSHER food!

Do not imagine the decision NOT to prosecute Sharon has anything to
do with the fact that the current Attorney General is himself a Sharon
appointment. That would show your unfamiliarity with Israeli politics.
In Israel the Likud always appoints leftists to public positions and
spends its time in office doing its best to help the Labor Party get
elected. The current Attorney General is a leftist. No exception.

SO how come the dual justice apparatchiks and nomenklatura are not
prosecuting Sharon and his kin? Was it because Sharon's sleaze was nickel
and dime stuff compared with the filth of the Barak and Mitzna campaigns?
Is it because the Attorney General thinks Sharon's penny ante
improprieties can wait till he finishes his term of office before being

No, grasshopper.

The explanation is quite simple. The Left made Sharon an offer he
could not refuse. Sharon will implement the Left's political agenda,
including implementing the Mitzna Plan for the Gaza Strip, the same plan
rejected in a landslide by the Israeli voter. And in exchange the Left
will lay off Sharon and his family, the Left's pocket Attorney General
will dismiss the charges, the Left's Supreme Court justices will sit by
the sidelines in uncharacteristic humility, and the Labor Party and maybe
Meretz will back Sharon in the parliament when the handful of men and
women of principle and conscience in the Likud and in its coalition
partners abandon Sharon and vote against his appeasing the PLO, er I
meant the Israeli Left.

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The End of 'Arafat'
Even if he lives, the idea of him must die.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003 12:01 a.m. EDT

Reflecting the views of Israel's Cabinet, Vice Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
said publicly over the weekend that "killing" Yasser Arafat was "one of
the options." Secretary of State Colin Powell of course had to say that
exiling or executing Arafat would incite Arab rage, that it would be most
unhelpful to the peace process, etc., etc.

The truth is that Yasser Arafat's moment in history has ended. The world
would do well to think hard about how it came to pass, after so many years
and so much talk and blood, that the era of Arafat arrived at this
endpoint--with Israel saying that it may be worth the trouble simply to
kill him. How far we've come from the Rose Garden in 1993.

It is a fine irony that Mr. Powell spoke of the need to soldier on with
Yasser Arafat while the Secretary himself was standing in Baghdad for the
first time. Mr. Powell is in Baghdad because President Bush concluded
after September 11, and after the political failure of the first Gulf War,
that the years of Western self-delusion about the nature of global terror
must be brought to an end. Similarly, the delusions about Arafat also must
now end.

"Arafat" should enter history not merely as the name of one autocratic
man, but as the name we assign to an entire Western phenomenon of false
thinking. "Arafat," we now see, has come to represent the act of
self-delusion on a massive, international scale. "Arafat" is about
refusing to believe that an adversary is simply irredeemable. Most
importantly at this particular moment, "Arafat" is about allowing
barbarism, or its techniques, to challenge the political tenets of
civilized life.

For years the Western nations that emerged from World War II and the Cold
War have been playing with fire by pretending that their world and the
alternative world of "Arafat" could somehow coexist. More than anything,
this impossible notion reflected political and moral fatigue. Thus in the
1990s, the world came very close to letting "Arafat," this time in the
person of Slobodan Milosevic, achieve its logical end on European soil,
again. But the United States intervened and Milosevic is on trial for
crimes against civilized humanity. George W. Bush's decision to go to war
against the regime of Saddam Hussein was the opposite of "Arafat"
thinking; it was a decision to refute "Arafat."
If you look at the Nobel Prizes' own biography of Yasser Arafat, you find
this remarkable sentence toward the end: "Like other Arab regimes in the
area, however, Arafat's governing style tended to be more dictatorial than
democratic." That is to say, Arafat by his own choice of
governance--dictatorship over democracy--bears individual responsibility
for the legacy he leaves.

That legacy includes: the contemporary crime of hijacking and blowing up
civilian-filled airliners; the attempted destabilization of Jordan and
Israel and the successful destruction of Lebanon as a formerly sovereign
nation; and decades of violated international agreements, culminating in
the collapse of Oslo. Last year, in a perfect storm of bad faith, Arafat
was caught paying for the shipment of arms from Iran to the Palestinian
territories aboard the Karine A.

Across these years, the West, mainly the European nations, accomplished
the post-World War II feat of pretending that crime is not crime, so long
as the motives and politics for the crimes are moralized. The U.S. and
Israel participated as well in the pretense, bringing Arafat out of exile
in Tunis. The world has learned since that this apologetics (and much
direct funding) has made possible any crime, culminating in the anti-moral
act known as suicide bombers. Arafat most recently threw over Mahmoud
Abbas, and the fatigued West barely sighed in complaint.

This past September 3, in an article published in the Palestinian daily
newspaper Al-Ayyam, the Palestinian writer Tawfiq Abu Bakr wrote: "It is
difficult to find a greater and more deeply rooted culture of
self-deception than that in our Arab and Palestinian arena." But we in the
West fomented that culture of self-deception, by perpetuating the conceit
that Yasser Arafat--"Arafat"--was the singular vessel of peace for the
Palestinians. He manifestly is not.

The Israelis are in the best position to know what to do at this point,
though no option--seclusion, exile, trial or killing him--is particularly
attractive. But Israel has to live (or die) with Arafat. The U.S. for its
part, rather than sustain the Arafat conceit as it is doing now, should
say it is no longer going to be associated with Arafat and what he stands
for. As for the Palestinians and Arabs, the President of the United States
has said many times that he supports a Palestinian state. Now they too
have to decide whether the moment has arrived to get past "Arafat."

For those who will scream that this is more "unilateralism," we would say
that for some 30 years there were crucial breakpoints, most recently the
Oslo concessions and the Abbas opening, where credible pressure on Arafat
from important players in the West and Middle East might have avoided
arriving at where we are now. It never came. Not once.

Where Yasser Arafat spends the rest of his life is not important. What
matters is for the world to recognize that it is time to get rid of

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