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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

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3. Jerusalem Post Leftist denounces the Supreme Court's anti-democratic

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9. Chaim Misgav is my lawyer in fighting the anti-democratic SLAPP suit
by Comrade Neve Gordon, whose idea of patriotism is publishing his articles
on the neonazi Holocaust Denial Zundelsit of Ernst Zundel:

So Ahmed, we'll meet in Kfar Malal?

Chaim Misgav is convinced that Sharon is determined to banish the Jews
from Gush Katif. Hes only afraid that it wont end there.
by Chaim Misgav

The prime minister is resolute: he wants to carry out his plan to evacuate
all the Jews from Gush Katif at any price. What will happen afterwards, he
doesnt really know. But that, apparently, is not all that important to

There are hundreds of thousands of refugees who have been in the Gaza
Strip for decades, whose only desire is to return to the homes that they
left in 1948, in Ashkelon, Ashdod, Beer Sheva, who will not likely view
the Jews fleeing as a gesture of good will. The Egyptian advisors, much
like those Soviet advisors who were in Egypt on the eve of the Yom Kippur
war, doubtless have no intention of making life harder for those who wish
to continue the war of independence of the Palestinian nation, until all
of the conquered lands are freed. What is happening now in Sderot will
happen tomorrow, in all likelihood, in Ashkelon after the disengagement
becomes a painful reality.

The entire Arab world will view this as fleeing under fire, a sign that
the Jews can be driven out, essentially, from any place, if enough
pressure is applied. The refugees that are still living in the refugee
camps for more than 60 years after our war of independence, will
understand undoubtedly that the Jews who returned to their lands after
many years of Diaspora still dont really believe in their right to this

The refugees, who hold the keys to the homes that they abandoned in Jaffa
and Haifa, in Ramle and in Lod, will start to believe that the right of
return is not just an empty promise by the leaders who abandoned them, or
some dream; rather it is a reality that is taking shape before their very
eyes. The images of trucks upon which the Jews who refuse to be evacuated
from their homes will be heaped by force, will be broadcast around the
world. Everyone who sees them will see the similarities between what
happened to the Jews in World War II and what is happening to them today
now at the hands of their own brethren.

Ariel Sharon must realize all thisbut he cant see further than the bridge
of his nose, all those who have been trying to explain to him that in the
Middle East, evacuation plans are not widely seen as gestures of good will
on the path to peace, but rather as acts of cowardice and fear, a mental
caving in that invites more pressure in hopes that more fleeing and more
gestures will come before the long awaited peace arriveswithout Jews,
without Jewish sovereignty and without the Zionist state, which banishes
innocent Arabs from their land, Arabs who never wanted anything but to
live alongside the Zionists.
Many people will counter, of course, that Ariel Sharon, who was a glorious
general in his youth, cannot be so stupid as to believe that if he exiles
Jews from the Gaza Strip, he will raise the level of security in Sderot
and in the western Negev, or that the settlements in northern Samaria are
only just a security burden. But its happened in the past. It happened in
other countriesand its happening before our eyes right now. Generals get
older, and sometimes wish to strike from their resume all sorts of
questionable episodes in their career, and they do all they can to end up
their lives with some kind of accord of general agreement.

It hasnt worked anywhere else in the world, and its not going to work for
us either. David Ben-Gurion loved the Arik-hero-of-Israel thing despite
the fact that he was caught lying, and not just once. Ben Gurion, as we
all know, also worshipped Moshe Dayanand kicked Yigal Allon out for him to
take his placedespite the fact that he was also a wild card. These two
glorious stallions made a name for us amongst our neighbors all those
years agobut they also broke a lot of rules in the process. Much has
already been written about Moshe Dayan in this area; Ariel Sharon,
however, has only recently had his activities more closely scrutinized.

In a book of conversations with Shimon Peres that I published recently
(called Not the Same Sea) the aging leader, known for his friendship with
Ariel Sharon, told me that on the eve of the Lebanon War, he met with then
Prime Minister Menachem Begin as head of the opposition, and that his
impression at the time was that the then minister of defense, none other
than Ariel Sharon, was not telling the prime minister the whole truth.

Similar and contradictory stories like this about Ariel Sharon abound, but
that is not whats important right now: We must now find, before it is too
late, a coalition of 61 MKs who will send Ariel Sharon packing to Sycamore
ranch. It wont be so bad. If he retires to there before the withdrawal
from Gaza, then there is a chance that he will be able to live out his
remaining years without the constant background whistle of incoming
missiles fired from Gaza. If not, then he can always go home to his
parents house in Kfar Malal.

There, the Arabs may only get to in a couple of years.

The writer is a lecturer at the Law Faculty at Bar Ilan University and at
the Law school at the Academic College in Netanya. He also manages a law
office in Tel Aviv and hosts the television show "Crossfire" and the radio
show "Black and White".

Monday, July 05, 2004

The Newest Jihad against Israel's Security Wall
By Steven Plaut

The anti-Semites and Israel-bashers have been livid with anger over
Israel's building of a security wall to keep the Palestinian terrorists
from murdering any more Israeli civilians. Gated neighborhoods should be
only for liberal West Coast yuppies, they apparently believe, and not for
Jews. Around 1400 Israelis have been murdered, many of them children,
just since Yassir Arafat and his PLO signed the Oslo "peace accords"
foreswearing all violence and use of force forever. The Israeli attempt
to prevent any further murders through the erection of the "fence" has
been denounced as aggression and as violations of the human rights to
murder Israelis of the Palestinians. Israeli children on buses and cafes
evidently have no human rights that deserve protecting. The fanatic ISM
or International Solidarity Movement, which openly endorses armed violence
and terror against Israelis, and assorted far-Leftist self-hating Israeli
groups of "protesters" have been leading the assault against the fence and
those building it, including through violence. And now they have a
bizarre new ally.

Americans are used to complaints about imperious and biased courts
and court justices, especially those appointed by assorted leftist
presidents and other liberals
( ). Why,
just this past week the brethren in black in Washington decided to protect
your children from any attempts by you to keep them away from kiddie porn.
But the American Supreme Court is a bastion of moderation and humble
caution in comparison with Israel's own judicial tyrants. Robert Bork has
declared Israel's Supreme Court the worst in the democratic world
( ). And Israel's Supreme
Court has just joined the jihad against the "Wall"

Let us back up a bit. Until Ariel Sharon came into office, the
official Israeli policy regarding terrorist atrocities was little more
than turning the other cheek. Leftist Prime Minister Ehud Barak, from the
Labor Party, and his predecessors generally responded to terror attacks,
bombings, and rocket assaults against Israel by the PLO, its affiliates,
or the Hizb'Allah by sending in the air force to bomb some empty buildings
in retaliation, in many cases after warning the terrorists in advance to
make sure none got injured.

After Sharon took over, and after the PLO opened the misnamed
"Al-Aqsa Intifada", a nonstop campaign of atrocities and pogroms against
Jews that is now in its fourth year, Sharon made two important changes in
policy. The first was to agree to implement the policy of a "security
fence" to be built inside the West Bank, a policy that the Left had been
promoting for years as a panacea against terror. The Lefties liked the
idea because they thought the fence would establish Israel's 1949
ceasefire lines as the borders between Israel and the Palestinian terror
state they were determined to erect. The other Sharon change in direction
was a sharply stepped-up campaign of targeting Palestinian terrorist
leaders for assassination.

Most people have probably failed to take notice of the fact that
during recent months the Palestinian violence has dropped off
dramatically. This is not because of any decision by Arafat and his
henchmen to abandon terror, savagery, and war, of course. The media have
been falsely attributing the drop in the number of Palestinian atrocities
to the effect of the "fence". They are wrong.

The fence itself is not even built yet. Only segments of it exist,
and it is easy and unchallenging simply to walk or drive around the
existing segments. The simple fact of the matter is that no physical
barrier yet really stands between Israeli cities and the terrorists. So
why the sharp drop off in suicide bombings and similar attacks against
Israeli civilians?

The answer is the other major change in policy by Sharon. Sharon
ordered the Israeli military and intelligence services to liquidate the
leaders of the terrorist organizations, other than Arafat and his
immediate sidekicks. Lower PLO officials and military commanders of all
the terror squads have been hit and killed, over and over. Just last
week, Israeli troops decapitated all three main terrorist organizations
(or what the CNN and BBC call "militants and activists") operating out of
the West Bank city of Nablus, this in an operation resembling the climax
of a Godfather movie. Israel also repeatedly killed the heads of the
"Hamas" movement, which was left in such desperation that it refused even
to name its next chief, lest he be targeted as well.

If any proof were needed that the drop in the carnage has nothing to
do with any newfound inclination on the part of the PLO or its minions to
resolve conflict peacefully, the PLO has responded to the decimation of
the terrorist command structure by escalating rocket attacks on Jewish
civilians from the Gaza Strip. Gaza has a set of tunnels and buried arms
factories that even the North Koreans would be proud to have. They are
supplied via the smuggling tunnels into Gaza from Egypt, which all those
ISM preppies and "anarchists", in town from the Western campus Left, are
trying their best to defend and to prevent Israel from bulldozing. ISM
matron Rachel Corrie, long declared the Marxist Mother Theresa, committed
suicide on behalf of the terror and smugglers, while trying to stop an
Israeli earth mover from destroying one such tunnel, when she positioned
herself where the driver could not see her.

The PLO and its affiliates have fired over 300 "Kassam" rockets,
primitive terror instruments with poor aim designed to wreck havoc when
fired, into Jewish civilian areas. Most do little damage, but last week
one landed and murdered a four year old boy and his grandfather. The boy
had been born only after his parents had undergone 15 years of fertility
treatment. Others were injured by other rockets last week. Let us
emphasize that these are all rockets being fired into Israeli civilian
areas WITHIN its pre-1967 borders, and NOT into any parts of the so-called
"occupied territories". The rocket attacks should put to rest any
delusions that simply building a nice fence will end the Palestinian
barbarism and terror. Last week's Kassam attacks prove that the bloodshed
cannot be controlled unless Israel also is on the ground and in control,
even on the OTHER side of any security fence it builds!

Having noted the doubts about its effectiveness, nevertheless few
Israelis would question the idea that the "fence" contributes towards
containing and suppressing the Palestinian terror, at least up to a point.
Few, besides the Supreme Court justices, that is.

Israel's Supreme Court justices are not elected and cannot be
impeached. They are chosen by a non-elected panel, which itself consists
by and large of sitting justices. Like Britain (whose judicial system
Israel inherited when it became independent, after British colonial rule
over the Land of Israel ended in 1948), Israel has no formal, written
Constitution. Instead, its court system operates on the basis of legal
precedent. The Israeli Supreme Court has been out of control for many
years ( and also ). There have
bee quixotic attempts to rein it in
( ). The Chief Justice
and many of his colleagues openly endorse the anti-democratic doctrines of
"judicial activism", which essentially means judicial tyranny
( ).

The justices invent for themselves laws and powers, including the
power to negate and revoke laws passed by Israel's democratically-chosen
parliament, the Knesset. The Chief Justice has repeated appealed to
"enlightened opinion", meaning leftist radical-secularist opinion, in his
pronouncements and rulings, including those that over-ride parliamentary
decisions. The Court has repeatedly made anti-religious rulings (sound
familiar American readers?) and established "rights", such as for gay
couples, that the parliament itself would never countenance. The Court
has literally revoked laws passed in the parliament by large majorities on
the basis of its own dubious interpretation of assorted "basic laws",
themselves passed by tiny majorities in the parliament, claiming these
"basic laws" establish super-parliamentary constitution-like powers for
the Court that allow it to trump the will of the voter.

In general, the Supreme Court justices in the past restricted
their kibitzing and interference to civilian areas, letting the military
and the executive branch make their own strategic and policy decisions
regarding security matters. For example, it rejected attempts by leftists
to petition the Court into ordering the military and the prime minister to
stop the targeting of terror leaders. But this week, the Supreme Court
lost all semblance of restraint and went after the "fence"
( ).

The Supreme Court joined those Israeli Far Leftists who oppose the
specific positioning of the "fence". The Court ordered the government to
change the "fence" and build it along lines that would be less effective
in protecting Israeli civilians, because the new lines would be less
disruptive for Palestinians ( ).
Disrupting Palestinian activity, especially terrorist activity, of course
is the whole point of the fence. The Court was putting the avoidance of
inconveniencing Palestinians ahead of defending the rights of my children
to live. It now plans to rule that several other segments of the fence
are illegal and need to be moved to positions favored by the judicial

Like so many previous Israeli Court rulings, this one had no basis
whatsoever in law. There is no Israeli law being violated by the existing
route of the fence and there is no law granting the Court justices powers
as official surveyors or state geographers. How on earth does the Court
know whether there are persuasive military considerations for the lines
for the fence Sharon and his people wanted? None of the judges are
military experts. Who gave the Court the power to second-guess the army?

The only official excuse for the Court ruling was that the "fence"
somehow was in violation of "international law". One does not know
whether to laugh or cry at that. International law? Well, 12 years of
Palestinian nonstop terror have also been violations, not only of
international law but of the Oslo "peace accords" themselves. Since when
does international law rule out acts of self-defense against terrorist
attack and aggression? And who says Israel should be the very first
state on the planet, rather than (say) the ninth or tenth, to accept and
abide by the arbitrary dictates of "international law". Heck, even the
"judges" at the International Court of Justice, sitting behind their own
nice security fence in the Hague, have yet to declare Israel's fence in
violation of "international law" (before then trying to indict the US for
its similar "violations"). Even some from Israel's Left have denounced
the Israeli Court ruling ( ).

The real effect of Israel's own "rulings by PC fad and campus mood
swings" on the part of Israel's Supreme Court justices may be to pull all
of Israel into one humongous constitutional crisis. While Sharon agreed
to accept the Court Justices' arbitrary personal opinion dressed up as a
court ruling, there are already efforts in the parliament to "bypass" the
Supreme Court and to put the judicial tyrants in their proper places
( ). What would happen if the
parliament now were to approve officially the old route of the "fence" the
justices just ruled as illegal? What would the judges do call the cops?
And whom would the cops obey?

Such a "Mexican standoff" might be just what Israel needs! It has been
brewing for many years. The parliament should not rest at tweaking the
Court's nose but should aggressively seek to democratize the Israeli
Court. Adopting impeachment of Court justices via ballot initiative or
parliamentary vote would be a giant step in the right direction!

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5. ADL raps Nader on anti-Israel views
There is a line between thoughtful, reasoned, constructive disagreements
and offensive hyperbole, the ADL wrote

The Anti-Defamation League on Friday sent a letter to independent
presidential candidate Ralph Nader protesting his recent characterization
of the White House and Congress as being "puppets" of the Israeli
government and pro-Israel lobby.

"Reasonable people can and do disagree with American foreign policy
related to the Middle East, and specifically American support for Israel.

However, there is a line between thoughtful, reasoned, constructive
disagreements and offensive hyperbole," the ADL wrote.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

1. Translation of article from Friday July 2, 2004 from Maariv (Israel's
second largest daily):

Suspicion: Extremist Leftist Activists are Assisting Palestinian Terror
By Uri Yablenko

Alongside the war against terror and the mission to remove Jewish
settlers from Gaza, the Israeli military is now preparing itself with deep
concern for a new threat, namely, the involvement of activists from
leftist extremist organizations - especially non-Israelis but also
including Israeli leftists - as accomplices to Palestinian terror
organizations. Their suspected collaboration includes the transport of
explosives from the "occupied territories" into the Israeli heartland.

According to the suspicion, based on intelligence collected by the
Shin Bet (intelligence services), some of the leftists who have been
demonstrating in recent months against the construction of Israel's
security fence, have also been serving as collaborators, possibly
unconsciously so, for terror organizations. Military intelligence has
produced evaluations according to which these leftist activists are
transporting cases and bundles into Israel from the other side of the
security fence, at times perhaps unaware that they are transporting
explosives and detonation devices. The military is watching with concern
the activities of the hundreds of foreign leftists who have entered Israel
in recent days for purposes of conducting violent protests against Israel
in the West Bank and Gaza.

The military has pointed explicitly to the so-called "International
Solidarity Movement", which operates cells in the occupied territories and
also maintains several hundred members inside Israel, people who entered
the country pretending to be tourists. Senior military officials said
this week that two terrorists who conducted a bombing of Mike's Pub in Tel
Aviv, killing several people, on the Tel Aviv Promenade, came into Israel
as ISM members.

In addition, the leftists are declaring openly their intention to
sabotage and vandalize the security fence any place they can manage to do
so. Jonathan Polk, a member of the Israeli group calling itself
"Anarchists against the Fence", explains: "We do not acknowledge the
legitimacy of the Israeli army nor the Israeli state, nor their right to
implement 'collective punishment', as expressed by the fence. The fence
is illegitimate and we will do everything we can to destroy it."

(Translator's comment - the actual goal of the protesters is to
assist Palestinian mass murderers and suicide bombers to have easier
access to Israeli civilians by sabotaging the fence.)

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Friday, July 02, 2004

Outting of the ISM Pro-Terrorists:
Solidarity With Terror
By Lee Kaplan | July 2, 2004

This June I attended a training session of the International Solidarity
Movement (ISM), an organization of volunteers whose purpose is to obstruct
Israeli defense forces attempting to protect the civilian population from
terrorist acts. The ISM was set up by the Palestinians after Arafat broke
off the Oslo peace talks and launched the second intifada. Its organizers
were Ghassan Andoni, a physics professor from Bir Zeit University in the
West Bank, and Palestinian activists George Rishmawi and George Qassis.
The idea was to bring in international volunteers, mostly radical students
from the United States, Canada and Europe, as nonviolent peace activists
who would interfere with the Israeli armys anti-terrorist operations. If
the volunteers were injured or arrested, the international repercussions
would be detrimental to Israel, a propaganda win for the PLO. The
operation costs the Palestine Authority very little since many of the
radical volunteers pay their own transportation costs and live in the
homes of Palestinians during their stays in the Middle East.

The ISM made international headlines when one of its activists, Rachel
Corrie, a college radical from Olympia, Washington, was killed while
attempting to block an Israeli bulldozer. The bulldozer was attempting to
destroy tunnels from the Gaza strip through which the terrorists imported
weapons and explosives. Corrie became a martyr to the cause, and
inspiration to other radicals to follow.

Adam Shapiro and Huwaida Arraf of the ISM

The most visible American figure in the International Solidarity Movement
is Adam Shapiro, a Brooklyn Jew and college radical,who became a human
shield for Yasser Arafat when the Israeli army surrounded Arafats Ramallah
compound following the massacre of 30 Israelis some of them Holocaust
survivors -- at a Passover seder, shortly after the Intifada was launched.
When I interviewed him last year, Shapiro told me point blank that he does
not consider himself a Jew. He is married to Huwaida Arraf, a
Palestinian-American activist from Michigan whose father holds Israeli
citizenship. They have become the spokespeople for the ISM in the United
States. In articles on the ISM website where they discuss their goals of
dismantling Israel by supporting Palestinian terrorists they use
euphemisms such as legitimate resistance or support for legitimate armed
struggle while claiming that they are nonviolent. The ISM uses as its
motto by any means necessary.

Such means include the hiding of terrorists like Shadi Sukiya, who was
arrested in an ISM office in the West Bank. An arms cache was also found
in an ISM office. Two suicide bombers gained entry for their murderous
agendas under the auspices of the ISM. These Pakistani Muslims from Great
Britain entered Israel through Jordan as clients of the Alternative
Tourism Group, an operation set up by Andoni to aid ISM volunteers coming
to Israel. They then met with the ISM at their offices for an entire day
in Gaza before proceeding on to Tel Aviv where they bombed a popular beach
bar, Mikes Place, killing three people.

In the last three years the ISM has developed an extensive presence in the
United States, while operating under several organizational names to avoid
unwanted scrutiny of its operations. One of these entities, Al Awda (the
Return in Arabic), is also known as the Palestine Right to Return to
Return Coalition (PRRC). It is led by Mazen Qumsiyeh, a Yale geneticist.
There are Al Awda chapters all over the United States, particularly in the
vicinities of U.S. college campuses. Other ISM groups under the name
SUSTAIN (Stop U.S. Taxpayer Assistance to Israel Now) operate in Los
Angeles and New York. In New Jersey, the ISM supporters call themselves
Palsolidarity. When the volunteers go to the Middle East to aid the PLO
they go under the umbrella name of the International Solidarity Movement.
When they hold events in the U.S. and Canada they call themselves the
Palestine Solidarity Movement.

The party line, however, is always the same. The right of so-called
Palestinian refugees to return to Israel is unconditional and Israel
itself must become Palestine. The number of actual refugees from that part
of the former Ottoman empire where Israel was established in 1948 was
600,000, most of whom are no longer alive. The number of refugees the
Palestine Authority now recognizes is close to 5 million. The population
of Israel is 6 million, including 1 million Israeli Arabs. The math is
simple and the desired result: the liquidation of the Jewish state.

At the Palestine Solidarity Conference held at Ohio State last year, Adam
Shapiro told me that the ISM has Palestinian handlers, or undercover
supervisors at all demonstrations against Israel. These supervisors direct
attacks against the separation fence that is being built to keep suicide
bombers and armed terrorists from infiltrating into Israel and other
targets. One of the handlers leading the current attacks on the security
fence at the start of this summers campaign is a veteran of the Marxist
terrorist group PLFP named Hisham Jam Joun. The ISM website, , openly proclaims that the organization is

I signed up for the ISM training session, after seeing their Internet
announcement calling for volunteers for their new campaign, which they
called Freedom Summer 2004, after the nonviolent campaign of the civil
rights movement in the American south in the 1960s. There were similar
announcements on local websites run by the ISM all over the United States.

The phone number I dialed put me in touch with Paul LaRudee, a 68 year-old
retired Berkeley professor who, along with his Lebanese wife, has been a
leader of the ISM movement in the Bay Area. LaRudee assured me that they
welcomed everybody, no matter how old or inexperienced. Most of our
volunteers are in their sixties, he said. I was advised if I wanted to
train with the ISM I needed to attend an orientation lecture at The New
College of San Francisco which was being given by an Arab-American named
Jess Ghannam, a psychoanalyst and professor at the University of
California Medical School.

Ghannams lecture was a two hour diatribe, reviewing the history of the
Middle East. It was so pathologically anti-Israel that it even reversed
the famous slogan of the PLO, originating with Arafats uncle the Grand
Mufti of Jerusalem that the goal of Palestinian liberation was to drive
the Jews into the sea. In Ghannams version it was the Jews who intended to
drive the Arabs into the sea, though how this could be done with 200
million people he failed to explain.

Ghannam concluded his lecture by telling a story about an Israeli soldier
who asked him for his ID card when he was at a checkpoint in the West
Bank. The young soldier noticed that Ghannam was from the San Francisco
Bay Area and, being friendly, mentioned hed gone to Mt.Tamalpais High
School near Ghannams home. Imagine! Ghannam said indignantly, This
soldier, a Jew born in the United States, had the nerve to ask me for my
ID on my land! Yet Ghannam had told us in the beginning of the lecture
that he was also born in the United States.

The following Saturday morning, June 12th, I arrived for my actual
training. The session was held at 2263 Mission Street in San Francisco, a
ratty storefront theater in a rundown area of the city that had a folding
grid gate barring the entrance from the public.

About ten of us showed up, counting both volunteers and trainers. Before
we were allowed to enter the storefront, however, we had to go through a
simulated interrogation by an Israeli border guard impersonated by a woman
named Jamie, who was a social worker for the city of San Francisco.

Jamie took her role very seriously. We learned later that she was an ISM
veteran, having been a volunteer in Israel two years earlier as a member
of San Franciscos Jews For A Free Palestine (JFFP) and would be going
again this summer.

Jamie went through my belongings and, on finding my notes from the ISM
orientation lecture, asked me why I an Arabic name like Jess Ghannam
appeared in my notebook.. Playing the game, I replied that I thought Jess
was a Christian name and that I had no idea that Ghannam was an Arab. She
asked me what hotel I was staying at in Israel, to which I replied the
Sheraton. She allowed me to pass inside, and then turned to the next

After everyone passed through the interrogation ritual, the gate was
secured with a big padlock so nobody could get in or out. We were told we
were in there for the entire day with just a brief break for lunch, a
potluck meal which we had all been asked to contribute to.

Now that we had entered Israel, Jamie continued with the instruction. She
had us form a circle and then led a discussion of the border checkpoint
wed just been through. I was told I did the right thing to get past the
guard by lying that I had not realized Ghannam was an Arabic name and
making up the hotel, since I would be actually staying with Palestinians.
In other words, the ISM training session began with the idea of breaking
the law to enter a democratic country by deceiving its border guards. In
fact, everything we were instructed to do in the course of our training
while we were in Israel would involve some form of breaking Israeli law.

Jamie then handed out ISM training manuals, big thick white notebooks
containing eight sections, a text designed for would be infiltrators and
subversives. Inside were articles authored by radical groups like the War
Resisters League, Act Up, Direct Action and a several anti-global
organizations. There were also internal ISM documents. They contained
valuable information on how to disrupt the Israeli law enforcement and
defense officials as effectively as possible. Jamie admonished us, You see
what it might be like when you try to enter Israel. Dont bring your
manuals with you!

We then introduced ourselves. The first in the circle to do so was Mahera,
a Palestinian-American woman in her late twenties who we were told would
also be training us.

Mahera told everyone she works for the San Francisco office of the
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). I learned later that
our orientation lecturer, Jess Ghannam, was on the Board of Directors of
the San Francisco chapter of the same organization, which bills itself as
a non-profit civil rights advocacy group for Muslims and Arab-Americans.
Glancing through my manual I noticed it referred us to the ADC reader.

Many will be familiar with the ADC through its communications director,
Hussein Ibish, who frequently appears on television talk shows, and
promotes the ADC as a civil rights organization for Muslim-Americans in no
way involved with aiding Middle East terrorism.

As Adam Shapiro had informed me earlier, the group was told that the ISM
is a Palestinian-led movement and that we were under the leadership of the
Palestinians who had professional handlers to oversee what we would be
doing. Once we were in the West Bank there would be veteran ISM leaders to
guide us, but that the Palestinian handlers had ultimate control.

The first woman in the circle identified herself as Barbara Miles, who
said her maiden name was Zakasia and that she was Lebanese-American.
Barbara described how she had visited Syria to support of the regime
there. She asked if having Syria stamped on her passport would prevent her
from getting into Israel. Get a new passport, Jamie advised. Its easy.

Ian Trenallio

The next to introduce himself was Ian Trenallio who was from Lake Tahoe
and wore a T-shirt that said anti-hate, anti-capitalist, anti-Zionist. Ian
told us he formerly had lived in San Pablo, a suburb of Berkeley. He had
recently been to Tijuana, he said, to protest economic globalization and
now he wanted to help the Palestinians. Dont say to the border guard you
are there to help the Palestinians! Jamie interjected. The goal is to have
the Israeli guards think you are a tourist. The Israeli economy is hurting
because the war has killed tourism and we want to take advantage of that.

Solidarity With Terror (Continued)
By Lee Kaplan | July 2, 2004

Next to contribute was Christina Cruz, an Argentine national who was a
student in the U.S. She expressed concern that she would have to go into
to debt to join Freedom Summer. She wanted to help people and further the
cause of human rights. It was still hard for me to understand the equation
helping terrorists and human rights.

Because of my interest in pro-Palestinian bias of university faculties, I
was especially interested in the next volunteer. Scott identified himself
as Jewish and even claimed to have family in Israel. He said he was a
supporter of Israel until he attended classes in Middle East Studies at
Stanford University. I used to support Israel until I took some classes
with Joel Beinin who set me straight, he volunteered. Beinin is a former
president of the Middle East Studies Association and a self-proclaimed
Marxist and supporter of the Palestinian struggle to liberate Israel by
dismantling the Jewish state.

The next speaker was Jeff who said hed been to Israel before but was now
looking forward to go there to stir things up. He was a Bay Area radical
involved in environmental issues. He was followed by Ken, a semi-retired
consultant for the Food and Drug Administration who introduced himself as
someone who was sick and tired of what the Zionists had been doing and
wasnt afraid to do something about it even if the CIA is after me.


Nui introduced herself by explaining she was part Lebanese and part
Thai-Chinese. She was going to help the Palestinians and find her roots.
No one asked her to explain this.

Meredith (right)

Next came Meredith, who said she was going to Palestine to assert herself
as a queer Jewish woman. She quickly explained that she was really only
half-Jewish, and that by helping the Palestinians she was asserting her
identity. She was evidently oblivious to fate of gays living in the Moslem

Arlene, a 62 year-old Jewish woman from Oakland, was more vocal than the
others. She told us that she had a lifetime of activism. During the
Vietnam War I went to visit and support the comrades who told me to go
back home and fight the war against America from here for them. She told
us that she was estranged from her parents and had used the excuse of
their funeral to get into Israel the last time she was there. Despite her
age she was ready to do things to attack the Israeli soldiers such as
throwing tear gas canisters back at them during riots and putting sugar in
the gas tanks of their security vehicles. She lamented a loose bladder due
to her age but vowed it would not stop her from helping the Palestinians
with all the other ISM volunteers. She also expressed grief for the
Israeli execution of Sheik Yassin, the former head of Hamas who was
responsible for the murders of over 350 people inside Israel including
some American citizens. Were going to win, she glowed. Like Dr. Ghannam
said at the lecture the other day, the demographics are on our side.

Once the introductions were complete, Jamie shared with us the experiences
and methods used by previous ISM volunteers to fool the Israeli border
police. Make a reservation in a hotel in Israel even if you dont use it.
Bring guidebooks for Israel that look dog eared. Give them the name of a
hostel if you are young enough, these will fool the border guards.

She continued, If you use the name of someone in Israel as being the
reason for your visit, they will call that person. Make certain you have a
story thought out who that person is. If that person were an Israeli
leftist, the task was a lot easier. Mary Erwin, another trainer from
Oakland, interjected at this point that our allies from the Israeli
anarchist and communist movements were ready to lie to the border guards
when called on the phone. They were available to verify false stories
given to the border guards in order to get the ISM volunteers into Israel.
She offered to provide us with the names and numbers of leftists in Israel
who would say they knew us.

If the border guards become suspicious, an Israeli contact will be set up
to lie and say you are visiting them, Mary summarized. She mentioned the
leftist Israeli group Btselem as providing such false witnesses. Btselem
is one of the most active leftist groups in Israel working to aid the PLO.
Among its leaders is Anat Biletzski, the former head of Israels Communist

Once we were inside Israel we were told we could make our way to the West
Bank even though we were also informed that to go there is illegal. Jamie
told us to email ourselves instructions so we would not need our manuals.
We were assured the ISM corps was working on legal proposals to challenge
the Israeli government at every turn if illegal entrants were discovered.
We are asking also if people are willing to resist if they are caught and
told they will be deported. Anything to be a nuisance and break the law
was the goal.

We were also given alternative ways to get into Israel besides through Ben
Gurion Airport. You can take a taxi from Amman in Jordan to the Allenby
Bridge (Jordans border entry). Even if you are turned back from that
entry, you can go to the other border crossing because they usually dont
know you were turned away from another one first, Jamie counseled.
Rehearse your story, she continued. They will interrogate you also when
you leave. If they interrogate you, you can miss your plane. Dont buy
anything because it will give them things to look through.

As for luggage, she told us if could pass as students we should just use a
backpack. A duffel bag on wheels does well at the airport. Remember that
Israel needs tourists. Their economy is in shambles and they are anxious
for tourism. And they are not organized.

Most of all, be patient. If they ask you questions such as What are you
doing here? Dont you know theres a war? you should reply, I thought it was
better now. Or say, I had my ticket for a long time and my Israeli
friends said I should come. If you are Jewish, know your Hebrew name if
they ask you what it is. Know your story. Wear your Star of David
especially if you are Jewish.

We were told once we were on the West Bank and under the Palestine
Authority we were to attend another mandatory two-day training session
where we would be assigned to affinity groups. She then began making a
bulletin board of how we were to function by setting up rules. The first
rule was Confidentiality. Volunteers would be assigned to unknown affinity
groups where they would function as teams to disrupt the Israel soldiers
in military zones.

We were then instructed to say to the media if we were interviewed: We
support the Palestinian right to resist the occupation provided by
international law. If the interview were more extensive, we were told to
say: We call for an immediate end to occupation and immediate compliance
and implementation of all relevant UN resolutions. Apparently to the ISM,
international law is whatever they want it to be, since their agenda is to
break laws to enter a democratic country in order to further violate its

Brian Malovany

When one of the trainees asked if we as ISM volunteers favored a two-state
solution to secure peace, Brian Malovany, another senior trainer from
Oakland who had just joined us explained, The idea of a two-state solution
is pretty much dead. This was an interesting dismissal of all the peace
plans ever proposed by the United Nations, the United States, or the
official negotiating parties of the Palestinians themselves. There can
only be one state called Palestine, explained Molvany echoing the line of
Hamas and other terrorist organizations. And the Right of Return is
non-negotiable. If people ask you about a two-state solution just tell
them its a human rights issue. Whatever you do though, do not dictate to
the Palestinians what they should not do.

In other words, if the Palestinians shoot at Israeli soldiers dont tell
them it is wrong to do so. Apparently being non-violent peace activists
only applies to the end of dismantling Israel and providing cover for the
people who will commit the violent acts.

I asked Molvany, But what if we see kids throwing stones at tanks or
putting themselves in danger. Shouldnt we tell them not to and urge them
to stay away?

Brian Malovany responded: We cant tell kids not to throw stones! Its not
our place to tell them what to do. Obviously the same rule applied to
suicide bombers as we were advised that we might be used as human shields
inside houses slated for demolition by the Israeli army because they were
used as bomb making factories.

During the lunch break I looked at my manual and found this ISM wisdom:

Some pacifists are uncomfortable with property damage. For myself...I see
it as a great tool.

[Some] settle for tactical nonviolence, but given the right historical
circumstance, armed struggle would be justified...


When TERRORISM is mentioned, emphasize STATE TERRORISM.

Instead of OCCUPATION say MILITARY OCCUPATION to make people think the
occupation is a MILITARY DICTATORSHIP. The only military dictator in
Israel and the West Bank is Yasser Arafat. The page this appeared on was
supplied by the Muslim Public Affairs Council, yet another purportedly
Muslim civil rights group like the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination

The most cynical section of the manual was the last chapter written by
Paul LaRudee, the Northern California ISM leader who provided my first
contact over the phone: You may well hear Palestinians talking about the
Jews when they really mean Israelis or the Israeli army or the Israeli
government. It is useful to remember the context; talk about the Jews is
not the indication of bigotry that it would be in the United States or

LaRudee also provided this whopper for queer activists who want to go on
the Freedom Summer 2004 tour: Palestinian society is as diverse in
attitudes about gender and sexuality as is U.S. society. In fact, over 100
homosexuals who had lived under the Palestine Authority recently took
refuge in Israel for fear of being killed.

Apparently the ISM doesnt care what they say as long as they get anyone
over there to make trouble and risk their lives for the cause. Now I
understood the recruitment of Meredith. To these radicals the strategy is
to tie any cause, any idea, any gender, environmental or social issue to
the destruction of Israel.

After lunch, we were given the activities schedule for the Freedom Summer
anti-Israel campaign (see the ISM website for details). It included
marching onto an Israeli army base to free captured terrorists and trying
to tear down the security fence. Violent attacks by the nonviolent ISM had
already begun when we met. Every member of our group knew that what they
were really being asked to do was illegal. They just didnt care.

Or perhaps its that radicals dont fear the Israeli police in the same way
they dont fear the police in the U.S. because they know in a democracy
they will be treated fairly. That might explain why they werent training
for sit-ins in Tiananmen Square or in Teheran where the authorities might
kill them. As if conceding the point, the ISM manual stressed that the
volunteers were not in any real danger from Israeli security forces and
advised them to inconvenience and disobey them in every way possible. The
manual also advised those who were arrested to contact the Bay Area
chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, an organization created by the
American Communist Party with a half century of legal experience in
supporting Communist and totalitarian causes.

After the break we were told how to deal with Israeli soldiers. If advised
to leave an area designated a closed military zone where the IDF is
fighting terrorists, we were told to demand their orders in writing. The
soldiers can only detain you. They have to call the border police to
arrest you, counseled Jamie.

A list of instructions was given on how to deal with possible arrests
since we would be doing our best to break the law. If a Palestinian was
arrested for something serious like throwing a Molotov cocktail, we were
told to show prison solidarity with him. We were told that international
demonstrators usually get released quickly by the police once they reach
the police station. But if we refused to leave without our Palestinian
companion, the police might release him also just to get rid of all of us.

Carry only a photocopy of your passport if they ask to see yours. If they
hold it, you have to remain like they tell you. But if its a photocopy you
can escape while they are busy handling other demonstrators. If the
soldiers tell you to back up ten feet, back up only five. Anything and
everything to interfere with the soldiers trying to do their jobs was our

Jamie told us a story of how 100 internationals had surrounded six Israeli
soldiers and besieged them at a roadblock set up to prevent suicide
bombers from getting into Israel. The soldiers, all young boys and
conscripts in the Israeli army, tried to control the mob until they ran
out of non-lethal weapons and were forced to withdraw. The trainers all
snickered at the story.

Not once all day, in any way, did members of our group trainers or
trainees express a negative word about suicide bombings, or the shooting
of women and children by Palestinian terrorists. But we were told
repeatedly not to tell the Palestinians how to resist.

At the conclusion of our session, Jamie used her training as a social
worker to prepare us to deal with long term trauma once we returned to the
Bay Area. I thought it was an interesting lesson for people going to the
Middle East to engage in nonviolent activities for peace. Be ready for
lots of violence, she said.

2. Jewish Patriots - Article by Native American (Indian) Writer

3. From the Wall St Journal:
Silence on the Arab Street

July 2, 2004; Page A10

CAIRO -- Colin Powell's visit this week to Sudan -- where he denounced the
government-backed ethnic cleansing in the western region of Darfur and
warned of a Rwanda-like genocide in the making -- made one thing perfectly
clear: The present cycle of horror and devastation in Sudan continues to
prompt more concern in Western countries than in the Arab world.

The victims of this new African tragedy of ethnic slaughter -- which
erupted more than a year ago but until recently attracted little
international attention -- are hundreds of thousands of civilians of the
Muslim faith. Though Muslim, they are not of the same ethnic origin as
their Arab oppressors in Sudan and the majority of their neighbors in
North Africa and the Middle East.


The U.S. Cavalry
Review & Outlook

Appalling scenes of torture and killing of civilians, including in
mosques; the rape of women of all ages, often in front of relatives; the
burning to the ground of scores of villages, and the destruction of water
sources in the drought- and poverty-stricken region of Darfur, have for
months now been reported by international human-rights groups.

So far, however, only a few Arab voices, most of them in the beleaguered
human-rights community, have warned against these large-scale crimes
against humanity perpetrated by the Sudanese military government and the
Janjaweed militiamen whom it backs and arms. Unfortunately, these voices
have little influence in a region where the media is still in the tight
grip of entrenched autocrats and most people are mired in illiteracy,
prejudice, poverty and injustice.

It is not the first time the state-run Arab media and even civil-society
advocates have remained tight-lipped as death, devastation, and
human-rights abuses unfold in a "brotherly" Arab country. Sudan is member
of the Cairo-based club of Arab autocrats known as the Arab League of
States. The immensity of the crimes committed under the watchful eye of
Gen. Omar Al-Bashir, who toppled a democratically elected government in
June 1989 with the backing of radical Islamists and offered refuge in the
early 1990s to Osama bin Laden, led even the toothless Arab League to
send, amid international pressure, a fact-finding mission to Darfur in
May. The result was an unprecedented press release -- the first of its
kind since the Arab League's establishment in 1945 -- acknowledging "gross
human-rights violations" committed in a member state. Sadly, the League
soon yielded to pressure from the Sudanese government and quietly turned
its back on the press release.

Life in Darfur

But even the hint of a reprimand from another Arab state was enough to
spark outrage within the Sudanese government. At the end of May, Sudanese
Foreign Minister Mustafa Othman Ismail erupted in anger during a memorable
news conference in Tunis following the Arab Summit, which Gen. Al-Bashir
boycotted apparently to protest his counterparts' meddling in Sudan's
business. Ismail said Sudan expected Western organizations to make
"unfounded allegations," but not the Arab League.

Arab reaction to the plight of the hundreds of thousands dispossessed,
abused and displaced Darfurians is reminiscent of the shocking silence
both of the Arab media and civil society that followed the gassing of
thousands of Kurds by Iraqi troops led by former dictator Saddam Hussein
more than 15 years ago. Such atrocious campaigns of ethnic cleansing in
Iraq at the end of the last century and in Sudan today would have prompted
deafening official and popular protests in Arab capitals had the victims
been of Arab descent and the perpetrators non-Arabs.

The majority of Arabs will be inclined to continue to turn a blind eye to
crimes against humanity and gross human-rights abuses against their
non-Arab neighbors or other minority groups in the region as long as they
live in police states where freedom of association, assembly and
expression are still severely curtailed.

Human-rights education is badly needed in the Arab world to combat
injustice, prejudice and tribalism. But it will have an insignificant
impact in police states where schools and universities are still run by
the cronies of Arab autocrats and where the most independent-minded
intellectuals continue to be silenced by the political police and radical

Mr. Labidi, a Tunisian journalist based in Cairo, is former Amnesty
International Human Rights Education Coordinator for the Middle East and
North Africa, and former director of Amnesty International-Tunisia.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

1. Help the Bedouin Victim of the ISM:

2. Supreme Court: Arab Rights Override Maximum Israeli Security
The Supreme Court handed down a dramatic ruling today on the legality of
the fence being built north and northwest of Jerusalem near Mevaseret
Zion. The Court ruled that some 30 kilometers of the fence as planned by
the Defense Ministry are not acceptable, and will have to be re-routed.
The Court approved some ten kilometers of the fence's planned route.

The ruling states that the counter-terrorism fence is acceptable in
principle, but not in the manner in which it was planned in practice. An
abstract of the judgment was provided by the High Court Administration
Spokesperson's Office and can be seen at The full decision can be read
at the Supreme Court's website,

Atty. Dachleh, representing the Arabs who petitioned against the route,
said this morning, "This was a very courageous decision, saying that
[most] of the fence is not legal, meaning that the army can't build it...
Chief Justice Barak said that even security considerations do not justify
putting Palestinians in jail cells... No, I wasn't surprised by the
decision, as I saw from the beginning that the court was planning to
intervene in this security issue, unlike in other cases when it issued a
short ruling. But the court here saw what was happening to the residents,
and ruled that to take 50,000 people and separate them from their lands is
not acceptable. The Supreme Court ruled that maximum security can't come
at the expense of the people, and therefore there must be only an
'appropriate' measure of security."

Netzach Mashiach, head of the Defense Ministry's counter-terrorism fence
authority, responded with caution: "We will read and study the ruling, and
we will act in accordance. I hope that this decision will not harm the
security of the residents of Israel." He said, "We do not have alternative
routes; we planned only improvements and changes in order to reach an
understanding with the residents... As we approach Jerusalem, it becomes
more and more complex to plan an acceptable route."

Gen. (res.) Uzi Dayan, one of the main leaders of the grassroots campaign
in favor of a counter-terrorism fence, expressed some bitterness: "This
was the result of haste and carelessness, in not having planned a better
route... In the south, for instance, nothing has been built or planned
yet, and therefore this will taken another few months, and then more legal
problems will be encountered - during which time Israel will continue to
be exposed to terrorist dangers."

The Court ruled that the State of Israel did not employ maximum
consideration for the rights of the Arabs in planning the route. It
ordered the immediate cancellation of several land confiscation orders
between Givat Ze'ev, north of Jerusalem, and Maccabim, near Modiin.

See comments against the ruling, including by a government minister, an
MK, and a former IDF Prosecutor.

3. Fourth of July Thought:

4. Nice web site:

5. Ehud NeBARAKnezzar's Master Plan for national suicide:

6. Peace through Victory:

7. Re-post of Older Material:
Stop the Assassination!!

A while back, Israels leading marxist shyster Avigdor Feldman filed a
petition with the Supreme Court of Israel on behalf of assorted communist
front and Palestinian groups to force Israel to stop killing the
terrorists who murder Jewish children. These people insist that the only
permissible way to get the Palestinians to stop there atrocities is to
capitulate and surrender to them.
In any case we thought the time was right to repost this:



It sounds like a science fiction story, but we have just discovered that
scientists and engineers at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot have
succeeded in constructing a working time machine. This machine allows
people to travel in time and indeed carries the potential of intervening
in history and altering the tract of historic events.

But even more amazing is the fact that the machine has ALREADY been used.
Indeed it was taken over surreptitiously one night this past spring by a
group of burglars, all from leftist parties and organizations in Israel,
who put the mechanism to its first real working test.

The details are only now coming out. But it turns out that world events in
1941 were actually changed by these time explorers from the Left.

From what we now know, in the original version of events, Adolph Hitler
was assassinated in his offices in Berlin by a lone British fighter plane
shooting two missiles through the window and killing him and Eva Braun
instantaneously. The Israeli leftist time travelers decided this should be
the focus of their experiment in changing historic narrative.

"Hitler is a politician and not a military figure," insisted Yossi Beilin,
the leader of the time travelers. "Hence it is not legitimate for him to
be targeted for assassination. We must do everything to stop the attempt
on the lives of political figures and civilians." Besides, if he dies, the
demographic situation will change with Israels Jewish population being
millions larger, and under those circumstances peace with the Palestinians
will NEVER be achieved!"
"We agree entirely," added Yossi Sarid. "Hitlers life must be preserved
because even if he is not a bona fide peace partner as of 1941, he
certainly is a potential one for the future. If he is killed, then only
the true radical Germans will remain."

"Not only that," added Ron Cohen. "The Germans may behave badly but it is
our responsibility to teach them the meaning of humaneness by preventing
this assassination. In response they will doubtless agree to open
negotiations at once. But if the assassination takes place, the floodgates
for barbarism and bloodshed will be opened."

"I do not know about you," said Dr. Ilan Oz from the University of
Haifa, "But I would be willing to give my own life to protect that of
my GOOD FRIEND Adolf. The solution is to help the Nazis promote the German
narrative of events and stop following the blind lead of that imperialist
and capitalist Winston Churchill."

The group was given its blessings by the cabinet of the Likud-Labor
government, which agreed that assassination of the political elite and of
civilian leaders should definitely never be general policy followed. The
newspaper Haaretz urged the time travelers to take decisive action to
prevent the assassination of the German civilian leader and to remove all
British settlements from occupied territories on the Channel Islands. The
other Israeli papers warned of escalation and of vengeance from the crazed
Germans if Hitlers death is not prevented. The Americans demanded that the
time travelers take action at once, because there is evidence a family of
Germans with US passports were staying in a lower floor in the building in
which Hitler was to be assassinated.

"Churchill is behaving just like the Emperor Nero or like Ariel Sharon
with that assassination business," Yossi Beilin insisted.

The result of the trip in time is now known. The leftist time travelers
warned Hitler to evacuate the building, which was empty when struck by the
missiles. The civilian political leader was rescued from assassination.
The original history of the world in the 1940s was altered by the Israeli
leftist time travelers. The notion of humaneness was rescued and preserved
for all time.


Subject: "Ivanhoe" on Middle East truces....
Among the better known "Waverly Novels" of Sir Walter Scott, is "Ivanhoe"
a type of medieval Romance.

We pick up the story early on when the Templar Knight (Crusader), Brian de
Bois-Guilbert is being entertained at the castle of the Saxon Thane Cedric
in whose charge is the lovely Rowena (who later proves inadequate in
comparison to the Jewess Rebecca).

Ivanhoe, Chapt. IV

"I will spare your courtesy, Sir Knight," said Rowena with dignity, and
without unveiling herself, "or rather I will tax it so far as to require
of you the latest news from Palestine, a theme more agreeable to our
English ears than the compliments which your French breeding teaches."
"I have but little of importance to say, lady" answered Sir Brian de
Bois-Guilbert, "excepting the confirmed tidings of a truce with Saladin."

He was interrupted by Wamba [Cedrics Court Jester or Fool], who had taken
his appropriated seat upon a chair the back of which was decorated with
two asss ears...

"These truces with the infidels," he [Wamba] exclaimed, without caring how
suddenly he interuppted the stately Templar, "make an old man of me!"

"Go to Knave -- how so?" said Cedric, his features perpared to receive
favorably the expected jest.

"Because," answered Wamba, "I remember three of them in my my day, each of
which was to endure for the course of fifty years; so that, by
computation, I must be at least a hundred and fifty years old."