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Thursday, September 30, 2004

1. Last week we posted several things about the anti-Semitic graffiti
around Jerusalem on the evening of Yom Kippur by the poster boys of the
Left. Now it appears that leftist anti-Semitic graffiti on Yom Kippur was
not just an isolated event in Jerusalem but was in fact an entire
campaign. I have learned that Haifa was also targeted by leftist
communists and anti-Semites the same evening. A Holocaust monument
commemorating the murder of the Jews of Galicia was covered with a
swastika and other filth. And several buildings in Central Carmel were
covered with "communist" graffiti, with paintings of automatic rifles and
communist slogans, all of this being spread on buildings the evening of
Yom Kippur. In the past, synagogues in Haifa have had anti-Semitic
graffiti drawn on their outside walls, and there were reasons to suspect
leftists were behind it.

How to Defend Sderot
By Steven Plaut

The impoverished Negev town of Sderot has become the Israeli Guernica. It
is targeted by PLO Kassam rockets almost every day. A number of Sderot
locals have already been killed, even more have been wounded, lots of
locals have been hospitalized for shock, scores have migrated out of the
town, and on this past Wednesday two Ethiopian-Jewish toddlers were
murdered by the latest bombing
). Let us emphasize that Sderot is NOT in the Gaza Strip. It is in
pre-1967 Israel, well with the Green Line. It is not a "settlement",
unless one considers Tel Aviv and Haifa also to be settlements.

The Israeli government's reaction to the daily bombings of Sderot by
missiles has been studied indifference and suggestions that Sderot
residents learn to grin and live with it. After all, I doubt if there is
a single Israeli media figure who came from Sderot. The yuppies and the
chattering classes never even go there. The only politician to have
emerged from Sderot is Amir Peretz, the godfather of the Histadrut trade
union crime family
). But he has not spoken a single word about the bombardments and the
deaths from Oslo in Sderot. Peretz is too busy sabotaging the Israeli
economy, that is, doing to the economy what the PLO does to Sderot.

Meanwhile, Ariel Sharon's way of dealing with the problem has been to send
in occasional symbolic half-hearted military incursions, blow up a couple
of empty buildings, and then retreat. It is useless even to fire Israeli
shells at the "source of the Kassam fire". The Kassams are set up and
then launched via remote control cell phones, so even real-time shelling
of the launchpads would do nothing. The Guernica bombardment of Sderot is
the logical and inevitable result of the Oslo mega-stupidity of turning
Gaza over to the terrorists. The Kassams are manufactured inside the Gaza
Strip, using the tons of explosives smuggled into Gaza via the Egyptian
smuggling tunnels, those same tunnels the Israeli government preferred for
a decade to pretend were not there, the same tunnels the ISM's Rachel
Corrie committed suicide trying to defend from an Israeli earth mover.

There is absolutely no doubt that the moment Sharon's unilateral
capitulation to terror is implemented in Gaza next year, where the Jewish
"settlers" are expelled at bayonet point, where Jews are prohibited
thereafter from entering Gaza, and where not a single Israel soldier will
be stationed any longer inside the Gaza Strip, the carnage from the
Kassams will escalate enormously. Sderot will simply be emptied out, in
the next stage of the Oslo capitulation and appeasement. Ashkelon has
already been targeted by Kassam missiles from Gaza, and is likely to be
the next town down the line to be emptied out under PLO fire.

A few years ago, when Kiryat Shmona was being shelled every day by the
Hizbollah from Lebanon under the "controlled carnage" agreements Israel
maintained there, I proposed a master strategy for ending the carnage. It
is precisely the same strategy I would like to propose now for Sderot.

I hereby propose the organization of the Sderot Defense Forces (SDF). The
SDF will be a militia entirely operated by and manned by the residents of
Sderot. Its function will be to retaliate whenever Sderot is attacked.
The SDF will be equipped with heavy artillery, tanks, rockets, jets, and a
battleship. An aircraft carrier might be a nice addition down the road,
as would be heavy air bombers. Whenever Sderot is attacked, the SDF will
saturate the Gaza strip with rockets, bombs and shells. Israel will not
be held responsible. The Israeli government can shrug its shoulders and
say: Hey, that ain't us bombing Gaza. Any Gaza residents getting killed
or hurt from the retaliation shelling will be the responsibility of the

The SDF will not be answerable to the Israeli government. Just like the
Israeli government has washed its hands of any responsibility for the
security of Sderot and abandoned any military role in retaliating for
attacks on Sderot, so the SDF will announce that it is not automatically
going to respond to any calls for help from Israel, nor will it
automatically support defense efforts by Israel.

A single Kassam, mortar shell, katyusha, suicide bomber, or large rock
used by the PLO or its affiliates in Gaza to attack Sderot will result in
the saturation bombing of the entire Gaza Strip. Sharon need not worry,
because there will be no Jews or Israeli soldiers there to risk getting
hit or to be blamed. If the Gaza Strip simply is emptied out of
population due to the retaliation shelling, well, that is no worse a
consequence than Sderot being emptied out as a result of Oslo cowardice
and defeatism.

You might want to fax the proposal to your favorite Israeli politician.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

So where will Tali Fahima go to meet her lover? Leftists - let's see your
Army dstroys home of Tali Fahima's terrorist lover.

2. Court sticking to its guns:

1. Allow me to introduce to you Ohad Shem-Tov and Nimrod Kamar. These
are the latest poster boys for Israel's Left. They have just been
arrested for the obscene pro-violence pro-terror graffiti attack in
Jerusalem on the eve of Yom Kippur, in which they sprayed anti-Semitic
graffiti on the Jerusalem Great Synagogue, and in which they drew a
cartoon of a suicide bomber alongside a bull's eye target with arrows
pointing to the homes of Ariel Sharon and Bibi Netanyahu. The latter
"art" was a poorly disguised open call for terrorists to murder Sharon and
Netanyahu. The two were arrested after police surveillance and after a
search of their home found the spray paint equipment. Their lawyer is
arguing it was protected free speech and art. Wanna bet the police and
prosecution will agree?

But the important part of the story is that it is doubtful the two will be
prosecuted under Israel's newly expanded "anti-incitement" laws. Inciting
to murder Sharon and Netanyahu will be declared free speech; you can bet
the farm on that! The anti-incitement laws in Israel are only used to
prosecute Rabbis who say Israel should abide by the Geneva Convention
rules that allow killing terrorists even when civilians nearby get hurt,
or to prosecute protesters who hold signs reading "Sharon is a dictator",
or prosecute and jail people with Tee-shirts on which it is written "Where
there are no Arabs there is no Terrorism". The Attorney General is also
preparing to indict the Nadar gals, heads of Women in Green, for comparing
the fellow preparing the plan to expel Gaza Jews to a Nazi. They are now
under police investigation for that "crime". You may disagree with the
Nadars or think their comments in poor taste, but is this a prosecutable

All those non-leftist expressions of opinion are clear incitement to
violence, in the opinion of the leftist Attorney General appointed by
Ariel Sharon, and the perps must be prosecuted. We will return to
prosecuting inciters below. Let us note that the same prosecution
yesterday said it is willing to put Tali Fahima, the Jewish terrorist who
assisted her Hamas "lover" from Jenin prepare terror atrocities, back on
the street. More protected free expression, I guess.

But back to the Yom Kippur graffiti atrocity. So who are the two new
poster boys? Well, the press is describing them as "students". Yeah,
students, my assets. There is nothing on line about Kamar, but Comrade
Shem-Tov has left a bit of a cyber track record. Ohad Shem-Tov (ISR12063)
is a 39-year-old hi-tech project manager, who was sentenced to 21 days in
prison on 24 April, 2002 because he refused to take part in enforcing
closure on the Palestinian city of Nablus after suicide bombers operated
out of there.

He is also one of the founders of the pro-hashish "Green Leaf Party" in
Israel (source in Hebrew - I am surpirised he
was not made a job offer by Tel Aviv University, which used to employ as a
faculty member another "philosopher" who was one of the founders of that

Now the free speech absolutism that protects the pro-terror, pro-genocide,
and pro-annihilation-of-Israel rhetoric of Israeli Arab fascists and
Jewish leftists has never been extended to cover statements of
questionable tatse by non-Leftists. The Kahanists have been criminalized
for expressing their opinions, dubious or tasteless as they might
sometimes be. The prosecution is now preparing indictments of several
public officials in Ashkelon under the "anti-racist" law, because they
complained that Arabs working at construction jobs in Ashkelon were making
lude advances towards local Jewish lasses and so should not be employed in
Ashkelon. You might disagree with the officials, but prosecutable felony?

Speaking of free speech, Israel's judicial aristocracy has long held that
anyone in Israel should be able to criticize anyone or anything else, with
the notable exception of Supreme Court judges and other judges. The Chief
Justice has expressed the opinion that Israelis should NOT be permitted to
denounce dubious Supreme Court rulings. The Supreme Court has also always
backed the "Free Speech for Leftists Only" version of the anti-racism and
anti-incitement laws. Not a single word from them about the countless
attempts to suppress free speech for non-Leftist anti-Oslo dissidents.

The justices have also launched a jihad against the Israeli Bar
Association. The Bar has operated a survey among members in which they
assess and evaluate sitting judges in Israel and then they publish the
results. The Supreme Court and District Court judges have denounced this.
Impermissible speech, is their opinion.

Now let us put this into perspective. Besides assigning grades to my
students, I get graded by my students every semester, when the students
evaluate my teaching, and not always in the most complimentary manner. I
have never suggested that the students' rights to express their opinion be
censored nor have I boycotted the student union for conducting the survey.
The judges, however, think THEY should be beyond criticism and evaluation.
Judgment for thee but not for me. Judicial Uber-menschen. Now they have
opened up all batteries of fire at Justice Theodore Orr, a sitting Supreme
Court justice, because he evidently agreed to accept the Bar's prize for
the best-evaluated judge based on the same Bar survey. The judges'
professional society is boycotting the Israeli Bar Association because its
members do not like being judged in the survey, which identifies those
judges who make incompetent rulings or who never bother doing their

2. Meanwhile, Haaretz has been leading the latest media campaign to
demonize evil "settlers". It seemed like a Haaretz dream news story come
true. Israel's media portrays "settlers" the same way nazi propaganda
portrays Jews: evil, greedy, unhygienic, bloodthirsty, money-grubbing,
criminal, etc. etc. etc. If you took the typical article about settlers
in Haaretz and replaced every word "settler" with the word "Jew", you
could sell it to Der Sturmer in the 1930s.

Then along comes what Haaretz represents as its dream come true. A
"settler" murders a poor innocent Palestinian minding his own business,
firing point blank at him in his truck, when the Palestinian stops to see
if the settler needs any help. Or so the Palestinian version of the event
goes. As you know, the Haaretz version of most events is exactly the same
as the Palestinian version.

Now I do not pretend to have any special information about actual
events surrounding the killing of the Palestinian by the "settler"
yesterday. What I CAN tell you is that the judge did not believe the
Haaretz-Palestinian version of the events and set the settler free under
his own recognizance until matters are clarified. And as you know,
Israeli courts are not exactly a little bastion of the Right. The
settler claims the Palestinian tried intentionally to run him down and
fired in self-defense. As far as I know the settler has no police record
for anything.

The judge was convinced by enough inconsistencies in the
Palestinian-Haaretz version that he saw no reason to hold the settler for
murder. See elaboration below by Emmanuel Winston. Among the problems
with the Haaretz version are:

a) the shot was fired at the driver's hand. No premeditated intent, which
is the main element of murder, seems evident.
b) if the driver was told to stop (and we don't know because either the
window was closed or the Arabs didn't understand), then maybe there's an
element of reckless endangerment by the Arab?
c) it is only the Palestinian word that the driver turned this way and not
d) were they trespassing?
e) did the shooter perhaps see a suspicious movement?
For more, see Emmanuel Winston below.

3. Israel Still the Aggressor at the LA Times:

A PLO terrorist attack is "retaliation" and Israel "confronts" Syria.
Israel is still the aggressor at the anti-Israel LA Times. See the latest


Sep. 29, 2004 0:02
DVD of American's beheading is hot item in Gaza
Video shops in Gaza are selling a new DVD featuring the recent beheading
of an American in Iraq. The gruesome video, priced at NIS 15, is
apparently selling like hotcakes.

5. An Arab viewpoint:
Youssef M. Ibrahim: Is Al Jazeera allowed to advocate beheadings?

| Special to Gulf News | 28/09/2004 |

Imagine a television talk show where the hosts debate the merits and
demerits of cannibalism, discussing whether it is good to kill people
to eat
their flesh, liver and hearts seriously, on the air on prime time.
This past Tuesday, Feyssal Al Qassem, the infamous anchorman of Al
programme Counter Direction or Alti jah Al Muaakess went well beyond.
Al Qassem hosted an Egyptian guest who over an entire hour was allowed
advocate, with sickening insistence, the beheading of hostages in Iraq
as a
legitimate act of resistance to what he called "these American dogs",
regardless of whether the captives who are of many different
are military personnel, civilians, aid workers, or spies.
They are all mercenaries, the Egyptian man screamed, as Al Qassem of
the Al
Jazeera network cheered him on. Truly, he who has no shame is not
Arabism and Islam are innocent of such people.
Where does Al Jazeera, and Al Qassem, think they are taking their
Arab-speaking viewers, the young before the old, when they put on a
show tantamount to issuing a fatwa or religious edict for murder in the
of Islam and God?
Does Al Qassem and his network appreciate how much damage they are
doing to
the religion of 1.2 billion Muslims, in addition to polluting the minds
many who watched him dish out this garbage?
Al Qassem, whose programme is already known as vile, loud, and messy,
descended further into ignominious behaviour.
As the host of this unbelievable conversation, Al Qassem prompted,
and blessed a so-called Egyptian political commentator argue that
having their heads severed from their bodies in the most savage of ways
okay in the name of Islam, God and resistance to American occupation,
teach the Americans a lesson.
How about teaching our children? What will they retain when they hear
gratuitous invitations to kill, slash, hate, demean and ostracise "the
other", including innocent journalists, aid workers, and United Nations
officials, both men and women who came to help Arabs of Iraq.
In Al Qassem's television show the opposing view guest, an Iraqi who
hopelessly that such savagery is inhuman, was at a loss for words. Who
not be?
There is a point where freedom of expression stops and bloody savagery
begins. Clearly Al Jazeera and Feyssal Al Qassem have no idea where
point is.

A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator

"Israeli shoots and kills Palestinian near Itamar" by Matthew Gutman, THE
JERUSALEM POST Sep. 27, 2004
"Judea and Samaria Police reported that an Israeli man shot and killed a
Palestinian civilian in the area of Eilon Moreh east of Nablus Monday
afternoon. The Israeli, a resident of Itamar's Gidonim outpost in the West
Bank, said he opened fire after a Palestinian minivan tried to run him off
the road.
"However, Palestinian witnesses said the Israeli fired without
provocation. According to eyewitness reports, the Palestinian minivan had
turned down a dirt path between the settlements of Itamar and Eilon Moreh,
reportedly to avoid a checkpoint, which led the van to a settlement bypass
road. The settler, whose car was stopped on the side of the road, exited
his car, cocking an M16 rifle as he walked across the road, eyewitnesses
reported. When the minivan eased onto the small road the suspect shot a
single bullet at the Palestinian driver, identified as Sayel Jubara,
killing him almost instantly as the bullet penetated his arm and pierced
through his chest. According to Israeli law, only soldiers are allowed to
carry assault rifles outside of the immediate lands of Gaza and West Bank
"The van was carrying five additional passingers at the time of the fatal
shooting, and the eyewitnesses gave testimonies to the police. Ahmed
Mohammed Shtiyeh, who saw the entire incident from inside the van, accused
the settler of cold-blooded murder. "I saw him drive up, park the car and
get out," Shtiyeh said. "When we went over the hump, he shot Sayel from a
very close up." The suspect's story, however, contradicts eyewitness
reports. He told police that he shot at the Palestinian van in
self-defense, after the van had tried to run him over.
In view of information collected at the site, IDF sources said that it
does not appear that the Palestinian van tried to run the man over as he
claims. The suspect was arrested by Judlder with a deep ditch beyond. He
missed me but not because he didnt try. I happen to be an excellent
defensive driver. Had he succeeded, I have little doubt that my wife and I
would either be dead or critically injured.
In another incident, we had just left the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv main Route
One road and headed south from the Latrun turn-off. I dont recall
thItamar, Shomron region was arrested yesterday after reporting to the IDF
that he had just shot a suspicious Arab who had sneaked through an army
checkpoint near Beit Faruk.
"According to Eliitzur, "When I saw the suspicious car sneak by the
checkpoint, I chased after the car, aimed my weapon at the vehicle and
ordered the driver out of the car. The Arab driver then tried to run me
down, at which time I opened fire on him."
"Police plan to indict Elitzur quickly on manslaughter or murder charges.
Voice of Judea Commentary:
"Arabs in this region have a wonderful track record when it comes to
murdering Jews. Over the past 2 years, no less than 13 Jews from Itamar
have been murdered by Arabs from Beit Farouk, in 4 separate incidents.
Naturally the Israeli police accept the version of the Arabs and not of
the Jewish victim who, on his own, came to report the incident to the
army. Enough with the Sharon appeasement policy that has trickled down to
the soldiers in the field."
& Arutz Sheva 10:30 Sep-28-04/ 13 Tishrei 5765

"Police Requesting Extended Remand of Shomron Resident (
Police today will request the extended remand of a Shomron resident who
was arrested yesterday after firing at an Arab van driver whom he believed
was intending to run him down.

"The suspect wide when he noticed the van heading directly at him at a
high speed. He told police that he attempted to signal the driver in an
effort to ascertain his intentions but the driver continued heading
towards him, prompting him to pull his licensed weapon and fire. The
driver was killed."
WINSTONS CONCLUSIONS: So, all we have to wait for is the Leftist Media and
a Leftist Court to accept the eyewitness accounts of Arab Muslim
Palestinians, who lie with impunity against all Israelis. No doubt, there
have been hundreds of such incidents of Palestinian drivers crashing into
Israeli vehicles or pedestrians but, the government routinely plays down
the statistics lest Israelis are provoked to retaliate.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

1. New assault on Israeli democracy and freedom of speech by the leftist
Attorney General appointed by Ariel Sharon:

Mazuz eases rules for police probing incitement
By Yuval Yoaz

Attorney General Menachem Mazuz yesterday gave the police more power to to
open incitement investigations and ruled that in certain cases they will
no longer need prosecution approval.

Under the new rules, any commander of a police national investigation
squad or head of a regional investigations department will be able to
order certain types of incitement investigations. Mazuz said he issued the
directive because of "the sensitive period we are in, whose sensitivity,
according to all the signs, will only intensify."

Police will be able to open incitement probes on their own authority if
someone publicly and explicitly calls for the use of violence against an
elected official or any other specific individual, or if someone publicly
and explicitly incites to general racism - for instance, by yelling "death
to the Arabs!" at a soccer match or demonstration.

If the alleged incitement took place before a crowd, police will have full
powers to investigate, up to and including arresting the suspect. If the
incitement was via the media or over the Internet, police will be able to
start the investigation and collect evidence, but will need prosecution
approval to question the suspect.

If the call to violence was only implicit, however, or if the suspected
incitement consisted only of praising or expressing sympathy for the use
of violence, police will still need the prosecution's approval even to
start the probe. In those cases, the prosecution will have to decide
whether the evidence justifies launching an investigation.

Mazuz issued his directive in response to requests from the police in
recent weeks for clearer guidance on when they have the power to open
incitement probes on their own initiative.

Incitement probes are considered a particularly sensitive area, both
because they restrict free speech and because they entail "predicting the
future" - a person can be convicted of incitement only if there is a "real
possibility" the words will lead to actual violence.

**** It goes without saying that the new rules of unfree speech will NOT
be used to prosecute pro-genocide Arab fascists nor pro-terror Israeli
Jewish leftists supporting the annihilation of Israel and endorsing
anti-Semitic people and groups.

See also

2. Nazi rock band update

On October 9th 2004 the "Bunker Nights Festival Part 1" is supposed to
take place at the night club "Kosmonaut" in Tel Aviv.

One of the acts that has been announced to perform at this event is the
Austrian neo-Nazi band "Der Blutharsch". "Der Blutharsch" (a synonym
for "dried blood") is an Austrian white power music act headed by Albin
Julius which was founded in 1997 with the assistance of the leader of
another (better known) neo-Nazi band called "Death in June", Douglass
Pierce. "Der Blutharsch" takes great pride in their use of fascist
symbols, and is well known for its use of Nazi imagery. "Der
Blutharsch" attracts neo-Nazi's and right wing extremists across

In March 2003, a concert in Clausnitz, Germany was even cancelled by
the German government. A statement released by the security police
concluded that "Der Blutharsch" has "right wing extremist tendencies."
(The statement has significant weight in Germany, given the legal
impermissibility of such extremism.)

On September 28th 2004 a concert with "Der Blutharsch" is scheduled in
Leiden, Netherlands. Anti-Facist groups in that area have called upon
the organizers to call off that event as well because of "Der
Blutharschs" National-Socialist orientation.

Those tendencies are evident in the packaging and music of the band.
The logo of "Der Blutharsch" is a Sig-rune, like the Waffen-SS used.
Their website also relies on the Nazi Iron Cross and the logo of the
Hitler Youth. The covers of their albums are also adorned with Nazi
art. The cover of the CD "Der Sieg des Lichtes ist des Lebens Heil!"
(The triumph of light is the life's Heil) is part of a picture about
the Varus battle, painted by the Nazi Werner Peiner.

The cover of their CD "The pleasures received in Pain" is a reprint of
a painting by Nazi artist Ferdinand Staeger. The album contains songs
sampling lyrics from the Hitler Youth marching anthem "Forward!" and
other speeches and marches. The EP "Adesso viene IL bell" even contains
eight songs from Italian fascism.

On a live-videon - published in 1999, named "Gold gab ich fúr Eisen" (I
gave gold for iron) - of the second tour, a "Finnish version of Lili
Marleen, a popular song in Germany during World War II, was played
(called "Lisa Pien"). The song was dedicated to the "EuropÂ?ische
Freiwillige der Waffen SS" (European volunteers of the Waffen SS) and
"Marsch des Sturmatillerie" (march of the storm artillery). On their
second tour they were performing together with "Death in June". At the
end of the video, the second singer Wilhelm Herich shouted "Free

The only Israeli act that has been announced to perform at the festival
is called "Gesichter des Todes" (Faces of death), which is apparently
named after the snuff movies of the same name. Besides that "Gesichter
des Todes" quotes the neo-Nazi band "Death in June" (that was mentioned
above) on their website as well, and reveals thereby its sympathy for
that train of thoughts.

The name "Death in June" refers to June 30, 1934, the "Night of Long
Knives," when Hitler had Ernst Roehm and other leaders of the SA (nazi
stormtroopers) murdered. Roehm and his faction were highly critical of
Hitler's policies (even though they were still Nazis) and are
associated with a branch of fascist ideology called "National
Bolshevism" spearheaded by Gregor Strasser. The National Bolsheviks
argued for a "more socialist version" of NS and criticized Hitler's
reliance on industrial capitalists.

"Death in June" repeatedly used fascist and nazi symbols on their
albums and on stage, including the Death's Head (worn as a pin by nazi
SS soldiers), the Life Rune (a pagan symbol commonly used by fascists)
and the Black Sun (another rune used by the SS). Likewise, members of
Death in June have often worn nazi Waffen-SS uniforms on stage.

3. Exercising free speech in Santa Monica:

4. Defend the Gay Palestinians:

5. Catnip:

Cat Stevens was guest of Hamas front
Muslim singer criticized Judaism as 'so-called' religion
--National Post

TORONTO - Yusuf Islam, the British singer formerly known as Cat Stevens,
was the guest of honour at a Toronto fundraising dinner hosted by an
organization that has since been identified by the Canadian government as
a "front" for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

In a videotape of the 1998 event obtained by the National Post, Mr. Islam
describes Israel as a "so-called new society" created by a "so-called
religion" and urges the audience to donate to the Jerusalem Fund for Human
Services to "lessen the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Palestine
and the Holy Land."

The Jerusalem Fund is one of four "fronts" named in a secret Privy Council
Office memo that was sent to Jean Chretien, then prime minister, on May
23, 2000, discussing what it called groups that "have unsavoury links with

"In a limited number of cases, fundraising in support of violent foreign
struggles takes place in Canada through the cover of ethnic, religious or
community-based associations and groups, lobbying and even criminal
activity," the report says.

"Front groups operating in Canada include the Jerusalem Fund for Human
Services (Hamas Front), the World Tamil Movement (Tamil Tigers Front), the
Canadian Kurdish Information Network (Kurdistan Workers Party Front) and
the Babbar Khalsa (a Sikh extremist front)."

Hamas, also known as the Islamic Resistance Movement, is responsible for
most of the suicide bombings against Israelis. Canada has outlawed Hamas
under federal anti-terrorism legislation, making it illegal to support the

Best known for his hit songs in the 1960s and '70s, when he was known as
Cat Stevens, Mr. Islam, 56, a Muslim convert, made headlines last week
when his flight from London to Washington was diverted to Maine because
his name appeared on a U.S. watch list.

He was expelled from the United States for national security reasons.

"Yusuf Islam was placed on the watch list because of activities that could
be potentially related to terrorism," a spokesman for the Department of
Homeland Security told reporters.

The expulsion was criticized by Muslim groups, and Mr. Islam denies any
ties to terrorism.

"I never knowingly gave any terrorist group money," he said after being
deported from Israel in 2000. "I've given to poor people and hospitals.
I've helped to buy ambulances in the Holy Land. Obviously quite clear and
supportable aims."

But on June 20, 1998, Mr. Islam gave the keynote address at a Jerusalem
Fund fundraising dinner held in Toronto.
The event was videotaped, and a copy was obtained by the SITE Institute, a
U.S. terrorism research organization.

The video opens with a scene of Niagara Falls, overlayed with the
Jerusalem Fund logo, which features the al-Aqsa Mosque and the maple leaf.

It begins with an unidentified man explaining the activities of the
Jerusalem Fund, which he describes as "helping the Muslims in Palestine"
by financing hospitals, health clinics, families in need and orphans.

"Palestine is close to the heart of each and every Muslim. What the
Muslims of Palestine have been doing for many years now has been that
bright light shining, that hope ... that they are still believers that can
raise the banner of jihad in the most difficult of circumstances."

Mr. Islam then begins a 45-minute speech in English in which he says it is
"intolerable" for Muslims to "stand and watch" the situation in the Middle

He describes Jerusalem as the centre of a land that is holy because of its
connection to Allah.

"So this city which is blessed because of its religious nature. Therefore,
what we see today is the result of the departure of religion from this
area, of the uprooting of religion. So many of the people of the faith
have been exiled from this region, moved on, to make way for what?
Strangely and ironically, they moved on in the name of so-called religion,
on behalf of ... the Jews.

"Of course, that would explain what is happening. Because the moment that
religion and religious virtues disappear, there for sure follows trouble,
tyranny, oppression," he says. "So what do we see then today? The
concoction of a so-called new society based on an old society."

He says there could be "no redeemer except Allah. No political concept or
construct or treaty or agent except the laws of Allah, which he instructed
for this world. Jerusalem is that, the symbol of that. Out of the hands of
the righteous then it falls into disrepute and blood.

"Jerusalem, al-Quds, it is a mirror reflecting the reality ... If it is
dark, if it is bloody, then so too is the world. Today it reflects
injustice of the secular man over the religious man. And how can the
secular man be given the control and the sanctuary of the divine place of
worship when he doesn't even respect what is holy? How? And how can those
of faith allow that to happen? Therefore, peace will not return until we
return to the Holy Land."

1. Hypocrisy:

2. CNN and the other "news" services have been describing the kidnappers
as "gunmen". Not activists. Not militants. Not peace partners. Not

CNN itself is trying to tell Israel how to handle the kidnapping:
from DEBKA files:

CNN appeals to Arafat to secure release of Israeli Druze journalist,
Riyadh Ali, on CNN TV staff, kidnapped by armed Palestinian gang in Gaza
Citys Rimal City Monday. Arafat and Saeb Erekat said they would handle
request. CNN asked Israel to refrain from any action so as not to
jeopardize their efforts.

You realize what this kidnapping means?

I mean, after hijacking a CNN news crew member, the next thing on the
agenda of the Islamist terrorists will be to kidnap Haaretz journalists
and then threaten to RELEASE them unless Israel caves in and accedes to
their demands!

Will CNN finally use the "T" word and call this one "terrorism"?

3. Genocide for Peace:

4. More on the Hertz rent-an-experts for Israel's larcenous bank cartel:

Monday, September 27, 2004

1. I mean, how do we REALLY know that Israel blew up that Hamas critter
in Damascus? I mean, isn't it possible that he just ate a lot of chulent
after Yom Kippur and then two hours later just stood next to an open

2. In all the celebration over the popping of the weasel in Damascus,
there is one little factoid being overlooked. The weasel was in Damascus,
and the weasel had spent the past 12 years murdering Jews, thanks only to
the fact that he was set free by Yitzhak Rabin. Yes, the Hamas head blown
to bits this week was part of that group of 400 or so murderers set free
by Yitzhak Rabin when Rabin expelled them in 1992 to Lebanon rather than
execute them.
Had they been executed, many dead Jews would still be alive.

3. Feminizt for the Taliban:

4. Remember when Shimon Peres' good buddy Yossi Ginossar was in business
with Arafat? Well, guess who Ariel Sharon's good buddy is in business

5. Kerry for Canadian PM:

Sunday, September 26, 2004

We have just learned that Jesus Christ himself was spotted walking
around the Galilee this week. Reporters are trying to learn the details
of his amazing return to earth.

Unfortunately he was not available for interviews. You see, the
far-leftist anti-Zionist Israeli daily Haaretz petitioned the Israeli
prosecutor's office to have Jesus arrested under Israel's anti-racism law
for living in the Galilee. Haaretz writers believe it is racist for Jews
to move to the Galilee.

Haaretz Bimbette declares it is racism for Israel to encourage Jews to
live in the Galilee:

Pop Went the Weasel
by Steven Plaut

All around the Syrian bush
Our monkeys chased that weasel.
This monkey thinks 'twas oodles of fun.
When Pop! went that weasel.

A penny for a spool of thread,
A penny for a needle.
That's the cash Purina will blow.
For Pop! Stir-fried weasel.

Up and down Asad Avenue,
In and out like an Eagle,
Like 4th of July when that nazi blew,
Pop! went the weasel.

Half a pound of jelly well placed,
He thought he'd cut the cheese, ho,
Mix it up and plant it nice, then
Pop! went the weasel.

Top Hamas leader assassinated in Damascus

Arieh O'Sullivan, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 26, 2004

A car bomb exploded in Damascus on Sunday, killing a top Hamas leader Izz
El-Deen Al-Sheikh Khalil, Israeli security sources said speaking on
condition of anonymity.
According to media reports, Hamas officials are blaming Israel for the
The Associated Press Jerusalem bureau reported that anonymous Israeli
security officials acknowledged the Jewish state was involved in the
assassination, a claim not backed up by sources in the Ministry of
Defense, the Prime Minister's Office and the Israel Defense Forces.
Israel Radio reported that Israeli officials learned of Khalil's death
through the media.
With the exception of the capturing of Nazi mass murderer Adolph Eichman,
the destruction of Iraq's nuclear reactor, and some instances of military
operations in Lebanon, Israel has never taken responsibility for
assassinations and other activities on foreign soil.
The explosion took place in the al-Zahraa district at 10:45 a.m. a media
center in Damascus told AP.
Radio Damascus said he was not involved in Hamas activities inside Syria.
The Radio also said three bystanders were wounded in the blast.
A top aid to PA Chairman Yasser Arafat, Nabil Abu Rudeina, said that the
assassination in Damascus "is the beginning of a very dangerous period
that will have negative consequences on everyone," Israel Radio reported.
A member of the Hamas political bureau, Mohammed Nazzal, told the AP in
Cairo that a bomb had been planted in Khalil's car, which exploded as
Khalil tried to start the ignition.
Police at the scene of al-Zahraa district explosion were seen retrieving
pieces of the body of Khalil.
Khalil, 42, used to work for Hamas in the Gaza Strip and was deported by
Israel to Lebanon from the Gaza Strip. He was one of the people who
trained legendary Palestinian bomb maker Yehiya Ayyash, who was killed in
Israel has warned that it would target Hamas leaders anywhere. Vice
Premier Ehud Olmert said the battle against Palestinian terror will reach
"every place, every corner."
Olmert made the comments in a speech at a memorial service for soldiers
killed in the 1973 Yom Kippur War and was not reacting to the car bombing.
Israel reinforced its warning to hunt Hamas leaders everywhere after the
double suicide bombing on two Beersheba buses on August 31 that killed 16
people. Hamas claimed responsibility for that attack.
Israeli security sources have said that Hamas in Damascus was increasingly
involved in guiding, funding and directing Palestinian terrorist groups in
the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Following the warnings, the senior Hamas leaders in Damascus, at the
urging of the Syrian government, departed Syria.
Meanwhile, a 25-year old senior member of the Al Aksa Martyr's Brigade was
killed Sunday in Salfit when the M-16 assault rifle he held blew up in his
This article can also be read at

1. Leftist secularist hoodlums covered Jerusalem with obscene graffiti
during Yom Kippur. The graffiti included pro-terror slogans painted on
the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, as well as slogans painted on the
streets in Rehavia, evidently by the same gang of leftists, showing
suicide bombers and "pointing out for them" where Sharon and Netanyahu
The same intelligence services that have been screaming about supposed
"plots" by Rightists and settlers to harm Sharon, all based on some signs
at some demonstrations denouncing Sharon as a "dictator", have never organized
surveillance on the pro-violence criminal Far Left.

Jerusalem's Great Synagogue defaced by graffiti
Etgar Lefkovitz and Greer Fay Cashman, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 25, 2004


Vandals defaced the walls of Jerusalem's Great
Synagogue late Friday night, police said.

"The intifada will win - Sharon is a murderer," "for the sin that you
sinned before the Palestinians in occupation - murder," and the "State is
a terror organization," were among the slogans spray-painted on the
synagogue's walls after Yom Kippur's Kol Nidre prayers.

Due to the holiness of the day, nothing could be done to remove the
offensive expressions. Former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi who was at the Great
Synagogue for all of the Yom Kippur services was consulted on the matter
and ruled that to clean up the graffiti would constitute a violation of
both Yom Kippur and the Sabbath.

There was much speculation among the congregants as to whether the
perpetrators were Jewish, and the general opinion was that they were.

Great Synagogue vice president Zali Jaffe, speaking from the pulpit
denounced the perpetrators and said that they did not have the courage of
their own convictions as they had carried out their foul deed at a time of
night when no-one was around to stop them.

In a separate incident not far away, vandals
spray-painted other graffiti against the prime
minister, finance minister and the president at the Gaza Street
intersection in Rehavia.

Concentric circles were painted on the road, showing the distances and
direction to each of the offical's homes.

2. The fanatic anti-Israel anti-Jewish Gush Shalom splinter
organization (I will not be surprised if it turns out they are
responsible for the above Yom Kippur graffiti) published the
following announcement. Gush Shalom by the way has close ties with Mikey
Lerner's Tikkun cult.
My question is why the ISM terrorists are not
screaming and trying to turn the guy into a Hungarian Rachel Corrie:

"We lost a dear friend - Toma Sik 1939-2004
July 20, 2004

"Today we heard that Toma Sik is dead - overrun by a tractor during a
nightly walk home through the fields to his newly-bought old farm
somewhere in a forgotten part of Hungary which should have fulfilled his
dream of establishing a commune of organic-humanist (and vegan) "new

" He was a pioneer of the Israeli-Palestinian search for peace, a
forerunner of the present day pacifist-refusniks and actively involved in
the struggle for equal rights of Arabs, the cause of the unrecognized
villages, as well as environmental and anti-nuclear issues. For decades
his friendly bearded face was to be seen at any anti-occupation
demonstration. Arriving on his bicycle he would take down bundles of
leaflets, written in his inimitable style and which he produced on his old
stencil machine.

"Nobody could fulfill all the criteria which he set, not even he himself -
as he would gladly admit with a sense of humor rare among heavily
principled people. His being anarchist, vegan, pacifist, world-citizen
and the rest of it didn't prevent him from giving his all to organizations
with less universal goals such as Gush Shalom, where he played a central
role until he left Israel in the late 1990s - since when he ultimately
settled down again in his country of birth.

"He is survived by his two daughters and four grandchildren who all live
in Israel."

Gosh, how come there is no accusation that he was "murdered", like
there was with Bimbo Corrie?

3. "If saving lives means I'm a traitor, so be it"
Khaled Abu Toameh, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 24, 2004


Yunis Owaidah is probably the only Palestinian who's not afraid to admit
that he is a "collaborator" with Israel. On the contrary, the 63-year-old
father of 12 even boasts of the fact that he has been collaborating with
Israel since 1967.

"I've saved the lives of many innocent people," Owaidah said in an
interview at his home in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ras el-Amud. "If
saving the lives of innocent civilians means that I'm a traitor, so be

Thousands of Palestinians who have made similar confessions over the past
three decades have been either killed or ostracized by their families and
communities. The last killings occurred in Tulkarm on Monday, when two
suspected collaborators in their mid-20s were executed by Fatah gunmen.

The executioners claimed that the two had confessed during interrogation
to assisting Israel in hunting down and killing wanted activists. A week
earlier, Fatah gunmen in Ramallah kidnapped a young man, also suspected of
collaborating with Israel, as he was being escorted to court by
Palestinian Authority security agents. The man's bullet-riddled body was
later discovered near Al-Amari refugee camp south of Ramallah.

Oweidah, who has two wives and 46 grandchildren, has also been the target
of several attempts on his life. Since the establishment of the PA in
1994, he has refrained from entering the West Bank.

"I only move around in safe areas and never leave the borders of
Jerusalem," he said. "I'm wanted by the Palestinian Authority and I know
that they won't waste an opportunity to kill me."

Owaidah's connections with Israel were first disclosed in the early 70s,
when he helped thwart rocket attacks on the King David Hotel and the
Western Wall. He is not prepared to talk about the role he played then,
but says that his actions saved the lives of both Israelis and

"The Palestinians were then planning to fire rockets at the King David to
kill [former US secretary of state Henry] Kissinger, who was staying
there," he said. "The other rockets were supposed to hit the Western Wall.
The rockets could have easily landed on the Aksa Mosque, killing many

Back then, Owaidah was living in the Arab neighborhood of Abu Tor. A few
years after the rocket attacks were foiled, he discovered a bomb attached
to the door of his house. Police sappers detonated the bomb safely.

He then decided to move to Ras el-Amud, where he purchased a small piece
of land and built a new home. Most of his neighbors have since been
boycotting him and his family. "Their children still refuse to play with
my children," he said. "Despite that, I have decided to stay here. I don't
have any plans to leave."

Owaidah, who works for a maintenance company at the Western Wall, said
there was only one time when he seriously considered leaving Ras el-Amud.
"In the year 2000, when [then-prime minister Ehud] Barak was talking about
re-dividing Jerusalem and bringing the Palestinian Authority into the
city, I started searching for a new house," he recalled. "I knew very well
that I would not be able to live under Yasser Arafat or any other Arab

Since the beginning of the intifada, masked gunmen have repeatedly
threatened to kill Owaidah. In one incident, several shots were fired at
his home from a distance, but no one was hurt. His eldest son, Sadek, was
kidnapped twice to Jericho and Ramallah, but was released following heavy
pressure from Israel.

"He was brutally tortured by the Palestinian security services," the
father pointed out. "But they were not after him. They are trying to get
to me, and this is what they told my son. They even asked him to draw a
sketch of the interior of the house and where I sleep."

In his bedroom, Owaidah keeps a pistol and hundreds of bullets. "You see
this pistol?" he says as he brandishes the handgun. "I will not hesitate
to use it if they come to get me. I will never surrender. I will kill 10
of them before they get their hands on me."

Asked if he was afraid nevertheless, in the wake of the continued killing
of suspected collaborators, Owaidah retorted: "First of all, most of these
people who are being killed are innocent and were never working for the
Shin Bet. Secondly, I'm not afraid because I know that Israel is
protecting me. If I call the police, they will be here in less than three

Owaidah explained that he decided to work with Israel "because of the
injustice we saw when we were under Jordanian rule before the 1967 war."

"When the Jews came to Jerusalem, I saw how they were treating the people
in a humane way," he said. "By comparison, we had been oppressed by the
Jordanians when they were here. Look how the Jews have built a modern and
democratic state, and look where the Arabs still are."

4. The Rent-an-Experts of the Israeli banking lobby:

5. De'ja' Jew


The Liberal Anti-Semites: The New Face of an Ancient Hatred By Fiamma
Nirenstein (Gli Antisemiti progressisti: La Nuova Forma di un Odio Antico)
Rizzoli 390pp. 18.50 Euro

In the aftermath of the 1975 UN motion that condemned Zionism as a form of
racism, Italian artist Herbert Pagani wrote:

"Now that the Jews have a homeland, anti-Semitism rises again from its
ashes, or better, our ashes, and it is called anti-Zionism. Before it was
applied to individuals, today it is applied to a nation. Israel is a
ghetto, Jerusalem is Warsaw. We are no longer besieged by the Germans but
by the Arabs, whose crescent has often been disguised as a sickle to
better fool the Left around the world. I, a left-wing Jew, do not care
about a Left whose wish is to liberate all mankind at the expense of one
minority, because I belong to that minority."

Today, in the aftermath of the 2001 UN human -rights summit in Durban, we
are back to the future. The chorus of harsh international criticism and
condemnation of Israel merely resurrects this same dark phoenix.
Interestingly, the main promoters of the increasing hostility toward the
Jewish state belong to the liberal camp - an old ally and protector of the
Jewish people.

In her latest book The Liberal Anti-Semites, Italian journalist Fiamma
Nirenstein follows the development of the relationship between the Italian
Left and the Jewish people, from the aftermath of the Second World War
until today. Nirenstein provides a compelling analysis of the dynamics of
this relationship, and of how the Left took an increasingly anti-Israel
stand since the Six Day War, eventually becoming one of its most
vociferous opponents.

The consequences of this liberal anti-Semitism are very serious: a
legitimization of terrorism and a failure to understand its origins. As a
result, Nirenstein contends, we fail to see its only possible solution:
democracy in the Arab world.

Nirenstein invites the Left to reconsider its position vis-a'-vis Israel
and terrorism, warning that Europe, willing or not, will soon have to
fight the same war that Israel is fighting today.

APART FROM being a leading Italian journalist and author, Nirenstein is
professor of Middle Eastern History at the University LUISS in Rome. One
of her previous books, The Betrayal: How the West Betrayed the Jews
(2000), was a best seller in Italy that sparked an intense debate and
attracted international attention. At the time of its publication,
anti-Semitism was clearly on the rise. But today it has reached such a
feverish pitch that it compelled her to delve more deeply in this latest

In it, she argues that in the aftermath of World War II, the Jews and the
Left needed each other. While the Jews were the "living accusation" and
memory against the brutality of fascist regimes, the Left acted as a
protector of their rights as a minority.

Israel fit well in this pattern: a small, weak country evincing sympathy
and support among the Left as a socialist nation, with a strong labor
union and workers' rights. This dynamic, however, came to an abrupt end
with Israel's victory in the Six Day War. The "new Jew" who defends
himself and even dares to win "loses all his charm in the eyes of the
intellectuals of the Left," beholden as they are to a peculiar ide'e fixe.

To clarify the rigidity of this idea of the Jew, Nirenstein refers to a
letter published recently by a large group of professors from the
prestigious University of Bologna addressed to their "Jewish friends."
The letter contains the bizarre definition of the Jewish people as "a
people who suffer, who must suffer because it is in their nature. Because
of its fate, the Jewish people must bear the most terrible persecutions
without raising a finger, and only then the Jews will gain compassion and

This vision reeks of ancient theological anti-Semitism, in which Jews are
destined to suffer for rejecting the Christian faith. Obviously, a Jewish
state that defends itself clashes with such a belief, but the professors
from Bologna offer a solution by inviting the Jews to join them in
condemning Israel, thereby reclaiming their role as the "old Jew" who dies
in silence, or "the good Jew" who denounces the horror of the
particularism and nationalism of the Jewish people in the name of
universalism and a Christian-like love.

SINCE ITS repudiation of Israel in 1967, the Left has become the Jewish
state's most ferocious critic. This enmity reached its peak at the 2001
UN Summit in Durban, where Israel was officially identified as a pariah
state. In the words of Alan Dershowitz, "Israel has become the Jew
amongst the nations."

By abandoning the Jews and Israel, the liberal camp found a new identity,
"defining its foreign policy in terms of an extremely aggressive
anti-American and anti-Israel stand." The deliberate use of the media by
the Left to spread lies and myths about the conflict has been incredibly
successful. Today Palestinian terrorism has gained a horrifying level of
legitimization in the eyes of many Europeans as a struggle against
occupation. Left-wing political forces espousing these views have earned
vast popularity among various peace activists, anti-globalization
movements and powerful international institutions, all united by Israel as
the common enemy.

The results are unambiguous. By hiding behind a one-sided and malicious
criticism of Israel, anti-Semitism is being legitimized, and so is the use
of terror by the Palestinians. A lucid example is the International Court
of Justice ruling over the security fence built by Israel to defend itself
from terrorist attacks. "It is a license to kill Jews," Nirenstein
pointed out in a recent interview.

The rationale of the Left goes even further. Europe is afraid of
terrorism, and naively believes that "by sacrificing Israel, it will
placate the appetite of Islamic terrorism." It fails to understand that
Islamic terrorism goes well beyond the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or
the American presence in Iraq. Islamic terrorism is not the result of the
Israeli occupation, but of years of poverty, repression, and propaganda by
radical imams and leaders exalting suicide terrorists. Europe should be
aware that these campaigns of hatred for the Jews and the Western world
have a clear agenda for Europe too.

"We shall not win the war against terror unless we win the war against
anti-Semitism. We shall not win unless we fight for democracy, first and
foremost for democracy in the Islamic world."

This is Nirenstein's message.

Israel and the US understand this point. Putting an end to repressive
regimes, dictatorships and violent propaganda while providing freedom and
rights is the only way forward. Democracy is the strongest weapon the
West has against terrorism.

The Liberal Anti-Semites is also a call to Jews in the Diaspora to
denounce anti-Semitism and shout "J'accuse!" when Israel is unjustly
criticized. European Jewry should not hesitate to break its old alliance
with the Left and "base new alliances on the present rather than on old
memories. The memory of the Holocaust cannot protect against the horror
of anti-Semitism if accompanied by a total ignorance of the history of
Zionism and Israel."

The Left has been crying along with the Jewish communities on Holocaust
Remembrance Day while identifying Israel as a Nazi country. It is as if
they were saying to the Jews, "Let's celebrate together the Day of
Remembrance and curse Israel together!"

To clarify this point, Nirenstein reports a chilling sentence heard
several times in Italy: "The image of the death of Muhammad al-Dura in his
father's arms has finally allowed Europe to forget the famous picture of
the Jewish boy with his arms raised in the Warsaw Ghetto." This is
unacceptable, and Nirenstein devotes one full chapter to the "new season
for the relationship between Jews and the Right."

The right wing today, at least in Italy, has understood that "if it wants
to reach the Jews, it must reach Israel as the Jewish nation." Italian
Deputy Prime Minister Gianfranco Fini's visit to Israel clearly
demonstrated that the Right regrets its Fascist past and is now ready to
be the champion of democracy and fight international terrorism. The Right
today has a clear identity; the Left does not. Its position vis-a'-vis
democracy is unclear, and the Jews need to recognize this and act

Nirenstein concludes by explaining that "the only way to defeat
anti-Semitism in Europe is via understanding the contradiction of an open
and global society and to accept the idea that the campaign of defamation
against Israel has incited violence and terrorism." She mentions a few
positive steps that have been taken so far, such as the former European
Commission President Romano Prodi's acknowledgment that "the idea that
criticisms of Israel are connected to anti-Semitism is not totally wrong."

The alternative to this is to witness what we are witnessing today: "A
voluntary recoiling from our identity because the war ahead of us is too
hard to fight. However, as hard as it may be, Europe, like Israel, will
have no choice but to fight."

Less than two weeks after its publication in Italy, The Liberal
Anti-Semites is already a best seller there, and has sparked a lively
debate in Italian society. Fiamma Nirenstein has once again given us a
compelling analysis, a passionate yet lucid defense of Israeli democracy
that makes her latest book engaging and fascinating.

Thirty years after their pronouncement, Herbert Pagani's thoughts still
sadly ring true: "Today, Descartes' famous sentence 'I think therefore I
exist' holds no meaning for me. We, the Jews, have been thinking for
5,000 years and are still denied the right to exist. Today, although it
horrifies me, I have no choice but to say 'I defend myself, therefore I

The writer, a native of Rome, recently earned her MA in International
Relations at the London School of Economics, and is currently a researcher
at Azure.

6. No, to another terror state!
September 24, 2004


Collectively, we don't often get a chance to sound off in a meaningful way
on the major issues of the day.

I don't know about you, but those public-opinion pollsters never call me.

But there is an opportunity right now to weigh in on one of the greatest
and most important issue of our time whether the world should create a
Palestinian Arab state.

A group called Global Israel Alliance is attempting to mobilize opposition
to this misguided plan now, prior to the November elections. If the
turnout is high enough, the organizers believe it might help reverse U.S.
support for the so-called Mideast "roadmap."

What's wrong with the idea of creating a Palestinian Arab state?

There are many reasons to oppose the creation of what would certainly be
another breeding ground and support base for Islamic terrorism. But I want
to focus on just one.

One of the great untold stories of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is
that the Palestinian Authority's official policy is to demand all Jews get
out of the country they are attempting to create.

I'll bet you didn't know that. But it's true. This is why the Palestinian
Authority is calling for the dismantling of Jewish communities within its
territory. There is no room for any Jews in the country the children of
Yasser Arafat want to start.

In any other part of the world, this kind of racist, anti-Semitic effort
at ethnically cleansing a region would be roundly condemned by all
civilized people. Yet, because most people simply don't understand the
clear, official plan by the Arab leaders to force out all Jews from the
new Palestinian state, Arafat retains a degree of sympathy, even political
support, from much of the world.

Think about what I am saying: It is the official policy of the Palestinian
Authority that all Jews must get off the land! Why is the United States
supporting the creation of a new, racist, anti-Semitic hate state? Why is
the civilized world viewing this as a prescription for peace in the
region? Why is this considered an acceptable idea?

Is there any other place in the world where that kind of official policy
of racism and ethnic cleansing is tolerated even condoned?

Why are the rules different in the Middle East? Why are the rules
different for Arabs? Why are the rules different for Muslims?

Would America consider it acceptable if the new Iraqi government said the
few Jews remaining in Iraq would have to leave? Would America consider it
acceptable if the new Iraqi governing council said Christians would have
to go?

Of course not. So why even before a Palestinian state is created do we
accept as a fait accompli that Jews should be forced off their land in the
coming state of Palestine?

Why are U.S. tax dollars supporting the racist, anti-Semitic entity known
as the Palestinian Authority?

Is it any wonder Israelis seek to build a wall to protect themselves from
the racist, anti-Semitic supporters of suicide bombers determined not only
to kill Jews in the Palestinian Authority, but to kill as many as they can
in Israel as well?

While the Arabs do not even believe Jews have the right to live in the
Palestinian state, the Israelis, on the other hand, offer full citizenship
rights to Arabs in the Jewish state.

What a contrast!

In fact, as I have said many times, nowhere in the Middle East do Arabs
experience more freedom than in Israel.

So, sound off. Participate in the referendum. Make your voice heard.

There's still time to stop the creation of another terror state in the
Middle East.

7. Presbyterian Anti-Semitism:

8. The Leftist Media:

9. Israeli-American woman killed as mortar hits her home in Neve Dekalim
By israelinsider staff September 24, 2004

Tiferet Tratner, 24

Tiferet Tratner, 24, was killed Friday morning when a mortar shell fired
by Palestinian terrorists landed on her home in Neve Dekalim, part of the
Gush Katif settlement bloc in the southern Gaza Strip. One hit her house,
mortally wounding her in the head. Another woman was lightly wounded. The
house sustained heavy damage.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the shelling, the first time that the
frequent mortar attacks on Israeli communities in Gaza have proven fatal.

The critically wounded young woman was transported to Soroka Hospital in
Beersheba with severe head wounds, MDA said. Her death was announced
shortly after.

As the wounded were being evacuated, Arab terrorists fired several more
mortars at the settlement.

Friday, September 24, 2004

1. You will all be happy to know that the Austrian neonazi anti-Semitic
white-supremacy rock and roll band named Der Blutharsch ("Dry Blood")
has been invited to perform in Israel on October 9 (source: When it tried to perform
in Chicago last year, local protests forced the cancellation of the
"concert" on grounds that the band was a group of racist neonazis.

For background on the group, see and

Now I personally happen to consider all such "heavy metal" rock and
roll music to be a human rights atrocity, whether or not it happens to be
accompanied by anti-Semitic nazi symbols. But hosting them in Tel Aviv
has got to take the cake. Whosever idea that was should be running

Meanwhile, I am waiting to see if Ben Gurion University makes any job
offers to the band members after the concert....

2. Dror Feiler, the pro-terror ex-Israeli "artist", defends his sculpture
celebrating the mass murder of Israeli children and civilians on a
University of Haifa chat list:

1. Ever wonder where the pseudo-Judaic pagan cult "Neturei Karta", the
pro-terror cheerleaders of Arafat, get their money? Well, now we know:

Special Information Bulletin
Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
at the Center for Special Studies (C.S.S) August 2004

The Arafat Papers: Documents captured during Operation Defensive Shield
corruption at the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority - Money
allotted by Arafat and his cronies

Allotments of large amounts of money to Rabbi Moshe Hirsch, the "foreign
minister" of the ultra-orthodox, virulently anti-Zionist Jewish sect known
as Neturei Karta. Two extraordinary payments of $25,000 ( January 13,
and $30,000 ( February 14, 2002), show that Arafat often gave payoffs to
Hirsch. For originals

Arafat uses Rabbi Moshe Hirsch as a tool for propaganda

Among the hundreds of documents (captured from the Muqata during Operation
Defensive Shield) dealing with money allotted by Arafat, two were found
which related to large sums paid to Rabbi Hirsch for "expenses for
activities." The payments in question, one after an other, were unusually
large ($25,000 on January 13, 2002, and $30,000 on February 14, 2002) and
may indicate that Arafat paid him monthly. It should be noted that the
amounts are significantly larger than those given to other cronies, which
varied between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

A meeting between Araf at and Rabbi Moshe Hirsch in Ramallah, December 17,

For several years Arafat has had regular meetings with Rabbi Hirsch, who
known as Neturei Karta's "foreign minister." For Arafat Hirsch serves as
indoctrination and propaganda tool which he uses to demonstrate the
cooperation between Palestinians and ultra-Orthodox Jews who hold the same
anti-Zionist world view. Thus his readiness to "invest" unusually large
of money in him.

In 1988, when the establishment of a Palestinian state was declared in
Algeria, Palestinian sources stated that Moshe Hirsch would become a
minister in the government in the future state. In a Palestinian Authority
document dated 1995, Rabbi Hirsch was described as "the Minister of Jewish
Affairs." In a speech given by Arafat in the Ramallah-Al Bireh district on
January 28, 2002, he noted the depth of the historical ties between all
Semitic religions and gave as an example the fact that Rabbi Moshe Hirsch
was a member of the PLO's National Palestinian Council.

Document 1 - Translation
A payment of $25,000 to Rabbi Moshe Hirsch authorized by Arafat ( January
13, 2002)
[Palestinian seal]
The Palestinian Liberation Organization
Office of the President
January 13, 2002
I received the sum of $25,000 (twenty-five thousand dollars) exactly for
expenses for the activities of Rabbi Hirsch. ["Expenses for activities"
added in Arafat's own hand, following the example of other documents.]
in accordance with the instructions of [our] brother the president and
commander general.
Name and signature of the recipient
[Written by Arafat:]
To be paid
[Signature of Arafat]
January 13, 2002
A payment of $25,000 to Rabbi Moshe Hirsch authorized by Arafat ( January
13, 2002)

Document 1 - Original
Document 2 - Translation
A payment of $30,000 to Rabbi Moshe Hirsch authorized by Arafat ( February
14, 2002)
[Palestinian seal]
The Palestinian Liberation Organization
Office of the President
February 14, 2002
I received the sum of $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars) exactly for
expenses for the activities of Rabbi Hirsch. [The Rabbi's name was written
in by hand.]
Done in accordance with the instructions of [our] brother the president
commander general.
Name and signature of the recipient

[Written by Arafat:]
To be paid
[Signature of Arafat]
February 14, 2002
A payment of $30,000 to Rabbi Moshe Hirsch authorized by Arafat ( February
14, 2002)
Document 2 -- Original

Document 3 - Translation
A note from Rabbi Moshe Hirsch addressed to "Abu 'Amar, may he have a long
and happy life, amen!" in which he requests a meeting and reminds Arafat
"something," apparently a reference to the receipt of money1

1. The letter was among the documents captured in Operation Defensive
The Palestine Liberation Organization
The Palestinian National Authority
Office of the President
To brother president Abu 'Amar
Attached: [A letter for] his honor from Rabbi Hirsch
In re: Request for a meeting with his honor
Contents :
[Rabbi Hirsch] congratulates his honor on [the anniversary of] the
declaration of the founding of the independent state and [on] the month of
Ramadan, and also requests a meeting with his honor.
Gaza , November 18, 2001
The administration for political affairs
[Handwritten note in margin:]
The brothers in public relations
The brothers in the ceremonies (department)
The brothers in security
To be taken care of accordingly
[Three names appear,
two which are illegible and]
Dr. Ramzi
Note : Enclosed within the attached letter was a note written by Rabbi
Hirsch on November 15, 2001, addressed to "Abu 'Amar, may he have a long
happy life, amen." In it he congratulates Arafat and the Palestinian
on the first anniversary of the declaration of the Palestinian state and
asks to meet with him at the earliest possible opportunity [which in fact
took place on December 17, 2001, see the picture at the beginning of this
posting]. He also mentions something about a messenger who brought him
"something" from Arafat a short time before. It was apparently a reference
to payments brought to him by messenger.

Document 3 - Original (Attached letter)

Document 4 - Original (Congratulatory note)

Arafat addressed as "Abu 'Amar, may he have a long and happy life" in
Hirsch's note.

IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis

2. There is one sad part about the Labor Court ordering an end to the
strike launched by the Histadrut and opening the airports. They let
Pancho Peretz out of the country.

The head of the largest organized crime family in Israel tours the US:

Histadrut Chairman Amir Peretz, M.K met with
Israeli Ambassador Daniel Ayalon during his recent visit.

New York, August 2004. Histadrut Chairman Amir Peretz, M.K., met with
labor and community leaders in New York and Washington, D.C. this month
for the purpose of strengthening ties between the Israeli labor federation
and the U.S. labor and Jewish communities. Peretz's visit was organized
by the National Committee for Labor Israel.

Speaking at the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish
Organizations, Chairman Peretz described the roots of his support for a
Palestinian state through his childhood in the development town of Sderot
near the Gaza border, and his rise through the ranks to the leadership of
Israel's General Federation of Labor, Histadrut. He also addressed the
effect of the present Israeli government's budget policy on workers, and
the coming merger of his political party, Am Ehad, with the Labor Party.

Other meetings included a private reception with community leaders in New
York, a meeting with AFL-CIO president John Sweeney and CWA president
Morton Bahr in Washington, D.C., and a meeting with Israel's ambassador to
the U.S. Daniel Ayalon.

Before returning to Israel, Mr. Peretz expressed his appreciation for
NCLI's efforts in support of Israeli-American relations, and his vision
for the future:

"We deeply appreciate NCLI's impressive and deep interest in the State of
Israel, Israeli trade unions and the Israeli people. We believe and hope
that due to your outstanding activity, relations between the Israeli and
American labor movements will be strengthened and enhanced.

I can assure you on behalf of the Histadrut, its workers and members, that
we will strengthen the solidarity between the Israeli and American trade
unions, and also between the Israeli and Palestinian trade unions, out of
the belief that only coexistence and a comprehensive and just peace
between us and our neighbors will yield calm, prosperity and fraternity in
the Middle East."

3. Child Terror:
Jerusalem Post.
15-year old suicide bomber apprehended.

A 15-year old Palestinian was apprehended Tuesday on his way to executing
a suicide bombing, Army sources quoted on Israel Radio disclosed
Thursday evening.

Three other Palestinians from the village Yamun in the Jenin region were
also apprehended for having planned the attack and assisting to transport
the 7 KG suicide belt.

One of the three, Za'el Adel Hara, was apprehended in Dir Hanna in the
Galilee on Tuesday, and he admitted to having transported the device
hidden in a sack of flour. He told interrogators that the belt had already
been given to the youth, who received NIS 1,000 in order to commit

He said that the hidden suicide belt had been transported along with other
household items of his by a Palestinian who is an Israeli resident in
possession of an Israeli ID card.

The Palestinian who transported the goods received his ID card as part of
the Israeli family unification program. He received NIS 2,000 from Adel
Hara to transport the goods from Yamun southwards to Jerusalem, and from
there along Israeli roads to the Merar region in the Galilee. There,
he and his family waited in a tent along with his family amidst a group of
illegal Palestinian workers.

Following his arrest, the two other Yamun residents were arrested.

Israel police sources, quoted Thursday night on Israel Television, state
that following the affair, they have decided to put an end to the
incidence of illegal Palestinian workers in the north.

4. Neocon-Jew and proud of it:

5. Tikkun version of Shatnez catching on:

6. Leftist Jewish anti-Semitism - Exchange:

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10. Christians against anti-Semitism? - Tell the Presbyterians:

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Tom Gross adds in relation to the above item "France to distribute copies
of 'Shoah' film in anti-hate drive":

Yesterday the New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune ran as
their top-of the page, main comment piece (with a large photo, giving it
twice the space usually reserved for a comment piece), an article titled
"A poisoned 'j'accuse' from America."

The piece, specially translated from French by the IHT, was written by
Jean Daniel, the co-founder and director of the French magazine Le Nouvel
Observateur. Earlier this year Daniel was presented with a special award
for his contribution to "the Humanities."

The piece did not run in the New York Times, but does follow in a long
tradition by the Jewish-owned (but often giving the appearance of
Jewish-hating) family (some of whom have converted to other religions)
that owns the New York Times of denigrating Jews and downplaying
anti-Semitism. (The most notorious example being the downplaying by the
New York Times of anti-Jewish measures in the 1930s and of the Holocaust
in the 1940s. Over half a century later, the family that owns the New York
Times offered a semi-apology for this cover-up.)

In his article, Daniel suggests that the idea that there is increasing and
widespread anti-Semitism in France is due to "certain ultra-Zionist camps
of French Judaism... [making] their concerns known in Tel Aviv and New
York, where they were hijacked for use against France."

(Daniel neglects to mention that Jerusalem and Washington are actually the
capitals of Israel and the US. He neglects to mention that a large
increase in anti-Semitism throughout France has been admitted by French
government ministers. He neglects to cite a single example of the hundreds
of anti-Semitic attacks carried out in France in recent years. He neglects
to mention that thousands of French Jews have fled to Israel, Canada,
Florida, New York and elsewhere in the last four years.)

Daniel goes on to argue that the French population cannot be anti-Semitic
because they only handed over one third of their Jewish population to
their death in Nazi camps. (He neglects to mention that among these were
thousands of young children.) "Two out of three!" he writes in his piece
(the exclamation mark is his) in relation to those French Jews who didn't
die, citing this as what he appears to consider to be a good record
proving non-anti-Semitism.

"It was not a Frenchman who killed the great Yitzhak Rabin," he adds for
good measure, as if this bore any relevance to French anti-Semitism.

Deliberately employing a word associated with WW2 Germany, he refers to
the "Bush-Putin-Sharon axis."

With less news than usual emanating from Israel, the West Bank and Gaza at
present, and with news dominated by particularly bloody clashes and
beheadings in Iraq during recent days, as well as on-going massacres in
Sudan, the IHT again chooses on its comment pages to instead lead with
misinformation about Jews.

The abuses of reporting by the New York Times and even more by the
International Herald Tribune about Israel and Jews are too numerous to
cover on a daily basis.

2. For more details, see:
"All The News ThatÂ?Â?s Fit to Print? The New York Times and Israel"

The Times's distorted presentation of events is especially troubling given
the very high respect in which the paper is generally held by its
readership, policymakers, and other members of the media. The Times's
framing of the conflict has for years contributed to bad diplomacy at the
State Department and elsewhere, and has fueled negative images of Israel
among the public at large. As I know from personal experience working as a
correspondent in the Middle East for both American and European papers,
foreign news editors throughout the world often look to the Times for
story ideas. Every evening, editors across America check the next day's
front-page stories on the New York Times before altering their lineups.

Especially abroad, some mistakenly presume that the New York Times must be
pro-Israel since it is Jewish-owned and has several prominent Jewish
writers and editors. In fact, it may be precisely for this reason that it
bends over backward to avoid being seen as the "Jew York Times," as one
European journalist I used to work with in Israel called it. There would
be nothing new in this. The Times deliberately downplayed reports on the
Holocaust in the 1940s. It hid news of the ongoing genocide of European
Jewry "in small print on the back pages Jewish-owned but anxious not to be
seen as Jewish-oriented," as historian David S. Wyman put it.

Full reports in

3. Dated but worth reading:

4. A rare comment of common sense in the Israeli press:

5. Could someone report this to the Israeli tax authorities?

Jews And Ostriches
Posted 9/22/2004
Its been said that "Jews are the people of `The Book.`" From what we
observe today,
"The Book" is not a survival manual and may end up being the Koran.
There are three things certain in life: death, taxes and anti-Semitism.
Well, death is death,
taxes are down, and anti-Semitism is up. Like some demon seed that lay
dormant, sleeping,
covered over or ignored, it has now sprouted once again.
The hated symbols are scrawled across the gravestones in Jewish cemeteries
and on the
walls of the ancient capitals of Europe and the Near and Middle East. Jews
are blamed for
everything from the destruction of the World Trade Center to the war in
Iraq, and are called
"baby-killers" in relation to the Palestinian problem even while the
world`s media print the
photographs of the arms of small slaughtered Jewish children hanging from
the side of a bus that
Palestinian terrorists decided to destroy.
American Jews are disconnected from these realities, and apparently are
determined to
make their lack of interest in unfolding world events evident by
supporting the Democratic
candidate for president.
An ostrich buries its head in the sand, and in so doing leaves another
part of its anatomy
vulnerable. American Jews should take heed and perhaps consider emulating
the eagle rather
than the ostrich.
In a recent poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, American
Jews who
were likely voters favored Kerry by 75 to 22 percent. The problem, like it
or not, that American
Jews choose not to deal with is that to some degree the life and
well-being of any Jew, anywhere
in the world, is connected to the fate of Israel. This is true even for
Jews who go to country clubs,
ride polo ponies, or name their daughters Tiffany.
When the Nazis came into power, with equanimity they murdered Jews with
blond hair
and blue eyes and whod been loyal German soldiers for the Kaiser, along
with the ones with
yarmulkes and long beards.
The Jewish knee-jerk propensity to vote Democratic is unrelated to any
advantage the party offers American Jews in the modern world. The
allegiance of Jews is
basically historical, beginning with President Roosevelt and then becoming
embedded in their
psyches, with no connection to events or reality.
The Jews believed that somehow Roosevelt was their savior. In point of
fact, Roosevelt
was a canny politician who believed he had the Jews in his pocket.
Notwithstanding Churchill`s
plea, Roosevelt would not order the bombing of the Nazis` transportation
web to slow the
delivery of Jews to the concentration camps -- even after Churchill`s
prophecy to him that history
would condemn both of them for his refusal.
Democrats since Roosevelt have not been much better for Jews when it comes
to Israel:
Jimmy Carter engineered a sellout of Israel at Camp David; Hillary Clinton
hugged Mrs. Arafat;
John Kerry called Arafat "a statesman" and, in his unending acceptance
speech at the Democratic
convention, did not mention Israel even once.
On the other hand, Nixon, Reagan, and the present president have been the
guardians of
Israel`s survival. President Bush, however, has been extraordinary in this
regard. American Jews
who do not like Bush are quick to insist that the he and the Religious
Right and are supportive of
Israel only because such support fits their belief that there must be a
state of Israel when the
Messiah comes.
The unworthy thought crosses our minds that if your house is burning and
your neighbor
puts out the fire, not out of any love for your family but because he
doesnt want a burned-out
wreck of a house next to his own, does it really make a difference? Either
motive leaves you and
your family with your home.
In the Greenberg poll, only 15 percent of the Jews surveyed mentioned
Israel as the most
important factor they take into account when deciding which presidential
candidate to vote for.
Unfortunately, there are six million reasons why they are wrong.
Jackie Mason is the world-renowned comedic genius. Raoul Felder is a
Manhattan attorney.

7. Banning the "T" Word

8. Reform synagogue space pods take over Connecticut?

9. 14:30 Sep-22-04 / 7 Tishrei 5765

29 Municipalities Refuse Fiscal Reform
( The Interior Ministry today released data showing that 29
municipalities have refused to sign on to the fiscal reform package that
is designed to restore economic health and responsibility to the
faltering cities. The package would also free funds for payment of city

Of the 29 "rebel" municipalities, 27 are Arab-majority cities.

10. Intellectual Morons:
"Noam Chomsky is Michael Moore with his brain on steroids. In the late
70s, he deemed stories of Pol Pots killing fields capitalist propaganda.
Later, he fantasized a conspiracy between ex-Nazis and U.S. government
officials to shape the post-World War II world. Prior to the war on
terrorism, Chomsky maintained that the U.S. was in the midst of apparently
trying to murder 3 or 4 million people in Afghanistan, predicting mass
starvation and death."

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