Steven Plaut

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Middle East ceasefires are always unilateral ceasefires, whereby the Jews
stop shooting back. They usually morph into one of those "controlled
carnage" agreements that Israeli politicians so love, whereby the Arabs
continue to murder Jews but as long as the rate of murder is
"reasonable", the Jews do not retaliate. Such deals operated in Lebanon
and with the PLO.

And now Sharon's ceasefire has been revealed to be just another in
this series, as the massacre
Friday night outside a Tel Aviv nightclub showed. The one-sided
violence is no surprise. And it is being accompanied by all the same
nonsense Oslo pollyanna. The leftist newspapers in Israel are sighing in
ecstasy about how Abu Shlimazen's new government is now going to crack
down on the terror. Danny Rubinstein, Haaretz's commentator on
Palestinian affairs, the leftist who always seems to be convinced that all
Palestinians think exactly what he is thinking this week, a guy who is
acknowledged as an expert on Palestinians by himself, insists the
Palestinian "street" is horrified by the atrocity in Tel Aviv Friday

It is Oslo deja vu all over again, and we are only missing Shimon
Peres telling us about how the threat of infiltration of cable TV into
Israel is much worse than the threat of infiltration of terrorists.

But one question is nagging at everyone's mind. What was
the role of the International Solidarity Movement, the pro-terror group of
Mall Marxists and Designer-Jean Anarchists, in Friday night's attack?

Why would anyone think the ISM is involved? Because it already was
involved in the last identical bombing of a Tel Aviv nightclub, where the
bombers used the identical M.O. as this week's atrocity.

The International Solidarity Movement openly endorses Palestinian terror
and candidly declares its belief that Israel and its people should be
annihilated. It's martyr and Mother Teresa is Rachel Corrie, a young
American girl who died while trying to prevent an Israeli bulldozer from
destroying a tunnel in which explosives used to murder Jewish civilians
were being smuggled.

ISM members who come to Israel have been arrested for vandalizing and
destroying Israeli security fences and equipment. On March 27, 2003,
fugitive Islamic Jihad terrorist Shadi Sukiya was arrested in a house in
Jenin rented by the ISM. In the most serious incident, on April 30, 2003,
two British Muslims tried to blow themselves up at a popular Tel Aviv
nightspot, Mike's Place; one of them succeeded, killing three and wounding
50. At least one of the terrorists had spent the weeks before the attack
living with the ISM in Gaza. They entered Israel in the first place by
pretending to be part of an entourage of "peace protesters" and fact

So we have ample reason to suspect that the same ISM accomplices of
terror could be again involved. Were they? Inquiring minds want to know!

Friday, February 25, 2005

1. Nothing so clearly illustrates the pseudo-democratic nature of
Israel's ruling class and its dual justice system than the refusal to take
action against those leftist anti-Zionists in Israel who are defaming
the newly appointed Chief of Staff of the army, Dan Halutz, and libeling
him as a "war criminal". Suddenly calling someone a murderer and war
criminal is protected free speech, but of course only for anti-Israel
leftists. This is all unlike anti-Oslo dissidents calling Sharon or
Peres names, acts that have earned their perpetrators arrest and

The anti-Jewish Israeli Left dislikes Halutz because Halutz used to
command the air force. While he was commander there, the air force offed
a large number of terrorist leaders. In one such hit, a large bomb was
used against some Hamas terror leaders, and the bomb also killed some
civilians in the building nearby. Tch tch tch. This makes Halutz a war
criminal in the "minds" of the Left. You know, unlike those Israeli
leftists who imported the dozens of suicide bombers into Israeli cities.

Now civilians getting hurt when Israel bombs terror leaders operating
with the blessing and protection of the PLO are the responibility and
blame of the PLO, not of Dan Halutz. If the PLO had not kept such people
operating with the resulting Oslo mass murders of Jews, no targeted
assassinations of the Islamofascists by Israeli choppers and planes would
have occurred. Halutz is a war criminal in exactly the same sense as
were FDR and Churchill, every time civilians in Berlin got hurt from
Allied bombing in WWII. In others words, he is not.

The war criminals responsible for Palestinian civilians getting hurt
are the Palestinian Islamofascists and the Israeli-leftist amen chorus,
urging the terrorists on to ever greater violence.

But what about the lefties calling Halutz names? Israel has a law
making it a crime to insult public officials! Call Shimon Peres a twit
and see what happens to you! It is also libelous to call Halutz a

Now take the Yesh Gvul organization. Ordinarily Yesh Gvul devotes its
efforts to organizing insubordination and mutiny among soldiers in order
to make it easier for the Arab fascist world to destroy Israel. Yesh Gvul
urges its members to refuse to serve in the Israeli army or follow orders.
Several Yesh Gvul members have had their wrists tapped in court for
this. Yesh Gvul has large ads in the papers today (bet you a week's
salary the New Israel Fund is paying for them), defaming Dan Halutz as a
murderer and war criminal.

The Israeli Attorney General demands that every anti-Oslo
protester who holds a sign against Sharon be arrested as a clear and
present threat of assassination. Will he now show some consistency? Will
he round up the Yesh Gvul extremists and toss them in the klink? Will the
police arrest others posting filth on the internet accusing Halutz of
being a murderer? Arresting them the same way they arrest Kahanists who
wear Tee shirts that say "Where there are no Arabs there is no terrorism"?

Yeah, and I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.

2. AT last CAIR found a perp of a massacre it does not want to salute:

3. Garsh. How surprising!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Clearing up Some Definitions, or, Who says that Only Chomsky can Do
Since there has been a lot of confusion lately about definitions of terms,
it behooves us to clarify some terms:

1. Capitalist:
A. Someone who owns capital, and thus would include almost all American
workers, who own capital through their pension funds.
B. Someone who understands that capitalism is the only system on earth
that can produce wealth or reduce poverty.

2. Liberal:
Before 1960, someone who believes in individual freedom, economic freedom,
and opposes discrimination.
Since 1970, someone who opposes individual freedom, opposes economic
freedom, and supports discrimination.

3. Marxist:
A. An extremely rare form of psychosis and personality disorder.
B. Something someone claims to be to make their Mommy mad.

4. Fidelista: a terminal case of #3.

5. Socialist:
A. Someone who refuses to study economics.
B. Someone practicing recreational compassion.

6. Conservative: see "liberal" for before 1960.

7. Jew - someone born to a Jewish mother or who converted to Judaism.

8. Self-hating Jew: A Jew who supports Arab terrorism and wants Israel

9. Christian: someone following the teachings of Christ.

10. Zionist: A Jew who is not a self-hating Jew.

11. Anti-Zionist: an Anti-Semite

12. Deconstructionist: a twit with nothing of value to say about anything

13. Progressive: shallow politically-correct liberals and leftists

14. Post-modernist: a Deconstructionist without all that depth in

15. Multiculturalist: someone pretending to be interested in other
cultures, as long as no one asks him or her to study a foreign language

16. Humanist: a human speciesist

17. Reconstructionist: see "Deconstructionist"

18. Empowered: a meaningless word PC leftists use to make themselves feel

19. Feminist:
A. Before 1970, someone who wants equality of opportunity for the sexes.
B. After 1970, someone who opposes equality of opportunity for the sexes.

20. Palestinian self-determination: the destruction of Israel and its

21. Democrat: see "liberal".

22. Moderate Republican: see "Democrat".

23. Caring: what liberals claim to be to make themselves feel good.

24. Egalitarian: someone who opposes equality of opportunity.

25 White: an American person with light complexion generally possessing a
mix of Caucasian, American Indian, and other racial ancestors.

26. Black: an American person with dark complexion generally possessing a
mix of black, Caucasian, American Indian, and other racial ancestors.

27. Hispanic:
A. Anyone speaking Spanish except someone from Spain.
B. Anyone the racist bureaucrats in Washington decide arbitrarily is

28. Asian: someone whose ancestors do not come from Asia west of the
Himalaya mountains.

29. Afrocentric: someone who hates white people.

30. Eurocentric: a meaningless adjective attached by PC leftists to
everything they do not like.

31. Freedom of speech: something PC leftists want promoted through
censorship and speech codes.

32. The media: an Old Boys Club for liberals.

33. Affirmative action: a form of apartheid.

More on PC-speak can be found at

Israel's Literary Leftists
By Judy Lash Balint | February 24, 2005

" very much like me.we have so much in common, . gushed Israeli
novelist, Dorit Rabanyan, to a rapt audience of international literati,
book publishers and journalists about her encounters with Palestinians in
New York.

"The peace I make with one person encourages me that we can make peace
between two peoples,. she concluded to rapturous applause from the
audience assembled last week at the Sheik Hussein Peace Bridge in northern
Israel for a gathering billed as .Voices from Two Sides of the Bridge.. No
one got up to scream that not the same: Arab society where
incitement and hatred reign is nothing like Israeli society where every
popular song is a plea for peace.

For me, Rabanyan.s words triggered an acute case of dj vu. I found myself
transported back twenty-five years or so to the days of the evil Soviet
empire, when the Cold War was in full force. The Soviets used cultural
exchange to avert attention from their human rights abuses and soften
their image abroad.

Month after month, American cities would be deluged with delegations from
the Bolshoi Ballet, the Moscow Circus or the Leningrad Symphony Orchestra.

For those of us active in the Soviet Jewry movement to promote free
emigration, the cultural visits provided an opportunity to try to
publicize the plight of various individuals who had been arrested or
harassed for courageous acts of dissent against the communist regime.

Invariably, American leftists would decry our efforts to speak out about
human rights abuses, warning that we were disturbing the atmosphere of
friendship and exchange and disrupting the warming of personal relations
between Russians and Americans.

.The Russians are people just like us,. the leftists would declaim. .They
want peace too.. Many of these well-meaning nave Americans would head off
for official visits to Soviet sister cities, where they.d meet with
.counterparts. carefully vetted by the KGB, and come back to yell even
louder against those who might mess up future exchanges by raising that
pesky issue of Jewish emigration or freedom of religion.

It took years until Americans involved in the citizen.s exchange movement
realized that they.d been had. They never got to meet real Russians who
could freely speak their minds and engage in true dialogue. Their
.friends. were KGB fronts who filled their heads with Soviet propaganda
and sent them back into their communities to spread the word. There were
no Russians who returned to Moscow, Leningrad or Vladivostok proclaiming
their love for America.they would end up in jail if they did so.

Back at the Bridge, it.s discouraging to see a parallel of sorts
percolating through Israeli intellectual elite circles. The goal of the
.Voices. project was to bring together Palestinian, Jordanian, Turkish and
Israeli writers for a literary exchange.

In fact what occurred was a gathering of Israelis--Jews and Arabs.with
only two of the invited Palestinians and none of the Jordanians showing
up. Organizer Deborah Harris, Israel.s premier literary agent, was
furious. With curious journalists nosing around for a story, rumors
swirled about the reasons for the no-shows.

The Jordanian Writers Union had apparently nixed the travel plans of their
fellow countrymen. Moderator Michael Naumann, former chief editor of
Germany.s leading newspaper Die Zeit, announced that the Palestinian
writers had received threatening phone calls from the Palestine Liberation
Organization warning writers not to take part.

Swearing under her breath as she learned in the early morning that the
writers she.d paid to appear had decided not to come, Harris valiantly
juggled the panels to resemble some kind of interchange.

But the uniformity of opinions made for an all too predictable event.

Speaker after speaker trotted out the despicable moral equivalency
diatribe. Rabinyan, for instance, spoke of the reason she fled Tel Aviv
for New York in the horrible spring of 2002. She couldn.t take, .the
awful terrorism nor the IDF reaction to it.... she explained, as if the
murder of civilians is equivalent to the strikes against the terrorist

Sami Michael, the controversial Iraqi-born Israeli author decried the
.corruptive occupation,. but chose not to repeat the assertion he made in
a recent magazine interview that he could understand the motivations of
Hamas bombers who blew up .settlers..

Michael did succeed in making the most stunning statement of the morning.
In a vivid demonstration of how far out of line with reality are the
perceptions of the far left, Michael told the attentive audience that
included authors David Grossman and A.B. Yehoshua, that Israeli writers
who are staunch peace supporters .are forced to stay silent..

Surely Michael must know that the views of Amos Oz, Yehoshua, Grossman and
many others less well known outside Israel are constantly quoted in the
media. In fact, it.s hard to think of living Israeli writers who hold
anything but left-wing views.Aharon Appelfeld and Naomi Ragen are the only
two names that come to mind.

But when asked to expand on his comment, Michael replied that the other
leftist authors are actually, .part of the establishment. The
establishment needs the faade of progressive writers to put forward its
point of view,. he claimed. In the next breath, the 79 year old novelist
tells me that when he put together a full page ad denouncing Israel.s
policy of targeted assassinations, Amos Oz made calls to other public
figures to persuade them not to sign.

It.s a conspiracy theory worthy of the KGB.
Judy Lash Balint is an award-winning Jerusalem based writer and author of
Jerusalem Diaries: In Tense Times.

3. Back to the OLD Middle East

4. The Cockroach's Magazine endorses terrorism:
"How can we consider it just to deny Palestinians the right to struggle
against this foreign domination? Palestinian terrorism is reprehensible,
but I think we need to be aware that Israel's occupation, which is just as
reprehensible, came before Palestinian terrorism. We can condemn the
tactics, but justice demands that we not refuse Palestinians the right to
struggle for freedom. And in the end, justice demands that we force Israel
to stop oppressing another people."

See also this by Michael Newmann, a vintage member of the Jews for

5. Arab Goebbels admits being a liar:

Muhammad Bakri:"I made a grave mistake in "Jenin Jenin".
by Goel Pinto

The director of the documentary film "Jenin Jenin", Muhammad Bakri,
says that he made mistakes in the way he filmed some scenes in his movie.
"Jenin Jenin", brings images from the refugee camp in Jenin, after the
Defensive Shield operation of the IDF in April 2002. The movie stirred
interest and controversy in Israel and abroad.
Bakri was interviewed by Hot News on cable channel 3. He spoke about a
scene in the movie which shows several Palestinian detainees laying on the
ground. A gun shot is heard and a body is removed. Bakri says: "I made a
grave mistake in arranging the scene in such way, because it gave the
false impression that somebody was executed there. I did not do that
intentionally. If I had to do this movie today I would not have put those
scenes in, so as not to give the impression that I am misleading on
This is the first time that Bakri admits that he made mistakes in his
movie. "Jenin Jenin" was severely criticized by Israeli soldiers who took
part in the operation in Jenin. They claimed that the movie contains false
and misleading scenes. The Israeli censor did not allow the film to be
shown in Israel. Bakri went to court, and last August the Israeli Supreme
Court allowed the film to be shown. The judges wrote:"The meaning of
freedom of speech is that the Government can not limit the right to speak
and be heard. In the framework of the freedom of expression one does nor
examine if the expression is true or false."

6. I really enjoyed this story:

7. Hate week at Toronto U:

The wages of heterophobia

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

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We Discover a Leftist Critic of DiscoverTheNetwork
By Steven Plaut | February 23, 2005

The new sister web page of Frontpage Magazine, DiscoverTheNetwork, seems
to be upsetting some of our leftist brethren. The first outburst of crazed
frenzy has come from Kurt Nimmo, one of the regular columnists at
Counterpunch web magazine. In the first lengthy analysis of
DiscoverTheNetwork, Nimmo writes a vicious attack against the new venture,
in which he accuses the operators of unjustified inclusion, in a
comprehensive database of the left, of Islamic terrorists and their
apologists (along with, of course, leftists innocent of such connections).
He writes:

"Truly, Horowitz's latest endeavor is a sight to behold -- an exercise in
massive right-wing paranoia and vindictiveness, making the so-called left,
from Ted Kennedy to the bedtime bogeyman Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (if Abu's a
leftist, then I'm Donald Trump), into something it is not: a massive,
secret, treasonous, hateful, and violent (as in Ayman al-Zawahiri)
conspiracy to destroy David Horowitz's version of America."

Who exactly is Kurt Nimmo? I have not done an exact count of his
articles, but it looks to me like Cockburn runs Nimmo every few days in
Counterpunch. Nimmo's credentials for analyzing global political events
for Cockburn's webzine? Well, rather than Stanford or Harvard, his
intellectual base seems to be a New Mexico Walmart. To be fair, he does
seem to have some connection with New Mexico State University, but as a
local photographer who occasionally does snapshots for the campus
newsletter. His day job, on the other hand, is at the photo development
desk at Walmart.

In his off hours, Nimmo runs his own weblog, which features screeds even
more anti-American and anti-Semitic than the famous 9/11 rant by Ward
Churchill. "Bush and Rumsfeld are promoting Zionist racism," insists
Nimmo. He also claims the US and Israel killed Hariri, the former Lebanese
prime minister. (Apparently they got a Palestinian dupe to plant the

Nimmo is of course a devoted fan of Churchill. In Counterpunch he wrote:
"I must say that I agree with Churchill: the financial and government
institutions housed in the WTC, including the CIA, most certainly did
employ 'technocrats' comparable to Adolf Eichmann." He has written his own
rants in Counterpunch endorsing North Korea's defiance of Bush: "No matter
how you cut it, Dubya has painted himself into a corner. He may yet go on
record as the most ill-advised and murderous US president."

Like Michael Moore, Nimmo considers the terrorist threat to be an
imperialist myth: "Bush's fraudulent terror alerts endeavor to convince
America that 'sufficient threat' exists to such a perilous degree from a
largely mythical al-Qaeda, but a wholesale decimation of the Bill of
Rights is also in order." But if Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is not really a
terrorist, why be outraged that he should appear in the same database with
Ted Kennedy? The Left can be so darned confusing!

More to the point, why be outraged when he himself lumps liberals like
Kennedy with Adolph Hitler: "Democrats out there: come November, when you
vote for Kerry, you will be voting for mass murder and flagrant violation
of international law. Like the Good Germans of Nazi Germany, you will be
guilty of supporting crimes against humanity."

Here's a sampling of Nimmospeak from Cap'n Nimmo:

"The attacks of 9/11 were not actually the work of Muslim terrorists. If
you believe that you have bought a canard made up by Islamophobic

"I will not go into the numerous inconsistencies in the government case
against al-Qaeda, or their failure to answer crucial questions, and will
leave it up to you to read the voluminous information out there, presented
mostly by the 9/11 truth movement, demonstrating the fact this remains an
unsolved crime and the perps are at large.... As we know, the WTC 'story'
was disseminated by the Bush regime in the hours following the attacks and
was uncritically, in fact slavishly broadcast by the corporate media, the
same media that later sold the Iraqi invasion to the American people with
nearly as much ease. No evidential detail was provided... In a matter of
hours, blame was affixed to an evil Muslim madman and his organization. In
short, a camarilla of right-wingers, attached at the hip to a gang of
Muslim-hating right-wingers in Israel, contrived a story that served their
best interests."

Muslim terrorists are the persecuted victims of the

"For Bush, Ashcroft, the Zionist neocons, and the rapture-dizzy Christian
Zionists, Abu Hamza al-Masri is the perfect Islamic fanatic. In the weeks
ahead, as he is extradited from Britain to face the death penalty in
America, the cleric will be held up as a primary example of the inherent
viciousness and homicidal character of al-Qaeda and radical Muslims in
general who want nothing more than to force us at the point of an AK47 to
face Mecca five times a day."

The Bush and Bin Laden "crime families" are protected by the ruling class

"Naturally, the US corporate media will embrace this story and chances are
the Bushites will use it to justify their invasion of Iraq. Yet the same
media refuses to publish anything detailing the business links between the
Bush and bin Laden crime families."
Condi Rice is a pawn of the vast neo-con conspiracy:

"Of course, as a neocon acolyte, Condi Rice is not interested in peace in
the Middle East, least of all between the Palestinians and Israelis, and
even less so then her predecessor, who was often at odds with the Bushcon
"crazies," as he so famously called them. Rice's Hoover Institution is
closely aligned with other neocon foundations, including the Project for a
New American Century and the Jewish Institute for National Security
Affairs, the latter particularly rabid in its opposition to any meaningful
resolution of the conflict--that is to say, Israel's theft and occupation
of Palestinian land--and continually cranks out propaganda designed to
demonize not only the Palestinians, but Arabs and Muslims in general.

The beheaded and hanged victims of Zarqawi deserved what they got:

"Increasingly, Iraqis involved in the resistance are targeting
'civilians,' who are in fact working for military contractors and
organized theft operations such as the World Bank... According to a CNBC
business snapshot, Logcap III's purpose is to 'deliver Combat Support and
Combat Service Support (CS/CSS)' to the US Army. In other words, this
anonymous employee was providing support to the occupation forces and was
undoubtedly regarded as a legitimate military target by Iraqi guerilla

The blind sheik Abdel-Rahman who masterminded the first World Trade Center
bombing was a CIA plant:

"Here's the message sent, via the corporate media: there are terrorists
and radical, 'anti-American' traitors in our midst. Considering the
history lesson below, the New York Post should have written: Lynne Stewart
convicted of passing messages to the CIA... So important was Abdel-Rahman,
the CIA made sure he was issued a visa and entered the United States in
1990, the country he supposedly hated. Abdel-Rahman went on to head the
al-Salaam Mosque in Jersey City....As for the World Trade Center bombing
of 1993, the FBI knew about the plot and allowed it to happen."

And 9/11 was not what you think:

"Having said that, it is my opinion the U.S. was not attacked by
terrorists on September 11, 2001 -- or not Muslim terrorists, anyway."

"'It could've been (Osama) bin Laden,' Charkaoui added. 'But maybe it was
done by ultra-conservatives in the United States for economic gain.'
Let's take a look at the ballistics on this statement. As we know, in the
days and hours before the attacks, there were conspicuous spikes in
trading activity in regard to the two airlines involved in the hijackings
of Sept. 11. 'There was a 9,000 percent jump in United Air Lines (UAL) put
options between Sept. 6 and Sept. 10, with a huge spike 285 times higher
than average on the Thursday before the attack,' writes Christopher
Bollyn. 'American Airlines saw a 6,000 percent jump in put options [also
known as short-selling] above normal the day before the attacks. However,
there was no similar trading activity on any other airlines, according to
market reports.' Coincidence?... Adil Charkaoui is correct when he claims
'some guy living in a cave doesn't have the means to plan an attack
against the most powerful nation in the world.'" (He then concludes that
the Israeli Mossad did it.)
Nope, no fruitcakes in the Counterpunch cupboard.

2. Jihad at MSNBC:

3. A senior Israeli military report says that the PLO is using the
"ceasefire" to stock up on missiles, rockets and explosives and that the
PLO is doing nothing to "gather up weapons and rockets". The Sharon
government announced in response that it would accelerate the plan for
expelling Jews from teh Gaza Strip. Really.

4. Free Speech on Campus ... Not

5. Worth a read:

6. Where are the "solidarity" protesters and the Rachel Pancake Corries?

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

1. Leftist Moonbats take over the British Medical Journal:

Leftist anti-Jewish Moonbats Take over the British Medical Journal
The British Medical Journal has in recent months been taken over by space
alien pods from the planet Lefto, just to the left past Youranus.

It has repeatedly run Israel-bashing pieces, because Israel has the nerve
to try to protect its children and other civilians from the Palestinian
terror barbarians who blow up buses and otherwise carry out mass
atrocities. You see, Israel is building a Security Fence. The Palestinians
and the Left do not like the Security Fence because it makes it harder to
murder Jewish children.

The latest Jew-baiting piece of political propaganda from the British
Medical Journal claims the fence is a "health danger" for Palestinians.
Why? Well, a Palestinian seeking free medical treatment at an Israeli
hospital and clinic might have to pass through a security check to get
help. And that might endanger his health. The Left has long denounced
Israel for stopping and searching ambulances carrying Palestinians trying
to enter Israel for free treatment, but has never denounced the PLO from
using those very same ambulances to smuggle bombs, weapons, and suicide
bombers. And was I out of the room when free medical services at Israeli
clinics became a Palestinian entitlement? What happened to all that talk
about how Palestinians wanted to be independent of the Zionists and run
their own services?

And what sorts of health problems has the same British Medical never
managed to get itself worked up over? Well, there are the health problems
of those poor Moroccans barred from entering the EU health facilities
because of the security fences around Ceuta and the other Spanish
possessions on the Moroccan coastline. All of a sudden, THOSE security
fences are ok. Then there are the health problems of Israeli children
blown to smithereens by Palestinian savages. Or the Israeli civilians
whose homes are hit by the thousands of Kassam rockets the PLO and its
affiliates fire at Jews. Or those countless other atrocities committed
against Jews by Islamofascists to the cheers of the Left. The British
Medical Journal has never quite gotten around to caring about THOSE!

2. When the Oslo carnage began and it was evident that the PLO was behind
the suicide bombings and other atrocities, I proposed a simple plan of
Denazification. The West Bank and Gaza Arab towns would be divided into
a white list and a black list depending on whether they were serving as
bases for terror and murder or not. Towns that suppressed violence would
be on the white list and entitled to decent treatment, maybe even jobs in
Israel. Those who did nothing to stop the violence, or where violence
originated from them, would be blacklisted. Blask list town residents
would be under permanent house arrest with the water and electricity and
phones shut off.

When I made this proposal, I was dismissed as a lunatic and an
extremist. Shut off the water and electricity for terror towns? Absurd,
I was told. The world would never stand for it. The World Court would
indict Israel for human rights atrocities. The State Department would
threaten fire and brimstone. Electricity and phone servive are rights and
entitlement more important than the rights of Jews to ride buses without
being blown up.

Well, now it turns out that under some circumstances it is ok to shut
off the water and electricity. When? As part of the Likud government's
plans to expel all the Jews from the Gaza Strip. Sharon advisor Dov
Weisglas yesterday revealed that part of the government's plan is to shut
off the power and water for the settlers to force them to abandon their
intentions of resisting the the ethnic cleansing of Jews from the Gaza

3. Spoof News:

TOKYO -- Just days after North Korea boasted it possesses nuclear weapons,
the communist dictatorship's revered leader, Kim Jong-Il, today announced
that unless the United States meets his demands he would turn his own
country into a "lake of fire" using those weapons.

The demands include a non-aggression treaty with the United States, an end
to economic sanctions and a massive influx of tobacco, alcohol and DVDs of
newly-released Hollywood movies.

"The blood of 23 million hostages will be on George W. Bush's hands," said
Mr. Kim. "As a respected member of the United Nations, the DPRK calls on
its fellow U.N. members to pressure the U.S. to save these hostages from
nuclear annihilation."

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said, "the Security Council will
seriously consider the DPRK's grievances and vote soon on a resolution
condemning U.S. saber rattling."

-- Scott Ott, courtesy Scrappleface, Copyright 2005 Scrappleface. All
rights reserved.

4. Sucking up to Abu Mazen and pretending he is a liberal:

5. More on Psycho Ward:

6. One of the best pieces around on the Arab-Israeli conflict:

7. The Assault on Free Speech in Academia has targeted an economics
in Nevada who said that homosexuals save less money than others because
they usually do not have children and grandchildren for whom they need to
save. The university docked hima week's pay and reprimanded him. Never
mind that his comments were based on statistical research showing his
comments were factually true. See

8. Ain't Israeli Democracy Wonnerful?
Attorney General seeks to Bar Feiglin from running for parliament. Arab
pro-terror fascists to run as usual.

9. Quick. What would be even MORE hypocritcal tha Bill Clinton attacking
others for marital infidelity? The answer?

10. Ivory Atrocities:

Monday, February 21, 2005

1, Caroline the magnificent does it again!

2. The Face of an Evil Colonialist Jewish Settler:

3. Larry Summers vs Ward Churchill:

4. Ben Gurion University, many of whose faculty members are still
striving to turn the campus into Israel's main University
of Treason, is running a day on indoctrination entitled "Violence and
Resistance in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict". Resistance, in case you
missed the point, is when Palestinian legitimately blow up buses of Jewish
children in self-defense.
The details of the conference in Hebrew are at

5. For Hebrew readers, an excellent piece on Israeli academic corruption
is at
For the others, I will sum up and paraphrase what it is about. Dr. Israel
David is an unusual member of the faculty at Ben Gurion University. He is
a Zionist and a non-leftist. Nice to know there still are some. Anyway,
he has written a series of newspaper columns for Maariv in recent months
attacking the financial corruption and lack of accountability in the
allotment and use of funds at Israeli universities. After he wrote a
column on financial shenanigans at Tel Aviv University, the president of
TAU, Itamar Rabinovich, called up the officers at Ben Gurion University to
have Dr. David silenced. These threatened him and demanded that he stop
exposing corruption and malfeasance at Israeli universities. His article
discusses other whistle blowers in Israeli academia who have been
threatened and silenced.

Dr. David is a hero and deserves a word of encouragement and a yasher
koach. His email is israeld@BGUMAIL.BGU.AC.IL

6. Ward Churchill's Military Claims Proven False
Gunny Bob Breaks Story of Prof. Ward Churchill.s Real Military Background

February 11, 2005

DENVER?An exhaustive investigation by Bob Newman of Newsradio 8500 KOA
(Denver), who is also a frequent guest military & terrorism analyst on the
FOX News Channel and a Men's News Daily columnist, into the genuine
Vietnam service record of radical University of Colorado Professor Ward
Churchill, has revealed that Churchill.s claimed combat experience is in
direct contradiction to his official military records.
See also: Questions stoke Ward Churchill's firebrand past,1413,36~53~2709008,00.html

7. Ariel Sharon just released 500 murderers for peace. He is pretty sure
they will not revert to terrorism. But there is precedent and evidence
that they will. What evidence? Here is today's headline at the Jerusalem
Freed prisoner killed on terror mission

Margot Dudkevitch, THE JERUSALEM POST Feb. 21, 2005


A former security prisoner released in January 2004 in the deal struck
with Hizbullah to secure the return of the bodies of three soldiers and
businessman Elhanan Tannenbaum was one of two gunmen shot and killed by
soldiers last Tuesday night while attempting an attack at Har Bracha, The
Jerusalem Post has learned.

Atsem Mansour, 29, a Fatah Tanzim member from the Balata refugee camp was
imprisoned in Israel between October 2001 and January 2004 for his
involvement in terrorism.

He was one of 462 security prisoners released in exchange for Tannenbaum
and the bodies of Staff-Sgts. Benny Avraham, Adi Avitan and Omar Sawayid.

8. Barry Chamish, the inventor of crackpot conspiracy "theories", likes to
claim that he is persecuted by the Israeli Left, but some of the most
damaging denunciations of Chamish have come from the Jewish Right. These
are people who understand that Chamish is an embarrassment and that he
discredits the Jewish Right be presenting himself as part of it. Even
the Kahanist groups, ordinarily not terribly fussy and squeamish about
those with whom they associate politically, have repeated denounced
Chamish and want nothing to do with his "theories".

Among the more respectable, less extremist Right, the denunciations of
Chamish's "theories" have also been frequent and devastating. Here are
a few samples:

There is an original idea! Meir Uziel is a right-wing anti-columnist at
Maariv. In his column from 10-10-03 he writes
( that he think Barry
Chamish is actually an agent provocateur sent by the Israeli intelligence
services to discredit the Right and to discredit theories about
conspiracies the Right promotes.

Meanwhile, Hagai Segel, one of the most militant activists against Oslo
and against the Sharon disengagement plan, a founder of the Arutz7 Radio
Station, wrote in Maariv 16-11-99 that
Barry Chamish's conspiracy "theories" are a lot of rubbish and nonsense
(he used the Hebrew word "stuyot")

The press archives are full of articles by leftists that seek to
delegitimize the Right by pointing to the failure by people in the
anti-Oslo Right to distance themselves from Chamish's "theories" and in a
few cases even to endorse them. Many anti-Leftists understand the damage
done to the Jewish Right from Chamish's written rantings.

Chamish retains his
coterie of crank followers who send out crank email harassments every time
any one of Chamish's "discoveries" is questioned by anyone. In the
Chamish parallel universe, anyone challenging any of the nutty conspiracy
theories Chamish invents each morning before his cocoa must be part of the
grand international conspiracy. His current bugaboo is Daniel Pipes, who
got on Chamish's bad side by publishing a book discrediting infantile
conspiracy theories of the sort Chamish promotes. Chamish has decided
that Pipes is some grand wizard in the imaginary conspiracy he is certain
controls the universe. Frankly, the world would be a lot better off if we
conspirators could only figure out how to put Pipes in charge!

Then there is the Chamish conspiracy "theory" involving Shimon Peres and
the Shin Bet murdering Rabin, or the publishers of Foreign Affairs magazine
knocking down the World Trade Center but making poor bin Laden the
scapegoat, or the Mossad killing both JFK Sr and JFK Jr., or Natan
Sharansky and Stanley Fischer being enemy agents, or Sharon having
ordered the "murder" of Rafael Eitan, or the old dependable Chamishisms
about the space aliens and UFOs controlling the planet,
and the list goes on and on. Seems as if Chamish discovers a new
conspiracy every time he watches Star Trek or Teletubbies.

Should people who believe in Chamish's "theories" about a great
CFR-UFO-Illuminati conspiracy to dominate the world be referred to
as "Chamish Chipmunks"?

Here is Chamish being featured on the Holocaust Denial web site of
convicted Canadian nazi Ernst Zundel:

One of Chamish's frequent web sites, to which one links from his own
personal web site, is

Rense is a neonazi Holocaust Denial web site. Have a look at Chamish's
bedmate at Rense at:

Rense is listed on all lists of Holocaust Deniers and their web sites.

9. Three cheers for the Aussies:

Sunday, February 20, 2005

1. The Lord Haw-Haws of the Left, or, Long Live Geoffrey Perry's peace

Comrades! The time has come to give Geoffrey Perry his rightful place in
history. Perry is one of history.s great unsung heroes. His act of courage
sets a role model for how the world can deal with the pro-terror
professors and "intellectuals" in the anti-Western Left today.

Yes, comrades, in a few weeks it will be the 60th anniversary of the day
that Geoffrey Perry shot Lord Haw-Haw in the ass. Let us all hold campus
Geoff Perry Days this year! Invite some leftist professors!

Lord Haw-Haw was the Ward Churchill of World War II. He spent the war
turning out pro-nazi propaganda that Hitler broadcast into Britain from
Berlin. Lord Haw-Haw was born William Joyce in Brooklyn, NY, but was
raised in Ireland. In 1934 he obtained a British passport by lying, and
when World War II broke out, he moved to Germany and took German
citizenship. He spent the war making radio broadcasts on behalf of Hitler.
The British press nicknamed him Lord Haw-Haw.

Toward the end of the war, Lord Haw-Haw was trying to find a place to hide
from the advancing allied armies. In the spring of 1945 he was wandering
through a forest near Hamburg, apparently trying to make his way to
Denmark, when a young Jewish lieutenant in the British army named Geoffrey
Perry shot Lord Haw-Haw in the ass. (Haw Haw had reached into a pocket in
a suspicious manner but turned out later to be unarmed.) Haw-Haw.s ass
made a rapid recovery that allowed him to be hanged as a traitor later the
next summer. Yes, Britain, the mother of all democracies, hanged traitors.
It did not give them tenure at its universities.

Before moving to Berlin, Haw-Haw had set up his own peace organization in
Britain, opposing Britain.s war for oil and colonialism, supporting the
right of Germans to resist British aggression, calling itself the British
National Socialist League. Geoff Perry is still alive in London today,
leading a quiet life, relishing that ass shot.

Now HERE is a good homework assignment for undergrads at a school near
you. Should Geoffrey Perry.s actions be a model for all of us struggling
today against the Lord Haw-Haws of the American and Israeli Far Lefts? You
know, those people who support bin Laden, rationalize al-Qaeda, celebrate
Palestinian terror, and demonize Jews? The people who fill the pages of
Counterpunch and similar outfits with anti-American and anti-Jewish
propaganda? The people who serve as the 21st century Tokyo Roses and the
academic Lord Haw-Haws???

Please turn in your papers by Geoff Perry Day!

2. If only this were a spoof. Israeli joins gay church:

3. The Demise of Liberalism, written by one of its erstwhile leaders:

Not Much Left
by Martin Peretz

Post date: 02.18.05
Issue date: 02.28.05 think it was John Kenneth Galbraith, speaking in the
early 1960s, the high point of post-New Deal liberalism, who pronounced
conservatism dead. Conservatism, he said, was "bookless," a characteristic
Galbraithian, which is to say Olympian, verdict. Without books, there are
no ideas. And it is true: American conservatism was, at the time, a
congeries of cranky prejudices, a closed church with an archaic doctrine
proclaimed by spoiled swells. William F. Buckley Jr. comes to mind, and a
few others whose names will now resonate with almost nobody. Take as just
one instance Russell Kirk, an especially prominent conservative
intellectual who, as Clinton Rossiter (himself a moderate conservative)
wrote, has "begun to sound like a man born one hundred and fifty years too
late and in the wrong country."

At this point in history, it is liberalism upon which such judgments are
rendered. And understandably so. It is liberalism that is now bookless and
dying. The most penetrating thinker of the old liberalism, the Protestant
theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, is virtually unknown in the circles within
which he once spoke and listened, perhaps because he held a gloomy view of
human nature. However gripping his illuminations, however much they may
have been validated by history, liberals have no patience for such
pessimism. So who has replaced Niebuhr, the once-commanding tribune to
both town and gown? It's as if no one even tries to fill the vacuum. Here
and there, of course, a university personage appears to assert a small
didactic point and proves it with a vast and intricate academic apparatus.
In any case, it is the apparatus that is designed to persuade, not the

Ask yourself: Who is a truly influential liberal mind in our culture?
Whose ideas challenge and whose ideals inspire? Whose books and articles
are read and passed around? There's no one, really. What's left is the
laundry list: the catalogue of programs (some dubious, some not) that
Republicans aren't funding, and the blogs, with their daily panic dose
about how the Bush administration is ruining the country.

Europe is also making the disenchanting journey from social democracy, but
via a different route. Its elites had not foreseen that a virtually
unchecked Muslim immigration might hijack the welfare state and poison the
postwar culture of relative tolerance that supported its politics. To the
contrary, Europe's leftist elites lulled the electorates into a false
feeling of security that the new arrivals were simply doing the work that
unprecedented low European birth rates were leaving undone. No social or
cultural costs were to be incurred. Transaction closed. Well, it was not
quite so simple. And, while the workforce still needs more workers, the
economies of Europe have been dragged down by social guarantees to large
families who do not always have a wage-earner in the house. So, even in
the morally self-satisfied Scandinavian and Low Countries, the assuring
left-wing bromides are no longer believed.

The conflict between right and left in the United States is different.
animates American conservatism is the future of the regulatory state and
the trajectory of federalism. The conservatives have not themselves agreed
on how far they want to retract either regulation or the authority of the
national government. These are not axiomatic questions for them, as can be
seen by their determined and contravening success last week in empowering
not the states against Washington but Washington against the states in the
area of tort law. As Jeffrey Rosen has pointed out in these pages, many of
these issues will be fought out in the courts. But not all. So a great
national debate will not be avoided.

Liberals have reflexes on these matters, and these reflexes put them in a
defensive posture. But they have not yet conducted an honest internal
conversation that assumes from the start that the very nature of the
country has changed since the great New Deal reckoning. Surely there are
some matters on which the regulatory state can relax. Doubtless also there
are others that can revert to the states. Still, liberals know that the
right's ideologically framed--but class-motivated--retreat of the
government from the economy must be resisted. There will simply be too
many victims left on the side of the road.

At the same time, U.S. politics has not yet confronted a phenomenon that
has been on the front page of the international financial press for years.
This is the dizzying specter of economic competition from China, whose
hold on U.S. Treasury bonds leaves the dollar vulnerable to a tremendous
decline should China decide to sell them. (There is a new model of society
emerging before our eyes: a most rapacious capitalist economy under a most
pitiless communist political tyranny.) The industrialized states of Europe
and, predictably, Japan are battening down their hatches rather than
admitting to the challenge from China. But China will not go away.

There is also a rapacious capitalism in our own country. Of course, it is
not as brutalizing as it is in China. But it is demoralizing and
punishing. Moreover, it threatens its own ethical foundations. The great
achievement of U.S. capitalism was that it became democratic, and the
demos could place reasonable trust in its institutions. The very extent of
stockholding through mutual funds, pension funds, and individual holdings
is a tribute to the reliability of the market makers, the corporations
themselves, and their guarantors. We now know that much of this confidence
was misplaced and that some of the most estimable companies and financial
institutions were cooking the books and fixing the odds for the favored.
Eliot Spitzer has taught us a great lesson in our vulnerability. Many
individual corporations, investment banks, stock brokerages, insurance
companies, auditors, and, surely, lawyers who vetted their contracts and
other arrangements were complicit in violating the public trust. What does
a certification of a financial report by an accounting firm actually prove
when each of the Big Four (formerly the Big Five) has been culpable of
unethical behavior on several counts? What has happened on Wall Street in
the last few years would be tantamount to the doctors of the great
teaching hospitals in the United States deciding in secret to abjure the
Hippocratic Oath. For some reason, even liberals have been loath to
confront this reality of the country's corporate and financial life. Yes,
it is true that greed plays a role, even a creative role, in economic
progress. Still, greed need not go unbridled. What is a responsible
liberal for if he doesn't take on this task?

Liberals like to blame their political consultants. But then, if you
on consultants for your motivating ideas, you are nowhere. So let's admit
it: The liberals are themselves uninspired by a vision of the good
society--a problem we didn't have 30 years ago. For several years, the
liberal agenda has looked and sounded like little more than a bookkeeping
exercise. We want to spend more, they less. In the end, the numbers do not
clarify; they confuse. Almost no one can explain any principle behind the
cost differences. But there are grand matters that need to be addressed,
and the grandest one is what we owe each other as Americans. People who
are voluntarily obliged to each other across classes and races,
professions and ethnicities, tend to trust each other, like a patient his
doctor and a student her teacher. It is not easy to limn out such a vision
practically. But we have it in our bones.

In our bones or not, it is an exacting and long-time task. It's much
easier, more comfortable, to do the old refrains. You can easily rouse a
crowd when you get it to sing, "We Shall Overcome." One of the tropes that
trips off the tongues of American liberals is the civil rights theme of
the '60s. Another is that U.S. power is dangerous to others and dangerous
to us. This is also a reprise from the '60s, the late '60s. Virtue
returns, it seems, merely by mouthing the words.

One of the legacies of the '60s is liberal idealism about race. But that
discussion has grown particularly outmoded in the Democratic Party.
African Americans and Caribbean Americans (the differences between them
another largely unspoken reality) have made tremendous strides in their
education, in social mobility, in employment, in housing, and in politics
as images and realities in the media. Even the gap in wealth accumulation
between whites and blacks has begun to narrow, and, on this, even
tremendous individual achievement over one generation cannot compensate
for the accumulated advantages of inherited money over two or three
generations. Still, the last 30 years separate two worlds. The statistics
prove it. And this, too, we know in our bones.

But, in the Democratic Party, among liberals, the usual hustlers are still
cheered. Jesse Jackson is still paid off, mostly not to make trouble. The
biggest insult to our black fellow citizens was the deference paid to Al
Sharpton during the campaign. Early in the race, it was clear that
he--like Carol Moseley Braun and Dennis Kucinich--was not a serious
candidate. Yet he was treated as if he just might take the oath of office
at the Capitol on January 20. In the end, he won only a handful of
delegates. But he was there, speaking in near-prime time to the Democratic
convention. Sharpton is an inciter of racial conflict. To him can be
debited the fraudulent and dehumanizing scandal around Tawana Brawley
(conflating scatology and sex), the Crown Heights violence between Jews
and blacks, a fire in Harlem, the protests around a Korean grocery store
in Brooklyn, and on and on. Yet the liberal press treats Sharpton as a
genuine leader, even a moral one, the trickster as party statesman.

This patronizing attitude is proof positive that, as deep as the social
and economic gains have been among African Americans, many liberals prefer
to maintain their own time-honored patronizing position vis--vis "the
other," the needy. This is, frankly, in sharp contrast to President Bush,
who seems not to be impeded by race difference (and gender difference) in
his appointments and among his friends. Maybe it is just a generational
thing, and, if it is that, it is also a good thing. But he may be the
first president who apparently does not see individual people in racial
categories or sex categories. White or black, woman or man, just as long
as you're a conservative. That is also an expression of liberation from

It is more than interesting that liberals have so much trouble
recontextualizing race in the United States. It is, to move to the point,
pathetic. And it leaves work undone. In Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's
majority opinion in Grutter v. Bollinger (the Michigan affirmative action
case), she wrote that the Court assumed that, in 25 years, there will no
longer be a need for affirmative action. Unless things change quickly, she
will be completely off the mark. Nearly two years have passed since that
ruling and virtually nothing has been done to make sure that children of
color--and other children, too, since the crisis in our educational system
cuts across race and class--are receiving a different and better type of
schooling, in science and in literacy, than those now coming into our
colleges. This is not about Head Start. This is about a wholesale
revamping of teaching and learning. The conservatives have their ideas,
and many of them are good, such as charter schools and even vouchers. But
give me a single liberal idea with some currency, even a structural
notion, for transforming the elucidation of knowledge and thinking to the
young. You can't.

This leaves us with the issue of U.S. power, the other leftover from the
'60s. It is true: American liberals no longer believe in the axiomatic
virtue of revolutions and revolutionaries. But let's face it: It's hard to
get a candid conversation going about Cuba with one. The heavily
documented evidence of Fidel Castro's tyranny notwithstanding, he still
has a vestigial cachet among us. After all, he has survived Uncle Sam's
hostility for more than 45 years. And, no, the Viet Cong didn't really
exist. It was at once Ho Chi Minh's pickax and bludgeon in the south. Pose
this question at an Upper West Side dinner party: What was worse, Nazism
or Communism? Surely, the answer will be Nazism ... because Communism had
an ideal of the good. This, despite the fact that communist revolutions
and communist regimes murdered ever so many more millions of innocents and
transformed the yearning of many idealists for equality into the brutal
assertion of evil, a boot stamping on the human face forever.

Peter Beinart has argued, also in these pages ("A Fighting Faith,"
December 13, 2004), the case for a vast national and international
mobilization against Islamic fanaticism and Arab terrorism. It is
typologically the same people who wanted the United States to let
communism triumph--in postwar Italy and Greece, in mid-cold war France and
late-cold war Portugal--who object to U.S. efforts right now in the Middle
East. You hear the schadenfreude in their voices--you read it in their
words--at our troubles in Iraq. For months, liberals have been peddling
one disaster scenario after another, one contradictory fact somehow
reinforcing another, hoping now against hope that their gloomy visions
will come true.

I happen to believe that they won't. This will not curb the liberal
complaint. That complaint is not a matter of circumstance. It is a
permanent affliction of the liberal mind. It is not a symptom; it is a
condition. And it is a condition related to the desperate hopes liberals
have vested in the United Nations. That is their lodestone. But the
lodestone does not perform. It is not a magnet for the good. It performs
the magic of the wicked. It is corrupt, it is pompous, it is shackled to
tyrants and cynics. It does not recognize a genocide when the genocide is
seen and understood by all. Liberalism now needs to be liberated from many
of its own illusions and delusions. Let's hope we still have the strength.
Martin Peretz is editor-in-chief of TNR.

4. De-Pantsing Barry Chamish and his "theories":
Tempe, Arizona: Dandelion, 2001. 160 pp. $16.95 (paper)

Middle East Quarterly
June 2001
Reviewed by Daniel Pipes

Jews have suffered hugely from the rise of conspiracy theories, most
especially Hitler's, so one would think they would know better than to
spin their own loony ideas. For the most part, they do, though a few Jews
find the notion of a small group running the world too appealing to
ignore. For example, Meir Kahane viewed capitalism and democracy as
gentile notions spread with an intent to eliminate Judaism. Some haredi
(ultra-Orthodox) Jews see Zionism as a Satanic plot to destroy Judaism.

In a more secular vein, Chamish, a Canadian who moved to Israel in 1975,
has emerged in recent years as Israel's foremost conspiracy theorist. He
believes that John F. Kennedy was killed by the Mossad and his son was
offed to get him out of Hillary Clinton's way on her road to the Senate.
Chamish has also been described as "the leading UFO researcher in Israel."
But Chamish's central theme concerns the old American right-wing canard
about the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) running the
world. In the typical style of the fringe right, The Last Days of Israel
is a barely edited rant with an alarmist title published by an obscure
provincial press. Also familiar is Chamish's overheated prose, his
overstuffed account, and his overgenerous estimate of himself standing at
the crux of history. He indulges in the Right's usual typographic excesses
(bold and italics abound; one sentence ends with seven straight question
marks) and mad-house digressions.

Looking beyond these not inconsiderable faults, what is Chamish getting
at? He discerns an "accursed cult whose aim is one world government"
working out of the CFR which has secretly run Israeli politics since the
days of David Ben-Gurion and Chaim Weizmann (a pair whom Chamish dubs "the
least ethical quislings" the British authorities could find to run the
Zionist movement). More recently, when the CFR wanted a peace process, "a
terrified" Ehud Barak dutifully obeyed his CFR "masters." The remarkable
and sad thing is, Chamish actually seems to have a following in Israel.

Friday, February 18, 2005

1. PPSSSTTT!!! The Greatest Secret in the Middle East Revealed!
"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian
state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of
Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between
Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and
tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian
people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence
of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism.

"For tactical reasons, Jordan, which is a sovereign state with defined
borders, cannot raise claims to Haifa and Jaffa. While as a Palestinian, I
can undoubtedly demand Haifa, Jaffa, Beer-Sheva and Jerusalem. However,
the moment we reclaim our right to all of Palestine, we will not wait even
a minute to unite Palestine and Jordan."

(PLO executive committee member Zahir Muhsein, March 31, 1977, interview
with the Dutch newspaper Trouw.)

2. Beeb, the Boob:

3. You might enjoy:

Thursday, February 17, 2005

1. As you know, Israel these days is a country in which free speech is
under a massive attack, not only from the usual totalitarian leftists but
also from the Likud establishment politicians. Day after day they and
their obedient press amen chorus scream out that evil anti-Oslo dissidents
are threatening to produce civil war by utilizing their right of free
speech, and that "right-wingers" expressing their opinions or even doodling
graffiti on walls represent a clear and present danger of murder.


But the newest target of this McCarthyism is a board game called
"Rivava", which the Attorney General claims is nothing less than Parcheesi
for Inciters to violence. (In Hebrew, see )

The game is the invention of one David Haivri, a fellow you may
remember as the gentleman who got arrested and sentenced
( ) for selling Tee-shirts on which
it was printed "Where there are no Arabs there is no Terrorism" (see
,, and His
plight and trial were so unlike those of - say - Tali Fahima, the
Israeli leftist woman who helped her Jenin lover plan terror atrocities,
and also unlike the cousin of Mohammed Bakri who got off a Galilee bus
when she was tipped that it was about to be blown up and never bothered to
warn anyone else (she was just cleared of all wrong doing). The Bakri
cousin is clean as a hound's tooth, unlike poor Margalit Har-Sheffi,
convicted because she assumed Yigal Amir was blowing off hot air when he
said he was out to shoot Rabin (just like police mole Avishai Raviv, who
assumed the same thing). Har-Sheffi did hard prison time.

Haivri's board game looks a little like a Hebrew monopoly board, and is
dedicated to tactics and strategies that can be used to stop Sharon's
Mitzna-clone disengagement plan and to prevent the ethnic cleansing of
Jews from the Gaza Strip.

I confess that I have not had the opportunity to play the game myself,
but it is my understanding that nothing in the game can be considered to
be promoting violence, unlike 100% of the video games on the market.
Haivri was dragged in to the police this week for questioning about this
clear and present dangerous board game, a game that potentially could
result in anti-Oslo inciters actually utilizing their right of free

2. I think you will find this story interesting:

3. LONDON, England -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on
London Mayor Ken Livingstone to apologize for a tirade in which he
accused a Jewish reporter of behaving like a Nazi concentration camp

"A lot of us in politics get angry with journalists from time to time
but in the circumstances, and to the journalist because he was a
Jewish journalist, yes he should apologize," Blair said Wednesday.

If th emayor gets canned, maybe he can get a job at Ben Gurion University.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

1. The main item in the Israeli press this week is graffiti. It seems
some Rightwingers have been putting graffiti of poor taste on some
buildings, especially in Jerusalem. The media are screaming that the
graffiti, probably placed by humans who are pre-puberty, proves that there
is a clear and present danger of violence from the murderous anti-Oslo
dissidents. You know - the same criminals who murdered Rabin by
exercising their freedom of speech in the early 90s! The media and the
politicians are openly calling for suppression of free speech for
anti-Oslo dissidents because of the graffiti and the accompanying "threat
of violence" indicated by it.

The pre-adolescents spreading this graffiti have written things like
"Rabin is awaiting Sharon", which the McCarthyists say is proof that
anti-Oslo dissidents are planning to murder. They also write things like
"Where there are no Arabs there is no terrorism," and sometimes things
even worse than that. Shame on them.

Now the banner headlines in the Israeli press about this
"violence-triggering graffiti" come against the background of some other
notorious casesin which graffiti was regarded as an irrelevant
nuisance. A few months ago, two
far Leftists spent Yom Kippur evening decorating Jerusalem with
pro-violence graffiti threatening Sharon and Netanyahu and also smearing
anti-Orthodox and anti-Semitic graffiti on synagogues. No one claimed
this indicated imminent national civil war, and the perps got off with a
wrist tap.

Far leftist graffiti is all over the place. Here in Haifa the
Lefties smear pro-communism graffiti all over, often accompanied by
cartoons of automatic weapons being aimed at "capitalism". Some of the
graffiti is anti-McDonald's. Some is anti-globalization. Much is
pro-Palestinian and anti-"settler". No one has ever been indicted for

The fact that far-Leftist graffiti is considered artistic or at worse
an urban nuisance, while the media and pols are screaming that a little
Rightwing graffiti doth incitement to violence and civil war maketh, is
just an extension of Israel's dual justice system, by which one judicial
system operates for Lefties and another for everyone else.

2. Turnabout: Ward Churchill Now Target of Terrorists
Written by Jeremy Robb
Wednesday, February 16, 2005

BOULDER, Colorado --- University of Colorado professor, Ward Churchill,
canceled a speech at Hamilton College in New York after protests relating
to his essay comparing 9/11 victims to Nazis. The America-hating
professor now has an unintended consequence for his repulsive commentary
though. Al Qaeda has offered a bounty on his head. Apparently, Muslim
terrorists believe Churchill's comparison of 9/11 victims to Nazis must
mean that the terrorists are like Jews.

"This is an outrage," said an unnamed Al Qaeda spokesman. "Anyone who
compares us to the Jews must die. Call us scum. Call us terrorists.
Call us cowards. Even call us pigs. Just don't call us Jews. I will now
need to go burn my tongue with hot coals for even uttering that word."

Professor Churchill has gone into hiding since the threat materialized.
In a printed statement, Churchill said "I am shocked that I have become
the target of Al Qaeda. I hate Americans as much, if not more, than they
do. I only wish I could have been on one of those planes to prove how
much I hate Americans. And I certainly would never insult these freedom
fighters by comparing them to Jews."

About the Writer: Jeremy Robb is a San Francisco resident and satirist who
notes that he is on a "one man's jihad against liberalism." He is the
editor of the "Jerhad!com Newsletter" and his website is at Jeremy receives e-mail at

3. The Newest Nuremberg Rally on the Berkeley Campus:

4. Not much better at San Fran State:

5. Teaching Johnny how to Jihad:

6. Group Fighting the Animalist Fruit Loops from PETA and other interesting
stuff: and

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

1. There are at least two intriguing things about the assassination of
Hariri, the ex-PM of Lebanon, yesterday in Beirut. The first is that the
Arab media have not been charging Israel with responsibility, at least not
yet. This is completely out of character. The Cockburn Cockroaches from
the American Left have not yet either.

The second is the willingness, at least for now, of so many Lebanese to
denounce Syria. Openly, faces filmed and broadcast on TV! Now THAT is

This mass defiance is not only news but it is clearly one of the side
benefits of the Allied war against Saddam! For anyone still whining
about the War in Iraq and questioning whether it has long-term strategic
and political benefits, one need look no further than Beirut today.
True, Syria might still clamp down and the open defiance of Asad inside
Lebanon crushed.

But the very fact that so many Lebanese are openly pointing their middle
finger at Syria, openly denouncing Asad as a terrorist, is also without

Now that is REALLY REALLY news. And like it or not, it is all thanks to
George W. Bush.

The Lebanese understand that fascist Arab regimes are on the defensive and
under threat, and they are willing to defy Syria, at least for the moment.
No set of endless international trade sanctions against Iraq could ever
have produced that result, nor could a Clinton-style air bombing
campaign. The Arab world of Islamofascism was put on guard by George W.
and is jittery. Asad's lack of sleep in
Damascus is a direct result of the toppling and imprisonment of Saddam.
And THAT is a result the entire world should appreciate. That is
something worth fighting a war for!

The only mystery at this point about the assassination is whether Syria
did it by itself or used its Hizbullah stooges to do it. My hunch is the
latter. This is noteworthy because it was just this week that France
blocked Israel's attempts and initiative to have the Hizbullah added to
the world's list of terror groups. The amphibians in Paris are unwilling
to define the Hizbullah as terrorists. They are activists. I know a
nice hotel on the Beirut waterfron in which the Chirac family spend it
next vacation holiday!

The most amusing part was watching the Syrian analogues to Baghdad Bob!
Speakers red in the face with indignity that anyone would think that Syria
was behind the murder! Denouncing the assassination as criminal
terrorism. Almost as persuasive as Bill Clinton denouncing marital

[Oh, one other thought. Hariri was a billionaire. Lot of good his
billion did him. Heck, it makes me feel better when I see my pathetic
pay check.]

2. Lately the Left has been whining about Palestinian "children" killed
by Israel. Well, yesterday saw a rather typical case of an innocent
Palestinian child brutally slaughtered for no reason. A 16 year old child
approached a group of Israeli soldiers in Hebron while on patrol, in a
suspicious manner. He was told to stop, refused, pulled a knife, and
tried to attack the soldiers. And with absolutely no reason these
heartless soldiers shot him dead as a doornail.

Yet another war crime by the Zionist entity!

3. Jacoby on Anti-Semitism:

1. One of Cockburn's worst cockroaches, subject of a recent posting here,
is one Kurt Nimmo, a wretched little campus photographer from the
University of New Mexico. I could not find any evidence on the web of
Nimmo ever having gone to college, or even to high school. Nimmo is a
vicious little anti-Semitic brat, and so - not surprisingly - he is a
regular on Counterpoint, the anti-American, Jew-hating web magazine of
Alexander Cockroach, er I mean Cockburn. Cockburn says Jews spread
anthrax, conspire to control the media, and the Israeli Mossad bombed the
WTC on 9-11.

Nimmo was so upset by my piece documenting the
treasonous anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism at Counterpunch that he
posted his own "official" reply, at .

Meanwhile, Nimmo recently libeled another faculty member at the
University of Haifa in his web site, on the basis of hearsay about
what that professor had said in his class, this coming from a communist
Trotskyite non-student living in Haifa, not registered in that class.

Cap'n Nimmo is not carried by any other web magazine, other than
Counterpunch and a few loony communist pro-al-Qaeda blogs and web sites.
He maintains his own pro-Holocaust web site at

His role at Counterpunch proves as well as anything else that
everything I said about the intellectual bankruptcy of the Left and the
racist anti-Americanism of Counterpunch is completely correct.

Note how he links his personal web page to al-Jazeera, Global Gulag,
Jihad Unspun, the Holocaust Denying Rense web site, and other progressive
web sites for peace.

2. The Rules of Free Speech as Formulated by the PC Stormtroopers. Ward
Churchill is entitled to free speech but Harvard's Lawrence Summers should
resign for speaking his mind! See

3. Welcome for these new "Jews":

4. Candidates to become Reform Rabbis?

5. The Psycho Ward:

6. Leftists, you can't live with them and you can't make confetti out of

One of academia's worst problems is the hiring and promotion of
pseudo-academic buffoons on the basis of political propaganda
misrepresented as scholarly research. This is a major problem in Israeli
universities, with perhaps the worst offender being Ben Gurion University
in the Negev, with the University of Haifa only slightly better.

But anyone nursing any doubts over the willingness of faculty members
even at leading universities to promote and endorse semi-literate
extremist leftists as "scholars" should read these words by Noam Chomsky
from MIT:

Noam Chomsky has pronounced academic fraud Ward Churchill a professor
whose work is "of high scholarly quality." Well why wouldn't he, since
Churchill's views of America -- genocidal, worse than Hitler Germany,
deserving of everything it got on 9/11, are plagiarized from Chomsky

"I've read a fair amount of his work, and a lot of it is excellent,
penetrating and of high scholarly quality," said Noam Chomsky, linguistics
professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an anti-war
activist. -- Denver Post, 2/9/05

1. Ariel Sharon has gone on the attack againt the growing number of
Likud leaders who actually think democracy could be something good, and so
who endorse holding a referendum before implementing the Sharon-Beilin
plan for unilateral Israeli capitulation and surrender in the Gaza Strip.
After all, Israeli voters overwhelmingly rejected the plan in the last
election, when Sharon was campaigning AGAINST it and Mitzna for it, and th
voters had their say. In addition, 60% of Likud voters rejected it in a
party referendum. So before implementing something that has been turned
down by the public repeatedly, maybe a California-style referendum might
be a good idea.
Sharon rejects the referendum idea. The whole reason people want a
referendum, he says, is to STOP implementation of his capitulation plan.
Welcome Arik to the University of DUH!

2. This is a truly important piece about the David Irving trial that I
urge you to reae in full. As you know, Norman Finkelstein, a crackpot
"historian" now at Catholic DePaul "University" in Chicago, has declared
David Irving a great historisn, and Neve Gordon is suing me for for
calling him a "groupie" of Norman Finkelstein, this after he compared
Finkelstein ethically to the Prophets of the Bible:
Shilling for Hitler
Eminent historians defended Holocaust denier David Irving in the name of
free speech and scholarship. Deborah Lipstadt's account of her libel trial
with Irving proves how colossally wrong they were.
By Charles Taylor
Feb. 7, 2005 |
(Go to web page to see article)

3. Anti-Semitism as Peace Policy?

4. The Price of Self-Delusion:

5. I know you will not want to miss this:
Last chance to see the first screening of .My Rabbi. .a documentary about
six amazing women who chose to become rabbis.

Last chance to see the first screening of .My Rabbi.
.a documentary about six amazing women who chose to
become rabbis. One of the six women is an open lesbian
rabbi. The screening, a musical performance by The Red
Hot Chachkas Klezmer Band, and reception are all
happening this Thursday, February 10th @ 7:30pm in
Alameda. Check the website for details: or call 510-864-1190.

6. A New Blog site worth following and visiting:

7. The Adelaide Institute is a neonazi Holocaust Denial web site based in
Australia. It is associated with jailed Canadian nazi Ernst Zundel and
with David Irving. Among those it features are French Holocaust Denier
Robert Faurisson, a busom buddy of Noam Chomsky. See
and Here is Chamish
peacocking for the Neonazi web site:

It is interesting to note that the very same Adelaide Institute has a
long track record of support for and disemination of the materials of
Barry Chamish, who evidently send them to Adelaide for publication. Think
I am kidding? Take a look at

Chamish seems quite proud of his association with Adelaide. here is what
he posts at
"One of my advocates is Frederick Toben of the Adelaide Institute of
Australia, a notorious organization of Holocaust deniers. He started
posting me four years ago and has continued well after it was clear to his
readers that I despise Holocaust denial. In the past year, Mr Toben has
admitted to me that he now understands that Jews and Israel are no more or
less responsible for the troubles of the world than anyone else, a big
step in his circles.
Last week he invited me to speak at a "Revisionist" conference in
Sacramento next year, expenses paid."

Adelaide is not the only anti-Semitic, neonazi, or Holocaust Denial web
magazine that routinely reprints Chamish's "theories"> Others are
Radiobergen, Rense, and Redmoonrising, to name only part of the list.
Also, search this web page for the Chamish tie: (widely reprinted on
other pages)

8. Cute:

9. Natan the Wise:

10. Ward, not Beaver or Wally:

11. An Indian in the same sense that Mikey Lerner is a Rabbi:
and also

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

1. Israeli Anti-Semites:

Self-Hating Israelis
by Shalom Freedman
February 09, 2005

There has been much written and said about the 'self-hating Jew'. But
little has been written and said about one particular kind of self-hating
Jew, one unfortunately increasingly important and disturbing: the
self-hating Israeli.

The self-hating Israeli may be someone raised within Israel society,
someone who knows its institutions and people well, someone who is even a
part of its academic, journalistic, legal or political elite. This
familiarity and knowledge of the society he is criticizing gives his
criticism particular force and even authenticity. It legitimizes the
criticism of Israel-bashers, even anti-Semitic Israel-bashers, as they
will exultantly proclaim, "But we are only saying what the Israelis says
about themselves."

One great locus of Israeli self-haters is its most prestigious daily
newspaper, Haaretz. The long list of Israeli self.haters is headed by
Gideon Levi and Amira Hass. Their identification with Israel's enemies is
total, and they have been known to invent and distort facts, do anything
and everything possible, to absolve the Arabs and blame Israel in disputed
incidents. Another vicious hater of Israelis is the writer Yitzhak Laor,
whose reputation was built in part on a blood-libel poem featuring
Israelis baking matzot from Arab children's blood.

But the list is very long indeed and is frequently expressed not only in
what is said, but also in its tone. What joy is in the tone of these
writers whenever anything goes wrong for Israel. And how eagerly do they
rush to proclaim an Israeli defeat and disaster. In fact, one of their
favorite tactics is predicting disaster constantly. Their hope is that
wishing will make it so.

Recently, a long.time Arafat-booster, Danny Rubinstein, exulted about the
Palestinians preparing their victory celebrations when Israel withdraws
from Gaza. Any long-time reader of Rubinstein knows how much he longs for
Palestinian victories and Israelis defeats. Another very big Israeli
self-hater is Meron Benvenisti. He is somewhat unusual, however, as he
hates everybody, both of the Right and the Left, and considers himself to
be the only one who is ever right about anything. Akiva Eldar, a
diplomatic correspondent who for years found peaceful intentions in Hafez
Assad and Yasser Arafat, and always blamed Israel for any failure in
negotiations, loves to throw around the word "racist" when he refers to
Israeli society.

Haaretz is always ready to open its paper to academic Israel self-haters.
Ze'ev Sternhall and Baruch Kimmerling frequently tell us why the Israelis
are the stupidest, cruelest, most inhumane people in relation to the kind,
peace-loving and gentle-souled Palestinian Arabs.

The list is too long, and is being added to continually, especially by
those who wish to win favor in certain areas of the academic and
journalistic worlds. The real question is why this is so, why there is
such hatred, and not merely criticism, harbored by Israelis for other
Israelis and for Israel itself.

One answer might be that most of these people, however successful in their
own areas, are not really part of the decision-making political elite in
Israel. Out of their own frustrated ambitions and powerlessness may come
their resentment of others.

Another answer is that these people are 'idealists', who expected
perfection from Israel and are deeply disappointed. They may have been
raised with pictures of Israel as a light to the nations, and come by
their own eyes to see how filled with faults and failings it is. Many have
suffered, as I suspect most of us on occasion have, from rudeness,
stupidity and inconsiderateness. But they, instead of considering the
great stress many are especially subject to here, are unforgiving;
instead, they are angry and resentful.

All this, however, does not answer the question of why their resentment
and hatred is so deep, why it leads them to so blindly and absolutely
support the 'other side' when the other side is clearly, in terms of basic
human decency, a very bad lot indeed. It does not answer the question of
why, instead of dislike and resentment and criticism of undesirable parts
of Israeli society, there is such hatred of it. And it does not answer the
question of why, instead of desiring to change the society for the better,
they seem to be aiming at the undermining of it.

I do not have a definite answer. But I do know that these people are
causing damage to Israel not only within the country, but in the world as
a whole. And I strongly believe that they have been a major force in
promoting the dramatic increase in the past four years of anti-Semitism in
the world. One need only look on the web-sites of the most vicious Arab
anti-Semites to see, proudly featured, the bylines of many Haaretz

2. I think this sums things up well. Barry Chamish's latest "discovery"
was that Adir ZIk was also murdered by the
Teletubby-UFO-Peres-CFR-Illuminati globval conspiracy. Before he died,
Zik, who endorsed Chamish's infantile "theories" about the Rabin
assassination, said about Chamish's "theory" that ZIk was being poisoned
by the CFR boogeyman:
"I say he paid with his life. When Adir was first diagnosed with throat
cancer I told him I suspected he was deliberately infected. He replied
with a Hebrew expression: "Nonsense in tomato juice." "

3. Disengagement from reality:

4. East West Palestine Israel:

5. How many times do th etwits have to learm?

Lev Grinberg was the "academic" who published articles in Europe last
year after Israel has assassinated the Hamas' Sheikh Yassin stating that
Israel was engaged in "symbolic genocide" when it assassinates
arch-terrorists. Grinberg would no doubt have found the assassination of
Hitler by a Jewish partisan in 1944 to hav ebeen the sybmobolic genocide
of Germans by Jews.

Grinberg is a "political sociologist", whatever that is supposed to be,
at Ben Gurion University, the school that just cannot find enough
anti-Semites and pro-terror lunatics to hire for its faculty. The
institution named for David Ben Gurion is today Israel's leading
bastion of anti-Zionism.

Grinberg's rantings about "symbolic genocide" triggered an outraged
response by Limor Livnat, Minister of Education, who boycotted a Board of
Governors meeting at ben Gurion University, and expressions of outrage by
the British charirman of the BGU Board of Governors. But Grinberg is
still around and kicking, as are all the anti-Semites and pro-terror
extremists on the faculty of Ben Gurion University. He even has a guest
Op-Ed in Haaretz today, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew. It
is at

Here are some exerpts:

"Disengagement opponents use everything that "works" in the public
discourse: the Jews as victims, Holocaust, democracy. They know very well
that a discourse about civil rights and democracy is
"leftist," so therefore they demand a referendum. The difference between
the opponents and supporters of the disengagement is in the measure of
transparency of their hostility toward the Arabs and mastery over them.
The disengagement opponents simply ignore the human existence of the
That is not a democratic state with a Jewish character and culture, but a
discriminatory regime that grants more rights to Jews, and denies equal
rights to Arabs. No democracy in the world has one nation deciding what is
good for another nation. Such a regime has been called by Prof. Oren
Yiftahel an "Ethnocracy" and it is the wish of "the nation in Zion": to be
the masters of the entire land.
(Yiftachel is another great mind teaching anti-Israel leftist
indoctrination at Ben Gurion University --- SP)
That is not a democratic state with a Jewish character and culture, but a
discriminatory regime that grants more rights to Jews, and denies equal
rights to Arabs. No democracy in the world has one nation deciding what is
good for another nation. Such a regime has been called by Prof. Oren
Yiftahel an "Ethnocracy" and it is the wish of "the nation in Zion": to be
the masters of the entire land."

Here are some other earlier brilliant analyses from the crayon of
Comrade Grinny:

Here is the English text of Grinberg's anti-Israel screed that
appeared in the Belgian newspaper. Note who is distributing it. . (If you'd rather read
it in Frog, it is at

And here are his other pieces distributed by the same crowd: . Grinberg
by the way was one of those people who denounced Benny Morris for breaking
ranks with the Hate-Israel Left when Morris justified some of Israel's
policies and denouncedthe PLO, at least on certain days of the week.
Grinberg was outraged that Morris is not anti-Israel enough any more. He
is one of the PLO's favorite Jews: . Mikey Lerner and the
Tikkun Cult love him - The PLO's
official web pages run his material:
( ).

Grinberg maintains a personal web site at
and here is his resume: (note how
he lists himself as a Beilin advisor).

Here is a typical Grinberg screed:
Grinberg is one of the most extreme promoters of treason and mutiny by
Israeli soldiers refusing to serve:
Here is Grinberg bashing Israel in the Egyptian Holocaust Denying daily
al-Ahram: Here is Grinberg again
denouncing Israeli "state terrorism": . He makes it
clear he thinks Israeli state terrorism is far worse than anything mere
Palestinians or al-Qaeda folks perpetrate. (Note: BGU's Neve Gordon has
also built his career on making similar charges about Israeli "state
terrorism", in one case in a "research paper" financed by the same Kroc
Institute recently found to be financing a Swiss Arab anti-Semite with
ties to al-Qaeda.)

Want to let the officials at Ben Gurion University know what you think of
these people?

Officials at Ben Gurion University:

Professor Avishay Braverman
President, Ben-Gurion University
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel
Fax: 972-8-647-2937

Professor Jimmy Weinblatt
Rector, Ben-Gurion University
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Beer--Sheva 84105, Israel
Tel. 972-7-6461105
Fax: 972-7-6472945

Professor Avishai Henik
Dean of Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, P.O.B. 653
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Be'er-Sheva 84105, Israel.

and also American Associates of Ben Gurion University:
1430 Broadway
8th Floor
New York, NY 10018
phone 212-687-7721
fax 212-302-6443
Lis Gaines
Vivien K. Marion
Executive Vice President