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Saturday, June 25, 2005

"The Nation" Seeks to Deny Dershowitz Free Speech
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It is always a matter of great amusement to see Far-Leftist moonbats,
those who support all the anti-American dictatorships on the planet, whine
about the "suppression of free speech" whenever a non-leftist criticizes
them. And it is particularly amusing to see the "The Nation" whine when
Alan Dershowitz dares to utilize his own freedom of speech.

Jon Wiener, writing in this week.s issue of "The Nation", can.t control
his bladder due to his outrage over the fact that Dersh wrote to the
Governor of California, yep - to the Ahnold Himself, to suggest that the
state-owned and state-financed publication house of the University of
California NOT publish a book by Norman Finkelstein.

Finkelstein is an anti-Semitic crackpot who has been described by the
Anti-Defamation League as a Holocaust Denier. Employed by DePaul
University as an assistant professor in political science, Finkelstein
regards Holocaust Denier and neonazi David Irving to be a great historian.
Yes, that is the same DePaul University that fired Professor Thomas Klocek
for daring to defend Israel in front of some campus jihadniks.

Finkelstein, when he is not bashing and libeling author/philosopher Elie
Wiesel and other people for daring to be survivors of the same Holocaust
that his mentor David Irving claims never took place, saves special spleen
for attacking Dershowitz for daring to support Israel. Finkelstein wants
Israel to be destroyed so that the world can have a second Holocaust of
the Jews that Finkelstein can claim never took place. The distinguished
historian Omer Bartov from Brown University compared Finkelstein.s
scribblings to the the old czarist forgery "Protocols of the Elders of
Zion". Our guess is that "The Nation" interpreted that as a compliment
for Finkelstein.

The Ahnold.s people turned Dersh down. Now while we suppose that even
crackpots like Finkelstein are entitled to the protections of free speech,
we see no reason why the innocent taxpayers of California should be raped
into paying for the proliferation of Finkelstein.s filth. Finkelstein can
get all the "free speech" he wants on the pages of "The Nation" and
"Counterpunch," as well as the many neonazi web sites who adore him.

Dershowitz has invested considerable energy in exposing Finkelstein as a
neonazi buffoon. The main reason for Dershowitz.s letter to the Governor
seems to be that Finkelstein libels him in the "book" in question.
Finkelstein has been claiming that Dershowitz plagiarized some material
from another writer, Joan Peters.s From Time Immemorial. He did not.

Wiener writes in .The Nation.: "The body of Beyond Chutzpah shows
Finkelstein to be an indefatigable researcher with a forensic ability to
take apart other people.s arguments. The core of the book challenges
Dershowitz.s defense of Israel.s human rights record by citing the
findings of mainstream groups, including Amnesty International, the
Israeli human rights organization B.Tselem and Human Rights Watch." In
other words, Finkelstein quotes from other discredited Bash-Israel
propagandists to prove his "case" against Israel and against Dershowitz.
Why not quote from Ward Churchill and Noam Chomsky to prove that America
is the aggressor against Islamic terrorists?

The main claim of Wiener and Finkelstein against Israel? "Since then
Israel has killed three Palestinians for every Israeli killed." Of
course, since the Americans killed far more Germans and Japanese in World
War II than the numbers of Americans killed by those two countries, then
the dimwitted duo no doubt regard the Americans as the real oppressors and
criminals in THAT war! "The Nation" had earlier run a sycophatic piece
praising Finkelstein.s scribblings and comparing Finkelstein ethically to
the Prophets of the Bible, written by an anti-Semitic lecturer from Ben
Gurion University in Israel named Neve Gordon.

It is all well and good that "The Nation" wishes to defend the free speech
of Holocaust Deniers and promote their point of view in the magazine, but
why are they not willing to extend that same right of free speech to
Dershowitz and allow him to express his opinion to the Governor of

2. Trent University.s Self-Hating Moonbat

We figured it was only natural for the Cockburn team to have recruited
Michael Neumann as a Counterpunch Cockroach. Neumann is one of the worst
bashers of Israel in Canadian "academics" and he is a devoted member of
the Cockburn Cult, which believes that just because some people think that
all Jews should be murdered is no reason to label them anti-Semites.
Neumann dutifully turns out pro-anti-Semitism pieces that have appeared in
Counterpunch. Like the Cockburns, he regards Americans and Israelis as

His most memorable comment was: "I think we should almost never take
antisemitism seriously, and maybe we should have some fun with it." This
was followed by: "Israel has committed war crimes. It has implicated Jews
generally in these crimes, and Jews generally have hastened to implicate
themselves. This has provoked hatred against Jews. Why not? Some of this
hatred is racist, some isn.t, but who cares? Why should we pay any
attention to this issue at all?"

Ernst Zundel seems to have an academic follower north of the border! The
Canadian Jewish Congress wrote a letter of complaint to Neumann.s
employer, Trent University, about his naked anti-Semitism. As the matter
attracted greater attention, Neumann repudiated the statement (without
denying its authenticity), then apologized to the CJC. Neumann proudly
proclaims himself a follower of the Swedish nazi who sometimes calls
himself "Israel Shamir".

Neumann is a Jew-hating professor of Jewish extraction, just what the
Cockburns love. He teaches "philosophy" at Trent University in Canada.
He is also a close associate of "Rabbi" Moonbat, Mikey Lerner, the editor
of Tikkun magazine. We keep expecting the Tikkun people to discovery one
of these days that socialism does not work and so to change the name of
their trashy little magazine to "Tycoon" instead.

Anyways, Neumann.s new contribution to the Moonbatmosphere is a piece this
weekend in Counterpunch in which he bemoans the failues of the Left. We
thought his most laughable line was this: "Since the 1960s, most of the
silliness and snobbishness of the left has vanished: nowadays leftists
tend to avoid jargon and don.t carry on like a Che Guevara Mini-Me." We
suspect he is talking about a Left in some parallel galaxy.

He does accidentally get a couple of things right: "Given its current
message, the left has no plausible way to address these patriots: in fact
the left.s message gives them reason to support the war effort." We agree

Last year Jonathan Kay from Canada.s National Post did a superb job of
"outing" the jihadnik from Trent. Here are a few citations:

Since the Al-Aqsa intifada broke out in 2000, hard-left academics and
activists have sometimes blurred the distinction between hatred of Israeli
policies and hatred of Jews. To excuse suicide bombings as a legitimate
option of the "oppressed" (so long as the victims are Jewish), to recycle
the lies of Jenin and other modern-day blood libels, to demonize Israel as
"genocidal" while ignoring the far worse calamities in Chechnya, Sudan,
Algeria and elsewhere . all these tactics reflect a mindset that many Jews
find indistinguishable from plain bigotry.

Exhibit A here in Canada is Michael Neumann, a philosophy professor at
Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. Since last year, the educator
has been posting his essays on the left-wing Web site
The articles vary in subject: terrorism, U.S. foreign policy, the Middle
East, etc. But they are all soaked in a single, dominant motif: a shrill,
virtually pathological hatred for the state of Israel.

Israel, the Trent educator says, is "a growing evil" whose campaign
against the neighboring Arabs is "vengeful, relentless [and] sadistically
gradual." The country.s "crimes," he writes, reflect "a cold-blooded,
calculated, indeed an eagerly embraced choice of war over peace, and an
elaborate plan to seek out those who had fled the misery of previous
confrontations, to make certain that their suffering would continue."

Naturally, comparisons to the Nazis and their eugenics agenda abound.
Israeli settlers want peace "just as Hitler wanted peace," Mr. Neumann
says. The Jews see the Palestinians as "lice," and are seeking their
"extinction." The army, meanwhile, serves "the higher purpose of clearing
away the vermin who resist the implantation of superior Jewish DNA
throughout the occupied territories."

Are Prof. Neumann.s views anti-Semitic? The answer to this question does
not appear to trouble him much. His theory is that Jews bear a collective
responsibility to speak out against Israel. And if they fail to acquit
themselves of that duty, then they have fairly earned the world.s hatred.
As usual, he sees a comparison with the Nazis as apt: "If it is not
racist, and reasonable, to say that the Germans were complicit in crimes
against humanity, then it is not racist, and reasonable, to say the same
of the Jews."

Friday, June 24, 2005

Brits to Stage "Rachel Corrie Cantata"

What is it with those British Moonbats and Rachel Corrie? No sooner do
they stage a "play", which glorifies Corrie while ignoring the hundreds of
civilian victims of the terrorists that Corrie supported and helped, than
they also decide to warble the Rachel Corrie "cantata".

Rachel Corrie, you will recall, was the a clueless student at Evergreen
College in Washington State who decided to commit suicide on behalf of
Palestinian terrorism. She joined the pro-terror "International
Solidarity Movement", and - in beween burning American flags - went to the
Gaza Strip to try to interfere with Israeli forces destroying terrorist
infrastructure, and in particular to protect the smuggling tunnels into
Gaza from Egypt.

It is through such tunnels that the Palestinian terrorists import their
explosives and missiles. Because the tunnels are purposely built below
residences to hide them, the only way to destroy them is to demolish the
houses that hide them and then blow up the tunnels. The Corrie parents
are these days touring the US in a Bash Israel tour, together with the
"innocent" Palestinian owners of the house the bulldozer was removing to
get to the tunnels when Corrie jumped in its path.

An Israeli earth mover was attacking terror tunnels the morning Corrie
decided to challenge it to a game of chicken. Placing herself in a
position where the driver could not see her, the bulldozer crushed her.
She died later in a PLO-run medical facility and there is some reason to
suspect she actually died due to incompetent medical care there. (Her ISM
colleague Tom Hurndall, hit by a bullet when he tried to protect
terrorists in a firefight, similarly died from medical malpractice when he
was undergoing care back in a British hospital that is a part of the
socialized medical system in Britain. The second movement of the
"cantata" is dedicated to Tom Hurndall, but not to the British MDs who
killed him.

Corrie, like all the ISM hoodlums and useful idiots of the Islamofascist
terrorists, was in Israel to engage in violence, to assist terrorists, and
to serve as a human shield for Palestinian murderers. The ISM openly
endorses Palestinian terrorism against Jewish civilians, which the ISM
calls "armed struggle".

Sycophantic ravings about Corrie are increasingly passing for "art and
culture" among the fundamentalist Left. A while back one Philip Munger
from the University of Alaska in Anchorage (UAA), wrote a "cantata" about
Corrie. Munger used two "poems" written as "memorials" to Corrie but not
to any of the victims of the terrorists the ISM promotes, one by San
Francisco "poet" Phil Goldvarg and another by Sri Lanka "poet" Thushara
Wijeratna. We are not sure but we think that one of those may also have
composed the famous work of poetry, "Here I sit broken-hearted, paid my

The initial performance of the "cantata" was cancelled by UAA of Alaska
in Anchorage (UAA), wrote a "cantata" about Corrie. Munger used two
"poems" written as "memorials" to Corrie but not to any of the victims of
the terrorists the ISM promotes, one by San Francisco "poet" Phil Goldvarg
and another by Sri Lanka "poet" Thushara Wijeratna. We are not sure but we
think that one of those may also have composed the famous work of poetry,
"Here I sit broken-hearted, paid my dime."The initial performance of the
"cantata" was cancelled by UAA due to the outcry from the Alaskan Jewish
community, also sometimes known as the Frozen Chosen. So now Munger and
his gang are planning to inflict their "cantata" on Londoners. Munger
has been exposed by a real composer as a charlatan here:

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Panty Bomber
Israel has long tried to end the Middle East war by being nice to
Palestinians. Peace through niceness is the foundation of the Oslo .peace
process.. One part of this niceness is admitting Palestinians from the
West Bank and Gaza into Israeli hospitals, often for free. The bleeding
hearts of the world have long demanded that Israel also stop searching
ambulances run by the PLO and simply allow them through checkpoints
without being searched, and never mind that they have long been used to
transport explosives and terrorists.

Yesterday, Israel.s obsessive niceness and generosity in allowing
Palestinians to use its hospitals was rewarded when a terrorist woman with
explosives hidden in her panties attempted to gain admission to an Israeli
hospital, where she planned to conduct a mass murder of Israeli children.
PLO leaders promised that even though this heroic attempt to protest
occupation failed, the next one will succeed.

The 21-year old Arab woman from Gaza, who had been treated in an Israeli
hospital for massive burns she received as a result of a gas tank
explosion, was apprehended yesterday at the Erez Crossing wearing
.explosive pants.. She said she had been directed to carry out her suicide
attack inside the crowded Israeli hospital.

The woman, Wafaa Samir Ibrahim Bass, had been given permission to cross
the Gaza lines yesterday for admission to Soroka Medical Center in
Sheva for continued medical treatment for her facial scars. .The terrorist
infrastructure took advantage of her medical condition,. read an IDF
statement, .in order to carry out a major suicide bombing attack inside

The resident of Jabaliya aroused the suspicion of the IDF soldiers at the
crossing, who placed her in a side room for further checking via camera.
During her security check, when she realized that the soldiers had
discovered the explosive belt on her body, she attempted unsuccessfully to
detonate it. It did not go off.

The misnamed extremist pro-terror group Physicians for Human Rights , one
of the main critics of Israel.s checking PLO ambulances for bombs and
murderers, issued an insipid milquetoast statement in response to
yesterday.s thwarted Palestinian terror attack inside the crowded
hospital. The PHR in the past published openly anti-Semitic materials in
its campaign to demonize Israel, and has never condemned PLO use of
ambulances for terrorism, nor has it condemned PLO terrorism as a
violation of human rights. There is no evidence that the PHR believes that
Jews should be entitled to any human rights, such as the right to defend
themselves. While reminding people that the PHR .will continue to work
against the occupation. it stated yesterday that it .calls upon the
Palestinian society and its leaders to strongly condemn the use of
patients for violent purposes..

2. The Latest Leftist-Islamofascist Medieval Blood Libel
The PLO and its apologists have long been fond of spreading medieval bllod
libels about Jews, such as how Jews drink gentile blood for Passover and
poison the wells. Suha Arafat, wife of His Ugliness, made that latter
claim while Hillary sat in the audience and politely applauded. Medieval
anti-Semitism is quite common among the Moonbatocracy as well,
increasingly claiming with a straight face that it was actually Dem Joos
and not bin Laden who knocked down the World Trade Center towers to make
al-Qaeda look bad.

The latest blood libel being promoted by the Leftist-Islamofascist Axis of
Evil is the mind-numbingly stupid claim that Israel is sending foods with
carcinogens to Palestinians. The inventor of this story is terrorist Yusuf
Abu Safia, the chairman of the PLO.s .Environmental Authority. (EA).
Ordinarily the PLO does not exhibit great environmentalist concern, such
as for the need to prevent the polluting of the environment with body
parts of victims of PLO terrorism.

But Abu Safia is claiming that Israel has dumped into the Palestinian
market food and fruit laced with carcinogens. That story is this week
being carried by the pro-terror Islam Online web site and also is being
repeated by the Moonbat Left. Oh, and the carcinogen in the food?
Saccarine! Really! This, from an .Environmental Chairman. who has never
gotten around to suggesting an anti-smoking campaign among Palestinians.

Abu Safia is cited there as saying:

.This chemical (saccarine) is highly dangerous to public health and has
been banned since 1982 around the globe as studies held it as the main
culprit behind cancer. Frozen meat, summer vegetables and fruit have been
injected with chemicals and exposed to radition which mutated into double
of their size..

Abu Safia further went on to warn that Palestinian children .playfully and
unawaringly play with Israeli games that beam radioactive rays.. He said
Egyptian border authorities seized two shipments of carcinogenic and
radioactive Israeli games last month. Other PLO terrorists have long
claimed that Israel has used chemical weapons against the Palestinians.
The Holocaust Denying Egyptian al-Ahram, controlled by the goverment, has
repeated the lies. The PLO.s house journal claims Israel uses poison gas
against schoolgirls. Poisoned food has in fact been used in the Middle
East war against the Jews, but by the PLO .

The story is already showing up on those .Indymedia. Indymoonbat web
sites. We figure Alex Cockburn and his crew will be running it before the
week is up on Counterpunch.

3. Looking for an explanation for Sharon's Peresque behavior? Try this:

4. Anti-Zionist Hebrew University Professor of Sociology Baruch
Kimmerling does not like free speech in the form of "Talkbacks":
Are you surprised?

Monday, June 20, 2005

1. Another Counter-Punch Self-Hating Jew
By Steven Plaut | June 20, 2005

During World War II, there were Jewish "kapos" in Nazi concentration camps who were forced by the threat of immediate death to collaborate with the Germans and performs jobs involved in the murder of other Jews. We should not be too fast to judge them, given their dire circumstances and desperate desire to stay alive.

There are today, however Jewish leftists who would like nothing better than to assist Jew-hating Arabs in creating a Second Holocaust of Jews, and their slavish and servile collaboration with genocidal Islamo-fascists has nothing to do with threats to their own lives.

Almost every self-hating Jew on the planet capable of banging on a keyboard is today either a columnist for the anti-American web magazine Counterpunch, run by Alexander Cockburn, or is an object of Counterpunch?s celebration. Counterpunch runs Norman Finkelstein, whom even the Anti-Defamation League has declared a Holocaust denier. It regularly runs the anti-Israel lecturer Neve Gordon, a deep admirer of Finkelstein who has turned out dozens of articles attacking Israel for Cockburn, as well as Israel?s Lord Haw-Haw Uri Avnery, and dozens of other anti-Israel Jews.

Now Counterpunch has decided to celebrate Gilad Atzmon, proudly proclaimed by Cockburn to be a ?CounterPuncher?. Who is Atzmon?

Atzmon is a subliterate ex-Israeli saxophone player living in Britain, where he is active in numerous anti-Semitic organizations. He is one of the ultras in the UK trying to organize boycotts of Israel, and is well-known for his defense of the burning down of synagogues. He is a communist; the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) has just invited Gilad Atzmon to appear at their annual convention this July, "Marxism 2005". He has already spoken before the pro-Castro ?Trots? twice and tooted his saxophone for them. (Wouldn?t these ?Trotskyites? be surprised to hear that Trotsky?s own grandson is a militant Zionist ?settler? in the West Bank today?)

Atzmon's ravings are carried on the PLO-front web site ",? devoted to solving the problem of Israel's existence with the formation of a single Palestinian state in which Jews are delivered to the supporters of Hamas and the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. Atzmon has turned out numerous anti-Israel articles for the Cockburns, and these have been run frequently on Counterpunch. There he has endorsed Islamofascist terrorism as a way to create a "balance of power" that can deter the US and has written: "If Islamic militants could practically endanger our existence we would have to listen to them with great respect. We would then have to look for a genuine means towards reconciliation."

Atzmon is so openly anti-Semitic that he has been denounced by the ordinary plain-vanilla anti-Zionist Leftists running around Britain. Many of these have demanded that the SWP renege on its invitation to Atzmon to speak before their convocation. A radical named Tony Greenstein has publicized demands on the forum of the so-called Just Peace UK for Atzmon not to appear at the Trotskyite cotillion. Greenstein has publicly declared that Atzmon is an open anti-Semite, that Atzmon is associated with open anti-Semites, and a Holocaust Denier or, at the very least, an apologist for them. In any case, the open Holocaust Deniers themselves proudly proclaim Atzmon to be one of their own. David Irving just loves Atzmon. It is always of interest to see Alexander Cockburn and David Irving, who has actually been convicted of Holocaust denial in a court of law, sharing the same affections.

Atzmon for his part has denounced his anti-Zionist Jewish critics on al-Jazeera. Atzmon insists that, ?every Israeli and Diaspora Zionist Jew is a potential zio-agent.? On al-Jazeera he has also attacked British Jews in general in an article entitled "Protocols of the Elders of London", a naked affirmation of the old Czarist forgery. Atzmon proudly declares: " Holocaust Denial is in itself a Zionist terminology and I refuse to accept it or to use it." Atzmon has personally circulated neonazi and Holocaust Denial materials, including materials that support Ernst Zundel, who was recently deported from Canada to Germany for his Nazi activities in North America. He is so openly anti-Semitic that he has attempted to recruit the medieval libels about Jews as Christ-killers as ammunition against them.

Atzmon has tried to fan anti-Semitism by repeating the urban legends about the supposedly all-powerful "Zionist Lobby", legends that one ordinarily has to go to neonazi web sites in order to read. He writes: "On reflection, it must be terrifying that such a small lobby from a tiny state is so eager to push the rest of the world into endless confrontation." Among the main "mistakes of Israelis" Atzmon has discovered for his Counterpunch readers, have been "To believe that the creation of the state of Israel was an outcome of the Holocaust; To be convinced that the 'Jewish state' is a legitimate concept; To regard themselves as humanists: To be sure that Israel is immortal." Atzmon certainly regards Israel as mortal and openly wants to see it destroyed. The genocide of Jews that would accompany its destruction is just one of those unfortunate minor side effects from doing what people like Cockburn and Atzmon think is the right thing to do.

The Guardian, which no one could suspect of having Zionist sympathies, quotes Atzmon in this way: "Gilad Atzmon, a pro-Palestine advocate, gave a talk to students this month, arguing: 'I'm not going to say whether it is right or not to burn down a synagogue, I can see that it is a rational act." That comment places Atzmon outside the circle of ordinary Jewish self-hating leftists merely seeking the destruction of Israel, and qualifies him for the title of Britain's leading kapo-wannabe. The only legitimate lesson of Auschwitz that Atzmon can see is that Israel needs to be destroyed and conservatives delegitimized:

"Auschwitz stands as a symbol of partnership between the European parliamentary left and the American expansionist right. For both, Auschwitz stands as an icon of threat against the image of open society, within the prospect of this fatal bond, any European genuine left is destined to be pushed to the margin. Any form of genuine left inspired by red aspirations is doomed to be presented as a subversive and radical outlook. In March 1998, Robin Cook, then the British foreign minister, paid a diplomatic visit to Israel. While there, Cook rightly refused to visit Yad Vashem (Holocuast Museum and Memorial), claiming that he was concerned with the future rather than with the past. It wasn't long before Cook lost his job. The refusal to bow to the Auschwitz tale cost Cook his job."

Cockburn just can't get enough of this crackpot and this week runs a piece by one Mary Rizzo, a moonbette who lives in Italy, who has written repeatedly in support of Atzmon, and who once again sings the praises of Atzmon for the Counterpunch crowd. Rizzo?s piece is devoted to defending Atzmon from the accusations against him of other Bash-Israel British Leftists who claim that he is a neonazi and is embarrassing the Left.

This was not the first such sycophant piece in Counterpunch celebrating the would-be synagogue-burner Atzmon. Jeffrey St. Clair, who co-authored with Alexander Cockburn a "book" devoted to the theme that it is unreasonable to call people anti-Semites simply because they want to see all the Jews murdered, has taken crayon to hand to sing Atzmon's praises as well.

Should new concentration camps for Jews ever be erected by the Islamofascists, with the help of their leftist allies, we expect to see Gilad Atzmon sitting there by the gate as the cattle cars are unloaded, playing his sax, with Alexander Cockburn dancing in the street.

2. Git(mo) yours now:

3. Disrupting the Campus Pogroms:
Also, visit

4. Robert F. Maguire Jr., the chief pilot of Operation Magic Carpet,
evacuated more than 40,000 Jewish refugees from Yemen to the newly created
state of Israel between late 1948 and early 1950, died on June 10 at his
home in Northridge, Calif. He was 94.

He died of natural causes, said his son Robert F. Maguire III.

Starting in November 1947, when the United Nations voted to partition
Palestine, Arabs and Jews were at war. Pogroms against the Jews of Yemen
soon followed. In an operation that was arduous, dangerous and secret,
nearly the entire Jewish population of Yemen was evacuated beginning in
December 1948.

The flight from Yemen to Israel, a journey of more than 1,400 miles, was
almost entirely over hostile territory. Though the evacuation was kept
secret for fear of sabotage, the planes were routinely fired on by
Egyptian forces. Fuel was scarce. Pilots were warned that if they were
forced to land in enemy territory, the passengers, and perhaps the crew,
risked being executed.

Requiring a little more than a year and 380 flights, Operation Magic
Carpet evacuated 40,000 to 50,000 Yemenite Jews without loss of life.
David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, was reported to have
called Mr. Maguire "the Irish Moses." The writer Leon Uris based a
character in his 1958 novel, "Exodus," on him.

Robert Francis Maguire Jr. was born in Portland, Ore., on Jan. 7, 1911.
His father, Robert Francis Sr., was a lawyer who became a judge at the
Nuremberg war-crimes trials in the late 1940's. Robert Jr. began flying as
a teenager, later attending Reed College and the University of Oregon. He
enlisted in the Army Air Corps the day after Pearl Harbor, and flew in the
Pacific region in the war.

After the war, Mr. Maguire became a pilot for Alaska Airlines. With the
creation of the State of Israel in May 1948, the airline won a contract to
fly Jewish refugees there from around the globe. Mr. Maguire flew
thousands of Jews out of Shanghai before being sent to the Middle East to
help start Operation Magic Carpet in conjunction with the American Joint
Jewish Distribution Committee, a humanitarian organization.

An ancient, nomadic people, Yemenite Jews had been oppressed since the
advent of Islam in the eighth century. But their deliverance into Israel
was prophesied in a line from the Book of Isaiah: "They shall mount up
with wings as eagles."

When news of the planned evacuation reached them, they walked, sometimes
hundreds of miles, carrying Bibles and Torah scrolls, until they reached a
refugee camp at the British protectorate of Aden, on the southern tip of

The pilots left each morning from their base in Asmara, Eritrea, and
landed at Aden to pick up passengers. Few of the Yemenite Jews had ever
seen an airplane. But the airline painted an eagle with outstretched wings
over the door of each craft, and the Yemenites went aboard.

As many as 28 pilots at a time were involved in the operation, which
involved carrying the refugees to Tel Aviv, flying back to the safety of
Cyprus for the night, and returning to Asmara at dawn before starting over
again, a round trip of about 20 hours. When Alaska Airlines had to
withdraw a few months into the operation, Mr. Maguire started his own
company, Near East Air Transport, and hired planes and pilots to continue
the job.

The work cost him his career. In the region, Mr. Maguire contracted a
parasite that affected his heart and as a result he lost his commercial
pilot's license in the early 1950's. In later years he worked as a
pension-fund manager. Last year, Mr. Maguire, an Episcopalian, was awarded
a medal of valor by the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Mr. Maguire's first marriage, to the former Jean Shepard, ended in
divorce. He is survived by their three children: Robert F. III, of Los
Angeles; Gilbert, of Ventura, Calif.; and Alix of Long Beach, Calif.; a
sister, Constance Wilson of Brookings, Ore.; eight grandchildren; and
eight great-grandchildren. Mr. Maguire's second wife, the former Edith
Barnick, died in 2002.

In Operation Magic Carpet, Mr. Maguire relied as much on his wits as on
his aviation skills. He once ran out of fuel and was forced to land in
Egypt. When airport officials rushed up to the plane, Mr. Maguire ordered
them to send ambulances immediately.

"What for?" they asked him.

"I have smallpox on board," Mr. Maguire replied.

He got his fuel, and flew on to Tel Aviv.

Robert Maguire Jr., the commercial pilot from Oregon who was dubbed the
"Irish Moses" for helping fly tens of thousands of Jewish refugees through
hostile territory from Yemen to Israel in 1949, died June 10 at his home
in Los Angeles. He was 94.

The World War II veteran was working for Alaska Airlines in late 1948 when
the company was contracted by the American Joint Distribution Committee to
fly Jewish refugees from Yemen, where they had been oppressed for
centuries, to the newly established state of Israel.

As the chief pilot of Operation Magic Carpet, Maguire helped transport
more than 40,000 refugees on nearly 400 flights, a successful airlift that
prompted Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to call Maguire the
"Irish Moses."

The operation was a secret one because it was feared that the planes would
be shot down by Arab forces, who were at war with Israel. While they were
often shot at, none of the planes crashed and no lives were lost.

After Alaska Airlines withdrew from the operation, Maguire kept it going
by buying or leasing planes and setting up Near East Air Transport.

Not many of Maguire's Jewish passengers were aware that their pilot was an
American of Irish and British descent who had been raised an Episcopalian.

Over the years, Maguire never sought acknowledgment for his role in the
operation, modestly saying that he was "just doing my job."

In 2004, however, Maguire was awarded a medal of valor from the Simon
Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles for his "heroic efforts that helped
rescue tens of thousands of Jews."

5. June 20, 2005

June 20, 2005; Page A14

It seems our math educators no longer believe in the beauty and power of
the principles of mathematics. They are continually in search of a fix
that will make it easy, relevant, fun, and even politically relevant. In
the early 1990s, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics issued
standards that disparaged basic skills like addition, subtraction,
multiplication and division, since all of these could be easily performed
on a calculator. The council preferred real life problem solving, using
everyday situations. Attempts to solve problems without basic skills
caused some critics, especially professional mathematicians, to deride the
"new, new math" as "rainforest algebra."

In a comparison of a 1973 algebra textbook and a 1998 "contemporary
mathematics" textbook, Williamson Evers and Paul Clopton found a dramatic
change in topics. In the 1973 book, for example, the index for the letter
"F" included "factors, factoring, fallacies, finite decimal, finite set,
formulas, fractions, and functions." In the 1998 book, the index listed
"families (in poverty data), fast food nutrition data, fat in fast food,
feasibility study, feeding tours, ferris wheel, fish, fishing, flags,
flight, floor plan, flower beds, food, football, Ford Mustang, franchises,
and fund-raising carnival."

Those were the days of innocent dumbing-down. Now mathematics is being
nudged into a specifically political direction by educators who call
themselves "critical theorists." They advocate using mathematics as a tool
to advance social justice. Social justice math relies on political and
cultural relevance to guide math instruction. One of its precepts is
"ethnomathematics," that is, the belief that different cultures have
evolved different ways of using mathematics, and that students will learn
best if taught in the ways that relate to their ancestral culture. From
this perspective, traditional mathematics -- the mathematics taught in
universities around the world -- is the property of Western Civilization
and is inexorably linked with the values of the oppressors and conquerors.
The culturally attuned teacher will learn about the counting system of the
ancient Mayans, ancient Africans, Papua New Guineans, and other
"non-mainstream" cultures.

Partisans of social justice mathematics advocate an explicitly political
agenda in the classroom. A new textbook, "Rethinking Mathematics: Teaching
Social Justice by the Numbers," shows how problem solving,
ethnomathematics and political action can be merged. Among its topics are:
"Sweatshop Accounting," with units on poverty, globalization, and the
unequal distribution of wealth. Another topic, drawn directly from
ethnomathematics, is "Chicanos Have Math in Their Blood." Others include
"The Transnational Capital Auction," "Multicultural Math," and "Home
Buying While Brown or Black." Units of study include racial profiling, the
war in Iraq, corporate control of the media, and environmental racism. The
theory behind the book is that "teaching math in a neutral manner is not
possible." Teachers are supposed to vary the teaching of mathematics in
relation to their students' race, gender, ethnicity, and community.

This fusion of political correctness and relevance may be the next big
thing to rock mathematics education, appealing as it does to political
activists and to ethnic chauvinists.

It seems terribly old-fashioned to point out that the countries that
regularly beat our students in international tests of mathematics do not
use the subject to steer students into political action. They teach them
instead that mathematics is a universal language that is as relevant and
meaningful in Tokyo as it is in Paris, Nairobi and Chicago. The students
who learn this universal language well will be the builders and shapers of
technology in the 21st century. The students in American classes who fall
prey to the political designs of their teachers and professors will not.

Ms. Ravitch is a historian of education at New York University, a senior
fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a member of the Koret Task Force
at the Hoover Institution.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Neonazi Moonbat Embarrasses the Rest of the Left
You know that the Bash-Israel web site calling itself "Deir Yassin
Remembered" is off the charts when a large group of OTHER Far-Leftist
Bash-Israel anti-Zionists are denouncing its director as an open neonazi
and anti-Semite!

Paul Eisen is London-based co-director of Deir Yassin Remembered, a web
site purporting to seek to commemorate the "massacre" of Arabs by Jews in
1948 at the village of Deir Yassin outside Jerusalem. The only problem is
that no massacre at all took place there, and the claim that one did is
little more than a medieval-style anti-Jewish blood libel. A battle did in
fact take place there, since the village controlled access to
then-besieged and starving Jerusalem, a battle in which some Arabs and
Jews died. The Far Left and the Neonazi Right have long tried to turn the
non-massacre of Deir Yassin into a bludgeon to demonize Israel and Jews.

Among the people on the board of "Deir Yassin Remembered" are a Swedish
Neonazi calling himself "Israel Shamir", convicted traitor and spy
Mordecai Vanunu, Saudi-financed ex-Congressman Paul Findlay, PLO
spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi, and similar jihadniks of their ilk. The site is
a thinly-disguised front for the PLO. DePaul's Holocaust-Denier Norman
Finkelstein has evidently just been dropped from the board of the site,
being too much of an embarrassment even for them.

Paul Eisen has aroused the fury of the rest of the Bash-Israel Jew-baiters
by abandoning the common pretense of being "anti-Israel but not
anti-Jewish", a posture so beloved by most of the rest of the Left. He has
been publishing openly anti-Semitic materials, claiming that Jews are
plotting to take over the world, and openly supporting Palestinian
atrocities against Jews. When other anti-Israel Leftists were horrified by
this, they tried to get the web sites publishing Eisen to print their own
rebuttal of Eisen but they were refused.

Eisen's "analysis" has also been published by the "Zundelsite", the web
site of Ernst Zundel who was recently deported by Canada to Germany due to
his open nazi activities in North America. Eisen openly praises Zundel and
the adoration is mutual. Eisen openly collaborates with Swedish neonazi
Shamir, himself a close ally of Zundel. Eisen also writes anti-Jewish
pieces for the anti-Semitic Egyptian daily al-Ahram.

Anyway, Eisen is such an embarrassment for those anti-Israel leftists, who
prefer to perpetuate the myth of there being an anti-Zionism that is not
also anti-Semitism, that they have organized a petition against Eisen and
those who publish him. Among the signatories are people who are only
marginally less openly anti-Semitic than Eisen himself, and include some
of Israel's worst academic moonbats. Other neofascist leftists however are
rallying to Eisen's defense.

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2. Pet Murderers:

3. Dubya Dubbing Desert Dingbats:

Thursday, June 16, 2005

1. Sharon's Gift to Terror:

2. Amnesty International Defends Communist Terrorists in Nepal

Just when we think that Amnesty International could not be further from
being a neutral objective human right watchdog group, along come the
Amnesty Moonbats to prove that they can. Anyone thinking that Amnesty
International is something other than a pro-communist anti-American
propaganda group - think again!

Amnesty's new cause, besides bashing America and Israel, is to help the
communist terrorists inside Nepal murder people. On June 6, Maoist
insurgents blew up a packed passenger bus killing 40 people and injuring
over 70 others. Over 12,000 people have been killed in the nine-year-old
Maoist insurgency. Communist insurgents inside Nepal routinely carry out
mass murderes and other atrocities. The Nepal Communist Party (Maoist)
recently dragged out wives and relatives of Nepalese Army personnel in
middle of the night to the jungle and cut them to pieces, including one
year child.

The Amnesty people demand that the West stop arming the Nepalese
government lest it defend its civilians from communist terrorism. Amnesty
reportedly has been awarded donations amounting to US $ 25 Million for its
"role" in Nepal, which is to help the Maoists.

"Arms should not be exported as long as there is a clear risk that they
might be used to commit serious human rights abuse," said Amnesty's
Asia-Pacific programme director Purna Sen. Huh? As usual, Amnesty has
things exactly Asia-backwards when it comes to who really is the terrorist
murderer and who is the victim, similar to its long track record in the
Middle East of reversing abuser and abused.

Amnesty, which wants Bush arrested as a war criminal, recently denounced
the US for making captured Iraqi terrorists listen to Sesame Street.

3. More on Jewish slave holders:
A Plaut Lister from the south has an interesting set of stories:

As long as you wrote this piece, I'll share with you a story which is
an exception to your conclusion about no Jewish slave trade, and is
therefore also instructive:

As the story in my family runs, we Sones' have been in the US for at
least 7 generations, and our fathers owned slaves in Louisiana.
Ignorant of Jewish law, but wanting to fulfill whatever ethical
aspects of which he was aware, my great great etc. grandfather would
free his slaves every seven years, even though this practice is
mandated for eved ivri (Jewish servant) alone.

This habit enraged the other slave owners, and when he once freed a
slave whom he owned in partnership with a gentile slave owner, he was
tarred and feathered and then ostracized, setting about a chain of
events that probably accounts for my sitting here and writing you this

There is a sequel to the story: When I was seventeen I flew out to
Anaheim, California to pass out corruption-expose leaflets at a
financial guru's greed conference that was being held in a hotel
there. I reserved a room at a nearby motel through AAA, and had my
father's credit card with me to pay upon arrival.

I arrived around 1 or 2 in the morning. (Another time I'll tell you
the story of my encounter with the Breslover chassidim in LAX
airport..) The girl at the desk checked the reservation and gave me my
key. When I went to present the credit card, she said there was no
need, as it was all paid for. "How can that be? I have my father's
card right here - nobody paid you.." She said no, here it is, paid for
with the credit card of Ronald Sones, my father. "Let me see that.." I
said, puzzled, but then realized that it was just a freaky
coincidence, as my father is Ronald H. Sones, and this was a payment
made by one Ronald R. Sones.

It turned out that another Ronald Sones was staying in that motel the
same time as I was. Being that Sones is not that common a name, I
asked the girl which room he was in - maybe we are related and I could
discover a long lost family member.

"Well, I don't think you're related," said the girl.

"Why not?"

"Because he's black..."

4. David Hornik on Israeli cowardice:

5. David Hornik on Dating in Jerusalem:

6. More PLO Blood Libels:

7. McMoonbats:

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

1. DePaul Gets Sued for Suppressing Free Speech

The really interesting question we have is whether DePaul "University"
will hire the Michael Jackson Defense Team or the OJ Team.

Yes, DePaul "University" is getting sued by Thomas Klocek. We put the term
in quotes because we do not think the heads of DePaul have any interest in
maintaining academic standards, scholarly quality, or academic integrity,
and until they change their minds they should not be considered a real

Just to remind you of the background to all this, DePaul is a Chicago
campus in which Norman Finkelstein, a notorious anti-Semite who has been
described as a Holocaust Denier by the Anti-Defamation League, a
pseudo-scholar whose anti-Jewish rants are carried by every neonazi web
magazine on earth, is retained as an assistant professor of political
science, but the very same university has fired Prof. Thomas Klocek
because he dared answer back to radical student jihadniks handing out
their propaganda on campus. Klocek was fired because the administration
believes that he holds "incorrect opinions" about the Middle East. Klocek
believes Israel has the right to exist and defend itself and that
"Palestinians" are an artificial construct.

Klocek was fired after talking back to anti-Israel campus activists in a
manner his Dean thought was impolite. Meanwhile, Finkelstein is almost
universally regarded as a Holocaust Denier, a Jewish traitor and
anti-Semite, and at the very least a fraud and quack. His charlatan
"scholarship" and neonazi ideas were recently documented at length by
Harvard's Alan Dershowitz. Klocek, in contrast, is a serious and popular
teacher, who was dismissed without a hearing because he offended some
campus extremists.

Depaul has some bizarre notions of free speech. While its President Dennis
H. Holtschneider publicly defends the employment of Finkelstein as a
professor, defends the operation on campus of a Bash-Israel propaganda
show dressed up as an art exhibit and the performance on the Catholic
University campus of the "Vagina Monologues", he has repeatedly denounced
Klocek and defended the firing of Klocek because Klocek expressed
politically incorrect views.

This week a defamation suit was filed in Illinois. Cook County Chancery,
charging that DePaul University and its leadership defamed Professor
Thomas Klocek when DePaul publicly characterized arguments he presented to
members of Palestinian and Muslim student groups as racist and bigoted.
The suit seeks damages against DePaul for maligning Klocek.s integrity and
professional competence. The defendants named include: DePaul University,
Rev. Dennis Holtschneider - President of DePaul, and Susan Dumbleton -
Dean of DePaul.s School for New Learning. The case was assigned to Judge
David Donnersberger.

Holtschneider has been denounced by David French, president of the
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE):

.DePaul has unquestionably violated Professor Klocek.s due process rights,
and the university did so because his statements were offensive to the
students. While DePaul may now argue that the issue is one of
professionalism, its public statements at the time of Klocek.s punishment
make it clear that Klocek.s real crime was offending students during an
out-of-class discussion of a controversial and emotional topic. Academic
freedom cannot survive when professors who engage in debate on
controversial topics are subject to administrative punishment without even
the most cursory due process..

Rev. Dennis Holtschneider contacted media outlets across the country to
slander Klocek and even publicly tried to make Klocek.s health an issue. A
letter of his was published in April 9, 2005 edition of The Rocky Mountain
News, where Holtschneider wrote,
.Last September, Klocek acted in a belligerent and menacing manner toward
students who were passing out literature at a table in the cafeteria. He
raised his voice, threw pamphlets at students, pointed his finger near
their faces and displayed a gesture interpreted as obscene.. DePaul
offered to give Klocek a spring quarter class assignment if he met with
the students to apologize for his behavior and if the program director
could drop by his class to ensure that the health issues that affected his
teaching were resolved. He refused..

We suspect the jury members from the Michael Jackson trial might believe
Holtschneider's version of the events. Funny how Holtschneider does not
think that Finkelstein should have his own (mental) health evaluated by a
good shrink before being allowed to abuse DePaul students with his
politicized in-class propagandizing against Jews.

For more details about the suit, visit our good friends at Wanna tell Holtschneider what YOU
think? His email address is

2. New Orleans Hires a Racist in the name of Sensitivity:

3. Pacifists for Genocide led by Ex-Israeli Moonbette and Pappette:

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Jewish Slave Owners and Similar Lies
by Steven Plaut

One of the more common claims by the Afrofascist wing of the Moonbat 'hood
and its leftist apologists is the claim that Jews were the main holders
and traders in African slaves. FPM recently ran a piece on one the main
inventors of the libel, Louis "Calypso Lou" Farrakhan, on the occasion of
his being honored by Bill Clinton. In late 1991, Farrakhan's Nation of
Islam published "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews," to
indict, in effect, today's Jews for everything from the ownership of South
American sugar plantations three centuries ago to Jewish participation in
the Confederate war effort.

Similar claims have long been commonly made by people such as Leonard
Jeffries. A.M. Rosenthal of the New York Times wrote that Jeffries "says
in a public forum that the Jews financed the slave trade. That is not
quite the equivalent of [the accusation] Christ-killer, but coming close,
make no mistake." I asked Rosenthal too what actual role Jews played in
black slavery. "There was none," he replied. "Except for the most
peripheral way. If at all." Interestingly, similar claims have long been
made by white supremecist neonazi groups such as "Jewish Tribal Review,"
as a way to fan hatred of Jews. Without a doubt, the largest number of
slave holders in the Western Hemisphere were Hispanics! Interesting, isn't
it, how Farrkhan, Jeffries, and their apologists have never targeted
Hispanics in their campaign to demonize slave holders! How come they have
never demanded that HISPANICS pay reparations or at least lose affirmative
action preferences supposedly compensating victims of slavery?

Such claims have been fed inadvertantly by whining Jewish liberals such as
Prof. Ralph Austen from the University of Chicago, who writes about the
guilt of Jewish slave holder sin such arenas as Ultra-Moonbat Tikkun
Magazine. While conceding that the Jews were - at most - marginal in the
world of slavery, Austen nevertheless insiusts that Jews must feel guilty
and atone for that small role.

So just how many Jews were involved in the trade and ownership of African
slves in the New World? In his newest book, "Black Rednecks and White
Liberals," Stanford professor and Hoover Institute author Thomas Sowell
answers. The number of black slaves owned by Jewish slaveowners in the
American south was fewer than the number owned by free blacks or the
number owned by American Indians! (It goes without saying that it was far
smaller than the number of Jews murdered over the years by black street
criminals.) So much for the attempts to paint the Jews into the role of
the "enslavers" and blacks as their victims. Afrofascist rage would be
better focused against free-black and American Indian slave owners than
against Jews.

Others have shown that the Jews played practically no role in the slave
trade, such as "Jews, Slaves, and the Slave Trade: Setting the Record
Straight," By Eli Faber. In the Middle Ages, when slavery was common in
Europe (including enslaved Jews), some Jews did play a minor role as slave
traders for white European slaves who had been enslaved in war or due to
debts. They were sold mainly to other Europeans and sometimes to the

1. A Bulldozed Mosque the Moonbats are Ignoring

The lib'ruh media have been having so much fun wringing their hands over
make-pretend and retracted stories about evil Westerners mistreating
Moslems and the Qoran that they have overlooked one fantastic story.

It seems that Zimbabwe's murderous moonbat dictator has destroyed a
mosque. Yes, Mark Steyn, in the Washington Times, reports that in his
campaign to bulldoze as many homes of Zimbabwe's population as possible,
Bobby Mugabe ordered that a mosque be destroyed, in Hatcliffe Extension, a
shantytown on the edge of Harare. It was razed by the "police." Mugabe
also bulldozed a Catholic-run Aids center.

Not a word from Newsweek. No Pakistani rioters trashing Westerners. No
calls from the Baathist URUKNET to destroy the "Crusaders". And only a
matter of a hours before Counterpunch blames Dem Joos for the destroyed
Zimbabwe Mosque. (We are waiting for Al Cockburn to take his whole crew to
Zimbabwe to experience "obesity tourism", enjoying the complete absence of
nutrition in the country! They can use the time off down there to denounce

2. Washington Post - Al-Jazeera on the Potomac?
The Washington Post should really be renamed Al-Jazeera on the Potomac, at
least when it comes to the Middle East. Our good friends over at the "Eye
on the Post" blog have been doing an excellent job in documenting naked
bias at the Post.

But this weekend the Post outdid itself. As you recall, a few days ago the
PLO once again demonstrated its commitment to peace and tranquility and
democratization by executing a group of Palestinians it accused of
"collaborating with Israel." All those Moonbats who love to wail about
imaginary abuses of the human rights of Arabs by Israel had nothing to say
about this latest atrocity against innocent Arab civilians. How come the
ISM latte-sippers were not serving as human shields for the victims?

Now never mind that the whole Oslo peace process was supposedly about how
the PLO had agreed to collaborate with Israel to suppress terrorism and
calm the region. Even officials for the PLO themselves admitted that the
executed people were actually all innocent. They were executed by the
Palestinian Authority after Mahmoud Abbas gave his approval. But none of
that mattes for the Washington Post.

The Washington Post used an AP report on the story, but changed the
language to make it look like Israel was to blame for the atrocity! The
Post then went on to bemoan Israel's assassination of a leading Islamist
terrorist last week, but neglected to mention the sorts of atrocities the
perp had aleady committed and was still planning. The "Eye on the Post"
folks define their mission:

"EyeOnThePost.Org, the operating name for Eye On The Post, Inc., was
formed as a result of The Washington Post's skewed coverage of news in the
Middle East. The catalyst was The Washington Post's false reporting of a
massacre in Jenin by the Israeli Defense Forces following the Passover
bombings in April, 2002. Palestinians, aided by reporters looking for ...
indeed hoping for ... a story of mass atrocities committed by Israel's
military, fabricated a web of lies. Not only did all of these false news
articles prove to have been lies, but the truth that eventually seeped out
was that Israel's defense forces went out of their way to spare civilian
lives at a substantial cost of an excessive loss of their own lives. The
Post never effectively apologized, and it never adequately reported the
humanitarian measures actually taken by the IDF to avoid excessive loss of
Palestinian civilian lives. "

Meanwhile it was revealed that Arab terrorists are trying a new tactic -
wrapping explosives around the bodies of babies. Really. It was reported
that the leader of a Syrian terrorist cell who was killed in a
confrontation with security forces last week had planned to wrap
explosives around the body of a one-year-old baby before placing her in
the Justice Ministry, the girl's grandmother was quoted Sunday as saying.
The grandmother, identified only by her first name, Zarifa, said her son,
Ahmed, the baby's father, had died while planting a roadside bomb on the
Damascus-Zabadani road in late January, according to the Al-Thawra

The story did not interest the Washington Post.

Rabbi Moonbat and Cannabis Zionism

4. T Rex and his SUV:

5. Arabs against Terrorism:

Sunday, June 12, 2005

1. The New Middle East version of the RCA Puppy and Gramophone

Ridiculous "rumors" believed in the Middle East about supposed mishandling
of the Koran are not restricted to the usual Islamofascists accusing the
"Crusaders" and the "Zionists" of plotting against the naby Arab fascist
regimes. (Come to think of it, the world would be a lot better off these
days with a lot more Crusaders and Zionists in the Middle East!)

Now Israeli Arabs are all suddenly excited over a story that is
circulating in the Arab press and television about a girl who was turned
into a dog by Allah for mishandling a Koran. Really.

A Muslim girl from Taibeh was punished by Allah and turned into a dog,
according to rumors that have been circulating in the Arab-Israeli town
this week, Arab-language newspaper Panorama reported. According to the
rumors, the harsh punishment was meted out after the girl, upset by her
mother.s request to bring her the Quran as she was watching television,
threw the holy Muslim book at the mother with disdain. Women in Taibeh
claimed they saw the story featured on Palestinian television.

Now - doesn't the very fact that no US troops in Gitma were turned into
puppies prove that the Newsweek story was hogwash? Even though the Moonbat
Left still insists the original Newsweek story, now retracted, was

Keep your eyes open for the first report of this exciting dog of a story
on Counterpunch and "The Nation"!

THE OSLO SYNDROME: Delusions of a People Under Siege
By Kenneth Levin
Smith and Kraus, 352 pages, $35
IN this massively researched, lu cidly written and cogently ar gued
narrative, Kenneth Levin tells the appalling story of what has been
called the greatest self-inflicted wound of political history: Israel's
embrace of Yasser Arafat and the PLO in the Oslo Accords of September
1993 and its dogged adherence to its obligations under them even as its
"peace partner" was blatantly flouting its own.

The book is divided into two sections. The first recounts Jewish
political failure in the Diaspora, where Jews lived with a constant
burden of peril, as the background for the self-deluding rationales that
engendered Oslo. The second traces the same self-delusions in the history
of Israel itself.

Levin shows how a tiny nation, living under constant siege by neighbors
who have declared its very existence an aggression, was induced by its
intellectual classes to believe that its own misdeeds had incited Arab
hatred and violence, and that what required reform was not Arab
dictatorship and Islamicist anti-Semitism, but the Jews themselves.

Reversing cause and effect, Israeli leaders blinded themselves to the
(obvious) fact that it was Arab hatred and aggression that repeatedly led
to Israeli occupation, not occupation that caused Arab hatred and

Although Levin argues strongly that Israeli leaders like Yitzhak Rabin,
Ehud Barak and the ineffable Shimon Peres hallucinated moderation in a
murderous enemy, his book is not a polemic that excludes all opposing
points of view; on the contrary, we get the fullest possible account, and
"in their own words," of those Israelis (and their American-Jewish
supporters) who deluded themselves into believing that Oslo would bring a
new heaven and a new earth.

When the accords were signed in 1993, Minister of Education Shulamit
Aloni announced that "no more parents will go weeping after the coffins
of their sons" and Israeli novelist and "peace activist" Amos Oz said
confidently that "death shall be no more."

And all this because Arafat had . not for the first time . promised to
renounce terror and recognize Israel's "right to exist." It was the used
Buick he had already sold several times over.

By autumn 2000, and as a direct (and in Levin's view entirely
predictable) result of Israel's endless unreciprocated concessions to
Arafat's demands, the country was faced with Intifada II, "the Oslo War,"
in which all Israel became a battlefield, and getting on a bus or going
to a cafe or a disco meant risking your life.

One of Levin's central themes is the influence of Israel's cultural
elites on the governments of Rabin and Barak. In Israel as in America the
motto of many intellectuals is "the other country, right or wrong"; but
whereas in America leftist intellectuals now aspire only to take over the
universities, in Israel they aspired to (and in one sense did) take over
the government.

The consequence: Israel was soon reminded of Churchill's judgment of
England's intellectual appeasers: "Mr. Chamberlain was faced with a
choice between surrender and war; he chose surrender, and he got war."

Edward Alexander is author of "Irving Howe: Socialist, Critic, Jew."

Did you know that 3.8 million users visited New York Post Interactive at making it the 5th most popular online newspaper

3. Rashid Khalidi - Plagiarist?

I think that we will never tire of laughing at the academic disgraces of
Columbia University, the Madrassah of the Upper West Side. The latest
matter of mortification for the home of Joseph Massad and the one-time
playground for Edward Said is the plagiarism of Rashid Khalidi .

Khalidi, you may recall, is the pro-terror 'Edward Said Professor of Arab
Studies' at Columbia University. Never mind that Edward Said knew nothing
about Middle East Studies besides how to throw rocks at Jews and, instead,
taught English at Columbia. Khalidi may be testifying on behalf of the
Florida terrorist Sami al-Arian. Khalidi was a major player in the
whitewash at Columbia of jihadnik professor Joseph Massad.

FPM's Stephen Schwartz recent told the NY Sun: "His (Khalidi's) rhetoric
is intemperate and extreme. I think the very idea of an Edward Said chair
speaks for itself." Khalidi makes no secret of his support for Palestinian
violence and his desire to see Israel's existence end. Khalidi also
dislikes free speech for critics of the academic Jihadniki. He described
Pipes. Campus Watch, which monitors and critiques Middle Eastern Studies,
as .a McCarthyite attempt to silence the very few voices that speak out
about the Middle East, and to impose by fear a uniformity of view on the
campus debate..

Khalidi's plagiarism has been exposed by the wonderful folks over at
Solomonia Blog. It involves an article that appears on the web site of the
American Committee for Jerusalem, now renamed the American Task Force on
Palestine. In 2001, the year the item was first posted, Khalidi was
President of the ACJ.

Entitled, JERUSALEM, A CONCISE HISTORY, it bore Khalidi's by-line for
about four years. But then suddenly a reporter who was researching a story
discovered the dirt. The article was retitled and the byline changed to
read "Compiled by ACJ from a variety of sources." In other words, it was
never Khalidi's own work to begin with! Gotcha!

You can still see the original version as it existed from February 27,
2001 to October 23, 2004 -- complete with Khalidi's byline.

The change, with no remark, explanation or trail left of the change, would
tend to indicate that there was something there over which Khalidi and/or
ACJ were concerned or embarrassed.

The Moonbatmosphere has been barking at Alan Dershowitz over the
discredited allegation that he had overused materials from another source,
a book by Joan Peters. Moonbats, including neonazi Holocaust Denier Norman
Finkelstein, have claimed that Dershowitz had "plagiarized" (this coming
from someone like Finkelstein who routinely relies on David Irving as his
source). So it will be interested seeing the response of the Moonbatorie
to the news of Khalidi's plagiarizing. Since Khalidi is on the Saudi
payroll, someone should warn them that they may be getting recycled
materials written by other people and so are not getting their money's
worth from Khalidi!

Go to Solomonia to read the "Khalidi" piece in full!

4. Indecent Acts:

5. Treason Chic:

Friday, June 10, 2005

The Genocidal Phantoms of the Oprah
You know things are really getting out of hand when TV hostess Oprah
Winfrey decides to go jihad.

Yes, Oprah, the waddling guru of the bored middle-class at-home
housewives, has repeatedly taken time off from teaching her followers
about closet organization and thigh reduction, in order to promote the
Palestinian cause. She has run one-sided articles about the Middle East
conflict on her show and and in her O Magazine.

Whenever the subject of terrorism is broached on her show, Oprah
studiously avoids allowing anyone to link it to Palestinians or the
Hizbollah. She interviewed mothers of suicide bombers who were distraught
because their houses were bulldozed. There was no mention of Israeli
babies and their mothers being blown up in buses, pizza parlours blown to
smithereens, nor Jewish teens murdered while at the disco inTel Aviv. Not
even the Jews murdered when two guests of the International Solidarity
Movement blew up Mike's Place in Tel Aviv. Debbie Schlussel has dubbed her
the affable Joseph Goebbels of daytime talk TV. Columnist Naomi Ragen
demolished Oprah for her politicized bias. The Anti-Defamation League has
denounced her for bias, noting that 'Palestinian girls will be rescued
when their leaders say "No" to the incitement, hate and violence that has
permeated their political and cultural landscape for years now.'

In the June issue, a feature article tries to arouse sympathy for a an
18-year-old Palestinian terrorist, Yusra Abdu, who was tried, convicted
and is currently serving time in an Israeli jail for conspiring to perform
a suicide bombing. The article tries to make the Palestinian wannabe
mass-murderer appear humane and likeable.

The propaganda article is written by one David France. He quotes enemies
of Israel, leftists, and unidentified human rights activists, spouting
false statistics. In the piece he asks, 'What would make a girl take such
a radical and grisly step?' France "answers" himself when he quotes a
moonbatish university professor, who asserts that: "religion is not the
cause [of Palestinian suicide terror]... these are people who define their
situation as hopeless. They feel that they have no way to respond against
what they see as Israeli military aggression."

Frnace forgot to add a detail to the story. The real reason the Oprah
heroine set out to commit mass murder was that she was worried about
getting punished for participating in a date! Because a date would have
compromised Yusra honor and she might have found herself getting her
throat slit by her brother or father. Is it any wonder that, as France
himself writes, she confessed to Israeli security police that the real
reason she wanted to blow herself up was "boredom?"

Now in fact, the reason 18 year old Palestinians try to commit mass murder
is because they are driven by a genocidal neonazi Islamofascist ideology
instilled in them over decades by the PLO and its affiliates, all with the
blessing and cheerleading of the Western Left. Hard as it is for an Oprah
fan to understand, Palestinians want to mass murder Jews because they hate
Jews and want to annihilate Jews. Not because they are "occupied." (They
were mass murdering Jews long before any land was "occupied" by Israel in
1967.) And no one with an atlas can seriously suggest that Arabs murder
Jews because Jews have too much land and Arabs not enough.

Why would Oprah, who is not exactly hard up for cash, sell out and allow
her magazine to be hijacked on behalf of Palestinian violence?

Maybe Doctor Phil can tell us?

(For clean copy with links, go to

Thursday, June 09, 2005

1. Saddam's Worst Nightmare:

2. Purina:

3. Visit:

4. Leftist Rules of Debating:

5. Letterman's "Top Ten Ways to Cheer Up Saddam Hussein"

10. Let him oppress just one Kurd a few hours a week

9. Surprise him with a year's supply of mustache dye

8. Bring him his old "World's Greatest Dictator" mug

7. Laugh at his impression of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad

6. Give him a collection of hilarious "Yo mullah's so fat" jokes

5. Remind him his one permitted phone call saved him 15% on his car

4. Membership in the "Falafel of the Month Club"

3. Show him some of them "Hey, Vern" movies

2. Package of new underpants

1. Three words: Los Angeles jury

DePaul's Resident Nazi Exposed by Dershowitz

(for clean copy and links, go to

Professor Alan Dershowitz from Harvard has decided to expose some of the
lies and the barely-hidden neonazi political agenda of "professor" Norman
Finkelstein, an untenured assistant professor at DePaul University, the
same school that this year fired Professor Thomas Klocek for daring to
tell the truth abvout the "Palestinians" and Israel. Finkelstein has been
defined as a Holocaust Denier by the Anti-Defamation League. Like so many
neonazis, Finkelstein is a regular Cockburn Cockroach over at

Dershowitz has set up a site to "out" DePaul's Holocaust Denier. It is
called 'The Committee to Expose Norman Finkelstein.s Close Connections to
Neo-Nazism, Holocaust Denial, and His .Big Lie. of an .International
Jewish Conspiracy.'

The document's name is a bit long, but its contents are definitely worth
reading through. Dershowitz made the mistake of debating Finkelstein a
couple of years back, giving Finkelstein some exposure and making him
appear as a legitimate "alternative researcher," which he decidedly is
not. . While Dersh wiped the floor with Finkelstein, the latter and his
neonazi followers have been spreading the version that Finkelstein "won"
that debate. Now Finkelstein has crayoned a new "book" attacking in
infantile terms Dershowitz's own fine book about Isreal.

Dershowitz's exposure of Finkelstein's quack "opinions" and
pseudo-scholarship is devastating. It is too long to reproduce here in
full, but we provide a few small nuggets from the Dershowitz web site:

Finkelstein Citations:

Question: .[Mr. Finkelstein] If you are a historian, why didn't you write
a serious study about the subject? Why didn.t you do research yourself?
Interview people, etc.?.
Finkelstein.s answer: .Why should I interview people?.

.on obeying Chomsky
.I.m a person of the left, and when you get a call from Professor Chomsky
[asking you to .find. that a pro-Israeli book you haven.t even read was a
.fraud.], his wish is your command..

.I don.t know about Judaism, but [neonazi Israel Shahak, an anti-Jewish
zealot who wrote that Jews worship Satan] did. He knew it well. He took an
interest in it and I have no doubt that what he wrote is accurate..

David Irving, the notorious Holocaust denier who claims there were no gas
chambers and that Hitler was .the Jews. greatest friend,. is .a good
historian. who has .made an .indispensable. contribution to our knowledge
of World War II..

.All opinion-leaders, from the left to the right, are Jews.The Silence
around my book in the US - if this is not a conspiracy, then what is one?.

.Frankly, part of me know what, we deserve the problem on our
hands because some things Bin Laden says are true.. One of the things he
said on that last tape was that .until we live in security, not
going to live in security., and there is a certain amount of rightness in

And finally, .Never has one of my articles been published in a scientific

(Given that last admission, you might want to dash off an e-note to the
heads of DePaul asking why a nazi loon like Finkelstein is still on their
faculty. The list of their officers and emails is here. Other Finkelstein
pronouncements can be viewed on the Dershowitz document.

Finally, let us note that an Israeli far-leftist anti-Israel fanatic
levturer from Ben Gurion University named Neve Gordon not only endorses
Finkelstein's rantings but compares Finkelstein ethically to the Prophets
of the Bible. If you would lik eto tell his boss what you think of that,
write to President Avishay Braverman at,
President of Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheba 84105 Israel.

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1. When will the Others follow the Farleigh Dickinson Lead?

As you know, there is just not enough representation for the Nazi Party
and Holocaust Deniers on American college campuses, or at least that used
to be the story at Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. The ranks
of academic stormtrooper, which include such great minds as Arthur Butz
from Northwestern University and Norman Finkelstein from DePaul
University, have recently lost a member: Jacques Pluss. Farleigh Dickinson
has come to its senses, although Farleigh late. Pluss, like Butz and
Finkelstein, is a Chicago Holocaust Denier and anti-Semite. What is it
about that town?

Farleigh D likes to call itself the Harvard on teh Hackensack. The Weekly
Standard called the affair "Springtime for Farleigh Dickinson". I doubt
even Mel Brooks could give the story justice.

Pluss was dismissed from FDU this past March because university officials
learned of his involvement in the National Socialist Movement, which bills
itself "America's Nazi Party." School officials insist he was let go for
missing too many classes. The 51-year-old "professor" is a white
supremacist or racist. He was previously a tenured professor at William
Paterson University in Wayne, N.J., from 1984 to 2000.

Pluss, who had taught Western Civ at the university since 2002, said he
joined the neo-Nazi group in February but kept his views a secret on
campus. Just after dismissal, Pluss went on "White Viewpoint," a radio
show on the National Socialist Movement Web site. He talked about FDU as a
"Jewish plutocratic university" and described the school's men's
basketball team as "nigger to the core."

"They (the players) have absolutely no right to be in that classroom
because they do not possess either the merit or the enhanced intelligence
to be there," Pluss said on the show.

Pluss said he joined the National Socialist Movement because he "was
looking for alternative political parties that presented what I thought
were more solid and sensible plans for the common good of America."

The group, whose members wear Nazi regalia at its meetings, sometimes has
joint meetings with the Ku Klux Klan. Pluss called Fairleigh Dickinson a
.heavily Judaized institution. that had taken .the typical Jewish,
lawyerly, Hebrew line. in dismissing him. The "Stormfront" nazi web site
was offended by his dismissal.

Pluss, who received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, is being paid
through this semester. Adjunct professors at the school generally make
between $1,500 and $3,000 per course.

As Lowell Ponte notes, sauce for the nazi does not seem to sauce for the
moonbat. Why are the Ward Churchills, Joseph Massads, Sami al-Arians and
Lisa Hajjars not similarly expelled from the institutions in which they
promote totalitarian extremist and pro-terror agendas?

Some of My Best Friends Are Anti-Semites!
By Julia Gorin | June 8, 2005

Last month, the small pond of Ithaca, NY swelled into a storm of
controversy when a Mother.s Day piece appeared in the Ithaca Journal,
describing one mother.s .growing sense of inner peace and well-being. that
has made her a .more open, kind, loving and patient. parent after
eschewing the kind of victimhood mentality that pervades the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict:

.On the global scale, for example, Zionist Jews in Israel have occupied
Palestinian land in the name of God and victimhood. If anyone criticizes
Israel for their terrorist attacks and slaughter of the Palestinians, they
are immediately labeled "anti-Semitic" and guilt-inflicted for the
Holocaust without any regard for Palestinian suffering..

The article was written by a yoga instructor named Sandy Wold, who runs a
business called .Healing the Goddess. and is part of a larger .New Age
Goddess. movement that includes a queen goddess named Starhawk who,
according to an Honest Reporting dispatch, writes books on .earth-based
spirituality,. and regularly attacks Israel for its .racist policies. and
.apartheid wall..

Yet the controversy that these self-actualized women have aroused seems
overblown. After all, Ms. Wold and Starhawk are not the first people to
find inner peace and well-being by siding with Palestinians over Israelis.
In fact, for my own well-being, rather than empathize with an imperfect
society, I too have found a way to sympathize with a murderous one. One
can look at it this way, for example: We all know what it.s like having
that annoying, do-gooder neighbor who.s always trying to be friends,
always giving us stuff--in this case water, electricity, jobs, roads,
housing--and forgiving us no matter how we mistreat and provoke him.
Really, Jews are like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons; no wonder everyone
wants to ring their necks!

So adopted the approach of the enlightened classes--the diplomats,
the media, the literati and the Europeans--wherein I shrug off
par-for-the-course bombings of Israeli civilians but loudly condemn
targeted assassinations of terror organizers that result in even a single
Palestinian civilian death. It.s a way of saying, .Wink-wink, do you see
how indignant I am over the loss of Arab life? Please remember that the
next time scouting for bombing targets closer to here.leave me and
mine out of it, okay?.

The goddesses have inspired me to reflect, and I marvel that I was once a
Jew who, as Wold describes, labeled as anti-Semitic those who simply
object to the Israeli policy of existing. First of all, being anti-Israel
and being anti-Semitic aren.t synonymous: I.m sure there are plenty of
people who agree with Israeli policies even while not particularly liking
Jews. But more importantly, come to understand why the Palestinian
who lived through the indignity of being asked to open his violin case at
an Israeli checkpoint last year made international headlines (though
indeed a guitar was used in the 2001 Jerusalem Sbarro attack) and why the
story was embellished to look as if the violinist were asked to play for
the soldiers. amusement; I also understand why Palestinians had to dig up
old graves to show massacre in Jenin, and why everyone pointed to a
corner-rounding magic Israeli bullet killing the crouching 12 year-old
Mohammed al-Durra in 2000 crossfire, tragically before he ever got the
chance to take 20 Jews with him as a shahid (though subsequent
investigations indicate only Palestinian gunfire could have gotten to
him); and finally, I understand why in 1999 Suha Arafat accused Israelis
of poisoning Palestinian water.

The hope is that if Israeli .genocide. of Palestinians (or .terrorist
attacks and slaughter. as Ms. Wold terms it) is cited often enough, it
will bring international peacekeepers in to tie Israel.s hands and be at
the mercy of the world. Why else would everyone get so angry when two or
three Palestinian civilians are killed in the course of military responses
to massacres? It.s the agonizingly slow pace of this genocide! The
displaced Arabs started out with 400,000; they screamed genocide and
became four million. This is what happens when you leave genocide up to

Anyway, it.s the only rational explanation I can think of for why
anti-Israel rhetoric has increased .in direct proportion to the growing
toll of Jewish casualties from Arab terrorism,. as commentator Dennis
Prager points out. Still on probation for the Holocaust, the Europeans can
only cheer the Arab world on from the sidelines, plus contribute what they
can through UN programs like the Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which
employs and transports Hamas members and explosives.

Understandably, the Israeli breed of Jew has confounded the world. (Jews
fighting back? What.s gotten into them? Their behavior was so much more
palatable in WWII. Why do they refuse to jump into the Red Sea? Maybe
it.ll part for them again!) It used to be: "Jews, go to Palestine!" Now
it.s: "Jews, get out of Palestine!"

I have faith, though, that the world is committed to the Holocaust .never
again. happening to the Jews. (I suppose not leaving any Jews for it to
happen to again is one way to go about it.) To stay true to the promise,
though, something will have to be done about the anti-Jewish climate at
our universities. It.s time to introduce courses on tolerating people, and
perhaps a course on tolerating Jews. For starters, they can explain why
Jews getting preferential admission into Israel is .racism,. but blacks
getting preferential admission to universities is .affirmative action..

Then again, the most constructive thing, as Ms. Wold advises, is for each
of us to do .our inner work to resolve our inner turmoil. and stop the
.fighting, arguing, advising, debating, protesting, blaming and
name-calling,. so that .each of our truths will help us co-evolve
exponentially, to complex issues and world peace will come,.
accelerating the planet.s .pure thought-form around peace that
harmonizes.everyone on neighboring islands and neighboring countries.the
.Hundredth Monkey. phenomenon..

To that end, I have begun to confront my own .biases, opinions and
judgments,. and have come to accept that I suffer from what can only be
Islamophobia. Because on practically a daily basis, I imagine there are
news reports detailing horrors all over the world--car bombings, suicide
bombings, even air planes crashing into buildings--and in every case,
Muslims are the ones executing these acts. Isn.t that awful of me?
Charting a path to my own self-actualization, then, I placed myself into
therapy, knowing that the problem must be inside myself and that if I just
heal my own mind, all these horrors will stop and peace will prevail.

I am now also open to the possibility that Palestinians aren.t responsible
for exploding Jews at all. Just look at the disparity between these two
Reuters headlines: .Israel Kills Three Militants. vs. .Bus Blows Up in
Central Jerusalem.. In other words, the Jews are suffering too, but
apparently what they suffer from is spontaneous combustion.

Yes, I.m quite sure now that it.s all just been my imagination all along.
Thanks to the lucidity of the goddesses, I now see that even if massacres
from Bali to Beslan to Madrid were indeed wrought by Muslims, somehow, in
a departure from this worldwide pattern, on the one singular, exceptional
sliver of land that happens to be dominated by Jews (who wouldn.t have
even fit onto it had they not been so skinny coming off the Holocaust),
it.s not Muslims who are the culprits, but the Jews themselves. (That.s
why what really worried about when boarding an airplane is a Hasid
getting on too.) So what we have is the following scenario: Jews get
bombed by Muslims, and it.s Israel.s fault; Muslims fly airplanes into
American buildings, and it.s Israel.s fault (because of our pro-Israel
policies.and someone should feel guilty since Muslims don.t); and finally,
Lebanese Christians kill Lebanese Muslims in Shatilla, and it.s Israel.s

Once you understand this, the world becomes so much less overwhelming, and
you can deal with just about anything. You.ll even know the first thing to
ascertain should aliens descend on the earth and start eating people: What
did Israel do now? My computer-programmer husband is actually developing
software that will calculate the percentage of Jewish responsibility for
everything that happens in the world, so soon we won.t have to do any
thinking at all.

In my current self-transforming work to count myself among the
.authentically peaceful, loving, non-reactive, and nonjudgmental. so that,
as Ms. Wold suggests, .the human vibration and potential rises,.
simultaneously raising global consciousness, promoting healing for all,
and evolving humanity so that we might avert .global catastrophe,. I have
learned that the most important thing to keep sight of is that Jews and
Palestinians aren.t so different, and it.s our similarities that we should
focus on. For example, a proud Jewish mother says, .So my son the doctor..
And a proud Palestinian mother says, .So my son the suicide bomber..
(Indeed, the best gift a Palestinian kid can give on Mother.s Day is
martyrdom, which has bought moms new apartments, jewelry and social
status.) Similarly, a Jewish father has a conversation with his son about
his future: .Ok, kid, it.s time to start thinking about making a living!.
And a Palestinian father: .Ok, kid, it.s time to start thinking about
making a killing!.

The resemblance is so great, who can deny cousins? And who can
accuse Israelis and other Jews of .hating. Arabs? Hate them? We worship
them! How many Jewish sacrifices laid at the altar of Islam.a
thousand offerings to appease our Muslim gods. And with the Gaza
withdrawal this year, Jew will turn against Jew and spill more blood. Is
this not love?

After international pressure does finally push the Israelis into the sea,
though, I just hope no one is disillusioned to see suicide bombers
swimming after them to carry out their mitzvah before the Jews can drown.
(If the Jews left Israel and moved to Mars, the Palestinians would develop
a space program before a constitution.)

And that.s because if Palestinians woke up one morning without an excuse
to kill a Jew, there.d be no reason to get out of bed. It is said the
Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Well, if it
doesn.t involve an opportunity to kill Jews, what.s the point? What else
are these largest per-capita recipients of international aid going to do
with their money and aggression? Open a business? If they lose a grip on
their hate, they.ll have a massive identity crisis, and suicide bombers
will become actually suicidal. To wit, Mideast expert Daniel Pipes cites a
Palestinian Christian, who declared that when there.s a Palestinian state,
"the sacred union against the Zionist enemy will die. It will be time to
settle accounts.It saddens me to say so, but Israeli laws protect us."
(Let.s hope that the man who betrayed his people with such candor has
since been arrested.)

But if what he says is true, it means President Bush had it right in his
September address to the UN, when he said, .Peace will not be achieved by
Palestinian rulers who intimidate opposition, tolerate corruption, and
maintain ties to terrorist groups. The longsuffering Palestinian people
deserve true leaders capable of creating and governing a free and peaceful
Palestinian state.[in the form of a] stable democracy.. They deserve
leaders like, well, the Israelis.

Just look at the West Bank fence that humiliates Palestinians by helping
stop over 100 planned attacks on Israelis a month, according to embassy
numbers--an essential step toward Palestinian statehood. The apartheid
wall could single-handedly impose the Palestinian dream of
self-determination on the Palestinians. Such that at the next Olympics we
might be able to cheer athletes from an actual Palestinian nation, and
perhaps even see brick-throwing and belt-bombing become official Olympic
sports. (Rival martyr factions already compare their competition to a
British soccer league.)

Thus striving toward a more just world, Western society will expand its
spirit of equity so that soon, as we stroll along New York.s Yitzhak Rabin
Way, we can look for a matching Yassir Arafat Square. And Holocaust
education in schools will become more fair and objective: To little
Schlomo, Hitler may seem like a villain, but little Qudsia may see things
differently. (This will mean taking a page from our friends in Europe
where, as the 700 Club informs us, Muslim students cheer at the mention of
the Holocaust.)

Ms. Wold wrote to Honest Reporting apologizing for the .lack of
sensitivity to and inclusiveness of your group's perspective and
experience,. but there was no need. After all, a goddess can.t be wrong!
She should just think of it as a growth experience. At least now she knows
that her relationship with those .many Jewish friends. who .know a lot
more. about the conflict than she does has been utterly meaningless.
Besides, who.s judging? Today.s anti-Semites-slash-anti-.Zionists. are out
and proud. (Not that there.s anything wrong with that.why, some of
my best friends are anti-Semites!)

In fact, these days even regular folks have started to repeat ideas and
phrases from the likes of Mahathir Mohamad, the recently retired Malaysian
prime minister who said that Jews rule the world by proxy and own
newspapers, and suggested that Muslims fight the Jews using brains and not
just bombs. I must admit, it was sort of neat hearing this stuff come out
of someone of Mongoloid stock; you don.t see that every day. It.s all
about diversity, folks, give everyone a chance! (Incidentally, it.s a big
lie that there.s no freedom of speech in the Muslim world: Anyone can go
over there and with virtually no consequences announce that Jews suck;
here it.s not so easy--as the goddesses have learned.)

May the world forgive this brash display of my inordinate Jewish
influence, but I thought it would actually seem rather tame, considering
that I spend the rest of my time drinking the blood of Arab teenagers.

At least my therapy is teaching me to be less defensive. After all, it
worked so well in the 1930s.

3. New Jew Old Jew:

4. Brita:

5. Peace Partners in California:,2933,158880,00.html

6. Amnesty's Nonsense:

7. Harvard sucks up to Left:

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