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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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1. The American Supreme Court has at long last been liberated from the
liberals. Affirmative action will be dead within a few months. "Judicial
Activism" (liberal judicial tyranny) in the US is now dead.

So now can we please liberate the children of Israel from their OWN
version of judicial tyranny?

2. From

We have been speaking about conspiracism as a form of paranoid
psycho-pathology. Conspiracism is a common mental illness among the
Far-Left neofascists (of the Justin Raimondo genre) and the lunatic right
neonazis (of the Jeff Rense species), the UFO kooks, and especially of the
( ) variety.

Well, the Village Voice
(,indiana,53960,1.html) recently
ran a piece making pretty much the same
points as us. Here are some citations:

Conspiracy theories emanating from both the left and the right, along with
the many that issue from the Planet Debby, almost invariably rely on
scapegoating as a core methodology. The interdigitating shadow
organizations that fill so much of conspiracy history invariably involve
the Jews or the Jesuits or both. What right-wing conspiracy theory could
be complete without The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and what
secularist or Protestant conspiracy theory without the Jesuits thrown in?
(The extreme left has its own menu of the automatically culpable, which I
won't elaborate on here.)

The Jews are routinely blamed for everything (their menacing worldwide
financial reach epitomized by the Rothschilds) and held to be responsible
for heartless capitalism and godless Communism simultaneously.... Let's
not forget ZOG, the secret Zionist world government, a favorite fantasy of
American survivalists and neo-Nazis everywhere. While anti-Semitism ... is
a mental illness most virulently spread today by Semites, namely Arab
Islamists, there has always been a sinister air about the Jesuit Order.
Judaism discourages proselytizing; the Jesuits were founded on Ignatius
Loyola's determination to spread Roman Catholicism all through the world.
It is doubtful, though, that Jesuits masterminded the French Revolution,
as their enemies claim.

3. Goobers in Gaza:

4. How many of these would you say apply to Shimon Peres?:

5. Suggestion for Haaretz: Why not change the banner logo of the front
page of the paper to read "Hamas Macht Frei?"

6. Here is the list of Senators supporting a filibuster to prevent Judge
Alito from getting confirmed to the Supreme Court:
Bayh, Ind.; Biden, Del.; Boxer, Calif.; Clinton, N.Y.; Dayton, Minn.;
Dodd, Conn.; Durbin, Ill.; Feingold, Wis.; Feinstein, Calif.; Kennedy,
Mass.; Kerry, Mass.; Lautenberg, N.J.; Leahy, Vt.; Levin, Mich.; Menendez,
N.J.; Mikulski, Md.; Murray, Wash.; Obama, Ill.; Reed, R.I.; Reid, Nev.;
Sarbanes, Md.; Schumer, N.Y.; Stabenow, Mich.; Wyden, Ore.


7. Canada's Islamist Seat:

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1. End the Occupation!

Iran is openly calling for Israel to be destroyed, claiming that Israel
is an alien "colony" that "occupies" land that belongs to the
Palestinians. And when was the last time that the lands of Israel formed a
Palestinian Arab state? Well, never.

On the other hand, there is another country under the illegal occupation
of a foreign entity. I am referring of course to Iran. Iran is under the
illegal temporary occupation of Iranians but it clearly should be restored
to its legitimate Mongolian rulers! After all, if "Palestine" is
eternally Arab because some Arab armies conquered it in the Dark Ages,
why should not Iran remain permanently Mongolian after the Mongolians
conquered it in the Dark Ages?

Just to refresh your memory, the younger brother of Khan, Hulaku,
captured Bagdad, on 5 Feb., 1258; and the Khalif Most..sim Billah,
surrendered to the Mongol chief on 10 February. Hulaku was thus the
founder of the dynasty of the Ilkhans of Iran, which included the
following princes: Hulaku, until 1265; Abaka (1265-81); Nikudar Ahmed
(1281-84); Argh.n (1284-91); Gaikhatu (1291.); Ba.du (1295); Ghazan Mahmud
(1295-1304); Ghivas eddin Oljaitu Khudabendeh Mohammed (1304-16); Abusa.d
Bahadur (1316-35); Mo.zz ed-dunia we'd-din Arpa (1335-36); Musa (1336);
Mohammed (1336-38); Toogha Timur (1338-39); Izz ed-din Djehan-Timur
(1339); Satibeg (1339); Suleimen (1339-44); Adil Anushirwan (1344-53).
They were all destroyed by Timur (Tamerlane) or his successors.

So after we in the West bomb the bejeebers out of the Iranian nuclear
facilities, let us destroy the Iranian colonialist state and restore Iran
to its legitimate rulers!

2. The University of Judaism in Los Angeles screens and celebrates

3. I thought this was cute:

4. Rallying to fund Hamas:

5. Humuhumunukunukuapuaa no longer the state fish of Hawaii
The reign of humuhumunukunukuapuaa as the offical fish of the Aloha State
is over, as AP reports.

When it was designated as the state fish of Hawaii in 1984, what was not
known to most Hawaiians was that the long-named fish had a term limit was
in place: five years.

Meanwhile, since 1989, the people of Hawaii have obliviously gone about
their lives with the false knowledge that they were represtented proudly
the humuhumunukunukuapuaa. I'm hope they're adjusting to the shock.

6. The Baltimore Sun praises an anti-Semitic play by an Israeli leftist:,1,1889351.story?coll=bal-aetoday-headlines

7. Jacoby sees eye to eye with your humble curmudgeon:

8. Haaretz Columnist Joins the Hamas:

9. Must read - Paradise Now Atrocity:

10. Brandeis University Joins the Jihad:

11. Pagan Bellyache:

Monday, January 30, 2006

1. Well, now that the Israeli Left has been so successful in bringing
peace and all, Haaretz an dthe Left seem to have a new cause - promoting

Yes, the cult pseudo-religion invented by science fiction writer Ron
Hubbard, the "Church of Scientology" as it is called, favorite of
Hollywood bimbos and bimbettes, is now the official source for programs
run by the Tel Aviv municipality for detox of junkies (see,
all with the toady cheering of Haaretz and evidently paid for by

"We received a donation of $1.5 million in the U.S. to run the program,"
says Avrahami. "The only condition set by the American donors was that we
run this specific program." Avrahami is aware that the man behind the
program is the founder of Scientology, but is undeterred.

"There is nothing in the implementation of this program that indicates
spiritual goals. There will be no religious messages, not even veiled
ones," assures Avrahami.

"The program seems to have a positive effect." Beck also hastens to add
that despite the connection between the program and the founder of
Scientology, there are no religious or spiritual messages in the program.

"Sure, the program was developed by the founder of Scientology and
Scientologists use it, but a professional theory should not be discounted
because its propounder is a member of a certain religion," says Beck.

Messing, too, does not link his objection to the program with its
relationship to Scientology.

"In all my conversations with various people, I have not found any
connection between Scientology and saunas. We are in favor of effective
methods for drug rehabilitation, on the condition that programs be adopted
only after being properly researched."

2. The Israeli Left has a new slogan. Even though the Hamas now
controls an armed nazi state in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem,
Israel must continue to make unilateral withdrawals all the way to the
1967 border because it really is the correct and moral thing to day.


Haaretz is full of pieces making such an argument.
Think I am pulling you leg? Look at

3. Hey, want to hear a great oxymoron? Look at the title of

4. Wooing Hamas:
Electing Terror:

5. Noam Chomsky in Space:

6. Dennis Prager called it years ago:

7. Canadian Moonbatery:

8. Lying about Trees:

9. From the news services:
The kidnappers of four peace activists threatened to kill them
unless all Iraqi prisoners are released from Iraqi and U.S. prisons,
according to a new tape broadcast Saturday.
>>> Hmmm. I think I'd like a diet cola.

10. Latest from the Spielberg:

11. From the "So how come then YOU helped bring it about?" Department:

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Subject: The Missing Chapters from the Book of Joshua

by Steven Plaut

We have discovered that there were actually several chapters in the Biblical
book of Joshua that were lost for millennia and only recently rediscovered.
We bring them to you here for the first time:

And after conquering many of the lands of the Canaanites, Joshua came to
speak with the Lord and said unto him, Oh Lord we seem to be having failure
to communicate with the Children of Israel."

And the Lord asked, "Tell Me, My son, what seems to be the problem?"

And Joshua said to the Lord, "Well things were going just fine at first. We
were kicking Canaanite butt right and left and they were everywhere in
flight. Victory was in sight. But then the Israelites sent a delegation to
them with a proposal for a change in plans. 'We wish to reach a compromise
with the Canaanites,' they told me.

"Yep, I know it is hard to believe, but these Children of Israel demanded
that we stop the campaign to conquer our promised land and instead seek a
compromise by splitting the Land of Israel fifty-fifty with the savages.
Never mind that THEY aleady own all the land from the Atlantic to Central
Asia! The Israelite dimwits are demanding that we offer the Canaanites half
of the country, including the territories holding most of the holy sites and
shrines from the period of the Patriarchs."

"You are not just yanking My chain here, Joshua?" asks the Lord.

"I am serious, oh Lord. But it gets worse! These people are suggesting that
we let the Canaanites organize their own militias and army, right here in
Jericho, Shechem and Hebron. They claim these militias will be used to
suppress Canaanite radicals and terrorists. They then want the Levites to
collect a tithe of 10% of the income and property of the Israelites and hand
it over to the Canaanites. They claim they want to try to swap land for
peace with the pagans. And they even want to let the Canaanites set up
altars of their own in Jerusalem after we conquer it!"

"Now hold on to your heifers here, Joshua! I thought we had an

"I thought Moses had made it clear to these people that their job is to
impose their sovereignty over the entire area I promised them! They have no
right to 'compromise' with My Land. They have no permission or mandate to
trade My land for peace.

"Their job is to exercise the military option and to achieve unchallenged
victory. The only compromise they are authorized to offer the Canaanites is
to demand their unconditional surrender and maybe allow them to hold
commuting day jobs as cutters of wood and drawers of water."

"Hey, I am on Your side, your Lordness," answers Joshua. "But what can I do?
The tribesmen claim we held an election and the 'peace camp' won."

"We will see about that," says the Lord. "If these stiff-necked dingbats
refuse to see reason, if they refuse to take the initiative and impose their
sovereignty over the entire territories and lands that have been granted by
Me to them, then We will have to take measures that leave them with no
choice but to declare war on the savages! We will have to create the
conditions under which they have no choice but to attack the Canaanites, to
use military force, and to achieve victory."

"You?re the Boss," says Joshua. "You show the way!"

And the days pass and the Canaanites begin to snipe at the passing
Israelites with blowguns and crossbows.

"Ah, You clever One," says Joshua to the Lord. Surely, this will bring them
to their senses. Surely now they will realize there can be no territorial
compromise with the pagans and that the only way to deal with them is
through military initiative and conquest."

But lo,more days go by and the tribal chiefs simply expand their dialogue
and talks with the Canaanite terrorist leaders. "It is not working, oh
Lord," says Joshua.

"We will see about THAT," responds the Almighty.

In the coming days the Canaanites escalate their conflict. They start
sending epistle bombs, consisting of parchment wrapped around explosives, to
homes of the Israelites. They invade several villages of Israelites and burn
down their homes. They fire catapults randomly into Israelite civilian

"Any progress yet, Joshua?", asks the Lord.

"Alas," answers Joshua, "they are responding to these new atrocities by
demanding that we turn over even more territory to the savages and give them
more chariots and weapons, as well.

"Time to turn up the heat some more," says the Lord. "This will surely put
the fight into them and fire in their bellies."

In the coming days the Canaanites send out gangs of assassins to roam the
roads and fields of the Israelites and to murder them.

"But," Joshua explains, "EVEN THIS is not producing the needed change. The
Israelites suggest that we just give up their our flags and psalms, and
instead adopt those that are less offensive to Canaanite sensitivities. They
want to teach Canaanite poetry and philosophy in their schools. Israelite
universities teach about the tragedy that has befallen the Canaanites from
the Israelite migration across the Jordan, and several teachers in Israelite
universities erect Canaanite flags and banners with images of Baal and
Moloch on them."

"You don?t seriously mean to tell Me that the morons are still trying to
make peace with the murdering barbarians?" the Lord asks Joshua. "Maybe You
should have given them some more common sense and IQ points back at Mount
Sinai instead of so many commandments?" suggests Joshua.

"No more Mister Nice Guy," answers the Almighty.

The Canaanites escalate further. They place large bombs aboard the public
transit chariots of the Israelites. They murder Israelite children. They
blow up Israelite universities and nightclubs. They murder Israelites
engaged in the Passover sacrifice. They scream that they will annihilate all
the Israelites. They demand that pagan armies from all over the world come
join in the campaign of annihilation. They dress up their own people,
including their children, with explosives beneath their cloaks and place
camel bombs in the Israelite marketplaces.

The campaign of atrocities makes the Plagues against Egypt seem like
children?s games. The carnage continues, all as part of the Divine program
to force the Israelites to take up arms, to impose their will on the
savages, to defeat them militarily and to exercise sovereignty.

The lands of Israel became the Valley of the Shadow of Death. The Divine
re-education of the Israelites proceeds with no rest.

"They will be goaded into military victory over the Canaanites or My name is
not Oh You Know What," comes a voice from the sky.

"There is no alternative," declares the voice from the sky to Joshua. "I
was hoping I would not have to do THIS. But these dullards give Me no
choice. Since nothing else will work, I will eliminate all choice for them.
The Canaanite heathens will hold an election and I will ensure that the
Amalekite Hamasniks win the election, and then the morons will stop with the
games and realize that they just have no choice! That they have to stop
make-pretend peace process games and - instead - take up their weapons and
GO TO WAR!. I regret I had to use this, but what choice did they leave Me?"

Months go by and turn into years. The carnage toll skyrockets. Not a single
family of Israelites remains untouched. And when things could not possibly
go on even a single day longer, the Israelite tribe leaders at last come up
with a plan of action and present it to Joshua. "Ok, Son of Nun," they tell
Joshua, "we give up. We are ready to do what must be done.

"We have decided on a unilateral cease-fire combined with goodwill measures
towards the Canaanites, plus an offer to recognize an independent Amalekite
Hamas Canaanite state with Mount Moriah as its Capital, plus talks at the
White Pyramid overseas, and in the meantime we will allow the Canaanites to
operate their diplomatic altars in Jerusalem, while we disarm ourselves
further to show we seek peace and we will issue an apology for any
Canaanites that might have been killed by our troops while shooting back at
attacking Amalekite hordes."

Subject: Wooing the Hamas

Wooing the Hamas

By Steven Plaut

Well, my earlier prediction was that the erection of an armed Hamas state
in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem might result in an awakening of
Israelis from their past 15 years of self-delusions. It is certainly not
evident *yet* that this is the case.

Let us catch up on what has happened since the Hamas victory in the
Palestinian "elections" was reported last week.

First of all, the media inside and outside Israel continue to reveal
their nonfunctioning brains when it comes to the Middle East. They are
almost all attributing the Hamas victory to the "failure of the PLO to
deliver public services" and to the fact that the Hamas is more efficient
and competent in delivering such services. On BBC radio this morning, I
heard a commentator attributing the victory to the fact that the Hamas is
better at fixing potholes and sewers than the PLO. He was serious.

Second, we are hearing deafening declarations that the Hamas is a group
with which Israel and the world can do business, pragmatists, people
interested in jobs and budgets, people who may well have a lurid set of
rhetoric and slogans and declared platform, but basically people interested
mainly in the perqs of office. These media commentators are convinced that,
once in office, the Hamas will devote all of its energies to ecology,
affirmative action, and fixing potholes.

Third, we are hearing the Israeli Left chiming in unison that the Hamas
took power because Israel assassinated terrorist leaders and fought back. Had
Israel just turned the other cheek after each bus or caf? bombing, the PLO
could have stayed in office and struck nice new peace deals with
Israelbased on new unilateral Israeli appeasements and concessions.

Fourth, we are hearing claims that Abu Mazen will remain the real power
behind the throne, in charge - even if the Hamas controls the Palestinian
"parliament". I call this the von Hindenburg argument.

Finally, we are hearing cheers from many in the Israeli Far Left that
the Hamas is in power because the Hamas is the more"genuine" and "authentic"
representative of Palestinian opinion. Israeli leftists are increasingly
cheering Hamas because they are opening endorsing the Hamas agenda itself,
which just happens to be based upon annihilating Israel.

Let us clear up a few things. First of all, the chance that the Hamas
will now devote itself to something other than terror and war for the
extermination of Israel and its Jewish population is precisely the same as
the chance in 1933 that Hitler, once in power, would abandon his ambitions
of conquering his neighbors. If someone were to say in 1933 that Hitler, as
Reich Chancellor, will spend his energy on ecological problems, potholes,
women's representation, and speeding up mail delivery, that person would
have ? or at least should have ? been confined to an asylum. The Nazi *raison
d'etre*, the very essence of their entire existence, was to go to war. The
*raison d'etre* of the Hamas is to escalate terror, attack Israel, seek to
draw Muslim armies into the war with Israel, and ultimately annihilate
Israel and its Jewish population. The chance that the Hamas will now
suddenly abandon its genocidal agenda is exactly the same as the chance of
bin Laden embracing Buddhism or Quakerism and running in the Massachusetts
Senate race.

The armed Hamas nazi state that Israel's political elite has now
succeeded in erecting will immediately begin importing serious weaponry. Not
the nickle and dime Kassam rockets being glued together in Gaza basements,
but 21st century state-of-the-art weapons, financed by the Saudis or
Iranians, shoulder missiles, tanks, and quite possibly weapons of mass
destruction, like chemical and biological agents. The idea that the Hamas
will abandon terror and war because it will be so busy building roads and
hospitals is as patently absurd as would have been a similar expectation
from Hitler. And the Hizbollah will likely back the Hamas by opening up a
second front against Israel from Lebanon.

When Hitler took power, the nominal President of the Reich in 1933 was
Paul von Hindenburg and at first he was expected to "keep Hitler under
control." Von Hindenberg was dead by August 1934 and Hitler simply annexed
the Presidential powers to his own office. The seizure of power by the
Hamas and their implementation of Islamofascist
*will take place much faster.

The Hamas took power and evicted the PLO for one simple reason, having
nothing to do with potholes. The Palestinian population has by now been
thoroughly nazified and the Hamas embodies the Palestinian goals of genocide
and terror better than does the PLO. THAT is the *only *reason Hamas won. The
PLO had been "compromised" in the eyes of most Palestinians by playing the
Peresian game of make-pretend cooperation with Israel, by giving lip service
to "peace", by sitting in make-pretend councils of cooperation with
Israelis. The average Palestinian wants none of that. He and she want,
war, blood, genocide. Just like the average German did in 1939. The media
are refusing to look at the swastika staring them in the face in Gaza and

The Israeli daily *Haaretz*, represented best by its anti-Israel leftist
fanatic Gideon Levy, is celebrating the victory of Hamas as a great moral
victory. Not because it will force Israelis to acknowledge the folly of the
last 14 years of appeasement, but because *Haaretz* columnists simply
endorse the goals of the Hamas. See for yourself at Here are some quotes from
Levy: 'The good news from the occupied territories is that Hamas won the
elections? But, in its absence, one can find quite a few points of light in
the Hamas victory. First, these are very authentic results, achieved
through elections that were respectably democratic, even though they took
place under the least democratic circumstances imaginable, the occupation.
As usual, we were threatened by our experts with "anarchy," and, as usual,
the Palestinians did not meet those expectations. There was no shooting and
no rioting; the Palestinian nation had its say with admirable order. It said
"no" to a movement that did not bring it any achievements in the just
struggle against the occupation, and it said "yes" to those who appeared to
the voters to be braver and with clean hands?. Second, both Israelis and
Palestinians can learn important lessons from the results of the election.
The Israelis have to finally learn that applying force will not get the
desired results?. To that end, both sides, Israel and Hamas, must free
themselves of the slogans of the past. Those who pose preconditions, like
disarming Hamas, will miss the chance. It is impossible to expect that Hamas
will disarm, just as it is impossible to expect that Israel would disarm. In
Palestinian eyes, Hamas' weapons are meant to fight the occupation, and, as
is well-known, the occupation is not over. Practically, and indeed morally,
the armed are armed if they are equipped with F-16s or Qassam launchers. If
Israel were to commit to an end to killing Hamas operatives, there is reason
to assume that Hamas would agree, at least for a while, to lay down its
arms?.. If Israel were to be friendly toward Hamas, it could benefit.'

No doubt Haaretz is convinced that Hitler would have been willing to agree
to arms control and demilitarization in 1939 as well.

Anti-Zionist ultra-leftist Uri Avnery and similar people are already filling
the Israeli press with ads calling for "negotiations" with the Hamas, paid
for no doubt by the EU and similar deep pockets. It will not be surprising
if some far leftist Israeli professors and writers are already seeking
audiences with the Hamas leaders for "negotiations", reminiscent of the
illegal ones the Left conducted in Oslo with the PLO in the late 1980s. And
? if so ? it will be interesting to see if the Hamas beheads any of them. The
Hamas dons, for their part, are being candid about the *raison d'etre* of
their new state ? building an army to attack Israel (see ).

Meanwhile, the immediate issue that has come up on the Israeli domestic
agenda is whether to turn 200 million shekels in funds over to the new Hamas
government. Israel under the Oslo "agreements" is required to give the
Palestinian Authority some receipts from Value Added Taxes and similar
sources of revenue. The 200 million shekels is now due. The Likud under
Netanyahu is using this as an election issue to embarrass acting Prime
Minister Olmert and his "Kadima" party. But let us bear in mind that the
Likud ? before the Kadima split ? itself turned billions of dollars in funds
over to Palestinian terrorists, mainly from the PLO, so the Likud pot is
calling the Olmert kettle black.

*Haaretz* and the Left are demanding that Olmert hand the arrears over to
the Hamas immediately. After all, it is "rightfully theirs!" Here is
another Haaretz columnist demanding that the money be given to the Hamas: . Olmert is also seriously
considering letting the Hamas terror leaders inside Syria and Jordan move to
the West Bank or Gaza:

The other immediate Israeli domestic issue is whether the Olmert government
will go ahead with its plans to conduct a new expulsion of Jews this week,
this time from homes in the commercial downtown street of Hebron and from an
"illegal" West Bank settlement named Atzmona. Given the Hamas victory and
the obvious *fait accompli*, making all further deals with "Palestine"
impossible, will Olmert go ahead with the expulsions, as new appeasements of
a Palestinian Authority, now controlled by the open allies of bin Laden? I
have a month's salary bet on Olmert going ahead with them! (Here is
Olmert's na?ve "expectation" of how the world will shun the Hamas: .)

Meanwhile, Amir Peretz, the new bolshevik head of the Israeli Labor Party,
has announced that, in light of the Hamas victory and the creation of a nazi
Hamas state in the suburbs of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, he will not be
changing his party's agenda one iota. Raising the minimum wage to increase
Israeli unemployment and cutting defense spending to use for social welfare
services are still at the top of Labor's agenda.

For years, I have been warning that Israel's politicians were in effect
working to place Israel's very right to exist on the international
negotiations table. Ever since the 1980s, Israel's leaders gave up
insisting publicly that Israel has the moral right to its land, and that the
Palestinians are not and never were a "people" (but were simply the local
groups of Arabs who were part of the Arab people already controlling
territory nearly twice that of the United States). Israeli leaders gave up
trying to tell the world or even telling Israelis that Israel has a moral
right to exist *at least as great as any other country.* Instead, the Israeli
political elite continually adopted the rhetoric of those seeking Israel's
annihilation, speaking about a solution based on "Two States for Two
People", speaking about the "legitimate representatives of the Palestinian
nation", and so on. Some Israeli leftists went so far as to start calling
Israel's very existence a "Naqba" (Arabic for catastrophe). Israel's own
leaders hectored the country, telling Israelis that there was no peace with
the Arab world because ISRAELIS were to blame, because ISRAELIS did not
desire it enough.

The result of all this is that nearly every political web site on earth
today is filled with debate over whether Israel has any right at all to
exist, with the overwhelming opinion being that it does not. No one
debates whether Jordan, or Canada, or Australia have the right to exist.

Now that Israel and the West have collaborated to empower the Hamas and turn
the reigns of power in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem over to the
genocidal maniacs of the Hamas, the unavoidable result is that Israel has
in effect agreed to place its own right of existence on the international
table, to be debated and reconsidered, this 58 years after Israel was

The expectation by Israel's leaders that the world will shun the Hamas and
refuse to fund it or talk with it is yet another delusion, one that should
last for about a week. Every country on earth will acknowledge not only the
dry fact of Hamas rule, but most will cheer the Hamas agenda and the
"legitimacy" of Hamas demands. By the spring, Israel will be under
international pressure to make much larger gestures of goodwill to the Hamas
and to enter negotiations over whether it will continue to exist as a
sovereign state.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Subject: Rabbi Bellyache

LA's ?Rabbi Bellyache? leads a Leftist Smear Campaign against a Great Philanthropist
by Steven Plaut

The American Jewish community has long been plagued by a pagan movement that tries to misrepresent all of Judaism as leftwing "social activism". This "political liberalism as Judaism" form of pseudo-religion now largely dominates the Reform synagogue movement in North America. The misnamed "Religious Action Center" of the Reform movement is little more than a far-Left SWAT team, promoting ? all in the name of Judaism and Biblical ethics of course ? whichever fads happen to be on the current political agenda of the Far Left. Parts of the Conservative synagogue movement have similarly been infected.

The underlying fundamentalism behind these groups holds that the eternal religion of Judaism, and all of monotheism for that matter, can be reduced to promotion of this month's leftist political fads. Invariably, these pagans misappropriate the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam or "Repair of the World," converting it into a prescription for political correctness and for Teddy Kennedy's notions of "social justice". This is particularly ironic because the actual Tikkun Olam concept refers to the liberation of the world from pagan superstition, precisely the sort of paganism being practiced by these leftist cult members.

At the lunatic fringe of the American Jewish community is the small Tikkun or Renewal cult, led by people like Michael Lerner and Arthur Waskow, and devoted to bashing Israel and bashing America, together with promoting monosyllabic forms of liberation "theology" and Marxist bumper sticker slogans. These people include many extremists allied with open anti-Semites and supporting the agenda of the Islamofascists and terrorists. One might call them Counterpunch Jews.

The "political liberalism as Judaism" form of pseudo-Judaism maintains that all of Jewish ethics can be reduced to promoting gay marriage, a Scandinavian-style social welfare state, Hillarycare, recycling of trash, and opposing the death penalty. Never mind that the Torah itself explicitly prohibits homosexual relations, guarantees that ecological destruction is not on the Divine agenda, establishes income redistribution only for Levites, proposes that private charity serve as the way to help the poor without state redistribution, and where the death penalty is mandated and celebrated as a great act of morality and humaneness. In other words, the "Political Liberalism as Judaism" pagans have evidently never even bothered to open the Bible.

Now America's very worst Jewish asslibs (assimilationist liberals) have set up a new far-leftist organization, as if there were not enough already, called, supposedly to defend the First Amendment from attacks by Christians and neoconservatives. Among the banner slogans for this group is "Sex Education is a Mitzvah (Biblical commandment)", and it of course also promotes gay marriage and abortion.

Now "Jews on First" is run by a person claiming to be a ?rabbi?, but evidently he is one only in the Michael Lerner sense of the term. He is Haim Dov Beliak, and it turns out that just about everyone in the Jewish community pronounces his name ?Bellyache?. You may recall that Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun Magazine, also likes to call himself a ?Rabbi?, despite having never graduated from any Rabbinic seminary and not having any ordination that would be recognized by any terrestrial branch of Judaism. From the web site of the synagogue that employs Beliak, it appears that Beliak does not have any rabbinic ordination of any sort, not even the dumbed-down version granted by the Reform synagogue movement. Instead, he holds a PhD from ?Hebrew Union College?, a school run by the Reform synagogue movement, in Hebrew education administration. This would mean that he is qualified to be a Sunday School principal, but not regarded as a ?rabbi? even by the Reform movement
. In
general, he defines himself as an ?independent? rabbi, which we understand as meaning a pseudo-rabbi. In short, it appears that Beliak is a rabbi in roughly the same sense that Ward Churchill is an Indian.

"Rabbi" Beliak is a favorite speaker of American Muslims Standing up for Freedom and Security, sponsored by the pro-terror Muslim Public Affairs Council (or MPAC), whose statements, including one denouncing Steven Emerson, Beliak has signed. In the Los Angeles area he regularly leads anti-Israel counter-demonstrations alongside local Arab leaders every time that LA Jews hold a pro-Israel event. He is nominally the "rabbi" at Temple Beth Shalom of Whittier, CA. [He used to serve as a Hillel director at Claremont Colleges, which have more than their fair share of leftist extremists.]

Over the past decade "Rabbi" Beliak's main theological activity has been to run his own personal slander internet web cite, aimed at smearing a prominent Los Angeles developer name Irving Moskowitz and the Moskowitz family, including the ?Moskowitz Foundation,? run by the family. Irving Moskowitz is a 73-year-old retired physician who made his fortune building and managing hospitals in Southern California and Florida. He proudly declares that he is now using his "personal fortune to help rebuild Jerusalem", and he has invested in several housing projects there. Moskowitz has labeled his investments in Israel "Jews helping Jews."

Beliak, in contrast, calls his smear web site "Stop Moskowitz,? at the same time also dubbing it the ?Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem.? Why Hawaiian Gardens? Well, Beliak and some Southern California leftwing ultras have been trying to prevent Moskowitz from operating a casino in the LA suburb of Hawaiian Gardens. The web site claims that Moskowitz has a ?monopoly on charitable bingo,? and that is not even its most absurd claim.

Beliak has repeatedly tried and failed to get the Moskowitz casino license revoked on grounds that Moskowitz "exploits" his workers when he gives them warm jobs and nice salaries in his casino. In fact, the Moskowitz casino is the largest employer in Hawaiian Gardens, CA, and the local folks there keep insisting on granting Moskowitz awards for his assistance in making their lives better. Moskowitz not only employs many of the local residents, but he also supports their hospitals, schools, and so on, big-time. Moskowitz? attorney describes the smear campaign as ?a one-man vendetta by Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak conducted from the pulpit of local synagogues against his client.?

Beliak has spread numerous lies about Moskowitz in the campaign to demonize him. Beliak falsely wrote in the NY Times that Moskowitz justified the murder of Palestinians by Baruch Goldstein (who killed 29 Arabs in a mosque in 1994), and that Moskowitz was somehow personally involved in the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. Beliak has also smeared Moskowitz? wife and claims, with no evidence, that she promotes violence.

On his web site, Beliak claims:

?Moskowitz has ripped off the poor city of Hawaiian Gardens for $12 Million?. The idea that Moskowitz should receive a license to run a casino is ludicrous. Moskowitz does not merit the publics trust?. When Moskowitz got the 12 Million dollars for his casino he wasn?t just robbing a poor city. The city didn?t just lose money?The money was soaked up by Moskowitz.?

Beliak used to be the congregational ?rabbi? at a synagogue in Downey, California, but was apparently fired because of his malicious campaign of slander against the Moskowitz family.

Meanwhile, Beliak?s sidekick in ?Jews on First? is one Jane Hunter, the co-director of his ?Stop Moskowitz? site. She is an anti-Israel activist and a groupie of Israel?s convicted traitor and nuclear spy Mordecai Vanunu. She collaborates with people like Noam Chomsky and with the Swedish neonazi calling himself ?Israel Shamir? in generating anti-Israel propaganda. She has worked hard to spread the claim that Islamic terrorists are actually backed by the Israeli Mossad. She claims Israel runs cocaine smuggling networks, operates mass murder networks in Central America, and she has attacked proposed funding freezes on the Hamas and Islamic Jihad, while endorsing fringe conspiracy theories of the Far Left.

The Beliak-Hunter web site is so clearly libelous that one wonders why Moskowitz has not sued the gotkes off Rabbi Bellyache and his friends. The simple fact of the matter is that Moskowitz and his companies have never been convicted of any wrongdoing, and all the Beliak charges are nothing but libelous innuendo. So what really lies behind Bellyache's vendetta?

The real reason that Beliak despises Moskowitz has nothing to do with casinos and supposed ?exploitation? of well-fed workers. It is simply because Moskowitz funds some politically incorrect causes, like the rights of Israel to Jerusalem, including via construction of housing in Jerusalem neighborhoods on the "other" side of the Green Line (that is, outside Israel?s 1949 borders). Beliak and his close buddy Ed Asner have been trying to demonize Moskowitz for this ?crime against the Palestinians.? The ?Stop Moskowitz? web site is endorsed by the pro-terror Muslim Public Affairs Council and by some far-leftist anti-Israel Jewish extremists, including some pseudo-rabbis.

Beyond his smear campaign against Moskowitz, Beliak is a foul basher of Israel who has campaigned for ?divestment? from Israel, meaning boycotts. He likes to demonize Israeli settlers and claims, ?There is a complete denial of any rights Arabs might have." He opposed the US campaign to topple Saddam. Beliak has signed statements and petitions by the pro-terror Islamist group CAIR, alongside such people as Ghayth Adhami - who defends Palestinian terrorist attacks, and by the ?Islamic Educational Center of Orange County?, which calls for using nuclear weapons against Israel. Beliak of course was also a groupie lobbying on behalf of saving convicted mass murderer Tookie Williams, proving that Beliak has never bothered to read what Genesis has to say about capital punishment. Beliak opposed Bush?s tax cuts and supports raising taxes in the name of God. Beliak?s group opposes all capital punishment, showing once again that it does not have the slightest idea of wha
traditional Jewish ethics are.

Beliak denounces the US campaign against Islamofascist terror as a "war machine", and presumes to do so in the name of those same ?Jewish values? of which he understands absolutely nothing. Beliak often seeks to defend the al-Qaeda detainees in Gitmo. He is a close associate of pro-terror fanatic Ramsey Clark, the man who has never met an Islamic fascist he does not like. Beliak's wackiness goes well beyond that, however. He thinks Jews should wear the tradition skullcap to show they are ?not white?. Beliak has been known to pull a condom out of his pocket and pass it around. (Condoms, by the way, are also prohibited by Genesis.) Attached to the condom is a post card from a feminist Jewish watchdog group. Some "Rabbi", huh?

Beliak is part of the far-leftist anti-Israel "Progressive Jewish Alliance" or PJA. Its members include lots of pseudo-rabbis and rabbi impostors. In PJA and similar far-leftist groups of Jews, people like to call one another ?rabbi? the same way that people in the French Revolution automatically called one another ?Jacques?. PJA devotes most of its time to opposing the American campaign in Iraq and to promoting homosexual marriage and marijuana use. There is not a shred of evidence on the web site operated by PJA that its members have ever opened any Jewish religious text nor have the slightest idea of what Jewish values are.

Beliak is the LA rep for the moonbatesque Far-Leftist "Shalom Center", run by the viciously anti-Israel "Rabbi" Arthur Ocean Waskow, a guy who thinks that the highest value of Judaism is fighting the Amerikan Empire. Beliak also is nominally associated with the "Rabbis for Human Rights", a group in Israel that fabricates the stories about settlers chopping down Arab trees.

The Jewish people has known so many tribulations. But what, dear Lord, did they ever do to deserve Rabbi Bellyache?

If you want to ask Temple Beth Shalom what they are doing with such a clown serving as their "Rabbi," contact Affiliate President: Evelyn Litwin at Fax: 562-941-8745 or phone 562-941-8744. You can contact the "rabbi" at . If you want to tell Jews on First what you think of them, they are at

Subject: Israeli Policy Pays off at Last - with a Hamas Nazi State

1. The Fulfillment of 14 years of Israeli policy:

By Steven Plaut

There is something smugly satisfying when watching the end of a long
dramatic movie, when all of the strands come together, where the audience
can at long last see how all the seemingly unrelated pieces lead logically
to the single ending, where all the suspense and mystery have been resolved.

The emergence of a Hamas nazi state in the suburbs of Jerusalem and Tel
Aviv is the inevitable and predetermined result of the past 14 years of the
Oslo "Peace Process". There is a single unbreakable strand that leads from
the secret illegal Oslo "negotiations" of a handful of Israeli leftist
pseudo-academics in the late 1980s, through the Peres-Rabin initiative in
1992, through the 1993 White House ceremony announcing the first Oslo Accord
(with Arafat dressed in military fatigues), to the emergence of the Hamas
nazi state today with the overwhelming majority vote in the Palestinian

Everything that the Israeli political establishment did over the past 13
years led directly and unwaveringly to the Hamas nazi state. The Labor
Party and the Likud are equally to blame.

The campaign of national self-abasement; the demonization of the
anti-Oslo dissidents; the anti-speech McCarthyism after the Rabin
assassination by Yigal Amir; the self-recruitment by the Israeli media ?
under the near-hegemony of the Far Left - on behalf of endless appeasement
of the Palestinians, the Peace Now campaigns; the Tel Aviv "peace" rallies
with their numbers inflated manifold by the media; the conversion of the
Israeli universities into Petri dishes of Post-Zionism; the propaganda and
indoctrination in the public school curriculum; the "We have a Partner in
Negotiations" campaign; the make-pretend cooperation with the Palestinian
Authority; the suppression of much of the news of the daily atrocities by
the PLO and its affiliates; the campaign to get international recognition of
the PLO; the Israeli funding of the Palestinian Authority; the arms sent by
Israel to the PLO; the campaign to grant the PLO representation and
legitimacy in international forums; the turning of a blind eye when Israel
was flooded with international "solidarity" protester thugs assisting the
terrorists and attacking Israeli soldiers and police; the persecution of
Jewish settlers when they defended themselves; the fabrication of the
"settlers vandalizing trees" and "settlers attacking Palestinians" canards;
the turning a blind eye to the open treason of some Israeli Arab
politicians; the turning of a blind eye to the enormous growth in
Islamofascism among Israeli Arabs; the insistence by the Israeli political
elite that the nazi propaganda coming out of the Palestinian Authority was
"just talk" and "letting off steam"; the "controlled carnage" agreements
with the Hizbollah and the PLO; the release of hundreds of murderers to
appease the Hizbollah after it murdered three captive Israeli officers; the
turning of the other cheek when hundreds of Kassams landed; the refusal to
retaliate when Jerusalem neighborhoods were targets of PLO gunfire; the
cowardly abandonment of Sderot to the shelling and rockets; the "Really
Really Hard" empty threats after each PLO atrocity; the hectoring of the
public by the politicians about how "we really need to make painful
sacrifices"; the acquiescence to a policy of "Israel makes peace while the
Palestinians continue to make war"; the promotion of the doctrine that peace
can best be achieved by pretending that war does not exist; the lecturing of
Israelis by their leaders about how they are selfish and unwilling to share;
the campaign to purge all symbols of Judaism from the state and all Jewish
content from the school curriculum; the promotion by Israeli leftist leaders
and professors of "Naqba Day, in which Israel mourns its own creation; the
continued employment of traitors and anti-Semites as university faculty
members; the celebration of leftist "army service refusers" and mutineers as
moral heroes; the refusal to prosecute Arab and Jewish extremists for
treason; the indictment and investigation of Rabbis; the expulsion of the
heroes of Gush Katif, and the ethnic cleansing of the Jews of Gaza; the
labeling of all anti-Oslo dissidents as "inciters"; the campaign to accuse
all anti-Oslo dissidents of collective guilt in the death of Rabin; the
abandonment of any attempt to stop the smuggling of explosives into Gaza
from Egypt; the countless make-pretend "projects of cooperation" with the
Palestinian Authority; ignoring the open endorsements of suicide bombing and
terrorism by Israeli Arab and Jewish extremists; the failure to indict Yossi
Beilin and Ami Ayalon for their "initiatives"; the proposals to purge the
Israeli flag of the Star of David and to expunge references to Jewish
yearnings from the national anthem; the Israeli offers to abandon half of

At the end of the film Casablanca, all the strands come to their
denouement, their inevitable end. Will the emergence of the Hamas nazi
state in the suburbs of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem at last wake Israelis up? If
so, then - like Bogie walking off with Claude Rains - we will at last have
the start of a beautiful friendship.

2. Over the past few days Barry Chamish, the inventor of the world's
most infantile conspiracy "theories", has been spreading a claim that the
AFSI or Americans for a Safe Israel are backing him and endorsing his
"theories". This claim is as truthful as everything else Chamish

In fact, Chamish's followers behave exactly like a cult and a handful of
Chamishites infiltrated a chat list nominally associated with the AFSI on
Yahoo as moles. The list was hijacked by the Chamishites, who posted
endorsements of Chamish's "theories", even including his "theories" about
UFOs. Cults commonly infiltrate chat lists as moles ? it is a common tactic
of the LaRouchians and Newmanites, to name but two. The Chamishite cult
seems to have a few dozen members.

The AFSI has now purged all the Chamishite moles from its list and issued a
statement denouncing Chamish and Chamishism. Chamish has invented
brain-numbing theories about how Israel is crawling with giant space aliens,
how Natan Sharansky is a KGB spy, how Shimon Peres gave Ofra Haza AIDS to
silence her and how Peres knocked down JFK Jr's plane and murdered a US
Congressman, how the head of the Bank of Israel is a spy, and how the
publishers of Foreign Affairs magazine really knocked down the WTC on 911 by
planting bombs inside. Chamish is now an official columnist on the neonazi
Holocaust Denier web site, which promotes the Protocols of the
Elders of Zion and runs numerous Holocaust Denial articles, such as
"Auschwitz is a Myth", in addition to the familiar conspiracism
nonsense. Chamish
chooses to publish his conspiracist trash with, and also with
several other neonazi web sites, including that run by the Adelaide
Institute Nazis in Australia (they have run over 40 Chamish articles).
main detective techniques in uncovering conspiracies seem to be the decoder
ring and disappearing ink he got from the back of a comic book. Chamish is
on record as saying that Labor Zionist leaders planned the Holocaust.
"theory" of the Rabin assassination is as truthful and credible as all the
other Chamish fabrications.

The AFSI has unambiguously denounced Chamish and the Chamish cult.

3. First through the gate: Gush Shalom: Talk to Hamas; They Could Also Be
a Peace Partner

Thursday, January 26, 2006

1. At last, Tommy Lapid said something with which I can agree. Haaretz
today reports he says: "Shinui is Unworthy of the Public's Trust".

Shinui of course is the Seinfeldian Party (a party about nothing, besides
bashing the Orthodox.)

Lapid, for the record, is a company name for the largest manufacturer of
toilets in Israel.

2. Amira Hass, writing in Haaretz on the Palestinian "election": "Only
one incident of gunfire took place in Jenin's streets!"

Imagine - only one!

3. Mohammed Abu Tir is a Hamas leader now "elected" to the Palestinian
Reichstag. He has a bright orange beard that looks like something on the
head of a hippy on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley. Day Glow shade. He tells
Haaretz that he colors it to prevent dandruff.

No doubt helps control fleas also.

4. Israel Knesset Members tried to observe at a ballot station next to
the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem's Old City. The peace partners would not
allow them to enter. In liberated Jerusalem, soon to be transferred by
Ehud All-Merde to the savages.

4. Interested in voting for Jewish web blogs? You might
want to put in a vote for Michael Freund's "Fundamentally Freund", one of
the finalist contenders. To do so, go to


5. The wife of Charles Bronfman dies in a car wreck in New York
yesterday. I figure that by tomorrow Barry Chamish will attribute it to a
global CFR-Teletubby conspiracy run by Shimon Peres and giant space

1. Perhaps the best indication of the extent to which the world has been
Orwellized is observing the toady news coverage of the Palestinian
"election", including in the Israeli media, themselves largely the
occupied territories of the Far Left.

For months the media were all in suspense over whether the victors in the
"election" would be the Hamas terrorists or the PLO terrorists. As it
turned out, the Hamas evidently "won" the "election" by a slim majority
( )

The first part of the absurdity is the message being daily inculcated by
the Israeli political elite that there is any significant difference
between the PLO and the Hamas. There is not. Both are equally
dedicated to unlimited terror and violence, to genocide and the
eradication of Israel in any form and in any borders. Both have conducted
suicide bombings and in fact, if I am not mistaken, the PLO's terror
brigades conducted MORE than the Hamas did over the past two years. The
Kassam rockets are at least as much the initiative of the PLO as they are
that of the Hamas. The PLO proliferates anti-Semitic propaganda as much
as the Hamas and is as allied with teh Hezbollah and Syria and bin Laden.

But the Israeli establishment has been repeating the empty mantra for so
many years that "We have a peace partner in the PLO," that they managed to
fabricate artificial suspense over the Palestinian "election". If the PLO
were to win, then "Palestine" would be ruled by moderates, people with
whom Israel could strike a deal, do business, pragmatists. Nice nazis.
Israel has been awash in speeches by politicians and mindless bumper
stickers proclaiming "We have a Peace Partner."

Now, this may strike you as bizarre, but I have been arguing that the best
thing that could happen in the PLO "election" would be a strong Hamas

Let me explain.

A strong Hamas victory is the only thing that stands a chance of forcing
Israelis to open their eyes and wake up. As long as the PLO is in charge,
the gigantic game of make-pretend continues. When the Hamas is marching
about with costumes of suicide bombers and with its swastikas and other
paraphernalia, then there can be no delusions about the nazification of
the Palestinians. It is not that the Palestinians would really be any
LESS nazified with the PLO in charge. It is just that the Abu-Mazen reps
at the Potemkin negotiations and the make-pretend respectability of the
PLO hoodlum chiefs allow the politicians and the media to continue to
pretend that there is a peace process.

The Hamas victory, and I wish it had been stronger, puts the lie to the
game of make pretend. No longer can any intelligent Israeli pretend that
there is any way to deal with the Palestinians other than war. The only
way to stop the Kassams and suicide bombers is R&D = Re-Occupation and
Denazification. And with the Hamas in charge, everyone in Israel is
forced to acknowledge this.

Well, almost everyone. Haaretz and the Far Left have actually been
preparing the Israeli public for a Hamas victory in recent months, and
they are spreading the new epistle: "We can do business with the Hamas."
Leftist after leftist proclaims that the solution is to negotiate with the
Hamas. After all, the Hamas is as "genuine" and "representative" of
Palestinians as the PLO and it even wins "elections". Some Hamas
officials are encouraging the trend of self-annihilation in Israel by
putting out duplicitous statements about how the Hamas acknowledges that
Israel exists (as an empirical reality that needs to be corrected, that
is). Statements that recall Arafat's duplicitous words.

So get ready for new calls to enter into negotiations with the Hamas. We
can try to persuade them to have a salad bar on the cattle cars taking
Israeli Jews to concentration camps, and perhaps institute recycling and
free tuition at the concentration camps Hamas is seeking to build.
Israeli professors will soon be wearing their Hamas lapel pins. Hamas
poetry will soon be taught to Israeli school children. Israeli schools
will be screening films celebrating the heroism of Palestinian suicide
bombers (like the University of Haifa screened this week).

And Second Shoah Now will be the fastest growing movement in Israeli
society, holding mass demonstrations for peace in Rabin Square.

2. Pete McCloskey's ties with neonazi Holocaust Deniers:

3. George Costanza Actor (Jewish Jason Alexander) for Terrorists:

4. What happens when a fly falls into a cup of coffee ?

1. Englishman: Throws his cup away and walks away.
2. Frenchman: Takes the insect out and drinks the coffee.
3. Chinese: Eats the insect and throws the coffee away.
4. Japanese: Drinks the coffee with the insect, since it is a free bonus.
5. American Leftist Professor: Deconstructs the narrative of the fly while
protesting against its victimhood at the hands of the Amerikan Empire.
6. Israeli: Sells the coffee to the Frenchman and the insect to the
Chinese, and gets himself a new cup of coffee.
7. Palestinian: Accuses the Israeli of throwing the insect into his
coffee. Gets the UN and the EU to condemn the Jews for the situation.
Takes a loan from EC to buy another cup of coffee and uses the rest of the
proceeds to finance suicide bombings.
8. Canadian Liberal: Races for the American border to escape the new
Conservative Administration in Canada and there buys a latte while
defending the animal rights of all insects.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I thought it worth mentioning that a group of Arab students arranged for a
showing of the movie "Paradise Now" at the University of Haifa today. It
was advertised all over campus with very expensive full color posters. The
Office of the Dean of Students facilitated the screening.

For any of you living on the moon, "Paradise Now" is a movie which in
effect seeks "to understand" the phenomenon of Palestinian suicide bombers.
The fact that this movie won the "Golden Globe" award as best foreign film of
the year a further indictment of so-called "liberal" so-called "intellectuals".

2. Blessed is HE who has rid us of this pestilence:
See also

3. ACLU to the rescue of terrorists?:

4. NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana --- Mayor Ray Nagin stated that God is showing
His anger at America's involvement in Iraq by sending multiple hurricanes
during a press conference. While most were unsure if the comment was
serious, God responded with a short letter to Nagin.

"Dear Ray, I just wanted to remind you that hurricanes are caused by
shifting weather patterns and not by me. While you might personally
disagree with America's involvement in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of
murdered innocents up here with me are insulted by that comment. They
asked if I could pass along a message asking you to please shut up and let
the Iraqi people enjoy the seeds of freedom. Oh, and Mephistopheles sends
his love. He can't wait to meet you.

Sincerely, God."

5. Just for laughs:

1. Help these Refugees Now!

Well, the Canadian elections are over and the new Prime Minister is
Conservative Party leader Stephen Harper. Harper has downright
neoconservative views. He is a free-market economist by training. He
opposes gay marriage and abortions. He also wants to enhance Canada's
missile shield, move beyond the Kyoto debate, and provide $5 billion more
to overhaul Canada's military. University of Toronto political scientist
Nelson Wiseman said Harper's victory would provide "symbolic support" for
the Bush administration.

Now I know what you are thinking, and that is that the time has come for
the United States to grant asylum to all those Canadian leftists who will
now seek to escape Right-wing Canada and migrate to a more enlightened
liberal country. Since Canada was so hospitable in taking in the American
moonbats after the last electoral victory by George W. Bush, can the
United States now be any less sensitive in assisting and taking in the
tired, the poor, the humble Canadian yuppies yearning to be free?

So here is what I propose.

According to informed sources, the election of Harper as PM has prompted
the exodus among left-leaning Canadians who fear they'll soon be required
to hunt, pray, and agree with Bill O'Reilly. The flood of Canadian
liberals sneaking across the border into the USA will intensify over the
next few weeks. This is already sparking calls in the House Judiciary
Committee for increased INS patrols to stop the illegal immigration. The
Minutemen are enjoying unprecedented support and getting lots of new

Canadian border farmers say its not uncommon to see dozens of Toronto
sociology professors, animal rights activists, and New Socialists crossing
their fields at night seeking the US border fence.

"I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Vancouver film
producer huddled in the barn," said Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield, whose
acreage borders North Dakota. The producer was cold, exhausted and hungry.

"He asked me if I could spare a latte and some free-range chicken. When I
said I didn't have any, he left. Didn't even get a chance to show him my
screenplay, eh?"

In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Greenfield erected higher fences
but the Canadian liberals scaled them. So he tried installing speakers
that blare Rush Limbaugh across the fields.

"Not real effective," he said. The liberals still got through, and Rush
annoyed the cows so much they wouldn't give milk."

Officials are particularly concerned about smugglers who meet liberals
near the Canadian border, pack them into Volvo turbo station wagons, drive
them across the US border, and then leave them to fend for themselves.

"A lot of these people are not prepared for rugged conditions," an INS
border patrolman in Tacoma told us. "I found one carload without a drop of
drinking water. They did have a nice little Napa Valley cabernet, though."

Some Canadian liberals have taken to posing as senior citizens on bus
trips headed to USA where they can cut the queues and get medical care
unavailable to Canadians. After catching a half-dozen young vegans
disguised in powdered wigs, INS authorities began stopping buses and
quizzing the supposed Canadian senior-citizen passengers coming into the
US to play bingo.

"If they can't identify the accordion player on The Lawrence Welk Show, we
get suspicious about their age," an official said.

Canadian liberals have complained that out migration is creating an
organic-broccoli surplus and no one is renting all the good Susan Sarandon

"I feel sorry for Canadian liberals, but the California economy just can't
support them," a Berkeley resident said. "How many art-history majors does
one country need?"

2. Israel's chattering classes adores Sweden and the Scandinavian "model"
of socialism. Well:
January 24, 2006

The Not-So-Super Model

January 24, 2006

STOCKHOLM -- The Swedish model is back in fashion. Seeking ways to meet
globalization's challenges, think tanks and researchers across Europe are
looking northward for inspiration. The Scandinavian model is even on the
agenda for the EU's March summit, which will focus on jobs and growth.

As a Swede, I am naturally flattered by all the attention. And my country
is wonderful in many ways. But Europeans should probably look more
seriously at Sweden's much-vaunted economy and welfare state. Up close,
the cracks in the fa.ade are easier to see. They're worth dwelling on, if
only so others don't repeat our mistakes.

In the past decade, the Swedish economy has grown at a slightly better
clip than the EU average thanks to market-oriented reforms that took place
from 1985 to 1995. Sweden joined the EU, gave the central bank
independence, deregulated some markets, shored up public finances and
introduced modest cuts in taxes and welfare schemes.

However, falling export prices and rising import prices have softened the
improvement of the relative living standard for the average Swede. During
the last decade Sweden has gained only one position in the OECD table for
GDP per capita, adjusted for purchasing power.

By the same token, Sweden saw impressive productivity growth during the
1990s: 2.5% per year. But productivity growth per capita, a more relevant
measurement, topped only four industrialized countries.

According to Eurostat, Sweden has the EU's smallest amount of business
investment as a share of GDP. The U.N. reports that Sweden is among only
12 countries in the world with a net outflow of investments.

Scandinavian labor markets vary greatly. Whereas the Danish labor market
is fairly deregulated, the Swedish one is not. In fact, 18 OECD countries
boast a more flexible labor market than Sweden's. This in part explains
the country's high rate of unemployment. True, our nominal unemployment
rate of 6.3%, according to Eurostat, is the ninth lowest in the EU. Yet
even trade union specialists put total unemployment -- including those on
sick leave, in early retirement or in job retraining programs -- at
20-25%. Between 1995 and 2003, employment grew faster in 11 of the 14
other "old" EU countries than in Sweden. In fact, the private sector
employs 350,000 fewer people today than in 1965, despite population growth
of about one million. The public sector -- at the taxpayer's expense --
picks up the slack.

Lagging employment growth is also a result of the low level of
entrepreneurship. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reports that only
four of the 34 countries it surveyed have a lower level of entrepreneurial
activity than Sweden. The number of self-employed Swedes has fallen by
half since the early 1960s. Today more Swedes are in early retirement than
are self-employed.

* * *
Not only is the economy doing less well than some suggest, but Sweden's
celebrated welfare state is also facing serious problems. Despite an
increase of almost 70% in spending since 1979, Sweden's public health-care
system is coming apart at the seams. The Swedish Association of Local
Authorities and Regions reports that doctors see an average of four
patients a day, down from nine in 1975. According to the Swedish Institute
for Health Economics, doctors spend 50-80% of their time on administrative
tasks. The number of hospital beds is down by 80% since 1975. More than
50% of patients wait over 12 weeks for an examination and then at least 12
weeks more for treatment. And Sweden ranks fourth in the OECD's table of
income-related inequalities in access to health care.

At the heart of the "Swedish social model" are the generous welfare
benefits. And it is true that Sweden has the highest proportional
government social spending in the EU. But its relatively low economic
growth has undermined the tax base. Despite lower taxes, six EU countries
spend more per capita on social policies than Sweden.

Sweden has one of the lowest income gaps between rich and poor in the
world, as measured by the Gini coefficient. However, this has more to do
with the compressed wage structure than government redistribution. The
welfare system is actually less redistributive than is often believed.

Sweden's social spending is primarily aimed at the middle class. Some 82%
of the taxes earmarked for social spending -- paid during an average
lifetime -- is returned to the taxpayer in the form of subsidized social
services and various welfare allowances. So the Swedish welfare state is
more interested in regulating people's lives than promoting "social
justice." Billionaires receive child allowances while Stockholm has a
higher proportion of homeless people than Chicago.

There are many valuable lessons to be learned from the Nordic countries.
The Danish labor market, the Finnish welfare system, Iceland's tax code
and Sweden's openness to international trade indeed are good sources of
inspiration. However, the European debate would benefit from a broader
perspective on Sweden. All that glitters isn't gold, despite the
government's feverish burnishing.

Mr. Segerfeldt is a director at Timbro, a think tank based in Stockholm.

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3. Arab Propaganda and the New York Times
By Sharon Lapkin

The New York Times published a photograph of a young Pakistani boy
recently standing with an old man next to an ancient, unfired artillery
shell. It placed a caption under it that read: .Pakistani men with the
remains of a missile fired at a house in the Bajur tribal zone near the
Afghan border..

A short time later, the newspaper changed the caption to: .Correction: A
picture caption on Saturday with an article about a U.S. airstrike on a
village in Pakistan misidentified an unexploded ordinance. It was not the
remains of a missile fired at a house..

The photograph . it appears . was a fake. A propaganda stunt set up by the
Pakastanis to fool the Western media. It worked.

And, when Danish Muslim leaders recently toured the Islamic world with a
43-page report protesting 12 cartoons published by the newspaper
Iyllands-Posten last October, they inserted an extra three into the Report
for good measure. The Brussells Journal reported that the extra cartoons
depicted Mohamed as a pedophile and a pigsnout, with a third, portraying a
praying Muslim being raped by a dog.

Akhmad Akkari, spokesperson for the Muslim organizations involved in the
tour, told The Brussels Journal that the three extra cartoons had been
added to .give an insight in how hateful the atmosphere in Denmark is
towards Muslims.. The truth . it appears . was considered insufficient by
the 21 Danish Muslim organizations protesting the publication of pictures
of their prophet, Mohamed.

The propensity to manufacture propaganda in the Arab world is
traditionally accepted as a method to safeguard honor and status and to
avoid shame. It is not, as David Pryce-Jones explained in The Closed
Circle: An Interpretation of the Arabs, a matter of morality or malice.
.If honor so demands, . he said, .lies and cheating may become absolute
imperatives.. In fact, exploiting every possibility for converting shame
to honor is considered a noble skill. Shia practice recognizes this
predicament and permits taqyia, or .precautionary dissimulation. where
Muslims can lie and cheat with religious sanctity.

Back in 2002, Palestinian media reported that Israel had committed the
.massacre of the 21st century.. The refugee camp in Jenin, it claimed, was
the burial ground of .hundreds of martyrs.. The Weekly Standard reported
that Palestinian UN representative, Nasser al-Kidwa told CNN:

There's almost a massacre now taking place in Jenin. Helicopter gun ships
are throwing missiles at one square kilometer packed with almost 15,000
people in a refugee camp. . . .Just look at the TV and watch, watch what
the--what the Israel forces are doing. . . This is a war crime, clear war
crime, witnessed by the whole world, preventing ambulances, preventing
people from being buried. I mean this is an all-out assault against the
whole population.

After the United Nations called emergency meetings and the world.s press
published first-hand accounts of Israeli atrocities . they reluctantly
discovered that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax. Arafat had called
for .a million martyrs to march to Jerusalem. and inventing a massacre had
provided a world stage for his propaganda machine. But, truth was the real
massacre as the West climbed upon Arafat.s stage and danced his mountebank

When the Hollywood Foreign Press Association celebrated the morally
repugnant subject of suicide bombing and rewarded its adaptation to a
Hollywood template by presenting Paradise Now with a Golden Globe, the
truth was in jeopardy again. Studded with historical inaccuracies and
romanticized terrorists, the film attempts to normalize everyday mass
murder by portraying murderers as misunderstood victims who kill innocents
to create justice
The film.s producers couldn.t have known when they inserted historical
inaccuracies into the script that the Hollywood entertainment industry
would grant them .precautionary dissimulation. and then put gold in their
pockets to reward them for their dishonesty.

And when the wannabe suicide bomber, Khaled, announced in the film that
.the Palestinians have exhausted every political means. to achieving .a
two-state solution., the Hollywood Foreign Press Association forgot about
1937, 1947, 1967 and 2001, when the Jews accepted the partition of
Palestine/Israel, but the Arabs rejected a two-state compromise. They
chose instead, to adhere to the film.s representation where their newfound
favourite actors could safely remain victims.

Hollywood gave Golden Globe winner, Hany Abu-Assad, the world stage and
several million people to listen to his claim that the award was .a
recognition that the Palestinians deserve their liberty and equality
unconditionally.. They didn.t ask him why they.d already knocked it back
four times and Hollywood didn.t appear concerned with the real historical

So, while it is clear that Arabs exercise taqyia to promote honor and
prestige, it is unclear why the West is continually drawn into this
charade. Recognizing trickery and deciphering propaganda have become
essential modern day skills in the interpretation of Arab behaviour. David
Pryce-Jones noted that for Arabs .Information control, which may or may
not include lying, is the only effective strategy for arbitrating between
honor and shame....

4. Hamas gets a rise:

5. Peace Now declares war on the Jews:

6. The Liberals are Outraged:

7. Stop these terrorists:
Terrorists, by Any Name
January 25, 2006; Page A12

Osama bin Laden's latest tape was such big news last week that its
coverage swamped some other major terror news: that the Bush
Administration has rounded up some of America's most dangerous domestic

The Justice Department on Friday released a 65-count indictment against 11
members of an animal-rights and ecoterrorism outfit that for more than
four years had spread violence and destruction across five Western states.
Using fire and explosives, the individuals stand accused of targeting
ranger stations, animal-holding facilities, lumber companies, timber
farms, a ski resort and even a police department. Eight have been
detained; another three are believed to be hiding outside the country.

Credit here goes to the FBI, which in recent years has listed green
extremists as a top domestic terror threat -- responsible for more than
1,200 criminal acts and millions of dollars in damage. In recent years
these outfits have been expanding their scope, targeting bodies that are
only marginally linked to practices they resent. The New York Stock
Exchange's recent decision to postpone the listing of Huntingdon Life
Sciences -- a U.K. animal-research company that has been a top terrorist
target for years -- was put down to the Exchange's worry that it would be
next on the hit list.

Law enforcement agencies have made some important arrests in recent years,
yet they still face difficulties tracking down these thugs -- who operate
in underground cells linked to organizations such as the Earth Liberation
Front or Animal Liberation Front. Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe last year
introduced legislation to give authorities more tools to prosecute
ecoterrorists; current statutes don't cover many ecoterrorist activities,
such as threats or coercion against third-party targets. The sooner
Congress takes this up the better, and more news coverage of their
widespread threats and violence wouldn't hurt either.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

1. Psychiatric Theories of the Conspiracism Mental Illness:

(Conspiracist Mantra:

roses are red

violets are blue

i'm schizophrenic

and so am i)

2. Over the past two decades, Israel's Left has been preaching the merits
of "private diplomatic initiatives". This meant the early illegal leftist
courtship of the PLO leading up to the first Oslo "Accord", and later the
private diplomatic initiatives by Yossi Beilin and his friends, the
"Geneva Misunderstandings", and the parallel initiative by Ami Ayalon.

Meanwhile, in recent years, an annual conference on Israeli strategy,
called the Herzliya Conference, has been held, featuring leading strategic
thinkers, mainly NOT of the Far Left. It debates Israel's choices and
strategic policies.

But because the Herzliya Conference is NOT a leftist propaganda bash, the
Left has just launched a juhad against it and "privatized diplomacy". You
see, the Left considers privatazation a curse word, something that all
civilized people understand must be suppressed at all cost, like Bird Flu.
The campaign against "Privatized Diplomacy" is being run by the same
Haaretz daily that has always cheered the Beilin and Ayalon attempts to
conduct a privatized Munich capitulation. And the leading jihadnik
against "privatized diplomcy" is the Bimbo in Chief of the Labor Party.
In her address to the Herzliya Conference, to which she was invited, Labor
candidate for Knesset Shelly Yachimovitch attacked the essence of the
symposium, saying it subverted democracy by giving political leverage to
the wealthy businessmen who fund it.

Haaretz runs other letters and pieces attacking teh conference as well.

3. Osama's Pen Pal
By Daniel Pipes | January 24, 2006

William Blum, a Washington, D.C. writer, responded delightedly last
Thursday on learning that Osama bin Laden had cited his book in an
audiotape. Blum called the mention of Rogue State: A Guide to the World.s
Only Superpower .almost as good as being an Oprah book,. a reference to
the popular American television host whose endorsement routinely makes a
book a bestseller.

Asked if he was queasy about bin Laden.s urging listeners to read his
book, Blum replied: .I.m not repulsed, and I.m not going to pretend I am..
Quite the contrary, he said: .I.m glad.It.s good publicity for my book..
And, indeed, it was: Thanks to bin Laden.s promotion, Rogue State ascended
from 205,763 to 26 on ranking of most-ordered books.

Blum explained his response by saying he found bin Laden no worse than the
U.S. government: .I would not say that bin Laden has been any less moral
than Washington has been.. He even refused to distance himself from bin
Laden.s views: .If he shares with me a deep dislike for certain aspects of
U.S. foreign policy, then I.m not going to spurn any endorsement of the
book by him. I think it.s good that he shares those views..

Blum describes his life mission as .slowing down the American
Empire.injuring the beast.. Not surprisingly, Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone,
Gore Vidal, and their ilk have lavished praise on his work.

What attracted bin Laden to Blum? This passage (which actually comes from
another of Blum.s books, titled Freeing the World to Death: Essays on the
American Empire): .If I were the [U.S.] president, I could stop terrorist
attacks against the United States in a few days. Permanently. I would
first apologize.very publicly and very all the widows and
orphans, the impoverished and the tortured, and all the many millions of
other victims of American imperialism..

Until his sudden catapult into the public eye, Blum, 72, had lived the
quiet life of a second-string America-hater. The child of Polish Jewish
immigrants, he grew up in Brooklyn, studied accounting in college, and, as
an anti-Communist with aspirations to become a foreign service officer, he
went to work at a computer-related position in the U.S. Department of
State in the mid-1960s. The Vietnam War radicalized him, and he resigned
from State in 1967 to pursue a career of far-Left advocacy and sabotage.
(He claims to have revealed the names and addresses of over two hundred
CIA operatives.) For nearly forty years, Blum has written op-eds, after
articles, after books pursuing his hobbyhorse to prove the alleged evil of
the U.S. government officials, whom he has compared to .chainsaw baby

He goes so far as to state the existence of an American-sponsored
.holocaust. since 1945 that has caused the death of a few million people
and condemned many more millions to .lives of misery and torture.. David
Horowitz, a foremost analyst of the Left, sums up this line of thought in
his excellent study, Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left
(Regnery): for Blum, .America is worse than Nazi Germany.. Horowitz also
notes that .there is no discernible difference. between Blum.s view of the
U.S. role in the Cold War and the crudest Communist caricature
manufactured in the Kremlin.

Although Blum was childishly delighted by his sudden celebrity and riches,
his comrades on the far-Left reacted more warily to bin Laden.s
endorsement, aware how it reveals that, as Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in
Media puts it, .bin Laden is counting on a [leftist] fifth column in the
U.S. to undermine the war on terrorism and hand him a victory on the

Such exposure so worries some on the far-Left that they have gone so far
as to portray the bin Laden audiotape to be .an obvious fake. concocted by
neo-conservatives in the U.S. government. But elaborate conspiracy
theories cannot undo the fact that the Islamist-leftist alliance,
burgeoning for years, has now reached the point that the far-Left
constitutes al-Qaeda.s new mujahideen.

After having failed to mount a massive terrorist operation in the United
States in over four years, bin Laden.s early but very public Valentine to
the far-Left suggests that he sees it as a critical ally. And he is
entirely correct to do so.

4. The late American Jewish community:

5. Democracy at the People's Republic of DePaul:

Monday, January 23, 2006

1. Another Rabbi Impostor:

2. New Ideas for Hollywood:
Stevie Spielberg, the fella who has yet to make a movie for grownups, has
now made a movie showing the human side of Palestinian mass murdering
terrorists, so that viewers can maintain a neutral unemotional
impartiality when it comes to Islamofascist terrorists and their victims.

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Left out on the Left Coast has decided to grant a
Golden Globe award to a film celebrating suicide bombers. The film,
Paradise Now, depicts 48 hours in the lives of two young terrorists
recruited to kill innocent Jews in Tel Aviv by blowing themselves up for
the glory of Islam. Paradise Now portrays what terrorists have to endure
to prepare for a bombing: getting military haircuts, eating a last meal,
videotaping their last words, and strapping their bodies with explosives.
The film also presents the terrorists' emotional anguish brought on in
part by lingering doubts about the reward promised to martyrs in the
afterlife. The main characters blame Israel..s presence in Judea and
Samaria and Shechem, the area..s largest city, for their motivation to
carry out the attack. Daniel Pipes, a commentator on Middle East affairs,
called the movie .propagandistic,. saying it .whitewashes Palestinian
suicide bombing.. Here are Debbie Schlussel's comments on this filth.

Now, since the Hollywankers are celebrating terrorism and calling for
neutral impartiality when it comes to terrorists and their victims, we
have several ideas for new ideas for new films that can be screened as
part of the Hollywood sensitizing campaign. Stevie Spielberg is invited to
produce some :

1. A film on the human side and the emotional struggles of the Klansmen
who lynched civil rights workers and black folks in the 60s in

2. A film on the emotional traumas and secret dreams of a better world
among white slave holders as they whip slaves, where the fictional slave
is named Kunta Kinte, who gets horse whipped to death while his sister is

3. A film on the joys of mistreating and vivisectioning live animals in a
college lab in which new cosmetics are being tested by sensitive lab
technicians who respect their mothers while gulping down uncooked meat.

4. A film about the enlightening experiences of troubled motor cycle
gangsters who beat up transgendered persons with chains and lead pipes,
but always recycle.

5. A film about heroic police agents who infiltrate and beat striking farm
workers in the Central Valley, with a fictional scene in which the cops
kick John Steinbeck's ass.

6. A film about the sensitive idealistic teams of police rounding up
Japanese civilians in California after Pearl Harbor and shipping them off
to internment camps.

7. The education and dreams of abortion clinic bombers.

8. The sensitive side of group rapists.

9. Heroic Rush Limbaugh listeners who read sensitive books and write
poetry, but then buy automatic weapons and shoot up an antiwar
demonstration before going to church.

10. The joys of species extinction - our heroes are airplane pilots who
spray chemicals in the rain forest to annihilate butterflies, and then
goes on a crusade to annihilate whales from all the seas.

Post your ideas for other movie scripts!

3. . Here is an Amir Peretz we can all support:

4. Why an economic boycott of DePaul "University" is justified:

5. Peace Partners:

6. SDS Re-Organizing:

7. From

WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced today
that he will immediately commence retroactive impeachment proceedings
against President Franklin Delano Roosevelt for illegally wiretapping the
phone lines of alleged Nazi agents during World War II.

"President Roosevelt grossly violated the privacy rights of American
citizens during World War II," said Senator Reid, "Ordinary citizens who
were harassed by the FBI just because they happened to receive phone calls
from Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels. Just think how many
lives would have been saved if President Roosevelt had allowed the lines
of communication to remain open with the democratically-elected leaders of

Sources close to Senate Democrat leaders say that if the FDR impeachment
succeeds, they will immediately begin retroactive impeachment and war
crimes trials against Presidents Washington, Lincoln and Eisenhower.

William Grim for Iconoclast