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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

1. Another Tel Aviv University Dingbat for Divestment:,7340,L-3257291,00.html
Israeli professor: UK boycott justified

Professor Rachel Giora of the University of Tel Aviv backs boycott of her
colleagues with different (meaning pro-Israel) views;
"I support every form of open criticism against the current policies of
the Israeli government in the occupied territories, whether it is an
economic boycott other forms of resistance (like terrorist atrocities). A
lack of such stances allows
Israelis to assume that the world is not against them. But the world, or
large parts of it, are against them. And rightly so."

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2. More Chomsky Treason:

3. From the Wall Street Journal - Ostentatious "Bar Mitzvahs"
May 26, 2006


Time to Sink 'Titanic' Bar Mitzvahs

May 26, 2006; Page W11

I have friends and relatives who, pondering Joe Lieberman's political
ambitions or Larry David's surly TV show ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), find
themselves asking the famous, slightly self-mocking but not exactly
facetious question: "Is it good for the Jews?" For whatever reason, that
question rarely occurs to me.

But then I saw a recent advertisement for "Keeping Up With the Steins."
The ad's film clips showed one Jewish father pitted ferociously against
another, each trying to throw a more outrageous bar-mitzvah party for his
son. I found myself not only asking the famous question but answering it:

The bar mitzvah is supposed to be a ceremony marking the onset of
religious adulthood for male Jews. It has become, in certain circles, an
absurd display of consumption, a mockery of religious ritual -- in short,
a circus. Literally. In the late 1980s, I went to a bar-mitzvah reception
that included clowns and men on stilts. Casino theme nights are also
popular. Last year the New York Times reported on the growing trend of
Jewish families asking rappers to perform at bar mitzvahs, at a cost of up
to $1 million per event.

Would the full-film version of "Keeping Up With the Steins" capture this
awfulness, making me wince even more than its trailer had? The answer, I
can now report, is yes. First, the film transforms the actress Doris
Roberts, an obnoxious Italian grandmother on the TV show "Everybody Loves
Raymond," into an obnoxious Jewish one who steals butter pats from
restaurants. That she is one of several offensive stereotypes in the movie
is disturbing enough.

Even more disturbing, though, is the underlying truth of the film's main
satirical target. A few years ago, according to news reports, a
real-estate tycoon rented the QE2 for his son's bar mitzvah. In the movie,
the character Arnie Stein rents a cruise ship and creates a "Titanic"
theme party. His son, Zachary, "sails" into the room on a set-piece boat,
his arms outstretched like Leonardo DiCaprio's. Zachary yells "I am king
of the Torah!" and the DJ begins to sing "Hava Nagilah, Beer, Wine,

* * *
How did we get to a point where such absurdity reflects reality? In
"Thirteen and a Day" (2005), Mark Oppenheimer chronicles the history of
the bar mitzvah, noting that the ritual is not mentioned in the Torah.
Biblical Jews were counted as adults, by the census, when they reached the
age of 20. In the Middle Ages, it became the tradition that a boy could be
included in a minyan (the group of 10 men that may officially constitute a
formal prayer service) when he reached the age of 13. The first
bar-mitzvah party, according to Mr. Oppenheimer, occurred in the
mid-1500s. There are scattered references to such celebrations in
19th-century Europe, but the bar mitzvah as we know it took hold only in
the middle part of the 20th -- especially in America.

Although fathers typically say a blessing during the bar-mitzvah ceremony
thanking God from removing from them the burden of their sons' sins, there
was never a time, notes Mr. Oppenheimer, when the Jewish community
expected a 13-year-old to be a "man." (In the movie, Zachary puts the
matter bluntly to a friend by saying -- if one may paraphrase -- that he
will be as sexually inexperienced after the bar mitzvah as before.) But it
was expected, in traditional Jewish communities, that the 13-year-old
would be able to read from the Torah and understand the Commandments. In
Orthodox congregations, and in many Conservative ones, this expectation is
still in place.

* * *
But in too many instances celebratory excess overwhelms the essential
solemnity of the event and its religious character. Such is the case in
"Keeping Up With the Steins." It is true that Zachary and his friend
Benjamin -- their fathers are the duelling ones -- are required to chant
from the Torah at their bar mitzvahs and offer a brief explication of the
portion they have read. But it is the parties that people -- especially
non-Jews, whose first introduction to the faith may be a schoolmate's bar
mitzvah -- tend to remember.

Mr. Oppenheimer notes that the public-reading component of the bar-mitzvah
ritual, however stumbling it may turn out to be, represents a child's
initiation into the Jewish intellectual tradition. And indeed there is
something profound about seeing a 13-year-old recite a passage in biblical
Hebrew, interpret it and draw conclusions about the nature of God and man.
That such an event is followed by a celebration is not in itself a bad
thing. (I confess that my own bat mitzvah involved bagels and lox in the
backyard and a square dance for my friends the following day.) But there
is something to be said for moderation -- especially in public.

According to a report in Jewish Week, some rabbis are encouraging their
congregants to see "Keeping Up With the Steins" because they approve of
its last reel. Benjamin's father plans to hold his bar mitzvah at Los
Angeles's Dodger Stadium -- from which guests would take home their own
major-league uniforms as party favors. Benjamin, in the end, rejects the
idea and invites everyone over to his house to listen to a Klezmer band
and eat his grandmother's brisket. It's all very touching, but it's also
too little, too late. I couldn't help wishing that grandma would go back
to making cannolis.

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4. Anyone know if Tikkun will be merging any time soon with this party?,10119,19310781,00.html

5. Maybe we should organize an academic boycott of Israeli Universities
who do NOT fire leftists who support the boycott of Israeli Universities?

6. ISM Terrorism:

7. Horse Sense from ex-chief of CIA:

8. Brandeis shame:

9. How to deal with those British pseudo-academic anti-Semites;

10. The Hamas' Favorite Journalist:

1. So the daughter of the head of the Hamas gets arrested inside Israel
while trying to sneak into a prison to visit with prisoners using a fake
ID. And what do the cowards who run Israel do? They let her out again!

2. A minor brouhaha has been operating at the Hebrew University in recent
weeks. It seems the university opened a special program for officers in
Israel's intelligence services. The Campus Moonbatocracy, led by the
far-leftist anti-Israel "post-Zionist" professors, had a conniption.

The leftist profs claimed that the Hebrew U had lowered admissions
requirements for the officers. The University denied that. The leftist
profs oppose lowering admissions standards for anyone unless they are
Arabs. But of course
the real reason for the selective outrage on the part of the Hebrew
University's academic friends of the Hamas was the same as the reason for
all those protests on US campuses against ROTC and the right of
army recruiters to speak to students. They simply hate their own country and
express this hatred by doing everything they can to show their contempt
for the military. The difference of course is that in Israel the military
is the only thing standing between the jihadniks and their plans to
conduct a
second Holocaust of Jews. The irony is that Israel's security
services are themselves largely dominated by leftists who would feel well
at home in some of the goofier corners of Mt. Scopus.

The two main crusaders against allowing intelligence service officers
on to the Hebrew U campus have been Moshe Zimmerman and Baruch
Both are fanatic anti-Israel extremists. Zimmerman is best remembered for
his frequent denunciation of settlers as nazis and of settler childen as
Hitlerjugend. (see This same prof who
wants to bar the intelligence officers from campus has a policy in his
classes according to which students in prison for refusing to do military
service get automatic exemptions from assignments and tests, while
students called up for reserve duty do not.
Kimmerling is a Marxist sociologist who is
widely acknowedged by himself as being some sort of expert on
Palestinians. He claims to detect signs of a Palestinian "sense
of national identity" centuries before any Palestinian claimed any such
thing. He turns out pathetic poorly-written, shallow, transparently
propagandist "books" about "Palestinians". Kimmerling in the past has
justified terrorist bombings of Jewish civilians (see

Kimmerling is so extremist that he is a hero of the fanatic anti-Semite
Jonathan Cook at the fanatically anti-Semitic Counterpunch magazine (see Israel's failure to tar and
feather Cook or at least deport him to Syria has long been a matter of
great regret. Kimmerling also writes for
Counterpunch, in part because he despises the United States (see He played a crucial
role in the "Jenin Massacre" fabrication and blood libel
( He is arguably the
worst anti-Zionist at the Hebrew University (see, although
Zimmerman is also a serious contender also (see

3. Hang George Galloway!

George Galloway, Saddam's paid agent in the British parliament, unreformed
commie stooge, has issued a call to murder Tony Blair. The Independent
reports that Galloway wants to see Blair assassinated!

In an interview with GQ magazine, the reporter asked him: "Would the
assassination of, say, Tony Blair by a suicide bomber - if there were no
other casualties - be justified as revenge for the war on Iraq?" (In
photo, something here stinks.)

Mr Galloway replied: "Yes, it would be morally justified.... It would be
entirely logical and explicable. And morally equivalent to ordering the
deaths of thousands of innocent people in Iraq - as Blair did."

Galloway has never seen an Islamofascist terrorist he does not wish to
promote. He makes Lord Haw-Haw look like a patriotic Brit. He has never
met a Jew he does not think needs to be murdered. He is the darling of teh
Left and personally exemplifies the convergence between the Far Left and
the Neo-Nazi Right.

We strongly recommend the Hang Galloway blog.

4. May 30, 2006
Jew-Bashing in Bucharest

May 30, 2006

Two months ago, at a government-sponsored training course for Bucharest's
political elite, I had the opportunity to teach a section on the
Holocaust. The topic sparked some unexpected reactions. One participant
ranted on about how Israeli companies and employers doing business in
Romania are allegedly the source of contemporary anti-Semitism in the
country. Another wondered how so many Jews managed to escape from the Twin
Towers on Sept. 11, 2001, thus giving credence to the anti-Semitic lie
that the Jews and Israel were behind these terror attacks. On Romanian TV,
meanwhile, it is not unusual to see Orthodox priests repeating that
2,000-year-old charge of deicide: "The Jews killed God."

Jew-bashing in Romania seldom comes without racist attacks on the
country's other ethnic minorities, Roma and Hungarians. Nationalism is so
popular that not one but two xenophobic parties compete for votes. There
is the extreme nationalistic Party of Greater Romania (PRM), which won 13%
in the last parliamentary elections and gets up to 18% in recent opinion
polls. Then there is the New Party Generation (PNG), not (yet) represented
in parliament but also gaining in popularity, getting around 6% in polls.
Finally, the illegal but tolerated Iron Guard -- which traces its roots to
the main pre-World War II fascist party of the same name -- is gaining
influence on university campuses. Even the mainstream media have found
praise for some members of this criminal movement.

The leader of the PRM is Corneliu Vadim Tudor, a megalomaniac demagogue
whose political program boils down to vicious hatred toward Hungarians,
Jews and Roma. He was Nicolae Ceausescu's court poet and denounced fellow
writers and dissidents to the former dictator's feared secret police, the
Securitate. An open admirer of Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein, Mr.
Tudor regularly publishes in his weekly Romania Mare publication anti-Roma
and anti-Semitic incitements, Holocaust denials and "black lists" of
political adversaries he considers "guilty of anti-Romanian activities."
Among his campaign promises is to rule with the machine gun and organize
public executions. Mr. Tudor believes that "America is a colony of
Israel...a small mouse dragging after it a giant elephant" and that
"Zionism keeps the planet under terror, and puts Christianity and Islam
into a state of conflict and of reciprocal extermination."

Gigi Becali, leader of the PNG and a rich, vulgar, violent man, promises
to "turn Romania into a country like the holy sun in the sky," a close
variation of an old Iron Guard slogan. Mr. Becali calls himself an
"athlete of Christianity" and has generously endowed the Maglavit church,
the gathering point of Romania's mystical extremists in the '30s.

While everywhere else in Europe the extreme right is politically isolated,
some of Romania's political establishment help these demagogues gain an
aura of respectability. One could not imagine Jean Marie le Pen even
coming close to the gates of the Elys.e Palace, let alone being invited
into the president's office. And it would simply be inconceivable for a
French socialist leader to negotiate with the extremist Front National.
But in Romania, Mr. Tudor maintains friendly ties with many prominent
members of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD), who discreetly
try to help him gain credibility with Western governments in exchange for
cooperation from Mr. Tudor. The two parties are in talks for a formal
parliamentary alliance. The recently elected president of the Romanian
parliament, Bogdan Olteanu, who represents the pro-Western,
business-oriented Liberal Party, won his new job with the crucial support
of the PRM. The president of Romania, Traian Basescu, receives Mr. Tudor
at his palace and socializes publicly with Mr. Becali. The PSD, meanwhile,
gives Mr. Becali campaign advice in hopes of weakening the PRM.

That mainstream politicians would find it so easy to rub shoulders with
extremists is not that surprising in a country where the use of racist and
populist rhetoric is not limited to the fringes of the political spectrum.
Particularly anti-Hungarian, anti-Roma and homophobic comments have become
vote-winners for all political parties. The boundaries between extreme and
mainstream parties are more fluid in Romania than in other countries in
the region. And although Holocaust denial is a crime, no Holocaust denier
has ever been punished in Romania. As in many other domains, the country
does not lack tough laws but rather the will to enforce them.

How are such odious dealings possible in a country that is a NATO member
and ready to join the European Union next year? History is, as always, a
good guide. Visceral nationalism has a long tradition in Romania, going
back to pre-World War II times when the Iron Guard, which would later play
an important role in preparing the destruction of the Romanian Jewish
community during the Holocaust, advocated hate toward foreigners in
general and Jews in particular. Communist dictator Ceausescu for years
hammered the same themes into the national conscience.

Is Romania now reverting to its pre-World War II roots? Is nationalism the
only real ideology in today's Romania? Is it justifiable to get close to
the extreme right in order to divide it and steal its votes, as some
mainstream politicians have claimed?

Romania's political class should not have a short memory. Striking
alliances with extremists always backfires. After the 1937 elections, when
the Iron Guard and the anti-Semitic National Christian Party won 22% of
the votes, the Romanian political class followed the same course as it is
doing again today. Back then, mainstream political leaders also entered
into electoral alliances with extremists, foolishly believing they could
control them. Fifty-one years of fascist and communist dictatorship
followed. Playing this dangerous game with the extreme right tarnishes not
only Romania's image abroad but threatens its national security.

Mr. Ioanid is author of "The Holocaust in Romania" and "The Ransom of the

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10. Galloway wants to see Blair Murdered:

11. Anti-Semitic Hispanic Fascists in historic meeting with Arafat:

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14. Neo-Fascists of a Feather: The Friends of Terrorism in Tel Aviv:
This picture sums up the entire Israeli Left:

Thursday, May 25, 2006

1. Thank goodness one can still find some Zionists about:
A Convergence of Terror
By Tashbih Sayyed | May 25, 2006

Good news appears to be on the horizon for the global jihad. Israel's
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is ready to throw in the towel. He is
determined to relinquish the historical Jewish lands of Judea and Samaria
in order to appease those who are faith-bound to destroy the Jewish state
of Israel. Of great significance, the Arabs are achieving their
long-awaited goal of gradually reducing Israel to nonexistence. It is
remarkable that they are accomplishing this without as much as a promise
of formally ending terrorist activities in addition to their continued
refusal to even recognize the state of Israel. Moreover, they will be able
to keep their primary goal alive, the destruction of the "Zionist entity"
and the acquisition of all the land from the Jordan River to the
Mediterranean Sea.

The convergence plan involves an Israeli pullout from 90 to 95 percent of
the West Bank and from several neighborhoods in Jerusalem by the end of
2007. Under this plan, almost 100,000 Israeli civilians will be expelled
from their homes in the West Bank, 50 to 100 Israeli towns and villages in
the area will be destroyed. Israeli military forces will be withdrawn to
garrisoned locations in proximity to Israel's security barrier which will
encompass the remaining 5 to10 percent of the West Bank territory located
along the 1949 armistice lines that constituted Israel.s national
boundaries until 1967. This will be a disaster for Israel in security
terms. The removal of Jews from the West Bank will certainly expose the
heart of the country to many future enemy attacks.

The Olmert plan could not have come at a better time for the Hamas and
their ilk. It has confirmed the belief reigning supreme in the Muslim
Street that Judeo-Christianity is on the retreat. The global jihad is
riding a crest of successes on all fronts of their war against the
Zionists and the Crusaders.

The Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan has gained significant momentum and
territory; they are now confident of recapturing the capital, Kabul in the
very near future. Schools are being attacked, women are being harassed and
government authorities are being murdered on a daily basis.

Al Qaeda, its allies in Pakistan and the Jihadis have already succeeded in
establishing a Khilafah (Caliphate) in the North Waziristan region of
Pakistan where they have imposed very rigid and strict Wahhabi laws.
Anybody who dares to disagree with the Wahhabi clerical establishment is
lynched publicly. Dead bodies of those who have challenged the Wahhabi
clerical domination have been dragged through the streets and then left to

In Bangladesh, radical Islamists are in full control of the Administration
and the Judiciary. In the capital city of Dhaka, the government finds it
very difficult to function without the cooperation of the Islamist
political parties.

Iran has unequivocally become the ultimate symbol of anti-Semitism and a
source of power and inspiration to the global jihad. President Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad has become the supreme provocateur of the global jihad.

Recent developments in Turkey - the murder of a secular judge by a soldier
of Allah and the Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey's open support for
Islamist activism -- has accentuated the duplicitous grasp and depth of

With Aiyan Hirsi Ali.s departure from the Netherlands, the march of
radical Islam in continental Europe and the United Kingdom has conquered
new ground.

These Islamist gains in the global jihad have helped establish the
creation of a psychological environment of invincibility in the radical
Islamist world. Arabs in Palestine have never been so confident of their
success. Olmert.s "Convergence" plan, which is in reality is an expulsion
plan, has further consolidated the belief that their campaign to destroy
Israel is moving in the right direction. There is a feeling of euphoria
among the radical Islamists that terrorism, which they call legitimate
resistance against the .occupation. has clearly succeeded in achieving its
intended goal . breaking the Israeli will.

Firstly, Olmert's Convergence plan will, without doubt, help Arabs and
radical Islamists in a myriad of ways. In my view, the most significant
consequence of this plan will be the emergence of the Arab fifth column
inside Israel. Convinced that their brothers on the other side of the
fence are winning, many Arabs in Israel will work fearlessly to subvert
the Israeli society. Such a conviction will serve to encourage and
facilitate an escalation of terrorism against all Israelis.

Secondly, the plan will sow the seeds of discord within the Israeli
society. The Israelis uprooted from the lands that were rightfully theirs,
will form a very powerful block of citizens who will be distrustful of any
peace plan. Such distrust will remain the cause of destabilization for a
very long time.

Thirdly, giving away the Jewish lands which were regained after thousands
of years of Jewish sacrifices will dishearten Israeli citizens, officers
and soldiers of the IDF. It will amount to the dishonor of the many
Israelis who perished as a result of years of Arab aggression and
terrorism. It will demoralize the core of the Israeli defense forces,
discouraging them from offering themselves for elite duties. In fact, many
in the IDF have requested not be a part of the latest expulsion plan.

Olmert's plan ignores the fact that not a single inch of Israeli territory
has been regained without extraordinarily painful concessions. Jews have
paid in blood to control what was rightfully theirs to begin with. To
relinquish this hard-earned land to the enemy is a betrayal of the highest
level. It creates the perception that the Israelis themselves, do not
consider Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem Jewish enough to hold on to it.

Most people realize that the Arabs do not want peace with Israel; they
want Israel's complete and utter destruction. This is the only explanation
as to why they launched an unrelenting campaign of terror against the
Jewish state instead of accepting the Camp David summit in 2000, which
promised them the entire Gaza Strip and 91 percent of the West Bank in
exchange for full recognition of Israel and an end to the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Anyone with knowledge of the Islamist mindset would acknowledge that
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.s Convergence plan will only serve to
empower the Islamist terrorists. The Arabs will gain control over the
entire Gaza Strip, the West Bank and a portion of Jerusalem without
recognizing Israel, and without putting an end to the ongoing terrorist

Olmert.s Convergence plan will be a victory for Hamas.s strategy of waging
a war of terror. It will allow Hamas to obtain a full strategic resolution
against the state of Israel. The radical Arabs will view this plan as an
invitation to continue their work toward the elimination of the Jewish

The consequence of Sharon.s plan that gave the Arabs a chance to prove to
the world that they sincerely wanted to live in peace, side by side with
Israel resulted in destruction, anarchy, weapons smuggling, a porous
Egyptian border, massive infiltration and daily rockets into Israel. The
Gaza and northern Samaria disengagement was seen by the Arabs as a reward
for their terrorist campaign and resulted in the Hamas victory in the
elections. Olmert.s Convergence plan will also reinforce the radical
belief that homicide bombings work. A Palestinian state established on the
foundation that terror wins will be an armed and militant anti-Semitic
state. With Olmert.s Convergence plan, Palestinians have not been asked to
give up any of their demands . Right of return for refugees, acceptance of
the right of the Jewish people to their historical lands and the
recognition of the state of Israel . The Palestinian leadership will be
able to recruit many more homicide bombers to realize the radical Islamist
goal of wiping the Jewish State off the map totally and completely.

Olmert.s plan will further undermine U.S. efforts to establish democracy
in the region by laying the foundation for an undemocratic, fascist
Islamist state that will devote itself to the destruction of the only
working democracy in the Middle East . Israel. A Palestinian state will
destroy all chances of a permanent regional stability. An Islamist state
that causes the subjugation of Zionism will naturally become an
inspiration for the radical Islamists in countries like Iran, Syria,
Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, Morocco and Algeria. Olmert's plan will lead
to a destabilization of the Middle East, pose a serious threat to Jordan
and threaten US interests throughout the Arab world. It will, without
doubt, create a large, terrorist infrastructure in a region where we are
trying to achieve peace.

It is exceedingly difficult to view this plan as a convergence, since the
definition of convergence is the process of coming together, or the state
of having come together toward a common point. Based on the underlying
concepts of this plan, it is likely that the only convergence will be one
of terror, not one of coming together in peace. Appeasement didn't work in
Gaza and it will not work in the West Bank.

2. Americans for Jihad Now:

3. Tariq TV:

4. Flying Lessons:

5. Some OTHER walls:
Funny how they only complain when Israel builds a "wall". What about these

Saudis plan to fence off border with chaos,,7374-2126835,00.html

Spain builds own Berlin Wall to stop immigrants

Spain builds steel wall to keep out immigrants

EU to build wall after blasting Israel's
'European hypocrisy is as rank as it is blatant'

The wails over the wall

Palestinians fume over British Consulate security wall

6. Did you know the toothbrush was invented by the French?

If it had been invented by anyone else it would have been called the

Q: How do you get a French waiter's attention?
A: Start ordering in German.

Q: Why do the French like smelly cheeses?

A: Well, in a room full of French people, you can't really smell the

"A Frenchmen's home is where another man's wife is." - Mark Twain -1878-79

"There is nothing lower than the human race...except for the French."
-Mark Twain 1878-79

"French history: They turn on their friends and surrender to their

This is actually a tip in the book entitled, "When Traveling in France."

Instead of trusting the hotel safe, hide your valuables in the shower
under the soap.

The makers of French's Mustard made the following recent statement: "We at
the French's Company wish to put an end to statements that our product is
manufactured in France. There is no relationship, nor has there ever been
a relationship, between our mustard and the country of France. Indeed, our
mustard is manufactured in Rochester, NY. The only thing we have in common
is that we are both yellow".

Why wouldn't the Statue of Liberty work in France? Because she has only
one arm raised.

Q. How do you stop a French tank?
A. Say "boo"

How do you separate the men from the boys in France? With a crowbar.

Hey ! Do you know what's the difference between a Frenchman and a
chimpansee ? - One of them is hairy, stinky, and scratches his ass all the
time. The other is a chimpansee.

Why do the french get more votes in the U.N. They vote with both hands

Q. What is the difference between a frenchwoman and a basketball team?
A. The basketball team showers after 4 periods.

7. Quick! When does the ACLU NOT believe in free speech?
Answer: when it comes to criticism of the ACLU! The ACLU is instituting a
gag order! Really!

Yes, the NY Times reports that the heads of the hyper-Left ACLU have gone
on a jihad (or is it jughad?) against the rights of free speech of those
critical of it!

It seems that the American Civil Liberties Union is weighing new standards
that would discourage its board members from publicly criticizing the
organization's policies and internal administration.

Where an individual director disagrees with a board position on matters of
civil liberties policy, the director should refrain from publicly
highlighting the fact of such disagreement," the committee that compiled
the standards wrote in its proposals. "Directors should remember that
there is always a material prospect that public airing of the disagreement
will affect the A.C.L.U. adversely in terms of public support and
fund-raising," the proposals state. Given the organization's longtime
commitment to defending free speech, some former board members were
shocked by the proposals.

Nat Hentoff, a writer and former A.C.L.U. board member, was incredulous.
"You sure that didn't come out of Dick Cheney's office?" he asked.

9. Where are Those Darned Lumberjacks when we Really Need them?

Joan Baez joins the Tree-Sitters, moonbats trying to protect trees from
the timber industry.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

1. So let us see if we have this straight.
No illegal Mexicans entering the US are committing mass murder nor suicide
bombings. Yet it is reasonable for the US to wish to control access to
its territory by erecting a sophisticated security fence.

But when Israel does it, it is a human rights violation and makes Israel
an "apartheid state"...

Got it?

2. When the police use racial profiling, they decide whether to check a
car or search an air passenger based on group affiliation. So how come
the very same people who are so violently opposed to racial profiling by
the police are the ones promoting affirmative action preferences based on
group affiliation?

3. Et tu, Hebrew U?,2506,L-3254473,00.html

Israel can't even get a fair hearing at the country's flagship university
Matt Lebovic

.What is a Jewish state, anyway?. my professor asked the class last week.
.Is it like a Jewish chair? I mean, I know what a Jewish person is, but
how can a state be Jewish?.

A few minutes later, the same professor compared Israel to apartheid South
Africa, calling it a .fake democracy.. Not for the first time at Hebrew
University.s Rothberg International School, I squirmed in my chair. Was
this a course on Israeli politics, or a Hamas press conference?

David and Goliath

The following day, another professor of mine informed students that Israel
has no reason to make its case in the international arena. .You look at
the occupied territories and Israel is Goliath and the Palestinians are
David,. the professor said. .Why bother trying to explain anything Israel
does if this is all people see?. The rhetorical question was followed by
silence from the class.

My classmates, both Jewish and non-Jewish, come to Jerusalem from
Argentina, Taiwan, and a score of countries in between. Prior to studies
in Israel, many of them received information about Israel from biased CNN
coverage and anti-Israel divestment and boycott movements back home. Some
classmates. questions early in the year shed light on their impressions of

.Did the Jews murder Arabs at Deir Yassin because they were hungry for
blood, or was there an actual reason?. a young German woman asked the
professor in my friend.s Palestine 1948 class. .Since a Jew murdered
Rabin, we can say Jews don.t really want peace, right?. asked a young man
from Azerbaijan during an introductory class on Israeli history.

Balance needed

It.s clear that some of my classmates would benefit from a balanced,
multi-sided examination of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Many will leave
Jerusalem to become journalists, diplomats and teachers around the world.
Unfortunately, some will depart with the words of professors ringing in
their ears: .Israel is a fake democracy. Israel is an apartheid state.
Israel has no excuse for its actions vis-.-vis the Palestinians..

Not all professors at my school ignore historical and political context
for Palestinian suffering and Israeli actions like the security fence.
Some have impressed me and other .pro-Israel. classmates with their
ability to distill the conflict.s complexities and foster reasonable
discussion of the issues.

Others, however, let their political beliefs determine classroom
discourse, such as one professor.s labeling the Israeli government a
.colonialist regime. and another referring to an outspoken, kippah-clad
student as .Lieberman..

Obviously, professors are entitled to their opinions, and to elucidate
them in class; however, there is a line between political commentary and
.Israel-bashing,. as one classmate described some professors. behavior.

Special responsibility

Labeling Israel an aggressive .Goliath. victimizing the helpless
Palestinian .David. distorts the conflict.s true scope . that of a tiny
island of Jewish sovereignty surrounded by more than a few genocidal
extremists. Like every democracy on Earth, Israel is flawed. Does this
mean the Jewish state has no more intrinsic value than a .Jewish chair,.
as my professor implied?

I respect the academic freedom and vigorous discourse abundant at my
school; however, the international division of Israel.s flagship
university bears a special responsibility to students and supporters. If
Israel cannot receive a fair hearing in the hallowed halls of Mt. Scopus,
where can it?

The writer is a graduate student at Hebrew University.s Rothberg
International School. His .pro-Israel. blog can be read at

4. The AIPAC affair:

5. Do as we say and not as we do:

6. Feminoids:

7. Cowardice at the NY Times:

8.Getting the French Upset:
Letters To The Editor, Jewish Press
Unfair Depiction

Steven Plaut.s description of France in his article "Le Bouffon Grandiose"
(op-ed, May 5,) does not fit the facts.

First, actor Dieudonn..s provocative remarks are his alone and he has been
convicted and fined by a French court, on the basis of the Lellouche Act
which is among the world.s toughest legislation on hate speech and

Second, to claim that an individual.s anti-Semitism reflects French
society as a whole is unjust and wrong: According to a poll published in
Maariv in September 2005, 82 percent of the French like the Jews, with
France ranking second among countries expressing a positive opinion (after
the Netherlands).

Anti-Semitism is in total contradiction with France.s values. As President
Jacques Chirac declared on Nov. 17, 2003, "When a Jew is attacked in
France, it is an attack against the whole of France." The French
Government has demonstrated its absolute determination to fight this
scourge, and its efforts have been widely recognized by both the Israeli
authorities and the national leaders of the American Jewish community. Its
zero-tolerance policy has borne fruit: anti-Semitic acts in France
declined 48 percent in 2005 compared with 2004.

Finally, Mr. Plaut.s references to an "Islamic republic" in France are
totally baseless. France is actively pursuing a strategy both to combat
radical Islam and better integrate its Muslim community into the French
society. France acted to stop the Eurosat satellite from rebroadcasting Al
Manar channel programs to its territory and moved successfully to have filter Internet sites promoting hate and anti-Semitism.

Fran.ois Delattre
Consul General of France
New York, NY

9. A Great idea of What to do with OUR leftists?

10. Anarcho-fascists blame the Jews for Arab Moslems mass murdering
people in Sudan:

Monday, May 22, 2006

1. Tariq Ramadan's "Center" involved in terrorism

You may recall how the Marxist seditious Kroc Institute at Notre Dame
"University" tried to host Tariq Ramadan as its "visiting scholar" at the
"University" a while back. Ramadan is a vile anti-Semite and pro-terror
Islamofascist, with personal ties to al-Qaeda. In the end, the US refused
to grant him a visa and so Kroc and Notre Dame had to go hunting for other
terrorists to host. The ACLU is helping him appeal that decision. What a

Well, now the Militant Islam Monitor blog reveals that Muslims at the
Saudi-funded Geneva Islamic Center, run by Ramadan and his family, plotted
to shoot down an El Al civilian plane last week.

It has now been publicized that an unnamed Islamic terror gang planned to
fire an RPG missile at a plane as it took off from the Geneva airport. The
Swiss agents first learned of the terrorists' plans five months ago. An
undercover agent inside Ramadan's Islamic Center in Geneva became friendly
with several immigrants from Arab countries, and they told him of their
intentions. The terrorists had planned to flee to Iraq after the attack.
Phone taps on the terrorists revealed that the terrorists planned to
smuggle an RPG rocket from Russia and fire it at the plane.

Perhaps Notre Dame can host Osama himself next year?

2. Debunking Chamishist conspiracism:

3. You do not have to go to an Israeli university to find self-hating
Jewish Uncle Toms:

4. More academic pogroms:

5. Keynote Speech at Mikey Lerner's "Pagans for Peace" Conference:

6. Jew-bashing on Campus in California:

7. The Nuremberg Rally at UCI:

8. Cole and Yale:

9. Le Phooh

French are rudest, most boring people on earth: British poll
Saturday May 20, 08:17 AM
LONDON (AFP) - The French have been voted the world's most unfriendly
nation by a landslide in a new British poll published. They were also
voted the most boring and most ungenerous.
A decisive 46 percent of the 6,000 people surveyed by travellers' website
Where Are You Now (WAYN) said the French were the most unfriendly nation
people on the planet, British newspapers reported.

The Germans have no to reason to celebrate the damning verdict. They came
second on all three counts.

WAYN's French founder, Jerome Touze, told the papers he had been stunned
by the thumping condemnation of his compatriots and sought to blame it on
Gallic love-struck sulking.

"I had no idea that the French would emerge as such an unfriendly
country," he said.

"I think our romantic 'moodiness' is misunderstood and I will be sure to
pass on the message to my family and friends back in France to be a bit
more cheerful to tourists in the future."

Italy was voted the world's most cultured nation with the best cuisine,
while the United States was named the most unstylish with the worst food.

The British did not feature in the top 10 of any of the categories.

"The British fit in nowhere -- good or bad. It appears that we are so
completely average that the voters did not include us in any category,"
the tabloid Daily Express commented.

"And to our shame, four percent of respondents -- all British of course --
said they would only talk to other Britons when they are abroad."

This unwillingness to talk to the locals appears to go hand in hand with
respondents' perceptions of foreigners.

While most said Spain was the foreign country where they would most like
to live, they said the Spaniards were nearly as unfriendly and ungenerous
as the French.

To add insult to injury, British newspaper The Daily Telegraph put the
boot in on Saturday by saying in an editorial that the French stank.

"The French may like to think that Chanel No 5 is their scent but we all
know that garlic and stale Gitanes are much more representative."

Friday, May 19, 2006

1. An idea whose time has come?

Can Columbia University and the University of California at Irvine be far

Chris Wattie of the National Post in Canada reports, on Friday, May 19,
2006, that Iran has a brand new peace idea!

The plan is to require Jews and Christians to wear special stars to
identify them as Untermenschen. Now where have we heard of similar ideas
before? A new law passed by the Iranian parliament that would require the
country's Jews and Christians to wear coloured badges to identify them and
other religious minorities as non-Muslims. Iranian expatriates living in
Canada yesterday confirmed reports that the Iranian parliament, called the
Islamic Majlis, passed a law this week setting a dress code for all
Iranians, requiring them to wear almost identical "standard Islamic

"This is reminiscent of the Holocaust," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, the dean
of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. "Iran is moving closer and
closer to the ideology of the Nazis."

nder the new law, Iran's roughly 25,000 Jews would have to sew a yellow
strip of cloth on the front of their clothes, while Christians would wear
red badges and Zoroastrians would be forced to wear blue cloth.

We figure Counterpunch will be endorsing the plan this coming week. Along
with their cheering Iran's nuclear plans....

2. More British ISM Terrorists?
The ISM or "International Solidarity Movement" (ISM REALLY stands for "I
Support Murderers") is a pro-terror extremist group devoted to endorsing
and promoting Palestinian violence against Jews. ISM terrorhoids routinely
enter Israel under false pretenses and then collaborate with terrorists.
They also participate in violent attacks on Israel's "Security Wall" and
the police and soldiers defending it. They oppose the wall because they
favor mass murders and genocidal atrocities against jews by Palestinians,
and the wall makes such crimes more difficult.

In the past, Arab bombers from Britain entered Israel under the guise of
being "activists", members of or hosted by the ISM. Two of these "guests"
of the ISM murdered several people when they blew up a popular Tel Aviv
bar three years ago.

Last week yet another British Arab "activist" was arrested after entering
Israel for purposes of engaging in terrorism. Ayash Ali was arrested eight
days ago, but news of the arrest was only released on Thursday. The arrest
took place in the territories in cooperation with a special police force,
and the man was taken in for interrogation by the Shin Bet. Karen Kaufman,
spokeswoman for the British Embassy in Israel, told The Associated Press
that Ayash Ali was arrested on May 9, and British diplomats have had
access to him in custody and have attended remand hearings.

In April 2003, British national Asif Muhammad Hanif blew himself up in the
Mike's Place pub on the Tel Aviv promenade. Three people were murdered in
the bombing. A second British man, Omar Khan Sharrif, accompanied Hanif.
The men were sent by Hamas, and both were dispatched as suicide bombers.
Both had been hosted and featured at ISM events just before the murders.

They had succeeded in entering the country through their British
passports, evidently with ISM help, but Sharif failed to detonate his
explosives belt. He escaped and apparently tried to flee by way of the
sea. His body was washed up on the Tel Aviv beach a number of weeks later.

3. The Animal Rights Fascists are Back:

The Academic College Tel-Aviv . Jaffa and 3 of its position holders demand
the Tel Aviv District Court to issue a restraining order against 4 animal
rights activists that will prevent them from demonstrating in front of
their houses, restrict their freedom of movement and to require them to
pay all legal expenses. In addition, they ask to censor the group's

In the statement of claim presented by The Academic College Tel-Aviv .
Jaffa, Nehemia Friedland (chairman of the college), Yair Orgler (former
chairman and member of the governing council of the college) and Zohar
Zisapel (current chairman of the governing council of the college, and CO
of RAD company which donates to the college), the plaintiffs demand to
issue a restraining order against 4 animal rights activists that will
prevent them from demonstrating in front of their houses as part of an
ongoing campaign against the opening of animal experiments laboratory in
the college, and to require them to pay all legal expenses of the
plaintiff and their lawyers' fee.

The animal nuts maintain a web site at

4. So many anarchists! So few bullets! :

Thursday, May 18, 2006

1. Israel's anti-democratic "judicial activists" continue their campaign
to impose judicial tyranny on Israel.

No sooner does Israel's Supreme Court affirm by a narrow majority the
right of Israel top prevent unlimited award of citizenship to West Bank
and Gaza residents claiming to be married to Israeli Arabs, when Israel's
Chief Justice, the guru of judicial activism, breaks into new territory.
Having long maintained that it is the right of unelected judges to veto
laws passed by elected representatives of the people, having long insisted
than unelected judges may invent "laws" and rights" opposed by the
legislature, Chief Justice Aharon Barak, who was in the minority on teh
recent Supreme Court ruling, now is insisting that the majority opinion of
Supreme Court justices also is not worth diddly. At least not when the
majority rule in opposition to Barak's personality prejudices!

Yesterday Barak distributred his own private opinion (which Barak
generally confuses with Israeli law) that the ruling upholding teh right
of Israel to refuse citizenship to West Bank and Gaza Arabs claiming to be
marries to Israeli Arabs will soon have to be overturned as violating
Israel's "Basic Laws". But it does not violate Israel's "Basic Laws", and
in any case Israel's "Basic Laws" are simply laws, passed by the
legislature, the same legislature that passed the law controlling

Barak announced that if teh Knesset dares to act as the sovereign
legislature and extends the citizenship law of which Aharon Barak
disapproves, then he will personally see to it that the Supreme Court
vetoes the law. Except that Israel's Supreme Court has no constitutional
authority whatsoever to veto any law passed by the Knesset!

Meanwhile, in another court ruling, this time by Jerusalem Magistrates
Court, it was decided NOT to prosecute two violent anti-Israel leftist
extremists for attacking police and soldiers during "protests" against
Israel's security fence. The protesters oppose the Wall because they want
terrorists to murder lots of Jews and the wall makes that more difficult.
Two extremists were to face indictment: anti-Israel pro-terror extremists
Jonathan Falk and Moshe Snitz (see

The court in effect ruled that attacking police is just legitimate
free speech and expression.

Meanwhile, in an uncharacteristic move, Haaretz runs a politically
incorrect non-leftist guest Op-Ed column by a law student named Yaniv
Roznai. He supports the court decidion that upheld Israel's law
restricting citizenship to West Bank Arabs claiming to be married to
Israeli Arabs. Indeed, he argues it is not only democratic but is
perfectly consistent with international law, which endorses the right of
countries to restrict access to their territory to residents of
belligerent states and areas.

2. Explaining Jewish anti-Semitism:

Explaining Jews, Part VI: Jews Who Aid Those Who Hate Jews and America
By Dennis Prager | May 16, 2006

Some recent news items about Jews aiding enemies of the Jews:

Last week, professor Noam Chomsky went to Lebanon to speak at the
headquarters of Hezbollah. As described by the BBC, not a media friend of
Israel, "Hezbollah's political rhetoric has centered on calls for the
destruction of the state of Israel," and Hezbollah has been "synonymous
with terror, suicide bombings and kidnappings." The terror group's views
on the need to annihilate the Jewish state are identical to those of Hamas
and Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Chomsky announced his support for
Hezbollah and its need to be militarily strong.

Also last week, an ultra-Orthodox rabbi from Vienna, a member of a Jewish
sect called Neturei Karta, went to Stockholm to meet with a Palestinian
Hamas official to help raise funds for Hamas. Hamas is, of course,
dedicated to annihilating Israel, as is Neturei Karta, an Orthodox Jewish
fringe group that believes no Jewish state should exist unless founded by
God. It therefore supports Palestinian and other Muslim groups that murder
Jews in Israel.

In March, a group of five Neturei Karta rabbis from Britain and the United
States went to Tehran to lend their support to the Iranian regime in its
calls for the annihilation of Israel. The group said nothing about the
Iranian regime's repeated denials that there was a Holocaust.

This week, the University of California at Irvine Muslim Student Union is
sponsoring a series of lectures under the heading, "Holocaust in the Holy
Land" and "Israel: The Fourth Reich." Featuring activists committed to
Israel's destruction, its lead speaker is a Jew named Norman Finkelstein,
a professor who devotes his life to attacking Jewish communities and
Israel. Also appearing is Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss from the
above-mentioned Neturei Karta.

Tony Judt, a widely published New York University professor, recently
wrote that "Israel, in short, is an anachronism," and should therefore
cease to exist. The Jews of Israel should live under Arab/Muslim rule.
Note that of all the countries of the world, Judt -- who the Jewish
newspaper The Forward identified as "raised in the heavily Jewish East End
section of London by a mother whose parents had immigrated from Russia and
a Belgian father who descended from a line of Lithuanian rabbis" -- has
advocated the disappearance of one country, the Jewish one. Why, for
example, does Judt not write that Pakistan, a Muslim state carved out of
India, is an "anachronism"?

Jews siding with the Jews' enemies or even actually fomenting Jew-hatred
has a history that long predates Chomsky, Finkelstein, leftist Jewish
professors and the Neturei Karta. Karl Marx, though baptized a Christian,
was the grandson of two Orthodox rabbis but wrote one of the most
anti-Semitic tracts of the 19th century, "On the Jewish Question." In it
he wrote, among other anti-Semitic charges, that "Money is the jealous god
of Israel, beside which no other god may exist."

How is one to explain these Jews who work to hurt Jews?

I think the primary explanations are psychological. As I wrote in a
previous column, it is almost impossible to overstate the pathological
effects of thousands of years of murder of Jews -- culminating in the Nazi
Holocaust, when nearly all Jews on the European continent were murdered --
have had on most Jews.

It is not coincidental that Norman Finkelstein's parents went through the
Holocaust or that Yisroel Dovid Weiss's grandparents were murdered in the
Holocaust. But even Jews who lost no relatives in the Holocaust fear
another outbreak of anti-Jewish violence, and given the Nazi-like
anti-Semitism in the Muslim world today, that is not exactly paranoia.

One way to deal with this is to side with the enemy. Consciously or not,
the Jew who sides with those dedicated to murdering Jews feels that he
will be spared. He becomes the "good Jew" in the anti-Semites' eyes. How
else to explain the visit of a Jew named Noam Chomsky to Lebanon to
support Hezbollah or the fact that Chomsky wrote the foreword to a French
book denying the Holocaust? How else to explain Norman Finkelstein telling
cheering German audiences that the Jewish state is morally the same as the
Nazis? How else to explain rabbis visiting Tehran to extol the
Holocaust-denying regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran that seeks to
exterminate Israel?

The other psychological explanation is related. The Jew -- specifically
the radical Jew -- who sympathizes with Jew-haters wishes to announce to
the world that he is not really like other Jews. While the other Jews are
moored in provincial Jewish ethnic or religious identity, he is a world
citizen who no more identifies with the Jews' fate than with the fate of
Iroquois Indians.

The prevalence of Jew-hating Jews would be no more than an interesting
study of psychopathology were it not for one additional fact: All these
Jews (except for the fringe Neturei Karta rabbis) also hate America. And
they do the same damage to this country -- aiding the enemies of America
just as they do the enemies of the Jews.

3. May 18, 2006
Wrong on Libya

May 18, 2006; Page A14

The State Department has announced that the U.S. would establish full
diplomatic relations with Libya and remove it from the terror list. The
impetus for the decision is to create a model to change the behavior of
Iran, North Korea and Syria. The decision is a mistake, because the Libyan
government has suspended but not renounced terrorism to achieve political
gains. Libya is not Iran. Moammar Gadhafi rules supreme and oppresses his
people. Libya has neither a civil society nor political institutions. Col.
Gadhafi dominates every facet of political and economic life and continues
to justify his past use of terrorism. His son Saif, heir-apparent, has
merely said that terrorism is no longer useful, because Libya and America
are at peace: "We used terrorism as tactics, for bargaining." What then
happens if it is no longer convenient for Libya's leadership to ally with

In April, former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor arrived in The Hague to
stand trial for crimes against humanity. Col. Gadhafi was his chief
supporter. Mr. Taylor is being tried for his role in the Sierra Leone
civil war. The Special Court's indictment was instructive: "Taylor
received military training in Libya from representatives of . . . Muammar
al-Qadhafi. While in Libya the accused met and made common cause with
[Sierra Leonean rebel leader] Foday Saybana Sankoh." Col. Gadhafi's
facilitation of the meeting contributed to the loss of 75,000 lives.

Col. Gadhafi's chief victims, though, are Libyans. In February, he
orchestrated a rally to protest the Danish cartoons depicting the prophet
Muhammad. An ensuing riot destroyed the Italian consulate in Benghazi. His
security forces shot and killed 11 people. A subsequent sweep landed a few
hundred people in prison. Children as young as 13 disappeared.

My brother, Fathi, is another victim of the regime. He may face the death
penalty because he met with a U.S. official and called for free speech and
democracy. Fathi is held in a secret facility. He suffers from
hypertension, diabetes and a heart condition. He is not receiving proper
medical care and is mostly cut off from his family. He isn't the only one:
Last year, police kidnapped journalist Daif Al-Ghazal after he wrote
articles critical of the regime. His mutilated body was found in Benghazi
the next month.

The State Department's decision undermines U.S. credibility. Realists say
the administration is sending a positive message to the Arab world that it
will reward good behavior in the war on terror. What despots hear, though,
is that lip-service will obviate the need to reform or respect human
rights. Re-establishing relations with Col. Gadhafi is not a victory and
it may very well be a defeat unless Washington begins full-court pressure
to force political change in Libya.

Mr. Eljahmi is a Libyan-American activist whose brother, Fathi Eljahmi, is
imprisoned in Libya for speaking out in favor of political reform.

URL for this article:

Sunday, May 14, 2006

1. A Cure for "Racism"
Moonbats, Inc. this weekend, including Israel's own Leftists for
Auto-Annihilation, are attacking Israel for "racism" after its Supreme
Court upheld a law that refuses automatic citizenship to West Bank or Gaza
Palestinian Arabs who marry or "marry" Israeli Arabs. They are screaming
that denial of the right of the Israeli spouse to obtain automatic
citizenship for the Palestinian spouse constitutes "racism".

Oh yeah? Well, need we remind you that even foreign spouses of Americans
do not get automatic US citizenship, nor even automatic residence rights.
And ditto for many European countries.

And since when is it the entitlement of married couples composed of
Israeli and Palestinian Arabs to live together as a couple in Israel? Huh?
They can only be "united" in Israel?

Here is a BETTER solution to this supposed "Racism": let them go live as a
couple in the West Bank or in Gaza of in Syria or in Lebanon! How come it
is only in the direction of Israel that such couples can move to be
"united"? Israel will not stop them from moving to Nablus or Jericho or
Ramallah!! In fact, Israel's stopping them from living together in Jordan
or Lebanon - now THAT would be racism!

2. The Wall Street Journal mocks "Rabbi" Mikey Lerner from Tikkun

'When it comes to religious tone-deafness, of course, Mr. McCain has
plenty of competition. A spate of books, including "Thy Kingdom Come: An
Evangelical's Lament," "The Left Hand of God" and my favorite, "Jesus Rode
a Donkey," explicitly state that Democrats made a mistake by offending
religious folks in 2004. Now they want to show how a good Christian should
be a good leftist.

'"Please help me build an alternative to the Religious Right--before it's
too late!" That was the subject line of an email from Rabbi Michael
Lerner, the editor of Tikkun magazine and onetime adviser to Hillary
Clinton, advertising his new "Network of Spiritual Progressives." Like his
colleague Jim Wallis, the evangelical editor of Sojourners magazine, Rabbi
Lerner has an agenda that sounds suspiciously identical to that of the
Democratic Party. OK, it's actually sillier. Aside from wanting to pull
out of Iraq immediately, raise taxes and increase government-funded social
services, Rabbi Lerner wants to "seek a New Bottom Line in the Western
world so that institutions get judged . . . [by] the extent to which they
maximize love and caring."

'No doubt there are people who agree with the pacifist-socialist
of Messrs. Lerner and Wallis--even, suggests Mr. Green, a few
evangelicals. But they are already voting for Democrats. And so,
presumably, are the other spiritual progressives: mainline Protestants,
Reform Jews, Buddhists and "humanists." Of the ones who are not, one might
wonder: Where do you find them?

'Today, it is a mark of the spiritual liberal not to be bound by such
conventions as regular attendance at a house of worship. But where do you
think Karl Rove went looking for his "moral values" voters in the last
election? Here's a hint: He didn't go door to door.

'In the past month, we have witnessed the passing of the Rev. William
Sloane Coffin and Rabbi Arthur Hertzberg, both men who were not only
active in politics but steeped in their faith. In fact, they had pulpits.
Today's religious left likes to invoke these names to show that liberalism
has an honorable religious history. But it's a long way from the
civil-rights movement to the "New Bottom Line." Especially if you're
riding a donkey.'

Friday, May 12, 2006

1. Terrorism Without "Occupation": Some Lessons From The Early Arab

The Bash-Israel media and the Arab terrorist amen chorus have been
repeating for so many years that Palestinian terrorism and barbarism are
caused by Israeli "occupation" that few are still capable of examining
that "theory" critically.

The simple fact is that Palestinian terrorism and atrocities against Jews
began not only long before Israel "occupied" the West Bank and Gaza, but
long before Israel was created. Examining those early waves of violence
can shed enormous light on the Middle East conflict even today and help us
understand its true nature.

There were waves of attacks against Jews in Palestine throughout the
1920.s . the Jewish population of Hebron was destroyed by Arab terrorists
in 1929. Palestine at the time was part of the British Mandate. While a
few hundred thousand Arabs lived in there in the 1930.s, it had never been
an Arab Palestinian state, and in fact had not been under any form of Arab
rule since the Dark Ages.

The worst anti-Jewish atrocities in Palestine were part of a wave of Arab
pogroms lasting from 1936 to 1939 and dubbed the "Arab Revolt" by
apologists for the terrorism. They were designed to stop immigration to
the Land of Israel by Jewish refugees trying to flee a Europe that was
coming under the growing shadow of Hitler. During the "Revolt," between
415 and 463 Jews (depending on the source) were murdered by the Arab

The pogroms were aimed at Jewish civilians and sometimes at British
colonial forces. They escalated in September 1937, after the British Royal
"Peel Commission" made its recommendations. That commission called for a
tiny Jewish mini-state and a large Arab state, both to be carved out of
Western Palestine. It also called for severe restrictions on further
immigration to Palestine of Jewish refugees from Europe. But because it
did not rule out Jewish sovereignty and Jewish immigration altogether,
which were the minimal demands of the terrorists, the pogrom leaders
ordered escalated violence.

At the time, Palestinian Arabs were led by an "Arab High Command" headed
by the infamous Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini. The mufti served as
chief clergyman in Jerusalem with British approval, even though he had
fought against the British in World War I.

Al-Husseini later went on to become Hitler.s ally and point man, assisting
Hitler in recruiting Muslims for the German side in World War II.

On May 10, 1941 the mufti broadcast a fatwa (religious ruling) calling for
a holy war against the British. It claimed the British had profaned the
Al-Aksa mosque and were out to destroy Islam (an allegation reinvented
against Israel by more recent Palestinian leaders). In 1943 the mufti was
sent to Yugoslavia, where he organized the 13th Waffen SS division, which
not only was responsible for the murder of about 90 percent of Bosnia's
Jews but also destroyed numerous Serbian churches and villages.
In his memoirs, the mufti thanked Eichmann and praised him as "gallant and

Throughout this period the Jews did not "occupy" anything except their own
personal property, exercising no sovereignty at all in the Land of Israel.
The campaigns of Palestinian terrorism had nothing to do with occupation,
because there was no Jewish occupation.

Apologists for the terrorists, like Hebrew University.s pro-Palestinian
professor and propagandist Baruch Kimmerling, argue that the violence
proves that a "Palestinian nationalism" was emerging in the late 1930.s.
In fact, the term "Palestinian" referred at the time to Jews, not Arabs.
Palestinian Arab leaders did not begin to demand the right to
"self-determination" and statehood until after 1967. When the West Bank
and Gaza were occupied by Egypt and Jordan, the Palestinian leadership had
no complaints about any "alien occupation" and expressed no desire for

Were there no voices of moderation and tolerance among Palestinian Arabs
at the time? As a matter of fact, there were. And the story of what became
of one of them can help us understand the entire Middle East conflict.

On May 4, a fascinating story related to that era was published for the
first time by the dovish Israeli journalist (and filmmaker) Yehuda Litani
in Yediot Aharonot, Israel.s leading daily. Litani is well known for

films sympathetic to the mundane problems of Palestinian Arabs.

Back when the mufti was beating
the war drums and organizing mass murders of Jews, it seems that an
article was published by a young Palestinian Arab intellectual, Araf
al-Asli, age 27, denouncing the mufti, the pogroms, and the violence.

The article appeared in both Hebrew and Arabic leaflets. Titled "The
History of the Jews and the Arabs," its theme was that Jews and Arabs had
cooperated in the past, especially during the era of cultural flowering in
Muslim Spain. That cooperation had helped make Spain the most advanced
civilization of its age, surpassing the rest of Europe in science,
literature, and architecture. Indeed, Muslim Spain was the most tolerant
regime in all of medieval Europe.

Al-Asli went on to denounce Arab leaders trying to organize violent
assaults against Jews and trying to recruit support among Palestinian
Arabs for the untrustworthy dictators of the Arab states. He called for
cooperation and solidarity with the Jews. He warned the Arabs that if they
chose the path of armed conflict with the Jews, rejecting the outstretched
hand of the Zionists, the Arabs would lose.

In the midst of the anti-Jewish pogroms, al-Asli was proposing an
immediate ceasefire, followed by an alliance with the Zionists that would
produce prosperity for Jews and Arabs.

Soon after publication of the essay, terrorists commanded by the mufti
kidnapped the dissident, interrogated him, and eventually walled him up
inside a cave on Mount Scopus. Meanwhile, al-Asli.s father, a civil
servant in Jordan, managed to persuade the mufti to let his son out of the
cave. Afraid of antagonizing the Jordanian regime, the mufti allowed the
battered son out, but banished him to Lebanon. There al-Asli found work
waiting tables and teaching Hebrew to students at the American University
of Beirut.

The story was buried for many years until relatives of al-Asli told it to
Litani and he published it. The incident shows clearly why so few voices
of moderation have ever been heard among the Palestinian Arabs.

The mufti died in 1974, but the al-Husseini family has continued to play a
central role in Palestinian terrorism and extremism.

For those who think Middle East terrorism is attributable to Jews
"mistreating" and "occupying" Palestinians, nothing can better remove the
blinders than studying the 1936-39 period in Palestine.

2. The Judt Disease

3. Israelis for Hamas Victory and terror:

4. What David? What Goliath?

5. 1938 again?

Monday, May 08, 2006

1. Time to Divest from Brandeis
Brandeis has been getting away with it for too long. Pretending to be a
university with Jewish roots, it is today an American pseudo-academic
center of anti-Semitism and leftist moonbatery:

Betrayal at Brandeis
By Robert Spencer | May 8, 2006

Brandeis University began in 1948, according to its mission statement,
.under the sponsorship of the American Jewish community. in order to
.embody its highest ethical and cultural values.. In this age of the
ascendancy of the academic Left, it is in danger of becoming the polar
opposite of those noble aspirations: a useful idiot of the global jihad.
First there was the appointment of Khalil Shikaki a senior fellow at its
Crown Center for Middle East Studies, and the flat refusal to consider the
evidence linking Shikaki to Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Now comes an
honorary doctorate to be awarded to playwright Tony Kushner on May 21.

Kushner thinks that .it would have been better if Israel never happened,.
and that its founding was a .mistake.. He has echoed the most outrageous
fantasies of Palestinian propagandists, denouncing Israel for .ethnic
cleansing. and declaring: .The biggest supporters of Israel are the most
repulsive members of the Jewish community and Israel itself has got this
disgraceful record...Israel is a creation of the U.S., bought and paid
for...There are lots of beautiful little orange groves and olive groves
which the Palestinians had before the Jews were there, and some very
attractive European-looking cities, too.... Kushner has decried .the
deliberate destruction of Palestinian culture and a systematic attempt to
destroy the identity of the Palestinian people. -- without, of course,
mentioning that that national identity was invented in the 1960s in what
turned about to be an extraordinarily successful ploy to adjust the
paradigm of the Arab-Israeli conflict with the newly-minted Palestinians
as the underdogs.

Meanwhile, Brandeis Goldfarb Library featured a propagandistic exhibition
of children.s paintings called .Voices from Palestine,. including
depictions of bloodied Palestinian children and a PLO flag in the shape of
Israel, suggesting that all of Israel belongs by right to the
Palestinians. Adverse publicity compelled the Library to close the exhibit
Wednesday, after four days of a scheduled two-week run. Yet the day after
the Library closed the exhibit, protestors came out at Brandeis; one
carried a sign reading, .Shut Down the Israeli Apartheid Terror State/From
the River to the Sea Palestine Will Be Free.. Another read: .END
Repression of Palestanian [sic] Children. -- a particularly brutal irony
in light of the culture of murderous hatred into which Palestinian
children at the youngest ages are plunged by their parents.

These are the .highest ethical and cultural values. of the American Jewish
community? Brandeis has clearly lost its way: it has come full circle from
the robust and fervent Zionism of Justice Louis Brandeis. It has imbibed
so deeply the Left.s iron dogma of relativist multiculturalism that it has
become just another academic conduit for the propaganda and disinformation
that dominate the discussion about Israel in today.s universities.

The bitter irony is that Brandeis President Jehuda Reinharz and the others
responsible for hiring Shikaki and honoring Kushner, as well as the
protestors at the University last Thursday, no doubt believe that all this
demonstrates their commitment to justice. Those at Brandeis who are
responsible for all this probably deplore the Israeli .apartheid. state,
but they never address (except to explain away) the relentless terror
attacks on Israeli civilians by Palestinian mujahedin or the overall
climate of terror that made the infamous .apartheid wall. necessary. They
do not examine the root causes of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and so
believe that it can by various concessions on the part of Israel. They,
like so many others in Europe and America, labor under the delusion that
they can win peace with the jihadists through concessions and negotiated

They don.t have any idea of what the new rulers of .Palestine,. the
Islamic Resistance Movement or Hamas, make quite plain in the Charter of
their movement: that the conflict between Muslim Arabs and Israel is not
ultimately about .stolen land. or nationalistic yearnings. If it had been,
the Palestinian Arabs would have accepted the state offered them by the UN
partition plan of 1948. Instead, it is just one front of the global jihad
effort to establish the hegemony of Islamic law not just over what is now
the State of Israel, but over the entire world. Hamas, the Charter says,
.will spare no effort to bring about justice and defeat injustice, in word
and deed, in this place and everywhere it can reach and have influence
therein.. In this context justice equals Islamic rule: Hamas states that
.Allah is its target, the Prophet is its model, the Koran its
constitution: Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the
loftiest of its wishes..

The jihad ideology stipulates that Muslims must strive to establish the
hegemony of the Islamic social order over the world, offering non-Muslims
conversion to Islam, subjugation as inferiors -- dhimmis, or protected (or
guilty) people -- under Islamic law, or war (cf. 9:29; Sahih Muslim
4294, etc.). What the befuddled Leftists of Brandeis don.t seem to realize
is that this imperative does not stem from outrages committed by the
infidels, although such outrages, whether imagined or real, are used as
pretexts to stir up support for the jihad at hand. If Israel dismantled
the wall tomorrow and withdrew to the 1967 borders, the Palestinians would
not be placated.

If Israel gives up part of Jerusalem, peace will not come. The Palestinian
mujahedin and their allies will have fresh demands. And Jerusalem itself
will become more dangerous and uncomfortable for free people who believe
in the equality of rights of all people. If, as Kushner and the Brandeis
protestors evidently hope, Israel eventually disappears before the jihad
onslaught, the warriors of jihad will not be placated, and peace will not
come to the earth. New pretexts will be found to stir up the faithful to
fight on until Islamic law reigns supreme over the entire world.

That.s why Brandeis. hiring of Shikaki, honoring of Kushner, and
displaying of Palestinian war propaganda are all in service of victory not
only for the Palestinians, but for the global jihad. Brandeis has betrayed
the principles on which it was founded; it is also abetting those whose
ultimate goals involve the imposition of a draconian system that would
deny equality of rights to women and religious minorities, and would
dismiss the cultural monuments and intellectual achievements of the
Judeo-Christian West as jahiliyya -- so much ignorance and trash. In that
respect, Brandeis officials have not only betrayed its Jewish and American
identity, but even its status as a University.

No one who loves genuine freedom, and who respects Judeo-Christian values,
should hesitate to call them on these betrayals.

The Cossacks of Brandeis:

2. The real problem is the ANTI-Israel Lobby!

3. Olmert's follies:

4. The Army of Chelm:

5. Israel's loyal Arabs:

6. The End of Germany?
A Dying Nation's Schizophrenia

May 8, 2006

Here's good news for everyone who never liked Germans in the first place:
We're dying out. With a birth rate of only 1.3 children per woman, way
below the "replacement level" of 2.1, in only 12 generations there won't
be any Germans left.

But long before the last of the Germans wanders the empty streets of
Berlin, the country will already feel the demographic pain. Its expensive
social welfare system is based on a fictional generation contract. In
theory, the young and the able are supposed to finance with their work the
old and disabled. However, if there are fewer contributors, the system is
bound to break down.

The country has finally begun to face this hard truth. But the current
passionate debate about how to raise the birth rate reveals a rather
conservative streak in Germany's society. The focus is solely on why women
fail to deliver the next generation of tax payers. There is usually no
mention at all of the (lacking) contribution from men. Luckily for them,
they are not accused of being childless. In 21st century Germany,
childbearing has become a women-exclusive topic.

It is true that about a quarter of German women stay childless and the
number is rising. Among university graduates the rate is 40%. But looking
at the statistics of childless men, we find some interesting -- and in
discussions often suppressed -- figures: They outnumber childless women.
So, whose problem is it really?

The clash between traditionalism and modernity has not yet really been
resolved in Germany and it often leads to the schizophrenic situation that
women are criticized no matter what they do. A working mother is still
regarded as a lousy mom, a "Rabenmutter," a term for which there is no
equivalence in other languages. Many Germans still believe that without
the mother's full-time, around-the-clock attention, the child will be
psychologically damaged.

At the same time, though, if women decide against a career and stay at
home for their families, they receive no respect from society either. Not
to mention women who pursue a career without having children or neither
work nor have children. They are even further down the social ladder.

Compare this to the situation in neighboring France, for example, where a
working mother receives society's full recognition -- and support. It is
not unusual but normal for children to attend day-care centers from very
early on and that mothers return to work soon after giving birth.

In Germany, there is no such country-wide day-care infrastructure. The few
available places are often too expensive for the average family. In
addition, labor laws are inflexible and the tax system sets incentives for
only one partner, usually the man, to work. As a consequence, the birth
rate is falling. Whereas Germany concentrates on a policy more appropriate
for the traditional one-income-family from the '50s, France focuses on a
policy more appropriate for the modern family. The effect in France: The
birth-rate is rising.

Society's prejudices are also reproduced in the country's political
landscape. With Angela Merkel, Germany has its first female leader, a fact
that might point to progress. But she owes much of her successes to the
fact that she was constantly underestimated, both within her party and by
the political opponents. Most importantly, she appeared rather unfeminine,
almost androgyne, and thus not a threat to Germany's male political class.
When her role as a woman was looked at, it was often to point out that she
was childless, a fact that certainly didn't help her election campaign.
That her opponent, Gerhard Schr.der, was in his fourth marriage and still
without children of his own was not held against him -- if it was
mentioned at all. Only now, that Ms. Merkel has been elected, does she
seem to feel comfortable enough to show her feminine side as well.

The difference to Royal, France's female contender to the
presidency, couldn't be greater. In March, 70% of the population approved
of her candidacy. The elegant and feminine Ms. Royal, an unmarried mother
of four children, would be hardly suitable for a public office in Germany.
Consider the fact that Ms. Merkel felt it necessary to marry her partner
of many years just shortly before the elections.

Now in power, the chancellor seems to be determined to change the fate of
working women. Last week, the coalition government agreed on so-called
"Elterngeld," or parental money, an allowance for parents who take time
off to look after their newborns. There's one hitch, though: It will only
be paid for the maximum period of 14 months if both partners, i.e. also
the father, take time off. Otherwise, the money will be granted only for
12 months. This incentive for fathers to get more involved in family
affairs as well is certainly welcome. But it will probably still lead to a
situation where it is the mother who will have to make the biggest career

Back in the Stone Age, the concept was simple: The woman stayed in the
cave while the men went hunting. In today's Germany, the roles society has
assigned to men and women are only slightly more sophisticated. In the age
of globalization, though, we need to update this sclerotic clich..

Ms. Koch-Mehrin, deputy head of the liberal group in the European
Parliament, is the mother of two daughters.

URL for this article:

Sunday, May 07, 2006

1. Subject: Is Mikey Lerner Joining the 9-11 Conspiracist Nazis?
By Steven Plaut

As you no doubt know, the internet is crawling with web sites that claim to "prove" or "provide evidence" that the planes hijacked by Bin Laden's people did NOT strike the World Trade Center Towers, or did not knock them down at any rate, and ditto for the Pentagon. Depending on which group of lunatics you read, the actual destruction of the WTC towers was either "done" by US Air Force pilots ordered to do so by President Bush, or ? more commonly claimed in these wards ? by explosives detonated from inside the building by the Mossad, the CIA, the CFR, or some other nefarious group of conspirators.

Many of those promoting these "theories" are neo-nazis and Holocaust Deniers. Others are far-leftist "anarchists". Others are just plain schizos. Those of you who follow the ravings of Barry Chamish will recognize him as one of these 9-11 conspiracists (Chamish claims that Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC, personally placed explosives around the buildings on 9-11 to collect the insurance).

While you may be tempted to dismiss this crowd of "theorists" as little more than jokes, these neo-nazis and mentally-deranged people are in fact quite dangerous.
And now, it appears that Michael Lerner, the editor and publisher of Tikkun magazine has openly joined them. Lerner had previously endorsed some of the claims of the conspiracy moonbats. Wikipedia claims that Lerner has signed the "911 Truth Statement" ( ), along with a number of other far-leftists, calling for new investigations of "unexplained aspects" of the 9/11 events, and claiming or suggesting that the US government itself was behind the attacks.
Lerner has also signed petitions demanding "investigations" into
supposed 9/11 anomalies here and here and elsewhere. (Right after 9-11, Lerner had issued statements urging people to feel the pain of the terrorists and to stop further terrorism by dismembering Israel ? see for example "The same inability to feel the pain of others is the pathology that shapes the minds of these terrorists. We don't even see the symbolism when terrorists attack America's military center and our trade center--we talk of them as buildings, though others see them as centers of the forces that are causing the world so much pain.").
A number of the 9-11 conspiracy web sites are crowing this week that Lerner is about to publish a long essay endorsing their conspiracist "theories" about what really happened on 9-11. For example, on, a group calling itself the "Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth", it is announced with fanfare that Lerner is about to issue a public endorsement of the group. This is a group founded by a lunatic Jew, a Christian and a Moslem (hence its name); for details go to .

They claim that Lerner will also be attending their little "conference" on their "theories" to be held in June in Chicago (see ). They also claim thatm before he croaked, Lerner's Liberation Theology guru William Sloane Coffin also endorsed the conspiracists.

Here are (abridged) segments of the full text of the announcement, including direct citations they attribute to Lerner:
"Rabbi Michael Lerner, the prominent progressive Jewish activist and founder of Tikkun, has offered a powerful statement of encouragement and advice to the exploding 9/11 truth movement. Rabbi Lerner?s call for turning 9/11 truth into a force for social change, and not just a forum for theorizing, offers a welcome note of inspiration to the upcoming international 9/11 truth conference in Chicago, 9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future, June 2nd to June 4th, 2006:
In an essay entitled ?What If We Succeed in Exposing 9/11 as a Fraud...What Next?? Rabbi Lerner writes: ?...I salute the people in this collection of articles who are doing an amazing job of exposing what may prove to be one of the most perverse conspiracies in the history of democratic governments.? The essay will be published in 9/11 and the American Empire: Jews, Christians and Muslims Speak Out (Interlink, fall 2006).
Rabbi Lerner shares William Sloane Coffin?s focus on the power of 9/11 truth to bring positive, lasting change. In his essay, the Tikkun founder and veteran activist urges the 9/11 truth movement to develop a framework including ?specific suggestions for how to repair the damage done by these crimes?"That is why the time is now, even as the courageous writers in this volume are still trying to obtain a forum for this important public discussion, for others of us to be developing a positive vision of what to do next once the details of what happened are exposed and those involved are being brought to trial.?
Rabbi Lerner?s vision of 9/11-truth-triggered social and spiritual change is ambitious and provocative: ?In my new book The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right, I present a Spiritual Covenant with Americans which shows a very different way to challenge the power of war- and violence-oriented ideologies? Winning support for this kind of thinking requires a very different kind of argument and focus than "could the towers have fallen as a result of strikes by airplanes."
Rabbi Lerner strongly suggests that the prosecution of American architects of the 9/11 attacks could provide an opportunity for positive social change: ?In fact, the kind of psychic trauma that would happen were the charges of intentional involvement in 9/11 by the president, vice president, and other high office holders or leaders of our security apparatus ever proved in a court of law would almost certainly open up political space for a serious discussion of the kinds of radical changes I?m suggesting in the direction of our approach to foreign policy and homeland security.?
Rabbi Michael Lerner?s essay ?What If We Succeed in Exposing 9/11 as a Fraud...What Next?? represents the most forthright and visionary 9/11 truth statement yet by any prominent American Jewish leader. It is (an official part of the canon of) the 9/11 truth movement. Along with the already-mentioned statement by William Sloane Coffin, and the soon-to-be-published collection of 9/11 truth essays by respected religious thinkers from across the denominational spectrum, Rabbi Lerner?s statement shows that a growing interfaith 9/11 truth alliance is well on the way to healing the wounds of hatred and bigotry that the 9/11 covert operation inflicted.

2. The Jihad comes to Brandeis:
Here are some Brandeis officials: - Daniel S. Terris, director of the International
Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life, who actively lobbied for the
artwork to be removed - Phone - 781-736-8577 . Jehuda Reinharz . University President . Rick Sawyer, Dean of Student Life . Alwina Bennet . Assistant Dean of Student Life - Jamele Adams - Assistant Dean of Student Life in
Support of Diversity

3. Israel's "judicial activism" Supreme Court justices just decided to
take a
giant step forward in promoting crime and criminals in Israel. "Judicial
Activism" is an anti-democratic doctrine that amounts to judicial tyranny,
where non-elected judges simply invent laws and "rights" that the elected
reps of the people are unwilling to pass.

In the lastest move, the judicial activists invented a "right" to a
Miranda-style warning, in the absence of which a criminal can be freed and
evidence otherwise implicating that criminal not be introduced into court.
Now the parliament in Israel has NEVER created any such "right" and has
never passed any bill protecting criminals from being convicted using
evidence seized without a "Miranda-style" warning. So where did the
judges find such a "right"? They invented it, of course!

4. Meanwhile, the Israeli First Amendment struck again this week: