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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Five more victims of Oslo in Hadera. Gosh, the "security wall" does
not keep out the savages after all unless Israel also controls the
territory militarily on the OTHER side of the wall. And "RRH" threats do
not scare the savages.

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Try these:

3. Following the latest Oslo atrocity, this time in Hadera, the Sharon
government is threatening some more RRH. Well, here is the best place to
bein - with a serious military operation against THESE people:

4. Israel's Basinette Left is all in bliss because a Palestinian writer
has nominated Israel's Sami Michael for the Noble Prize in literature.
But the real reason is that Michael is a communist who not only supports
the Palestinian agenda but also endorses the rights of Palestinians to
mass murder Jewish civilians.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Second-City Pogromchiks:
Old Prejudices Revived
By Roz Rothsein | October 24, 2005

Throughout October, a largely unseen wave of anti-Semitism has been
washing up across North America in a series of conferences run by a
Jerusalem-based organization called the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation
Theology Center.

At gatherings in Chicago and Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Sabeel-trained speakers
have demonized Israel, with similar speeches expected later this month at
their conferences in Denver and Toronto. Started by Palestinian Christians
in 1989, Sabeel does not promote peace or a genuine understanding of the
Middle East conflict but instead musters support for punishing Israel
through divestment campaigns, part of its larger goal of dismantling
Israel to make way for a Palestinian-dominated one-state solution.

I attended the two-day Sabeel conference held at Chicago.s Lutheran School
of Theology, where I witnessed intolerance and prejudice against Jews and
the Jewish State. I did not think I would witness this in America.s third
largest city, especially at the close of yearlong celebrations of the
350th anniversary of the arrival of Jews in America and only 65 years
after the Holocaust.

The Oct. 7-8 gathering in Chicago attracted about 200 people. At the
conference, Palestinian activist George Rishmawi actually claimed that
Israel uses a poison gas that weakens the muscles of Palestinian
demonstrators so they can.t run away, and that the IDF quickly retrieves
the canisters so that no one can identify the gas. This echoed of the
blood libel stories that have caused Jews so much suffering in the past.

I wish people of good faith had been with me to hear the relentless litany
of historical distortions and slander. Michael Tarazi, a Harvard-educated
attorney and former advisor to Palestinian leaders, accused Israel of
starting all the Arab-Israeli wars, saying Israel probably withdrew from
Gaza because Israel has, .depleted all the usable drinking water..

Tarazi also warned audience members, .not to be side-tracked from
divestment from companies who do business in Israel by those who want to
have dialogue about this.. Instead, he urged people to, .stick to your
convictions because there is no point to having dialogue with people you
disagree with..

There were also a couple of Jewish presenters including professor Marc
Ellis of Baylor University. Describing himself as an .outrageous Jew,.
Ellis compared Israel to Nazi Germany, attacked some progressive Jews as
racists, and claimed that Jews had taken the .wrong lesson from the

He also showed photos of two of Judaism.s holiest objects, the Ark that
holds the Torah and also a Torah scroll, both defaced by superimposed
images of Apache helicopters. He said that this is what he thinks of when
he looks at arks and Torahs.

Perhaps the well-meaning Christians who attended this event have not
researched how the Sabeel center tries to give religious justification to,
and also Christian support for, a radical Palestinian agenda. In 2001,
Sabeel.s founder, the Anglican Rev. Canon Naim Ateek, wrote that, .Jesus
is on the Cross again with thousands of crucified Palestinians around
him.The Israeli government crucifixion system is operating daily..

In 2005, Ateek said that Palestinians suffer as Jesus did: .We had the
Contemporary Way of the Cross, the Via Dolorosa for Palestinians.These are
the demolished homes, destroyed villages, checkpoints. Every one of those
is a station of the cross, a station of suffering.. Such anti-Semitic
images of deicide were thought to have been buried with the Holocaust,
after which many Christian churches repudiated such rhetoric. But at the
Sabeel conference in Chicago, no one asked Ateek to retract words he has
used to degrade Judaism and Jews.

Throughout the Chicago talks by Ateek and his allies, the audience simply
nodded, as though agreeing with the noxious statements and attacks. No
one asked searching questions. No one sought out Israel.s side of the
story, about the terrorist campaign that Israel has been trying to fend
off, about how there cannot be reconciliation if Palestinian leadership
does not accept genuine responsibility for terrorism or even accept
Israel.s right to exist, or about how moderation and peace cannot emerge
from such hateful presentations at Sabeel conferences.

Sabeel.s North American backers have organized the conferences in Cedar
Rapids, Denver and Toronto. I fear that other well-meaning audiences will
be deceived by Sabeel.s cloak as a Palestinian Christian group seeking
peace, and thus unwittingly sponsor Sabeel.s hate-filled, deceptive

Many Israeli policies can be criticized. But unwarranted is to have Israel
maligned with echoes of old anti-Semitic canards and also hear Israel.s
humanitarian efforts and reasonable compromises either ignored or twisted.

I am saddened to see such ugly rhetoric given free rein in America. How
troublesome to see Christians sit quietly as Sabeel.s misguided friends
speak in their name.

But mostly, I am sad to see such hatred erupting again, as it bodes badly
for us all.

Roz Rothstein is national director of the non-profit Israel advocacy group
which in September premiered its 50-minute documentary, .Tolerating
Hate Speech on Campuses.. StandWithUs is also a member of The Coalition
for Responsible Peace in the Middle East.

The Left's "Anti"-Argument
By Dennis Prager | October 25, 2005

One of the more appealing aspects about being on the Left is that you do
not necessarily have to engage your opponents in debates over the truth or
falsehood of their positions. You can simply dismiss your opponent as

Anti-worker: It all began with Marxism. If you opposed communism or
socialism, you were not merely anti-ommunist or anti-socialist, you were
anti-worker. This way of dismissing opponents of leftist ideas is now the
norm. Anyone, including a Democrat, who raises objections to union control
of state and local politics is labeled anti-worker: "anti-teacher,"
"anti-firefighter," "anti-nurse," etc. This is how the unions are fighting
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's attempts to rein in unauthorized
union spending of members' dues to advance leftist political goals. He is
depicted as an enemy of all these groups.

Anti-education: Those who object to the monopoly that teachers' unions
have on public education and to their politicization of the school
curricula are labeled "anti-education." Of course, the irony is that if
you love education, you must oppose the teachers' unions.

Anti-intellectual: If you object to the dwindling academic standards at
universities, or to the lack of diversity in ideas there, you are
dismissed as "anti-intellectual." Given the universities' speech codes,
the intellectually stifling Political Correctness that pervades academia,
and the emotionalism that characterizes most leftist views on campus
(American "imperialism," Israeli "apartheid," "war for oil" are emotional
outbursts, not serious positions), if any side seems to express
anti-intellectualism, it would be the Left.

Anti-Semite: Leftists who attack Israel frequently claim that they are
shut down by irresponsible charges of anti-Semitism. The claim is that
people who criticize Israeli government policies are labeled anti-Semites.
I have never come across a normative conservative or any other pro-Israel
source that has labeled mere criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. It is
those who single out Israel of all the nations of the world for intense
criticism, those who argue that Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish
state (that it is, by definition, a "racist" state) who are sometimes
charged -- and sometimes validly so -- with anti-Semitism.

What is rarely noted is how often the Left will label anti-liberal
comments as "veiled anti-Semitism." A left-wing Jew at a Jewish seminary
sent out an e-mail charging Ann Coulter with anti-Semitism. His grounds?
All of her attacks on liberals were really attacks on Jews. That she
herself never made such a connection and that the vast majority of
liberals are not Jews mean nothing to those who believe that
"anti-liberal" often means anti-Jew.

Anti-black ("racist"): Perhaps the most common of the Left's "anti"
epithets is "anti-black," i.e., "racist." If a person opposes race-based
affirmative action, for example, he is likely to be called a racist. And,
of course, the recent libeling of Bill Bennett as a racist was a classic
example. Though he and his wife have done more for blacks than most people
in public life, black or white, Bennett implied while making another point
(about abortion) that blacks were disproportionately involved
in violent crime. This is a statistical fact and a sociological tragedy.
But because a conservative made the point, the charge of racism permeated
(liberal) media.

Anti-woman: If you oppose any aspect of feminism, you are likely to be
called anti-woman, or "misogynist." If you oppose "equal pay for equal
work" because you believe it undermines economic freedom, you're
anti-woman. If you oppose abortion on demand because you believe that the
human fetus has a right to live, you are against women's rights.

Anti-peace: The very fact that antiwar and "peace" activists have labeled
themselves "pro-peace" and "antiwar" renders their opponents vulnerable to
charges of opposing peace, and even loving war. Again, no intellectual
argument is needed. According to much left-wing rhetoric, those who
support the war in Iraq do not love peace. Of course, there was no peace
in Iraq prior to the American deposing of Saddam Hussein, and there would
be far more bloodshed if America now left Iraq. But it is far harder to
engage those arguments than to label those who make them "anti-peace."

Anti-gay ("homophobe"): It is the rare proponent of same-sex marriage who
acknowledges that it is possible to oppose this redefining of marriage yet
affirm the equal humanity of gays. Overwhelmingly, the response to those
who wish to maintain the normative way of forming a family -- basing it on
a married man and woman -- is to simply declare them "homophobic."

The same is true for conservative policies on the economy -- "anti-poor"
-- and for opposition to any leftist policy on the environment --

The "anti" arguments are effective. Conservatives have to spend half their
time explaining that they are not bad people before they can be heard. But
the Left has paid a great price. Because they have come to rely so heavily
on one-word dismissals of their opponents, they have few arguments.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Subject: The Anti-Semitic Luddite from York University
The Luddite from York University
By Steven Plaut <> | October 24, 2005

Canada has been keeping up with the United States in producing considerable
numbers of flaky academic
. But it is doubtful that any are as bizarre as David F.

Noble teaches at York University in Toronto, Canada's third-largest
school. Originally
a graduate from the University of Florida, Noble is today a full, tenured
professor of "social and political thought" in the Faculty of Arts at
York. Interestingly,
he is the *ONLY* professor in that department. Evidently, after recruiting
him Noble was such an embarrassment that York had to build a one-man
separate department<>to
house him, removing him from his previous position in its history
department. Noble has built a career mainly upon his obsessive opposition to
all forms of technology. He is literally a 21st century Luddite and he is
quite proud of that fact. (Don't bother trying to look up his personal web
page or his email address because he ideologically opposes such things!)

Noble embodies a strange hybrid of Marxism and crackpot Luddism. He proudly
proclaims himself to be a "critical historian," which is PC Newspeak for
"Marxist." Among other things, he has published *Progress Without People: In
Defense of Luddism*<>and
*Forces of Production: A Social History of Industrial
*both books devoted to the theme that technology is an evil plot by the
"capitalist class" to oppress workers. Machines are simply things used to
force down the wages of the worker. Noble's conclusions in these books are
that the best defense of workers is to suppress modern technology
altogether. Noble dismisses all anti-Luddist people, and if you are reading
this on a computer screen then I regret to inform you that *YOU* are one of
those blinded "technophiles<>"
and "technozealots <>".

Now if you are anything other than a devout member of an Amish sect, you
might find all this a bit confusing. I would bet a month of my own
technology-enhanced wages that there is nearly a perfect
*POSITIVE*correlation between the number of machines around and the
wage level of
workers. That is - the more machines, the *higher* the wage rates of
workers! Similarly, I venture to guess that there is almost a perfect
correlation between the number of technological innovations and the level of
wages. Moreover, a wonderful thing about technology in one country is that
it raises wages even in *other *societies where few technological
innovations are being created (such as when measured by patent

In Noble's theories, much of the blame for the curse of technology is assigned
to Christianity<>
. According to him Christianity, going back to the Middle Ages, did not have
enough good sense to oppose technology. It *should* have prevented
scientists from setting themselves up as demigods of technology. Moreover,
Christian thinkers actually had the temerity to suggest that machines and
innovations could be used to better mankind and might even be part of God's
master plans. Part of Noble's "proof" that it was "all Christianity's
fault," by the way, is his claim that Werner von Braun from NASA
born-again Christian. Noble's
anti-Christian ideas are expounded at length in one of his other books, *The
Religion of Technology: The Divinity of Man and the Spirit of
*. He also blames Christianity
the relative dearth of women in science. And now, in his latest book, he
more even-handedly
*both* Christianity and Judaism for "globalization," his current bogeyman.

* *

In another Noble book, *Forces of
,* he claims to explain how technology is often instigated, connived, and
shaped by the military, corporations, universities, and other "mighty
institutions." Noble claims that "capitalists" are
impose their views coercively upon students via institutions of higher
education. How exactly this works is not clear. Noble seems to be unaware of
the hegemony of leftists over most North American institutions of higher
learning. So if those evil "capitalists" are plotting to brainwash hapless
students by means of their "commercializing" higher education, as Noble
insists over and over, they are doing a darned lousy job of it!

Back in 1983, Noble co-founded the National Coalition for Universities in
the Public Interest, together with Ralph
Nader<>(and Al
Meyerhoff), to try "to bring extra-academic pressure to bear upon
university administrations who were selling out their colleagues and the
public in the pursuit of corporate partnerships." Noble claims his
aim<>has been to "have
chronicled and fought against the commercialization and
of higher education <>." He
also claims he is fighting "commodification" of higher education. We have no
idea what "corporatization" and "commodification" are supposed to mean. Like
most leftists, the principal methodology of analysis used by Noble is the
manufacture of senseless polysyllables.

One would think that most mainstream leftists and liberals would seek to
distance themselves from Noble's anti-technology crackpot views. But for
someone who dismisses universities as captives of the evil business class,
Noble gets an awful lot of invitations to
assorted campuses. Many
among the chic chattering classes seem to adore him. When he got canned from
MIT, a group of 44 British
academics<>rushed out,
publicly defended and endorsed Noble. However,
not everyone on the Left appreciates him. Even Noble's supporters often
describe him<>as
polemical in his writings and abrasive in his manner. After
Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of far-leftist *The Nation, *commissioned
Noble to write a piece for the magazine, she had the uncharacteristic good
sense to refuse to run it.

Noble likes to rant about a sort of "industrial-educational complex", which
presumably replaces the "military-industrial complex", ordinarily the
preferred bogeyman of the Left. Noble claims that during the Gulf War he
examined the use of fuel-air and wrote a political article in *The
Progressive* entitled "Academic Atrocities." The article explores how
20th-century weapons of mass destruction have been researched and developed
largely in university laboratories. One thing that *really* yanks his
chain<>is when universities
set up for-profit enterprises, to make money for
themselves out of the patented technologies they develop. Profitable
education and research are pure evil, he pontificates. Better the taxpayer
should foot the bills. And of all the sins of the academy, Noble hates
"distance-learning" most of all. He insists that it means universities are
becoming "digital diploma
." He seems to have successfully inserted into the student
York, distributed annually to all students, a warning against the dangers of
online education.

Noble has also been the subject of harsh criticism, even in his own
university. Before he arrived at York, however, he had been fired from a job
at MIT, probably because of his Flat-Earth views about science and
technology. MIT was not prepared to change its name to the Massachusetts
Institute of Luddism. After this he was hired by the Smithsonian to organize
an exhibit there, but he insisted on the inclusion of sledgehammers used by
the legendary followers of Ned Ludd to smash the power-looms supposedly
taking away the livelihood of English hand-weavers in the nineteenth
century. Noble called the exhibit "Automation Madness: Boys and Their Toys." It
was not what the Smithsonian had in mind. They also fired

Noble next taught for at Drexel University in Philadelphia, which granted
him tenure, and there he managed to antagonize
well. He
has run into walls of opposition in other corners of academia as well. For
instance, Noble was blocked from giving the commencement address at Harvey
Mudd College <> in
Claremont, California, because the administration claimed he was
anti-technology. When he tried to get an
the endowed
Woodsworth Professorship in the Humanities at Vancouver's Simon Fraser
University (a chair paid for, by the way, with
funds<>from labor
unions), the appointment was blocked by administrators. According
to Noble <>, this was because of
his criticism of "online education and the corporatization of academia."

At York University, he was attacked as "anti-science" and
"anti-intellectual" by the university president himself (surely, given his
ideology, Noble should regard the first of those terms as a
*compliment!*) Noble
opposed the establishment of the International Space University at York
University, which he called "a finishing school for space cadets."

Noble is currently fighting a libel
his own employer,
York University. He is demanding $10 million in damages and an apology from
the university for alleged defamation, telling the media he is confident he
will win if it goes to arbitration. Noble maintains that York
Universitydamaged his reputation, discriminated against him, and
violated his academic
freedom when it issued a press release condemning the material he
distributed at a campus event as "targeting Jewish members of the

Noble seems to like to file nuisance litigation. He had tried a similar
nuisance-suit when he got turned down for tenure at MIT. Unsurprisingly, Noam
Chomsky was <> one of Noble's
main supporters at MIT, although later Chomsky publicly denied Noble's
charge <> that
he had been canned as an act of political repression by MIT. Noble had been
assistant professor in MIT's Program in Science, Technology and Society. What
on earth was MIT thinking when it hired him?

Robert Sullivan, a lawyer for MIT, said
denied tenure at MIT because his scholarly work was not up to par, and
because he was not considered trustworthy by some of his peers. Noble
then filed
suit <> for $1.5 million, but
the suit was eventually dismissed in a pre-trial settlement, without Noble
getting any money. In the
Noble got essentially nothing at all, but MIT did agree to release some
information related to Noble's failure to get tenure. When Noble then
illegally published various classified documents released to him under the
terms of this settlement, including confidential letters of evaluation used
in the tenure proceedings, MIT filed suit against
him<>for contempt.

Noble combines Luddism and dislike of Christianity with utter contempt and
hatred for Jews and Judaism. He is a leftist hater of Jews who himself was
born Jewish, a fact that helps him defend himself against charges of
anti-Semitism. Self-hating Jewish academics are common on campus today, and
range all the way from the phony sophisticates like MIT's Chomsky and
NYU's Tony
Judt <>, all the
way down to the vulgar neo-nazi buffoonery of DePaul's Norman
. Like those others, Noble has a long history of bashing Israel and
demonizing Zionism. He has maliciously tried to stir up anti-Jewish passions
at York, where he alleges
that<>the board of the
York University Foundation, the school's fundraising arm,
is biased by "the presence and influence of staunch pro-Israel lobbyists,
activists and fundraising agencies." Meaning Jews.

In late November 2004, Noble got into trouble for biting the hand that pays
his York salary. He was attacked by his own administration for handing out
information sheets regarding the York Foundation. He maintained that the
presence of Jews on the board affects the "political conduct of York's
administration" in important ways, such as the "silencing of pro-Palestinian
voices" on York's campus. The University then issued a press
release<>on Nov. 19, 2004,
condemning material Noble had been distributing at a
campus event a day earlier as "targeting Jewish members of the
Yorkcommunity." Noble
is tied to local pro-Palestinian
who back him in his nuisance litigation against York. Meanwhile, he has been
condemned <> by the
Canadian Jewish Congress and the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater
Toronto for his anti-Jewish and anti-Israel activities.

But Noble's latest high-visibility antic has been against the right of
Jewish students at York University to observe Yom Kippur. Most universities
try to accommodate Jewish students, often asking professors not to schedule
exams in the Jewish High Holidays. York actually cancels classes
altogether. Noble
maintains that this
and illegal", because classes are not cancelled (unless
later made up) for every holiday of every other conceivable religious
persuasion. Chris Morley, a spokesperson for Ontario Premier Dalton
McGuinty, said <> canceling
classes on holidays "is a decision the university has the authority to
make," adding that "it seems the York policy is reasonable."

Prof. Martin Lockshin, an observant Jew who teaches at York and is on the
university's senate, said
that<>the holiday policy
follows a general York principle of respecting religious
diversity; but - more importantly - it avoids problems that would be created
when many students and faculty cannot attend class. York also holds no
classes on Christman and Good Friday, but Noble threatened to hold
classes<>on Good
Friday as a political statement. Noble
demanded that York stop accommodating Jewish students and he threatened to
hold classes on the Jewish High Holidays to show his contempt for them. When
threatened by the administration, Noble claimed he would henceforth cancel
all classes for any holiday of any sort for any religion, including those of
Bahais, Zoroastrians, and

Now just for the record, on Yom Kippur the Jewish students at York (Jews
are 10% of the student body there) fast for 26 hours, pray the entire day,
and may neither write nor use electricity. So it makes perfect sense to make
accommodations for them, and I am sure that if anyone can find any
Christian, Hindu or Moslem holidays on which people fast for 26 hours,
Yorkwould similarly be happy to oblige them.

But most significantly, Noble's sudden determination to force the
university to celebrate Wiccan holidays makes perfect sense in light of his
career devoted to promoting anti-technology superstition. After devoting so
much of his energy to bash Jews, Christians, scientists, and technology,
what could be more appropriate than this York University "academic" turning
his mental powers to the tasks and challenges of witchcraft.



[1] <mid://00002049/#_ftnref1> A bit ironically, there is *another* David F.
Noble, who writes books singing the praises of technology and computer word
processing, but the two should not be confused.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


DePaul .University. to Implement Campus-Wide Extremist Political
Indoctrination of Students

Posted by Plaut's Complaint @ Wednesday 19 October 2005, 5:23 am
A surefire method to distinguish ordinary leftists from stark-raving
mega-moonbats has to do with the use of the term "empire". Stark raving
ultras like to refer to the United States as an "empire". Where exactly
the American empire is to be found has never been clarified by them. We
assume the moonbats are not referring to Midway Island and Guam.

Now DePaul "University" is about to launch a major campaign of campus
indoctrination devoted to the matter of the American "empire". DePaul
is of course the school in which neonazi Norman Finkelstein is employed as
an assistant prof of political science, and where Prof. Thomas Klocek was
fired for daring to support Israel before campus jihadniki.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at DePaul and its Dean, one Chuck
Suchar (a sociologist), has announced a College Theme Series entitled
CONFRONTING EMPIRE for the Winter and Spring Quarters. We give you a
hint: the "empire" being confronted is NOT the Soviet empire before the
collapse of communism, nor is it the Chinese empire that rules Tibet and
the Muslim territories in Western China.

A DePaul faculty initiative involving the participation of Departments and
Programs throughout the College in the planning and hosting of events, it
is being coordinated by a Committee composed of Jim Block (Political
Science), Kalyani Menon (Religious Studies), Shailja Sharma (English),
Amor Kohli (African and Black Diaspora Studies), Natalie Bennett (Women
and Gender Studies), Mike Edwards (Academic Affairs) and Scott Paeth
(Religious Studies). In short, all the serious departments of academia
inquiry at DePaul.

According to the Dean, DePaul hopes through the Theme Series to achieve
the following objectives:

to engage in a College wide (and broader) conversation about the current
state of and developing trends in the global order, not only for the
purpose of advancing a theme of great interest to faculty and students but
also to significantly enhance the community of intellect and engagement in
the University;
to promote a wide range of views and participants in this conversation
about empire and opposition in its contemporary and historical dimensions
utilizing the increasingly global interests of our faculty and students;
to question the nature of the American role and the role of other nations
and interests in the emerging order and consider the forms of appropriate
action, engagement and scholarship in light of that assessment.
In other words, it is to be a one-sided campaign of brainwashing to turn
DePaul students into Manchurian candidates of political correctness!

The College is asking for the following faculty cooperation in this

The Dean has asked Departments and Programs with your assistance to
identify applicable Winter and Spring Quarter courses under two

Courses that will center on themes related to Empire, current or
historical, and the instructors
Courses that will have some component on this theme and the instructors
According to one dissident DePaul profesor with whom we spoke:

.It still amazes me that someone can call a series "Confronting Empire"
and believe that it has any pretense of objectivity.. The special horror
of DePaul is that it is so completely unashamed of its substitution of
advocacy for education. I have spent a good deal of time in the last ten
years trying to convince my colleagues that they needed to remember that
we are a school and not a Marxist sect, a pacifist group, the latest
identity fad or what have you. But this is what happens when you have
people who are mediocre intellects who think their "correct" political
views more than makes up for their intellectual deficiencies. It.s very

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

On Succot it is tradition to read the scroll of Kohelet or Ecclesiastes,
attributed to King Solomon.

The word "Matat" appears in Ecclesiastes in several places. It means
gift. I do not think it is to be found any place else in the Bible.

Matat Rosenfeld-Adler was heading home the day before Succot began with
her cousin when she and her cousin (and one other Israeli) were murdered
by Palestinian terrorists, members of the faction directed
commanded by "moderate" PLO chief Abu Mazen. (see
Matat had recently been married. SHe was the latest victim of th e"OSLO
Peace Process".

Meanwhile, a Contemporary Political Commentary from the Wisest of Men in
the Greatest of Books:

"The heart of a wise man is to his Right, the heart of a fool is to his

----- Ecclesiastes 10; 2

Monday, October 17, 2005

Back Down Memory Lane
At Berkeley
Michael Lerner assembles the "Religious Left."
by Mark D. Tooley
10/11/2005 12:00:00 AM

MICHAEL LERNER was back on campus at Berkeley. But this time he is a
portly Jewish rabbi leading 1,200 mostly middle-aged "spiritual
progressives," and not the young Students for a Democratic Society
agitator targeted by J. Edgar Hoover in the 1960s.

The "Politics of Meaning," Lerner's label for his spiritual liberalism,
peaked in the early 1990s, when his supposed fans, Bill and Hillary
Clinton, ascended to power. But Hillary disavowed Lerner when his quirky
views attracted fire, and the old Berkeley activist, though still
publishing Tikkun, seemingly faded.

Now Lerner is back. And his "Conference on Spiritual Activism," held at
Berkeley this summer, tried to present a left-wing alternative to the
dreaded Religious Right. Amid opening "visualizations" directed to Jesus,
Buddha, Muhammad, and the "goddess Divine Mother," Lerner hosted a fairly
prominent array of Religious Left luminaries.

Although professing to transcend political labels, Lerner seemed pretty
un-transcendent: "In Europe they [the right] turned against the Jews," he
declared. "In the U.S. they demeaned African Americans and Native
Americans. Increasingly that role [targets of the right] is played today
by gays and lesbians, feminists, liberals, and secular humanists."

Conservatives get away with this because liberals "don't get it" about
religion, Lerner explained. His message dovetailed with the bestselling
Why the Right is Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get it, by evangelical left
activist Jim Wallis, who shared the podium with Lerner. A former SDS
himself, Wallis founded Sojourners, a journal of liberal Christian
activism, over 30 years ago. Although ostensibly more moderate now, Wallis
inevitably resorts

to nostalgic talk of arrests and demonstrations. "This is how you do
interfaith work," Wallis joked. "You all get arrested for your faith and
talk theology in jail."

Millions of evangelicals and Catholics don't feel represented by Jerry
Falwell or "right-wing bishops," Wallis insisted, describing a battle in
"all of our great traditions between fundamentalism and prophetic faith."
The trouble, Wallis and Lerner agreed, is that too many liberals don't
appreciate religion. Wallis recalled a young homosexual saying it was
easier to "come out gay" than be "religious" in the Democratic party.

Central to Lerner's and Wallis's "spiritual activist platform" was
opposing the war in Iraq. Berkeley professor Michael Nagler noted that the
same U.S. Congress that tried to keep Terri Schiavo alive "cheerfully
voted to kill 100,000 Iraqis without batting an eye." David Robinson of
Pax Christi said of the Bush administration: "They're lying our kids to
death in Iraq." More succinctly, Rev Osagyefu Uhuru Sekou of Clergy and
Laity Concerned opined that "Arabs have become the new niggers" and Iraq
is the new "white man's burden."

After war, sex was a favorite theme. "My grandmother believes God has a
penis," Rev. Sekou reported, warning activists to sublimate their
"feminist arrogance" and not attack traditional religious teachings
directly. Unitarian minister and sexologist Debra Haffner complained, "Too
many of us learned [as children] that some sexual acts are sinful." But
she told a supportive audience that she favors "sexual and relational
justice for all." Churches, synagogues, mosques, and ashrams need to be
claimed in the name of sexual freedom, Haffner urged.

United Church of Christ pastor Ama Zenya thanked Hafner for her insights
but then criticized liberal religious activists. "Is human life sacred
only after birth?" she asked a surprised audience. "Can we expand our
loving concern beyond our own lives?" Describing regret over her own
abortion, Hafner complained, "The Left has bought the capitalist paradigm"
and its "individualist materialism."

SUCH SELF-CRITICISM of the left was rare. Almost all vitriol was aimed
rightward. Berkeley linguist George Lakoff, a frequent advisor to
religion-perplexed Democrats, explained that the left worships a
"nurturing" God, while the right adores a "punitive" deity. Conservatives
believe in a "strict" God who requires good behavior for getting into
heaven, according to Lakoff, while progressives emphasize "unconditional
love." United Methodist lobbyist Jim Winkler was less analytical: "Angry
white men [which describes almost all religious conservatives] are like a
wounded bear striking out in desperation," he observed.

Defrocked Catholic priest Matthew Fox, now an Episcopalian, blamed war and
economic injustice on "those who want to worship a dominating punitive
Father God which includes the put down of women, nature, [and] gays." In
soothing contrast, Fox offered a unisex, pantheistic "mother/father God
who is embedded in nature, creativity, our bodies and all our art forms."
Fox lambasted the Pope for defeating liberation theology and faulted
Protestants for succumbing to a "kooky Christianity" of "domination and
not of justice."

Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong lashed out at this "domination"
religion. "It's time to name evil as evil when sounded in pious accents of

religion," Spong declared. Conservative Catholicism and "evangelical
fundamentalists" are growing because "hysterical people are seeking
security," Spong fretted. Referring to the rise of religious conservatives
based in the South, Spong claimed, to the audience's delight, "The old
[segregationist] George Wallace vote simply applied perfume and call
themselves the Religious Right."

Not able to match Spong's rhetoric, Congresswoman Lynne Woolsey of
California still tried to talk about religion. "If you measure progressive
goals against conservative goals there is no question which comes closer
to meeting the tenets we associate with faith," Woolsey stammered. "I
don't know about you, but I missed the part of the Sermon on the Mount
that mentioned tax cuts and an ownership society."

Mindful of such progressive spiritual goals, an opening "visualization"
exercise summoned a wide range of spirits, including the archangels, Adam
and Eve, Hindu deities, Socrates and Aristotle, Moses and Jesus, Buddha,
Muhammad, Confucius, Leonardo Da Vinci, White Buffalo Woman (from Sioux
mythology), anthropologist Jane Goodall, environmentalist Rachel Carson,
Gandhi, Anne Frank, Mother Theresa, and the Dalai Lama.

"Breathe, remember to breathe," the visualizer instructed the unusually
quiet activists.

Such religion provides "existential weaponry" for fighting political
injustice, Rev. Sekou stressed. "Not enough Democrats are willing to tell
the truth," he said. "So we're depending on you." Rabbi Lerner, seemingly
no less enthusiastic than when agitating on Berkeley's campus nearly four
decades ago, smiled and smoothly moved back and forth from podium to
audience. It was like old times again.

Mark D. Tooley directs the United Methodist committee at the Institute on
Religion and Democracy.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

1. I first published "Peace at Last" in different forms several years
ago. Here is one version:
Here is another:

In that piece, published in 2002-3 and in a different form some years
before that, I predicted that the moment Israel agreed to move back to
its 1967
"Green Line" borders, the PLO's next demand would be the "liberation" of
the Galilee. By claiming this, I became an instant "rightwing
extremist." Many people dismissed me as a doomsday nay-saying fatalist,
detached from reality. Surely no such scenario would be possible!

Well, Sharon has expelled the Jews of the Gaza Strip
and is clearly planning a similar "disengagement" for the West Bank.

And this week the PLO announced that it would continue the terror until
the Galilee is "liberated"! See

2. WHAT "international law"?

Friday, October 14, 2005

1. Identifying Pure-Pedigree Moonbats

Posted by Plaut's Complaint @ Friday 14 October 2005, 9:30 am
Looking for a concise and fast way to identify moonbats?

Try this: Simply ask the candidate for the honor whether he or she
believes that the Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan committed suicde,
and then ask if he or she thinks that Rachel Corrie committed suicide.

Anyone answering "yes" to the first and "no" to the second is a moonbat of
definitely pure pedigree.

2. In Haaretz today a poll is published in which Israeli Labor Party rank
and file are asked who they would like to be the next Prime Minister.
Half said Sharon. After all, he is so much more effective in implementing
Labor policies than the Labor Party politicians themselves!

Meanwhile, Amir Peretz, the Moustache Pete of the Histadrut Crime
Family, is the main challenger to Shimon Peres for head of the Labor Party
these days, proving that reading, writing, and 'rithmetic are not
prerequisites to run for Labor Party head.

Moonbat Pinter is ALSO an anti-Israel Self-Hating Jew

Posted by Plaut's Complaint @ Friday 14 October 2005, 7:15 am
What a surprise. Nobel playwriter Harold Pinter not only hates America
and Britain, but also hates Israel and Jews. The fact that he is a
Jewish-born hater of Israel is hardly unusual these days in the fever
swamps of the Left.

Pinter a while ago made these moonbatesque defamations against Israel and

"Pinter went on to assert that the one situation that outraged him above
all else was the Israeli `injustice to the Palestinians,. which is an
issue that exercises many, but he then went on to say, in the context of
George Bush.s pursuit of Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction, that
Israel possesses these weapons `and has used them.. (emphasis added)

Pinter also is quoted there as saying:

.The USA is intent on controlling the world and the world.s resources..

.Bush is on a par with Saddam..

"Please wash the cucumber sandwiches down with a glass of blood, with my
compliments." (open letter to George Bush)

.Israel.s injustice to the Palestinians is an outrage.. Pinter however
did not volunteer to be blown to bits by the Palestinians as a symbolic
show of solidarity with their "struggle".

Pinter has long been a promoter of Israel.s most famous convicted traitor,
Mordecai Vanunu, who spent time in jail for espionage activities against
Israel. Treason against Israel makes him a hero in Pinter.s mind.

When interviewed and challenged about his anti-Americanism, Pinter
responded, .Look, there is a vast Gulag going on in America.. (If Pinter
is so concerned about human rights in the United States, why did he accept
the hospitality of scores of Americans who spent a fortune on feting him
in 2001?) We take note of Pinter.s loathing of a country that has
provided him with millions of dollars in theatre takings and that has
honoured him with recognition.

4. The Moonbatization of Israeli Courts:

A "Poetic" Anti-Semite at La Verne University
By Steven Plaut | October 14, 2005

William A. Cook is a far-leftist professor of English at the University
of La Verne in southern California. He is a regular correspondent for
Counterpunch, and most of the drivel that he writes there is anti-Israel
and anti-Jewish, although some is also anti-Christian. A professor of
English literature with a highly-dubious academic record (in fact with
none at all that we could uncover) at a third-rate college, he sees
himself as having the credentials and expertise to make pontifical
pronouncements on everything from the workings of capitalism to the
history of the Middle East.

La Verne "University" is a small college outside Los Angeles, which is...
not exactly Stanford. US News and Report lists it as "third tier", which
may be charitable. Established in 1891, it is affiliated with the Church
of the Brethren and has a grand total of 1650 students.

Cook holds a PhD from Lehigh University, claims to know something about
Nathaniel Hawthorne, and was once Academic Vice President at La Verne. We
had trouble finding any academic work he has ever done on anything at all.
Instead, all he seems to write are his own "poems", often with a leftist
political message, and Bash-the-Jews articles for Alexander Cockburn over
at Counterpunch. Fact checking, for Cook, means citing other Counterpunch
columnists who have the same bias as himself, and "objective" scholars
like Noam Chomsky.

Much of Cook's "poetry" is simply anti-American boilerplate, the rest is
anti-Semitic or anti-conservative. His "poetry" includes one gem called
"Dubya Was A Little Boy" (Cook invariably refers to the President as
"Dubya" in his scribblings, such as in Yet Another Bush Doctrine), and
another one is about Rachel Corrie ( In Memoriam: Rachel Corrie), the
clueless undergraduate from Evergreen State University who committed
suicide as part of an attempt to protect Palestinian terrorists and their
smuggling tunnels. The latter "poem" reads, in part: "This orange-coated
giant, Went out from Israel, The land of the Philistines, To slaughter the
Palestinians." A professor at a church-institution thinks Israel is the
Land of the Philistines!

In yet another "poem," The Ghosts of Terezin, he describes survivors of
Nazi concentration camps going to Israel and supposedly turning into
brutal Nazis. He spends a lot of time writing about genocide, but mainly
about how it is the US and Israel who are perpetrating it: "Genocides and
holocausts (sic) arise out of unchecked zeal, unquestioned duty, and
silent acquiescence. They are fueled by blind belief, personal fear, and a
sense of superiority that gives license to slaughter. Both the United
States under Bush and its clone under Sharon exemplify the presence of
racism resulting in genocidal devastation as they impose their respective
wills on Iraqis and Palestinians."

Cook's latest self-composed anthology is a collection of his "poems" he
calls "Psalms for the 21st Century." Imagine the hubris of this professor
of English at a church-affiliated institution, comparing his own "poems"
to a Book in the Bible! The real Psalms, traditionally attributed to King
David, often celebrate Jews going out and killing anti-Semites. Cook dares
to call his pro-terror, anti-Jewish "poems" by that same name.

Cook is a regular in the Cockburn stable. Among his many literary
masterpieces on Counterpunch is An Open Letter to Osama bin Laden. In this
letter, he tells Osama:

"Let's turn now to your second concern: American domination of
nation-states and the consequences of that control. No where in your
statement do you grapple with why America dominates these nations; no
where do you differentiate among Americans who condone practices that
result in that domination and those who do not; and no where do you offer
alternatives to America's willingness to use its power to control, rather
you undertake to justify your use of the same means to accomplish your
end. Is not this a mirror image of the hypocrisy you level at the United
States?. Over the past 50 years, corporations have evolved into
transnational corporations that use America as a base of operations.They
enforce their will through legislation controlled by those they have put
into office. They create International Monetary Funds and impose World
Bank regulations on nations to ensure their continued growth and profit..
They are parasites on humanity. These powerful corporations use American
military might to protect their interests even as they gain increased
wealth through the increase in military expenditure..Peace to you and to
all whom you love."

Cook makes little effort to hide the fact that he simply hates America. He
writes: "It's the American people that are maligned; it's our values that
are desecrated; it's our nation that has been placed under this horrific
pall by an administration willing to subvert its most cherished ideals."
He insists the US bombed Japanese cities in World War II out of racism and
sheer cussedness.

In another Cook screed, A World Wide Intifada? Why?, he tells a comic-book
pseudo-history of how the Jews "stole Palestine" from the "Palestinians",
and blames them for world terrorism. In that piece he openly supports the
Palestinian aim of annihilating Israel altogether. In Calling It Like It
Is he waltzes in with an analysis of terrorism, writing:

'The very actions condemned by Bush about Hamas are actions that other
nations find condemnatory about Bush. Terrorism is as terrorism does, or
so one would think..A 'terrorist' is one who attempts to dominate and
coerce by intimidation, and 'terrorism' is 'a method of resisting a
government.' These definitions incriminate Osama bin Laden and the
undeclared leaders of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah, but they also
incriminate the ultra right Zionists in Israel, and, one could argue, the
hard-right Evangelical Zionists in America. More tellingly, and this is
the point of this article, they incriminate the United States under Bush
and Israel under Sharon."

In Israeli Democracy he offers his scholarly opinion as a crackpot poet
that Israel is not a democracy at all because it does not have a written
constitution. Of course Britain and some other democracies also have no
written constitition, but you would not expect a La Verne literature prof
to know that. Cook adds, "Non-Jews (in Israel) are taxed differently than
Israeli citizens and the neighborhoods in which they live receive less
support." As it turns out, non-Jews in Israel pay the same tax as Jews,
and the towns and neighborhoods in which non-Jews live get funded
proportionately more than those of Jews; but why need a "poet" bother with
facts? The main form of discrimination in Israel is against Jews, who get
conscripted into the military, while most non-Jews do not.

In Sharon Recruits US Mercenaries Against Syria he repeats the
now-familiar "theories" about how Israel and Jews control American forign
policy. In What Bush Didn't Say to the UN he defends Iraq and opposes any
American action against the Saddam regime, demanding instead that the US
attack Israel. In his Counterpunch articles he never condemns Palestinian
terrorists, but denounces Israelis as fascists running "killing fields"
(in Killing for Christ) when Israel dares to defend its civilians. He
rants in A Call to War or Slaughter? against "neocons" and their supposed
cabal to manipulate and control the United States, and has trouble
disguising the fact that by neoncons he means "Jews":

"Would you want your children fighting in a war that is the brainchild of
right-wing Christian zealots and Israeli Zionists?" he asks. For a
professor at a college with Christian affiliations, Cook goes out of his
way to smear Christians who believe that Israel not only has the right to
exist but its creation is part of God's master plan, in Armageddon
Anxiety. Here is a typical Cook rant, without the grammar being fixed:

"Add to this the neo-cons in the administration like Rumsfeld, Cheney,
Wolfowitz, Pearle, Feith, and many others, and one understands that the
ties that bind the neocon Christian right, read Christian Zionists, to the
Zionist orthodox Jew cement mentalities that embrace myths as truth and
behavior directed by superstitious beliefs, regardless of those who do not
share their zeal."

This year on the anniversary of the September 11 atrocities, Cook wrote
"From New Orleans to Palestine: When the Press Comes Marching In," a
column devoted to the notion that the people made homeless in New Orleans
in the hurricane were all somehow the victims of Israel (because the media
were spending too much time reporting the tribulations of Jewish settlers
being evicted from the Gaza Strip).

By the way, if you would like to tell the Church of the Brethren what you
think of such a character being employed as a professor at one of its
institutions, contact Lerry Fogle, executive director, 1451 Dundee
Ave.,Elgin, IL 60120, Phone: 800-323-8039/847-742-5100 Fax: 847-742-3998

The President of La Verne is Stephen Morgan, President, Address: 1950
Third St. 1950 3rd Street La Verne,CA 91750-4443 (909)-5933511

2. Mikey Lerner's drugged out LSD-toking Moslem Buddhist "Rabbi" mentor:
(in Hebrew)

Speaking of Rabbi Moonbat, he invited Cindy Sheehan to speak at his
"synagogue/ashram" on Yom Kippur:

You know how at some synagogues, a spice box is passed around late on Yom
Kippur to wake people up and revive them late in the fast? Well, we
suspect that the spice box used for this purpose at the Beyt Tikkun ashram
run by Mikey contained some OTHER pharmaceutical substance for people to
sniff, not necessarily something legal.

We understand Mikey will be issuing a fatwa over shabbat about how it is
mandatory to decorate one's succah with medicinal marijuana....

3. Cinematic Cheerleading for Terror

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Remembering Madhat Yusef, Martyr Of Joseph.s Tomb
Posted 10/11/2005
By Steven Plaut
On Rosh Hashanah five years ago, Madhat Yusef became a martyr to the Oslo
"peace process" and the policies of the Israeli government of Ehud Barak.
Madhat was a nineteen-year-old Druze soldier serving in Israel`s border
patrol. He was murdered by Palestinian bullets but allowed to bleed to
death by the government of Israel.

Like many in his town of Beit J`an, Madhat was a member of the same border
patrol in which his father had previously served his country for 25 years.
And like American Jews who work on Christmas to allow their countrymen to
celebrate their holiday, Madhat was doing guard duty at Joseph`s Shrine in
Nablus/Shechem on the Jewish New Year when he was slain by PLO
stormtroopers sent out by Yasir Arafat.

Joseph`s Tomb had by the fall of 2000 become a sort of Jewish Alamo, the
scene of daily violence by Palestinians. Jews took their lives in their
hands just going there. A small group of courageous yeshiva students
stayed on, guarded by some soldiers and border patrolmen. The students
refused to listen to Israel`s Lobotomized Left, whose spokesmen were
urging them to abandon Joseph`s Tomb so as not to antagonize the poor
Palestinians with their presence.

(Things were not much better at Rachael`s shrine, which served as yet
another indicator of what Jews could expect to happen at the Western Wall
if Israel`s Left ever had its way and the Old City of Jerusalem was handed
over to the Palestinians.)

For years the PLO had sought to ruin Jewish holidays with violence. On one
memorable occasion, Arafat decided to send the Jews a Sukkot greeting in
the form of a pogrom, launched after Israel had decided to allow Jews to
visit an old Maccabee Tunnel near but not under the Temple Mount. Arafat
fabricated a story of how the Jews were endangering the Al-Aqsa Mosque and
polluting it with their proximity, and ordered his gunmen to open fire.

Purim had for years been open season for Arab atrocities, including
bombings. Finally, in 2000, Arafat decided to order pogroms on Rosh
Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. It was all part of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, as
it was officially named by Arafat. For years we critics of Oslo had been
saying that the "peace process" would produce not peace but the metastasis
of violence from the "territories" into pre-1967 Israel, where Israeli
Arabs would be radicalized. The Rosh Hashanah pogrom proved how correct we

The official excuse for the pogrom was that Ariel Sharon, at the time the
Likud opposition leader, had gone for a walk on the Temple Mount. Jews are
only allowed to visit the Mount as tourists but are not allowed to pray
there, and even silent lip-movement can get a Jew arrested. There was
never any serious danger that Sharon was about to pray there, as it.s
doubtful he even knows how.

But let us return to Madhat Yusef . whose name in Arabic means Joseph .
defending Joseph`s Tomb from the Philistines in Nablus. The PLO thugs, at
the direct orders of Arafat, had begun firing into the shrine. Yusef was
badly wounded. The medics did what they could for him. They radioed out
for help. Nearby stood a large Israeli military base atop the Mount of

But Ehud Barak had issued orders. Israeli troops were to do nothing
to"provoke" the Palestinians. They were to cower and hide, much like they
were ordered to do at the Lebanese border. They were to do everything to
avoid situations which might have required them to use their weapons. They
were to wait for Israel.s PLO "peace partners" to restore order.

The military base nearby had tanks and APCs that could have been used to
disburse the Palestinians and open the road to the Alamo, allowing Yusef
to be evacuated and rescued. But the army had its orders from Barak. It
sat back. It did nothing. The Israeli military that once rescued hostages
in Entebbe could not rescue a single Druze soldier bleeding to death in

Madhat Yusef was lying on the floor. He lay there for hours while the
Israeli army sat back waiting for the PLO "police" . many of whom were the
very gunmen firing into the shrine . to restore order. Like Will Travis,
Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett in their Alamo, Yusef simply bled to death.

Remember Yusef.s Alamo on this, its fifth anniversary.

Steven Plaut is a professor at Haifa University. His book .The Scout. is
available at He can be contacted at

2. Reverend Jihad:

3. Nice piece by Dershowitz and the neonazi Left:

1. Oh where did we go wrong, sigh the Israeli Academic Leftists

The Politically Incorrect Nobel Laureate

Posted by Plaut's Complaint @ Wednesday 12 October 2005, 6:28 am
Israeli academia is usually as moonbatiesque, if not more so, than that in
the US. The Israeli Academic Left was ecstatic when it was announced
that an Israeli economist (who grew up in the USA) Prof. Robert J. Aumann
from the Hebrew University in Jerusalm, had been co-awarded the Nobel
Prize this year in economics. (A previous Nobel winner in economics,
Daniel Kahneman, grew up in Israel but did his work mainly after moving to
the US.) While Israelis have gotten Nobel Prizes before, most were the
politicians getting prizes as rewards for Israeli political capitulations
and appeasements of Arabs, and one was in literature.

The only previous academic Nobel Prize Israel for people at Israeli
universities was for two chemists from the Technion, who exploited the
occasion of their award to promote politically correct Israeli liberalism,
about how supposedly Israel was spending too much on defense and not
enough on doing nice things. So you can imagine the glee in the hearts of
the local Moonbatocracy when they figured another Israeli leftist from
academia would get his Kodak moments to promote political correctness.

But, alas, the academic Left was in for a surprise. Prof. Aumann is not
only politically correct, he is strongly opposed to the entire Oslo "peace
process", he believes Ariel Sharon.s Gaza "disengagement" was the height
of folly, and - Marx protect us! - he actually believes in God!! He is
personally religious, wears a yarmulka (skullcap), and has done serious
academic work on applying mathematical and economic principles to some
ethical debates from the Talmud. The far-Leftist anti-Zionist Israeli
daily Haaretz labeled him a "Far Rightist". (He is in good company by the
way; the have also labeled me one, minus the Nobel Prize of course.)

Aumann is a veteran member of Professors for a Strong Israel, an anti-Oslo
hawkish organization, and he opposed the Sharon disengagement. At the
Center for the Study of Rationality at the Hebrew University, they said he
arrived daily with an orange ribbon, symbol of those opposing the Sharon
Gaza capitulation, and kept doing so after the Disengagement Plan was

He insists on calling the disengagement "the expulsion." "Irrespective of
game theory, I think it was immoral, inhuman, and stupid," he said. "We
gained nothing, and there.s a good chance we lost a great deal. What sort
of message did they want to send with this expulsion? They wanted to send
the message that we are sticking with the green line no matter what."
The Islamofascists are already soiling themselves in anguish!

The academia Moonbatocracy in Israel is in shock. Where did we go wrong,
they whine. How could such a reactionary creature grow up in our midst?
How could we have let this happen? Where did we go wrong? Perhaps we
need to fast on Yom Kippur to discover our transgressions in allowing this
to happen?!!

Hatima Tova!

2. Important date:

Monday, October 10, 2005

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Corrie:

Posted by Plaut's Complaint @ Monday 10 October 2005, 1:52 pm
By now your open letter to the world, "A Call to Action; Rachel.s Words
Live", has been reprinted in many different media outfits, including the
viciously anti-Jewish Counterpunch magazine , and was even published in
Hebrew in Israel.s far-leftist anti-Zionist daily Haaretz.

You begin your epistle by recalling that your daughter was "killed by an
Israeli bulldozer", but you neglect to mention the circumstances under
which she was so killed (nor the fact that she died from her injuries
while under Palestinian medical care). You then add, "She had been
working in Rafah with a nonviolent resistance organisation, the
International Solidarity Movement, trying to stop the demolition of
Palestinian homes and wells." She was not. She was trying to prevent
the demolition of tunnels used to smuggle weapons used by Palestinian
terrorists to murder Jewish civilians. The ISM openly endorses
Palestinian "armed struggle" against Jewish children and civilians and
openly collaborates with terrorists. It has hidden wanted terrorists and
their weapons in its offices. It is an accomplice in murder. Two Arabs
who entered Israel under ISM auspices blew up a Tel Aviv pub and murdered
Jews. Lying is not the best way to drum up sympathy for your dead

Your daughter was in Rafiah to serve as a human shield to defend and
promote Palestinian terrorism. The International Solidarity Movement is a
pro-terrorist, pro-violence anti-Semitic organization that your daughter
chose to join. You pretend that your daughter died trying to protect an
"innocent house". You are lying again. That "innocent house" was
camouflage for a not-so-innocent terrorist smuggling tunnel and the
residents of that innocent house knew all about the tunnel.

Your daughter was in a war zone as a belligerent, as one who had - perhaps
wittingly and perhaps not - recruited herself on behalf of a genocidal
movement of Arab fascists seeking to destroy Israel and murder as many
Jews as possible. Your daughter died while interfering with an
anti-terror operation carried out by an army in a land in which she had no
business being at all, after having lied upon entering that foreign
country at the instructions of her ISM superiors. Your demand that I
feel your pain at the loss of your daughter, yet your daughter died as
part of her efforts to prevent Israel from destroying tunnels into Gaza
from Egypt through which explosives are smuggled for the purpose of
murdering my children. Your daughter conscripted herself as an aid for
those seeking to murder my children.

The raison d.etre of the ISM is to assist Palestinian terrorists murder
Jewish children, and to prevent all Israeli efforts to fight that campaign
of murder. Your daughter foolishly put herself in harm.s way by
challenging a large bulldozer and placing herself in a position where the
operator could not see her. You know damned well that the bulldozer
operator was not seeking to harm your daughter. And you know damned well
that no harm would have fallen her had she not decided to "play chicken"
with the machine, about as responsible a form of behavior as running
across unlit segments of LA freeways at midnight.

You write, "We had not understood the devastating nature of the
Palestinians. situation." Of course you have never expressed any
interest in the devastating nature of the Jews. situation. The Jews have
been battling Arab fascism and terrorism for a hundred years, before,
during, and after the Nazi Holocaust of six million Jews. Your daughter
was allied with those seeking to continue the perpetration of nazi-like
atrocities against randomly selected Jews. You smugly praise the
propaganda play about your daughter in London, which ignored all the other
Rachels, the Jewish women victims of terror in Israel, who were murdered
by the genocidal terrorists with whom your daughter.s ISM friends

Your daughter, and apparently you as well, never had any understanding of
the Middle East conflict. The Middle East conflict is NOT about the right
to self-determination of Palestinian Arabs, but rather is about the right
to self-determination of Israeli Jews. For a century the Arabs have
attempted to block any expression of Jewish self-determination, using
violence, armed aggression, and terrorism. The Arabs today control 22
countries and territory nearly twice the size of the United States. They
refuse to share even a fraction of one percent of the Middle East with
Jews, even in a territory smaller than New Jersey.

The Arab countries invented the imaginary Palestinian "people" and their
imaginary "plight" after 1967 as a propaganda ploy in imitation of the
German campaign on behalf of Sudeten self-determination in the 1930s.
Just like the struggle for "Sudeten liberation" was nothing more than a
fig leaf for the German aggression aimed at annihilating Czechoslovakia,
so the struggle for "Palestinian liberation" is nothing more than a jihad
to destroy Israel and its population. And it is in support of that goal
that the ISM operates, even taking its operational orders from the terror

Your write, "Clearly, our daughter has become a positive symbol for
people." I am afraid you are mistaken. Your daughter has become a
symbol for dangerous foolhardiness. She committed suicide as an empty
gesture meant to assist murderers and terrorists.

You want the world to mourn for your daughter, who died as part of her
efforts to assist those trying to murder my children. You demand on the
pages of anti-Semitic propaganda web magazines that the world mourn your
daughter, but you do not have a single word of sympathy for the families
of the thousands of innocent victims of the terrorists with whom your
daughter chose to ally herself.

Signed, Steven Plaut

2. More Jihad from the Columbia Madrassah:

1. The York University professor who hates himself for being Jewish.

Below is the story of a York University (outside Toronto) anti-Semitic
Jewish moonbat professor. He simply hates himself.

Noble is best known for his anti-Semitism and his opposition to all
forms of technology. I was going to tell you to email him a Hatima
Tova, but he refuses to have an email address. He
writes Marxist nonsense and a whole book that defends Luddism (opposition
to technology). In late
November 2004, at York University, Noble garnered controversy for handing
out information sheets regarding York's principal fundraising body, the
York Foundation. Noble alleged that the Foundation is biased by the
presence and influence of pro-Israel lobbyists, activists, and people
involved in Jewish fundraising agencies and that this bias affects the
political conduct of York's administration in important ways, such as the
silencing of pro-Palestinian voices on campus.

Noble's leftist politics have given him a rocky career. He has been fired
by both MIT and the Smithsonian Institution and was blocked from giving
the commencement address at Harvey Mudd College because the administration
claimed he was "anti-technology". At York University he was attacked as
"anti-science" and "anti-intellectual" by the university president and his
appointment to Simon Fraser University was blocked by administrators.

York U. prof takes stand on holidays


10/09/05 00:00:00
A Jewish York University professor said the cancellation of classes on
religious holidays - most notably Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - is
"illegal, discriminatory and arbitrary" and plans to cancel future classes
for any religious holidays his students observe.
Historian David Noble said the issue of York's policy to cancel classes
for the Jewish high holidays - the only faith singled out by the Steeles
Avenue and Keele Street university to do so - arose last year when his
class was discussing church versus state institutions.

"The issue came up about York University being a state institution and I
explored this and discovered to my surprise the cancellation of classes on
religious holidays is illegal," he said, adding the University Act
expressly prohibits cancelling classes for religious holidays. "This is
not about Jewish holidays. The university also cancels classes on Good
Friday but the problem with Good Friday is that it's a statutory holiday.
The only holidays York University itself deemed special are Jewish

For the past 40 years, York has cancelled classes on the Jewish high
holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Rosh Hashanah was observed last
Tuesday and Wednesday and Yom Kippur begins Wednesday at sundown.

Noble said he wrote a letter to York's president Lorna Marsden last
September regarding his findings and was directed to the university's
senate, who he said refused to examine the disparity between York's
practice of holding classes on Jewish holidays and the law.

"Since no action was being taken I would take that action myself," said
Noble, calling it his "civil obedience".

Noble, who has taught at York for 15 years, said he was threatened with
disciplinary action and also received threatening phone calls from
anonymous callers and decided to reverse his stance.

"Rather than hold classes (on religious holidays), I decided I would
cancel classes for other religious holidays," he said, adding he plans to
cancel two classes for the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr in November, which
celebrates the breaking of the fast of Ramadan. "I'm not an expert on
world religions but in my class, I see the religions of the world. I asked
my students if they could identify their holidays of significance and I
will cancel classes on those days."

According to a York U. spokesperson, if a professor chooses to cancel
class they are expected to make it up at another time to ensure that a
full allotment of classes is held to cover the course material, which
would typically be 12 times each term, on each weekday that the class

"I didn't have to make up Rosh Hashanah, did I?" Noble replied when asked
if he would make up classes he plans to cancel for other religious
holidays. "Why the difference? It's called discrimination. If you ask me,
there are more Muslim students than Jewish ones, and there might be more
Asian students (than Jewish)."

Noble said he's aware that if he wasn't Jewish, he would immediately be
labelled an anti-Semite but because of his faith, it allows him to raise
this issue.

"I've had unbelievable support from the community and the students," he
said. "It's so obvious, it's a no-brainer."

Noble said he's "not concerned" about disciplinary action being taken
against him by the university should he not make up cancelled classes.

"What I am doing is lawful and just and what they are doing is unfair and
unjust," he said.

A York official said the university has a long-standing tradition of not
holding classes on Jewish holidays, including Passover in the spring, due
to the large Jewish population at the institution.

"For practical reasons we do this to avoid classroom disruption," the
official said. "We have a large number of students and staff who observe
these holidays."

But it was noted the university does not keep statistics on students'
faiths and does not know the number of Jewish students on campus.

Students who wish to take days off in observance of their faith can make
arrangements with their course instructor, the official said.

<>Rob Tiffin, vice-president of students, said Noble's position that
cancelling classes on religious holidays
is illegal according to the University Act is a question of

2. Rare voice of Leftist denouncing the anti-Semitism of the Left (albeit
in the anti-Semitic "New Statesman"):

3. What Decent Left?

4. Animal Nuts:

5. A Lesson in Tsedaka:

6. Divesting for Jesus:

Sunday, October 09, 2005

1. The Outing of the Noisy Professor Beinin

Daniel H. Jacobs is an MD, that is - a "real doctor" as my grandmother
used to put it back when I was studying to get the other kind. Doctor
Jacobs is targeting another not-so-real-doctor this week at Stanford
University, Joel Beinin, the pro-terror pro-jihad professor of Middle East
studies at Stanford University.

Beinin has been the frequent object of expose, discussion, and less than
his fair share of ridicule. Now, Dr. Jacobs outs him in the Stanford
Review itself! It is entitled, "Joel Beinin Doesn.t Deserve Tenure."
There he ridicules Beinin.s attempts at representing himself as the victim
of some nefarious plot to "silence him". For someone who has been
silenced, Beinin sure knows how to generate an awful lot of senseless

Beinin has long turned his classroom into a propaganda bully pulpit in
which he bashes Israel and promotes the causes of the jihadniks. He has
defended Sami Al-Arian, the alleged al Jihad terrorist operating out of
the University of South Florida. He has been photographed by the Stanford
Daily carrying placards on .Nakba Day. (the .catastrophe.) a day devoted
to mourning Israel.s creation and seeing that Israel is annihilated.

Beinin teaches an online course sponsored by Stanford, Oxford and Yale
entitled .Palestine, Zionism and the Arab-Israeli Conflict.. Beinin
recently prepared a syllabus and a videotape that was mailed to students.
It was monitored by a young Ph. D. and is exposed in the Stanford Review.

The course.s bulletin board allowed students the opportunity to correct
countless mischaracterizations by the teacher. A few examples reproduced
by Jacobs are mentioned below.

In the video narrative by Beinin for the first week, Beinin stated that,
following the destruction of the Jewish Second Temple by the Romans in the
year 70, C.E., Jews had next come to Palestine in the sixteenth century,
at the invitation of the Moslem Turks, .to study religious books and to be
buried there.. A poster noted that, in fact, the past two millennia in
Palestine that Beinin had implied had little Jewish history were actually
chock-full of events. These included Jewish revolts, for over five
centuries; the writing and the publication of the Jerusalem Talmud and
later, the Shulhan Aruch; and the establishment of a synagogue in
Jerusalem by Nachmanides after 1270, a city in which Jews have lived
since. Only during the First Crusades, when the Jewish community was
burned alive, was there a brief period in which Jerusalem did not have a
Jewish community. Beinin lectured that the .only. remnant of the Herodian
Jewish Temple was the .Wailing. Wall (an archaic term) and that the Haram,
or the Moslem holy site, was located above. A post reminded the class
that, actually, the whole Western and Southern Walls were remnants of the
Herodian temple, and that the area above had been the Jewish Temple seven
centuries before Mohammed was born. A link was presented to pictures of
excavations with Hebrew inscriptions such as the Trumpeter.s stone
covering an area about ten times larger than the one Beinin incorrectly

In week three, Beinin alleged that Jewish and Palestinian nationalism
developed at .about the same time.. In fact, Zionism restricted to its
most modern form began at least a generation before Palestinian
nationalism. Most Arabs regarded Palestine as part of the sanjak of
southern Syria at least into the 1920.s, when King Faisal of Syria was
deposed, twenty years after the First Zionist Congress of Theodor Herzl.
No historical account of Palestinian nationalism predates the Zionist

The same week, Jewish historical claims were compared to the Palestinians,
who, Beinin claimed, might have descended from the Canaanites. In fact,
whereas Israel is regarded as the third Jewish commonwealth, there is no
basis for ancient claims of a Palestinian state emanating from Canaan.
Even the Palestinians who engage in denial of Jewish claims are rarely
willing to take that one any distance..

A professor who is an admitted activist for a cause who presents incorrect
facts deliberately should be exposed.

Jacobs goes on to expose other examples of Beining bias and ignorance. He

"The issue is not Beinin.s positions in favor of Palestinian claims over
Israeli ones, but of his mediocrity as a historian. Beinin.s protected
speech only protects him from being fired. Tenure cannot protect his
reputation, or validate scholarship based on lies and mistakes. Stanford
students who want to learn about the region should insist on better for
their tuition. They also should hold the university accountable for its
tenure decisions, and the history department for the decision to allow the
class to be taught."

Stanford students deserve better!

2. I have in the past recommended this outlet for Tzedaka, and do so

Friday, October 07, 2005

1. The Israeli Left has long whined that Israeli troops use po' Palestinian
civilians as "human shields" when chasing terrorists. The Left is of
course far more concerned about the "rights" of genocidal
Palestinian terrorists than about the rights of Jews not to be murdered.
But in reality, the Israeli army never used Palestinian civilians as
"human shields". It simply used them on occasion to warn wanted
terrorists that they were surrounded, so they would surrender
themselves without
shooting. In such cases, the Israelis would send in the next-door
neighbors of the surrounded terrorist to tell him he was surrounded and to
deliver a suggestion that he surrender in order to save lives. As far as
I know, no such neighbors used in this way were ever injured.

Neverthless the Israeli Supreme Court, always far more concerned with the
need not to inconvenience Palestinians than with the need to stop
terrorism, ruled the practice to be a violation of international law. I have no idea what
"international law" is supposed to be, but maybe you have heard of such a

Given the new ruling, I would like to make a modest proposal. Of course
Israel should stop using the neighbors of terrorists to help get them to
surrender without fire!! But instead, let the Israeli army use Israeli
leftist Jewish professors as human shields when flushing out
armed terrorists!!

No one can suggest that THIS would be a violation of "international law".
After all, some of these leftist professors have long served voluntarily
as human shields for wanted terrorists (see
for example), so the army would not be making them do anything they have
not already volunteered to do! They would help save the lives of wanted
terrorists and mass murderers, the highest goal on the agenda anyhow.

2. Anti-Israel "Academics":

3. Leftist Pseudo-Rabbis:

4. Latest on the Juan:
See web site for links
The DePaul .University. Hillbillies

Posted by Plaut's Complaint @ Friday 7 October 2005, 4:04 am
We know you are all busy people, so if you read one blog this weekend, let
it be this.

We have been following the story of the pseudo-academic institution
calling itself "DePaul University" for some time. But we take our hats
off to blogger Madflack, who reduced us to tears of laughter in its expose
of DePaul. DePaul, you recall, is the circus in which Prof. Thomas
Klocek was fired because he dared to express politically unpopular (at
DePaul that is) opinions in support of Israel when speaking to some campus
jihadniks. DePaul is ALSO the institution in which Holocaust Denier
Norman Finkelstein is now up for tenure, retained by DePaul in the name of
"acaemic freedom", and never mind if he has ever done any scholarly
research or has any academic publications. DePaul has hosted a
"Palestinian art" exhibit that was crude anti-Israel propaganda. The
President of DePaul, nominally affilated with the Catholic Vincentians,
Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, defended the performance on the campus of the
"Vagina Monologues." DePaul recently sponsored a scholarly appearance on
campus by your favorite Cigar Store Indian and mine, Ward Churchill.

Mad Flack has composed a commentary comparing the heads of DePaul at
length to the characters in the Beverly Hillbillies:

On Dean Dumbleton, the DePaul Dean whose name is pronounced with the
accent on "Dumb", he writes:

"Dr. Susanne Dumbleton would never have tolerated such foolishness. She
would have leapt to Jethro.s side in an instant. Susanne is dean of the
School of New Learning at DePaul University, the home of the famous Blue
Demon basketball team, and when she heard what Professor Thomas Klocek did
to those poor Palestinian kids at a Student.s Activities Fair last
September, she blew her stack. She went after that rascal like a chicken
after a June bug, like Big Brother after Winston Smith, like Uncle Joe
after a kulak That kind of thing had to be nipped in the bud. DePaul.s PC
Code had to be upheld. And there was no time to time for such
silly nonsense as a hearing. And Klocek didn.t get one; he was, forthwith,
suspended with pay."

On the Rev Den, the Prez, he writes:

"Holtschneider wrote a letter to the Denver Rocky Mountain News. .Klocek
acted in a belligerent and menacing manner toward students who were
passing out literature,. he wrote. .He (Klocek) raised his voice, threw
pamphlets at students, pointed his finger in their faces.DePaul offered to
give Klocek a spring quarter assignment if he met with the students to
apologize.He refused..Jethro also refused to apologize. Three Stooges
lunch buckets are almost as rare as anatomically correct Shirley Temple
dolls though not as highly prized. Should Klocek have apologized to
DePaul.s teacher.s pets? No. No one should apologize for protesting the
distribution of hate literature. .Maybe Uncle Jed should have sent Jethro
to DePaul instead of to Oxford Grammar.there.s not much difference in the
intellectual atmosphere and the kids would be more Jethro.s size.
Naw.sooner or later Granny would hear about those nasty Blue Demons and
would descend on the campus with a hickory switch. Eventually, she would
get to the source of the problem.Dumbleton and Holtschneider."

Meanwhile, Finkelstein, who is up for tenure, has been defined by the
Anti-Defamation League as a Holocaust Denier, has been called a neonazi by
Alan Dershowitz, is "books" have been compared by teh New York Times to
the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and he has been denounced as a fraud
and charlatan by serious historioans such as Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.
While Finkelstein likes to defend his own anti-Semitic ravings by claiming
his parents are themselves Holocaust Survivors, Dershowitz recently
revealed that Finkelstein.s mother was in fact a collaborator with German
Nazis during the war. FInkelstein had earlier been fired from two
academic jobs in New York for his lack of serious scholarship.

To tell the Rev Den (Holtschneider) what you think of all this, write him
at, and - if that does work - then at

5. October 7, 2005

Kyoto? Mamma Mia!

October 7, 2005; Page A16

ROME -- The devastating hurricanes that hit the U.S. recently offered
"eco-doomsayers" -- who like to blame human activities, preferably of the
industrial kind, for all sorts of natural disasters -- yet another chance
to lash out at the Bush administration. America's "failure" to ratify the
Kyoto Protocol -- regularly held responsible for extreme weather
conditions around the globe -- was quickly found guilty of the destruction
brought about by Katrina and Rita. As usual, the eco-doomsayers care very
little for the small fact that their sweeping accusations have absolutely
no basis in modern science.

First of all, it is not true that President George W. Bush is alone in
opposing the Kyoto agreements that his predecessor Bill Clinton signed. In
fact, when Kyoto was submitted to the U.S. Senate for ratification on July
27, 1999, the result was 95 nays and zero yeas. Not a single senator, not
even from the most liberal fringe, voted in favor of Kyoto. (The
ratification of international treaties requires the support of at least
two-thirds of the Senate.)

Mr. Bush's position, in other words, is not simply the product of a
supposedly archconservative president who arrogantly imposes his radical
views on a nation held hostage by religious zealots -- as a rather popular
myth here in Europe would have it. It is instead a view shared widely on
both sides of the aisle in Congress and supported by the vast majority of
the American public.

Second, there is no scientifically sound link between rising global
temperatures and an increase in the frequency and intensity of hurricanes.
Nor are the events of the recent weeks unprecedented: As Max Mayfield,
Director of the National Hurricane Center, pointed out, a comparable
series of hurricanes of similar intensity has already been observed in

Third, and most important, while a scientific consensus about the true
nature of climate change is still lacking, we know for certain that the
impact of Kyoto on the average global temperature will be negligible at
best. The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecasts that
without the ratification of Kyoto, the average global temperature will
rise about one degree Celsius by 2050. The same panel predicts that after
the implementation of Kyoto, the temperature will still rise 0.94 degrees.
In other words, the benefits from Kyoto amount to about 0.06 degrees in
half a century. Remarkably, this is even the most optimistic estimate: S.
Fred Singer -- the climatologist who developed the method for measuring
the ozone layer -- reckons that it may be as small as 0.02 degrees. This
is a difference so minuscule that our available instruments wouldn't even
be able to notice it!

Moreover, the U.S. is not the only country that did not ratify the Kyoto
Protocol. Both China and India, major and growing producers of so-called
"greenhouse-gas emissions," are not required to abide by its terms. The EU
countries, including my own, ratified Kyoto. That the EU would still
insist on implementing the protocol must be seen as an institutional form
of collective self-flagellation. Kyoto will severely penalize the European
economy without bringing any real progress toward the noble aims
proclaimed by the EU. As Carlo Stagnaro, environmental director at the
Istituto Bruno Leoni, Italy's free-market think tank, observes, the
Earth's atmosphere cannot tell European carbon dioxide emissions from the
rest of the world's.

What's more, the limitations imposed by Kyoto will make our current energy
problems worse. The relative slowing of oil prices after the steep rise of
the last weeks must not deceive us -- the world's energy demand is bound
to grow in lockstep with the breathtaking economic growth of China and

Those countries, such as Italy, that for decades steered clear of building
new power plants and gave up on nuclear power -- the cleanest, safest and
cheapest energy source available today -- will need to face up to a harsh
reality: Compliance with the Kyoto Protocol will punish even the existing
energy-producing capacity by capping emissions. The cost of energy in
Italy, already higher than the European average, let alone that in the
U.S., will go up even more. Given the country's lack of competitiveness,
that can only be described as a self-inflicted wound.

Perhaps the problems of our times are manmade, after all. But rather than
being caused by those "neocons" in Washington, they stem from the noble
intentions of environmentalists so bent on "saving nature" that in the
process they wage an unremitting war against mankind and its endeavors.

Mr. Martino is Italy's defense minister.

URL for this article: